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Handsome face, beautiful eyes, sexy tats, tight-body and a thick, hard piece, Arquez is an equal opportunity muthafucka, he likes dick and ass. This brutha gets the party started everytime.


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Fantasy about Arquez from hagerstown maryland

I Just Want To Fuck His Feet.

Fantasy about Arquez from San Francisco bay area

Arquez please belive it, you can have whatever you like! All this ass!!Daddy you be what I need all the time! I don't offten give men my dick most men Iever been with always was full tops and treated me. very lady like . I never toped a man befor in my life time but daddy you sure can get this dick! But you would have to dick me first! I'll rob you of your nut take all that. jucie dick in my tight cunt ho! : you don't even look like the type that would even bend to take anybodys dick but since I know you do, you can get my nice size too! Now don't trip I. d don't hurt I feel damn good, daddy I rock your world! I know can't nobody like the one that supposed to be loving you for real in real life. But arquez I'm not trynna compair much of myself to him either because he can get this good loving that Igot too with y'all fineself!! Y'all is What's up!!what y'all need to do to this bitchnigga is!dick me, while I yet live, while. I yet can smell an lilly flower what's up

Fantasy about Arquez from Missouri city tx

Sex tall black thugs with big dick

Fantasy about Arquez from san francisco bay area

My fantasy with arquez is for me not to get heavy nut, but to treat him like a royal king! Like were marrie! So feeding him fruit while kissing and touching, and rubin his nice dick, in my cunt tight space, for the most part i just wont a romantic time with a prince!

Fantasy about Arquez from las vegas, nv

I would fly Arquez out to Vegas and we would get a suite at the Aria. I would sound the weekend spoiling him just for the opportunity to kiss him among get lost in his beautiful eyes. I would do anything for him in our suite....anything

Fantasy about Arquez from Albuquerque

XXTo be in a three sum or orgy with some black skinny thugs. I want to be pounding someone's ass after getting my dick sucked. Nice and slow. Then one or more black thugs come in and show me who's really boss. Open minded and experimental for about anything. :D never been a model.

Fantasy about Arquez from decatur

XXhe's cute and i want to have sex with him next

Fantasy about Arquez from pgh

XXto pay hem to eat that fat ass.

Fantasy about Arquez from atlanta

its 4 me 2 know, and 4 u 2 find out ;-)

Fantasy about Arquez from cleveland

Just want u to fuck me till u can't fuck nomor. I will do anything for u oh my

Fantasy about Arquez from philadelphia. pa

I would invite him my birthday and i would " accidently" throw my ice cream cake on and he would want to go use my bathroom to clean. I would take him to my bathroom and wait for him to come a d show him the time of his life. I notice thathe isthe bathroom for a long time so i go in there to see if he is ok, but instead he is in the toliet waiting for ME! So i get naked and i lick the iceing off him until he is clean then he would give me the best birthday sex i hav ever had.

Fantasy about Arquez from baton rouge

omg u too sexy

Fantasy about Arquez from paterson

I want a big ass dick boricua i am a hot bottom but very tight ass hell

Fantasy about Arquez from Miami Gardens

I fell in love when I saw Arquez and his body is so AMAZING !! I would love for him to walk into a room while I'm just in my zone and shaking my ass ! He looks and be like Oh yea and then he gets naked and come take control and just bend me over let me get a feel of that big dick on my ass and then turn me around so that I could start sucking it then he dick me down and I would enjoy every minute of it

Fantasy about Arquez from los angeles

he would fuck me hard and deep none stop

Fantasy about Arquez from Memphis tenn

Sucking his dick

Fantasy about Arquez from lubbock texas

I been on the internet watching porn for a long time and im always trying my hardest to find that one eye candy to get me off and could never find the perfect one until i seen arquez.Hes beyond a 10.hes so fine it makes no sense.Im a transexaul and i would love to see him fuck a transexaul.

Fantasy about Arquez from grand rapids michiga

Me andArquez start off with our hour Long 69 the I fuck him tell he ask me to stop Im pound his ass tell he screams my name then we switch nd he fuck me into we come but in stead I come First then he come on me my mouth face and we here else I want it my Ass horny

Fantasy about Arquez with Jovonnie and Citybwoy

  WITH  have sex with jovonnie and citiboi

Fantasy about Arquez

Eat Arquez hole out and bust my nut inside of him. Than eat my nut out of his hole. Eat and fuck that hole all night long.

Fantasy about Arquez from brooklyn

him having sex with dream

Fantasy about Arquez from Cleveland, Ohio

I want to meet him and have him dick me down so good. And I also want to jus hang out and have fun. Drink, play, and fuck, after we then got right

Fantasy about Arquez from Brooklyn

Fuck Arquez till he turns red

Fantasy about Arquez from Jackson Mississippi

I meet him at a club he was stripping at and I would love to just suck his dick and let him cum on my ass.

Fantasy about Arquez from ATLAANTA


Fantasy about Arquez from Oklahoma City

Just Fuck All Day and Night!!!!! E

Fantasy about Arquez from Columbia SC

I just want you to fuck the hell out me while getting fucked by my homeboy then I wanna flip flop and fuck the shit outta you while you kissing on my homeboy

Fantasy about Arquez from Omaha

I like you and, I want you to fuck me, and I want you to fuck me with your feet. I want you control me and be mean to call me names too paapi. make me your slave.I want you to kick, and rub my balls and dick with your feet..

Fantasy about Arquez from Virginia beach

Have sex with a muscular guy

Fantasy about Arquez

I eat Arquez's phat tight ass then fuck him til' I bust a nut in him and go back for round two. Then, push his back down to see the arch in his back as his nice ass bounces on my long fat dick, both of us breaking a sweat, and in the end he sucks my dick and we make out for an hour straight

Fantasy about Arquez from BIRMINGHAM


Fantasy about Arquez from Los Angles Calif

To see paipthugs threesom now

Fantasy about Arquez from Dallas Tx

Me and u

Fantasy about Arquez from Atlanta

The first time i saw this fine yellow bone cat i was like damn I'll like to have him, each time i watch him in a movie it makes me want him more and more. the day I get to meet this cat i'll like for us to meet up at a TI concert exchange words and digits then later on that nigh it will start by him coming to my suit for a drink the i'll let my eyes wonder all up and down him giving him that sign I'm digging him i'll move in close see to kiss him, while kissing him i'll be massaging his dick and we'll go from there taking each other close off then suck each other separately then at the same each other ass then flip flop

Fantasy about Arquez from Greenville

Two athletes skipping class to get high. While walking to the house we spot some dudes getting it on and thinks that the hottest shit ever, in our heads. Not knowing we both thinking alike. Get to the house smoke one and start trippin, roll up again and I decide to shower to freshin up. U pretend to have have to use the bathroom and bring me the blunt, only to get a better vision. U decide to make a move. I move and u say "won't nobody know, you know u want to. I see how u be watchin me on the field". Then it jump off. For full detail it will have to be done for real;):D

Fantasy about Arquez from Dillon , SC

One, day I would become a pornstar and I wanna make a lot of videos with you, cause you look like you know how to put it down and make love. Plus I think I will give a run for ya money. ;)

Fantasy about Arquez from B'ham

Damn I wish you were in Bama! Your lipzz are so sensuous and kissable! I would do too many R rated things to you!!! Your Tats are gorgeous boii!

Fantasy about Arquez from Los Angeles

Arquez you are beyond phine and have a ten plus body love your Nigga lips kissable. I would love to eat your ass out and fuck you are night.

Fantasy about Arquez from nashvillie

i want to see u do a 3some with venom and driller running a train on you hell yeah

Fantasy about Arquez from Houston

We can do it "ALL"!

Fantasy about Arquez from New York

Angel S should be on Arquez list

Fantasy about Arquez from Atlanta

Arquez, Nigga you are fine as fuck...yo, if you do private parties hit me up with a way to contact your management team! Damn we would like to see you perform with another shawty!

Fantasy about Arquez from Atlanta

I Just want him to FUCK me all night and all day

Fantasy about Arquez from Chattanooga


Fantasy about Arquez from atlanta

ive done porn in the past mann loving dis nigga you about to make me step back into the industry just for you i wanna suck the skin off yo dick and let u fuck me all kinds of ways

Fantasy about Arquez from nc

he is super sexy.i would love to fuck him

Fantasy about Arquez from California

I Want to fuck Arquez Fat Ass And let Him Ride me ,& fuck him better than phat daddy and Valentino my Carmel skin in his tight wet Ass

Fantasy about Arquez from raleigh

aite so i have this fantasy about being in a 3way with Arquez and jovonnie smoking a L and fucking the hell out each other

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