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Samson comes to the party with that tight, luscious body that makes you lick your lips the minute he flexes his arms and looks your way. You want a taste? Open wide and say "Ahhhh..." He might even let you play in his hair.


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Fantasy about Samson from NYC BX

This isn't really a fantasy, it actually happened. like foreal. I met samson one night at a club uptown. He was one of the exotic dancers (the best looking one). I was smoking hookah at the bar & could feel some one eye-ing me. When i looked up, it was samson. Who up until stumbling onto this sight, i had chalked up to being a really good one night stand lol. He gave my friend his number, the whole time still eye-in me (i was 21, and really shy). He later invites us to his crib after the club. At first we werent gonna go, cause it was out of our way. We were just excited that some hott stripper guy tried to talk to us lol. But he was sexy as fuck, seemed cool, & we were drunk after the club (you know how that goes). So we get to his crib, & ring the doorbell. My friend chickens out & runs down the stairs lol. I attempt to do the same when samson opens the door with nothing but his boxers on. He didnt even mention my friend. Said his friends had bailed out on him too. But he still invited me in gave me some water, & told me to take my clothes off. he picks me up into his room kissing me aggressively (he's really aggressive). I sucked on his 9inch dick like my life depended on it. he ate my ass, felt like he had 2 tongues. I coulda came off of that alone. Then he enters his 9 inches inside my tight 21yr old ass, and i was in heaven. Taking him on my back while he's kissing my neck. He took the dick out of me & made me throat it real quick then flipped me on my stomach, and slid right back in me. All i kept thinking was am i fucking dreaming right now or is this really happening. Finally he sits up on the bed & i start riding him chest to chest. He starts pounding my hole like a sleeve & i'm pulling his hair & shit, while he's covering my mouth (he had roomates). i start feeling his dick pulsate in me "im bout to nutt yo" he says" i hop right off his meat and proceed to catch his nutts on my face. (sigh) 'til we meet again i guess

Fantasy about Samson from HYATTSVILLE


Fantasy about Samson from P.R. fajardo

XXi like some guy rimming your asshole and balls dick very hard

Fantasy about Samson from Oakland/Brooklyn

XXSo.. My first day in NYC I went to a bar with a friend. Well, It turns out that this bar had strippers dancing around the counter. So at first I was a bit nervous and uncomfortable but after a few drinks and some hookah I was ready to PARTY like the sexy 21 year old lion(leo) that I am..... So this stripper with a nice body and a big ass dick makes his way around to my side of the counter a few times with his dick basically pounding the top of my head and i tip him a few dollars.. Then maybe 30 minutes later i gave him another 2 or 3 dollars just because he was hot shit. About a hour later i'm standing near the restroom and this stripper grabs me by the hand and drags me to the back behind a curtain where he then pushes me on a couch and begins to grind and flop his dick out, I mean he really did the whole nine. I am CRACKING UP laughing because this was a first time for me and I KNOW this nigga don't think i'm about to pay him for volunteering me to be his private victim lol... Well i'm laughing and he's trying to kiss me and then he kinda flips me over and starts rubbing his bulging dick on my ass and i'm like WOOOAHHH i need to go back out there with my friend... Well later that night i found out from my friend that this stipper is samson and that he's also a porn star. So me being curious i come home and look him up.................... OH MY.... I'm a bit upset that I saw him at that time because had i known what was REALLY going on, This is EXACTLY how it have went... (starting from me entering to the private room) He would have pushed me on the couch and I would have opened wide, stuck my tongue out and deep throated the fuck out of that dick ALL the way down to those nuts. he would have fucked my throat with my tongue(& ring) massaging his shaft.. While I lick his nuts. Like a throat job at its best... He definitely would have been curling in those Black nikes and white tube socks he was wearing lol. And quiet as its kept In this fantasy of what SHOULD have happened had i not been so scary, i would have made him take the tube socks and nikes off and i would have sucked those toes before letting him kill my throat until he bust and never see that load again. I would have sucked the nuts and hard days work out of mr. samson had I been a little more drunk and and saw his videos PRIOR to seeing him... Good thing i didn't because he definitely would have been swallowed from his dick all the way down to his toes. Literally. i'm more than sure his flavor would have been like candy on my taste buds. & after i would have gladly gave his ass a smack on the dick and a "U O ME" for the 6 dollars in cash that i gave him before he tried me behind that curtain... & thats all folks.

Fantasy about Samson from philly

XXhe could whip me, beat me and make me write bad checks

Fantasy about Samson from new york city

sexi guy with a nice dick and knows how to fuck yum

Fantasy about Samson from Bronx NY

First we would make out a lot.. Then I slowy go down and kiss his chest And make my way to his dick, and start sucking it deep throating it. Until he tells me to stop, then will slowly get on top of him and ride his dick, and tell him to turn me on my stomach and pound on this nice tight ass!!!!

Fantasy about Samson

To begin, I'd suck his toes while caress and fingering his anal, then I'd slowly rise , pulling off his briefs along with whatever bottomms he's wearing. & massage his dick while sucking on the head, slurping and spitting, then take the whole dick in my mouth deep throating it nice and slow then gradually faster while juggling his balls down my throat. Finally he'd suck my dick and fuck this nice tight phat ass nice and slow then rapidly speed up making him scream and moan, surrendering as I penetrate his asshole roughly and fastly as he sucks on my fingers screaming my name, I'd spank/slap his ass a few times. Afterwards, he'd make me some food butt naked. After that, I'd finish eatting we'd make out for however long then he'd give me a NICE LOOONNNNGGG blow job. (;

Fantasy about Samson from Houston

Contact me.. i would love to meet uo with you for a private party!

Fantasy about Samson from Bronx

Samson works out @ Planet Fitness on Castle Hill..... Very handsome in person with a nice body would love to walk into him coming out the shower at the gym

Fantasy about Samson from Amsterdam

suck and fuck with yhou

Fantasy about Samson from chicago

I wented to know if you esort on the side I because I would like a private party with you.

Fantasy about Samson from Paramount

Love to wake every morning with acourgeous thugz like Samson. Bi, Straight, Gay, whatever!He can have me anytime. My everyday fanatsy about Samson is to lay me day and rock my world all the way to the edge. Body like his, I would have to bathe him with my lucious tongue from head to toe. Samson, your my one and only, as long as Im still brathing.

Fantasy about Samson from chicago

I would like to know if Samson escort on the side because I like to get with him that. My fantasy.

Fantasy about Samson from B more

Samson is sexy as hell, love his tight body would love to see him get fucked by Izzy while he is fucking somebody else. That shit would be hot as hell cause he has a ass for fucking. Luv dat hole too Samson

Fantasy about Samson from London

Lets see Samson be versatile

Fantasy about Samson from chicago

i would love to see him leaning back on a bed or couch. with his abs all flexed. and another hot guy rubbing his dick across is abs .... till the cum shoots out. frottage on abs is hot.

Fantasy about Samson from Buckhead

I"d Top Samson any day, yes he shuld have flipped with Rico.

Fantasy about Samson from Atlanta


Fantasy about Samson from New York, NY

simply want him to bang me in all ways, while i moan his name and he tells me how much he loves banging me

Fantasy about Samson from Bronx NewYork

I love latino Papithug lol

Fantasy about Samson from Lagos

I just love him

Fantasy about Samson from ny


Fantasy about Samson from Chicago

I would luv to lay him down on his stomach, spread his legs wide as hell, and put my tongue directly in his asshole until he bust all over himself. Dam! my dick just got hard. .

Fantasy about Samson from Bronx

Yo papito looks like this mechanic I know. I would love for him to tell me to cum pick up my car after work. But when I get there its no1 but me n him in a blue jumpsuit greasy n sweaty. He closes the garage n says he wants cash n sum ass pins me to the hood of my car n bites n sucks my neck. He pops the buttons on my shirt n flips me over to pull my pants dn. He tears my boxers off n begins to slap my ass with his beautiful pinga. Wrapping his arms around mynz he slowly grinds on me while biting n sucking my neck sum more. I feel his throbbing hardness slowly push inside me n I almost pass out. He's balls me strokin the hell outta my tight wet hole. He fucks me till I nut all over the car n myself. He bites dn hard on my neck and I feel his dick spasm as he explodez in me. He pulls out spins me around n gives me the deepest kiss ever. I reach in my pocket pull out the cash n put the bills all over his sweaty body, and tell him I'll b back tomorow the car stil aint fixed.

Fantasy about Samson from thailand

i like your story

Fantasy about Samson from washington,dc

this motherfucker is hot hot hot. He can fuck me anytime and anyway. He"s got those juicy lips and sexy eyes and body that tells you he is the man. I want him to fuck me nice and easy so it last for hours. /we can start in the floor in the living room and move to the dininig table in the dining room and end up in m bedroom. He is the one definitely I want and will jerk off of until I can meet him wherever he is.

Fantasy about Samson from tennessee

I want Samson

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