I Fucked Up: Now Get Your Clothes and Get The Fuck Out!starring: Cristobol and Phat Daddy Return   back to movies list

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Phat Daddy is back at Papithugz where he belongs. And we hooked him up with Cristobol, bringing that tight body, macho hunger, magazine cover looks and all that sexy-ass, New York City swagger to the party. They got that gotta-adjust-my-drawers chemistry from the jump. When a pissed-off Cristobol says, "You want somebody fuckin' with your dick that's not me?!!" -- the shit was on. Papa is super-versatile, but today, he's gonna take that big, ol' Phat Daddy dick. And Daddy don't disappoint. Moaning, breathing heavy, legs spread wide, this fine young brother gets a real serious fuck. That's a lot of dick in that boy. But, ya'll like that, don't you?

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