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What more could you ask for in a big, muscular, aggressive top? How
about one of the biggest, thickest dicks in the business. Now on Papihtugz.
Everybody has a fantasy about this one--you ready to share yours?


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Fantasy about Python from venezuela

Mi fantasía es muy sencilla. Deseo conocerlo y más nada. Tener a ese morenazo en frente. Y hacer todo lo q el quisiera. Gracias. Exitos Paython.

Fantasy about Python from Brooklyn got a nice but..a dick I call 'Magesty'...a body like that of a fucking God and lips that would make a sinner weep...dayum.. He can get it...ALL OF IT!!

Fantasy about Python from phoenix,az

python gets real stoned,and awakens leather cuffed on a long thin table.belts hold his abs,neck,and his wrists and ankles are leather cuffed to table sides,and legs,spread wide open.he's sucked hard as blindfolds are placed,and gag.wet roped cock and balls,he's sprayed with saline water.a electrode goes into his asshole,and shocks are laid to his big fat balls while he gushes juice and comes over and over.hours pass,as he begs for it to end,but more current sizzles the electrified cum out over and over,he's milked like a whore in heat

Fantasy about Python from Sacramento

for someone with a big ass dick to strip for me

Fantasy about Python from York, PA

just to suck dudes dick, swallow his nut and lick him in his asshole!

Fantasy about Python from houston

to have python blow his nut in my mouth, swallow every drop then have him give me a piss load to wash it down.

Fantasy about Python from Cleveland

XXMy biggest fantasy is to literally be next to him and see what he does to my assets and I DO have some assets! The slides I see and ads turns up the heat! Come get it papa!

Fantasy about Python from Cleveland

XXPython knows he can get this butt anytime, all he gotta do is b in the same city and holla! Im ALL over it!

Fantasy about Python from new york

XXI want him to kiss my body and i lick his and my 11 inch dick and his 14 inch dick both are wet and we masturbate together and squirt a nutt high enough to touch the ceiling and we fall a sleep on each other.

Fantasy about Python from Detroit

I would like for Python to be at home waiting for me...sitting on my couch....pick me up soon as I walk through the door....take me to my bathroom....undress me......put me in the bath.....hold me.....I clean him....he clean me......take me to my bedroom.....hold me......fall asleep....wake up......make love to me over and over again!!!

Fantasy about Python from Memphis

done seen him fuck the living shit outta dudes. now i wanna see him simply getting his hairy ass ate up while he on his hand and knees, somebody(me hopefully shit...LOL) tongue-fuck the shit outta him from the back wiht they tongue deeeeep in his asshole until he skeet that cum out from the back. i swear i wanna do that to this super masculine 100% top man! and i HOPE he NEVER EVERRRRRRRR convert to a bottom gettin fucked up his ass(like i thought the ones in the gay porn industry would never do, like "Cornbread" or Jovonnie) bc it's entirely too many of them feminine-acting sluts in the world as it is. NEVER BECOME A BOTTOM PYTHON! PLEEEEEASE DONT! just get your booty tongued down deep and that's IT!

Fantasy about Python from DC

Milk that dick and drain that huge nut sack with tite ass muscles. Just place your head at the opening and my asshole with pull you in and milk him-Gooodwood(bgc)

Fantasy about Python from Cleveland

I think I wanna take you on and ride that rodeo you have u sexxy ass stallion you! :-) I wanna feel that 102nd St hood luv you did on film but in real life~!

Fantasy about Python from Dallas

This fantasy is actually about ROCKY... I don't understand why he's not on your fantasy board. Anyway, in the scene with ROCKY and Python... I would love to be in the room for support.. I would suck ROCKY'S asshole as soon as Python pulls out of it.. That ass is HOT. That hole is so juicy. Every break taken would involve me soothing ROCKY'S asshole with my tongue. He's a hot ass Latino with a sweet phat ass. Damn, my tongue and dick is hard right now thinking about it. MORE of ROCKY PLEASE!!!!!

Fantasy about Python from apartado ant colombia


Fantasy about Python from grand turk, tci bwi

Pasionate intense kissing...heavy nipple play..worshiping your entire i must eat your perfect ass....then you take total control....I want to fell just the head enter & exit numerous times...til it drives me crazy & I SLAM my ass to the end of your perfect cock....riding it til I have no more energy..flip me on my back...thrust into me deep and continue til you want to shoot your white creamy load all over me....I let you recover then work your amazing cock back to full strength and let it all long as you want my wet love canal...use it how you want

Fantasy about Python from TCI

I would want to worship you head to toe...kiss and suck every inch...feel those muscles...rim you till you gasp for you slide every inch deep inside my tight wet ass...feel you pound in and out of me in every position....till you explode all over my face....then do it all over again...sounds like pure heaven

Fantasy about Python from Jackson

I want to see Python busting his load in one of his cunts throat.!

Fantasy about Python from st. louis

I wanna see Python bareback and cum inside a tight pussy boi hole and while he's cummin inside that hole just to see him drive and beat that cum deep in t he hole....dats what I wanna see

Fantasy about Python from ny

i w fuck u

Fantasy about Python from New York

I would like to see python getting fucked

Fantasy about Python from Bkln

would luv to see you fucking "The Artist" ..... that shit would be hot as hell...that's my fantasy papi.

Fantasy about Python

sexy ass shit , i would ride and fuck that big ass dick! Python come fuck wth me ;)

Fantasy about Python from New York

i like to see Python fuck Cristobol

Fantasy about Python from Baltimore, Md

My Python fantasy is having his thick 10 inches inside of my luv canal 24/7!

Fantasy about Python from Houston

I'd like to call and talk to Python set up an appointment. Tell him everything I'm not going to take from him, Piss him off and then experience the most aggressive fuck I've ever had. Bcuz that thick dick would surely fill my hole and I can feel its intensity. Then he could cum in my mouth and fill with his salty sweet goodness. After I make him say my name and ask him,"Whose dick is that.? All while Phat Daddy watches bcuz he'd be next in line

Fantasy about Python

I would love to fuck him in that nice tight ass while stroking his dick until he nuts all over hisself

Fantasy about Python from Detroit

I just want to swallow that big Dick, then i want him to eat my boipussy and finger me so i can be ready for the dick, then I want him to pick me up in the air (since he is strong) i just wasn't to jump into his buff arms and key him do whatever he wants to me THE END ps. he is the definition of a real TOP i don't want to see him bottom out suck a duck he is too masculine and cute for all that

Fantasy about Python from miami

verlo sin ropa desnudo verlo totalmente desnudo.

Fantasy about Python from new rochelle, ny

would lov to meet u (PYTHON) ur really hot lookin, and the body, wow.....could get into anything with u$$

Fantasy about Python from Santo Domingo

mmmm me quiero comer a este bombom.

Fantasy about Python from Greensboro, NC

As I sit on the soft carpeted floor watching Push, with Dakota Fanning, he comes out of the shower wrapped in an orange towel dripping wet, muscular, and sexy. We share a look and then he walks towards me and comes behind me; where I am still seated, he sits, legs open, so I could fit in and starts to place soft kiss on my back with his plump pink lips. He uses small bits of tongue in his kisses, letting me know this was all lust, and out of his pretty mouth his deep voice speaks and says the famous words lets take this to the bedroom. He escorts me to the room where he lays down and lets me work him first. I put time into sucking that dick, I have wanted it for so long. I opened my jaws and slide head first onto my long awaited gods dick and let him know, via oral skill, that I was ready. Bobbing up and down he lest out moans and says if I knew the head was this good I would have gotten with you a long time ago. A smile spread across my face and I go down to go to the balls, the egg like balls that would soon be slapping against my ass in doggie style, missionary as he rough fucked and I run some, and all through the night. I lick away leaving wet saliva so he knows who was there, giving time and effort into pleasing him, because off looks alone he deserved it. I work him fast and slow while stroking the shaft trying to make him cum in my mouth, but I guess I get to close and he pulls me off and lays me on my stomach. It was his turn to play. He grinds into me. Teasing my wet hole with his hard on, then I beg him to get a towel so I wouldnt wet up his bed to bad. He slaps my ass hard and says I want all that cream on my dick! He continues his teasing, taking me to a breaking point, having me almost cry out for the dick. Slowly his head goes in, opening me up and I came out of my dream fantasy back to reality. He laughed and spoke once more saying relax, I got you. He pushs the head in and out of my hole, just his big pink head. No more, no less, opening me up preparing me for the assault he was about to give! 5 minutes turned to 10 as he played with my body heating me up, making me drip and pushing the head in and out of my wetness. Finally he came out, yanked out and condom and slide in down the base. GAME TIME. He said nothing as he flipped me over on my back and lined the head up and pushed. I moa and breathe, preparing my body for what was to come& cum?!& He took his time, knowing how to get his dick in and gave small humps until his is buried in my ass to the hilt. You ready for it? Give me all you got and that he does, he goes into my ass like he was a school boy getting his first taste of pussy. He plays zero games as he rampantly smashes into my guts, making me cream and anally cum over and over having screams of pleasure rip his bedroom as I held onto his muscles. He knows how to please me as he pulled out flipped me into doggie, with my ass arched high, spilling his dick back into me with force, taking long, hard strokes into me. Fast and quick he makes me cry out as he enters me pounding hard and demonic, holding my waist so I could not move, but just throw it back and take it. You know how to work a dick, I know you do, throw that ass back baby. He barks and I comply. Come on, work my dick. He barks again and I once again comply, wanting him to know I was his and anytime he wanted my body it was his. He fucks with fury and rage and I love it, until he flips me back over and pounds even harder into my soft flesh. The combination of his pounding and me softly moving made my body slip away from his, which he doesnt want. He wants that dick buried in, which he makes clear as he yanks me back onto that dick by my shoulders thrusting into me and holding it. Saying feel that? Thats my dick, now take it and dont run! I made sure there was no running, I made sure my ass was in contact with what I craved so deeply, dreamt about so long and begged for on multiple occasions. He was now in me and going to work. He treats me like a rag doll for and hours, wrecking my body in all the best ways. Mid way through snatches the condom off, and I knew but I was so high in ecstasy that I didnt care I just want more dick. He picks up, his already fast hard pace as I play with his nipples, scratch his biceps and rub on his chest. Im about to bust where you want it? I want to taste him and have pieces of him in me forever, so I ask for the mouth and he goes even harder and faster he finally reaches his peak, snatching happiness away from me and yells a mans roar signifying his cumming. He tries to go for my mouth but comes to quick and it lands on my stomach, as he shouts. He flops down on the bed beside me, so I go to do the job myself and lick the head to get the cum I worked hard for. He just breathes deep.

Fantasy about Python from Detroit

Nigga Bring Yo ass To The D in Lets make dat Shit Happen

Fantasy about Python from jackson,tn

mi fansty is to feel the ezperice of a real man and i belive that this man rite RITE HERE IS THE ONE TO DO THAT FOR ME

Fantasy about Python from Queens, NY

I want you to come to Queens, NY asap! So I can taste that thick juicy dick and let you fuck me and have your way with me. Your so damn sexy, I can't wait till I get to meet you in person, I get hard every time i think about you or see your name in a porn.

Fantasy about Python from billings, mt

Wan2 wrap my legs round his waist N keep him deep inside me til cum. Or, we both explode @da sametym.

Fantasy about Python from Lauderdale

I think he only kisses the dude he really like an I love it

Fantasy about Python from Nashville

Well lets see im enjoying his thug appearance an im ready to play in his pants. Him takin every stroke of his dick in my warm , moist anal would have me really turned on hittin my spot frombehind would give me a chill of orgasms .dickin me down thug style would have me ecstatic.

Fantasy about Python from chicago

i want python to be my mailman mines only so anytime he fells like it he can just stuff his package in my slut over in over in over in over

Fantasy about Python from bronx

when he kiss back I love to see him kiss.

Fantasy about Python from chicago

Python what can i say he got all i want and need in a man i would slob deepthroat that pretty man meat lick them balls and yes he can have these hood cakes whenever he wants and i would love to taste and lick that asshole of his i just wanna ride that man meat allnite tasting his sweet lips and tounge kissing his nipples python on top of me banging my hole im grabing his hood cakes moaning licking his ear telling him to go deeper, go deeper daddy!!

Fantasy about Python from Atlanta

Love Python to top or flip flop with Soulja, Papithugz please do your best to have that happen

Fantasy about Python from Jacksonville

I wanna put his dick in my mouth and suck on it until he's ready to put it in my ass and fuck me real hard. I want him to slide all the way in and let me suck on his fingers while he's inside me. And once Python gets ready to cum, I want him to pull out and bust his juices all over my face and stick his cummy dick in my mouth so I can clean it.

Fantasy about Python from Cincinnati

I would like to rub his sexy chest.Then getdown on my knees infront of him and beg to suck his bick dick then let him fuck me.

Fantasy about Python from Paramaribo

I want his cock in my mouth and I want to eat his gorgeaouse ass

Fantasy about Python from SOUTH AFRICA


Fantasy about Python from ATLANTA

Can see Python's dick swinging as he gets fucked up the ass

Fantasy about Python

Until he gives up that ass, he lets me eat that ass.

Fantasy about Python


Fantasy about Python from Chicago

Python should do 4 some with Phat Daddy, Castro Supreme, and Jovonnie. This Scene Would Sell Millions.! 4 Tops giving and Receiving is SEXY.!

Fantasy about Python from new york

I want him to make love to my body all night

Fantasy about Python from Tampa

I really love him he is fine ass fuck in it seems he put down the pipe very well . I would have a lot of fun with Python and he will like what i will have in-store for him... I'm not that much experienced but i have had encounters and they all think im very good. Would like for you to also find out for you can also find out for yourself. If i have to i will give you porn star money if you willing to do what we have to do....…

Fantasy about Python from Little Rock

It's a first time on film fantasy. Me,Python and a few good homies, letthe guys test my orals skills, then open up my tight, warm, wet holes!

Fantasy about Python from miami fl

i want him period point blank straight up he sexy fine big dick everything i want in a man

Fantasy about Python from miami fl

i think that mother fucker is sexy as hell fine as fuck and i want him to come to miami i want to meet an fuck him to death hours straight lol

Fantasy about Python from NYC

I would love to see Python fuck Moyea

Fantasy about Python from London

Lets see Python do a versatile scene.

Fantasy about Python from NEW ORLEANS


Fantasy about Python from pennsauken,NJ

my fantisy is being on a boat in the carribean islands with some wine and a bottle of porton to get me in the mood. also being with a sexy aggrasive top that knows how to put it down. i what that man to take control of me in all angles of the boat. i want him to fuck me until he cant fuck know more even if he puts me to sleep i want him to wake me up with his dick in my mouth or in my pussy. yes i like it rough. as i always say pain is pleasure babe. there's nothing like it.

Fantasy about Python from DC

Slurp you until your nice and hard then let you have your way with me as long as you want! Your wish is my every command ;)

Fantasy about Python from Athens Greece

Nice donkey dick man, and ass me going hard too so strong...

Fantasy about Python from plainfield new jersey

damn handsome i want to suck on your dick lick all in your ass swallow your cum!! suck in lick on your toes drink a gallon of your saliva. i want you to fuck me hard i want your name tatted on my ass .. i masterbate to you everyday .. you keep me cumming i want lick all over your face

Fantasy about Python from New York

I would love to have sex with him can we hook up ?

Fantasy about Python from Baltimore

I see him riding his motorcycle passing me by in my big pickup truck. Something happens to his ride and I pull over to offer him a ride. I wear large clothing for a small bodied person, rarily revealing myself. He is sweaty and very upset as I offer the comforts within my nice truck. He cools down and I give him my shirt to wipe himself off with. He notices my smooth, uninhibited nice ass and body with the raising of his eyebrowes. I give him a blunt from the dash and he demands to drive me to suck my pretty feet and I swallow his huge cock. We fuck and are bodies cum beautifully together allnight.

Fantasy about Python from Miami FL

When r u in Miami babes....def interested to get together....hit me up ....u get me? Holla!

Fantasy about Python from MOTREALNAKED


Fantasy about Python from Johannesburg

Wow! what a dick I will spent an entire day or night or even forever enjoying such a lovely cock, firstly giving it a deep throat to have that cock so erect to fuck me senseless, having multiple orgasms and sqeezing that cock. python will never ever forget me. the sucking and fucking, when can I meet him? please soon

Fantasy about Python from brooklyn ny

wow i love to be with this guy is dick is delisious

Fantasy about Python from miami

gang fuck by three Guys

Fantasy about Python from bronx

I would love to see him sucking and being fucked.

Fantasy about Python

i want to suck his fat dick

Fantasy about Python from Yonkers

I want you to fuck me the way you fucked that guy in the video. can i hire you

Fantasy about Python from Buffalo

To see him naked !

Fantasy about Python

Python comes in hot and sweaty after playin bball with his boyz. I'm staying with him and his girl until i can find a place to stay on my own. I've always lusted after him and i take advantage of the time alone with him while his girl is out. He comes into the kitchen to get a cold drink and i come in with just a robe on i drop something on purpose and bend over to pick it up exposing my fat ass. Out of the corner of my eye i see him frozen staring with a hardon growing. I turn around and walk over to him and drop to my knees pulling his ball shorts and jock strap down. The aroma of his manly funk makes me woozy. I procede to suck the skin off of his big dick. Then he grabs me lifts me onto the kitchen table pushing my legs in the air. I screamed when he rammed his huge dick into me but they were screams of joy. He fucked me and told me that i was his bitch. I was in total ecstasy. He blew his hot load up my ass. I then licked the cum off his dick and then we both showered.

Fantasy about Python from miami

python i am your number one fan you are an endangered specie keep throwing that bid dick on the willing bottoms you are awesome dont listen to some of the comments about the flip flop shit we have too many niggas out there doing that we need more men like you in gay porn BTW papithugz you guys need to put python on dvd this guy is a gold mine

Fantasy about Python from london

Its time for him to suck dick, long and deep!! Why dont you have King Dingo fuck his face really strong while Jovonnie sucks his dick. They all would fuck each other thight with a lot of licking and kissing !

Fantasy about Python

i love u

Fantasy about Python from waterbury ct.

Suck his cock and after its hugh put it up in me

Fantasy about Python from new rochelle,ny

want to meet the hot dude, service him real good, worship him on my knees...this guy is hot

Fantasy about Python from Mississippi

Big dicks

Fantasy about Python from new york

im your fan python. i wanna to flip-flop and give up his Vice ass. Hope it happens soon please

Fantasy about Python from washington d.c

What can I say about this sexy about this sexy ass motherfucka here! Whoo! God I want to lick and suck him all over. suck on that big thick phatt dick he got get it nice hard and wett then bend over and let him fuck me as hard as he wants for as long as he wants and let him bust as many nuts as he wants to in this ass. Oh by the way I am a fem bottom boy with a thick phatt juicy watermelon ass and I do love to get fucked hard and rough all day and night and love love love to get this ass filled with cum have it drip out until I can't walk. if he ever read this tell him to holla at me! I will be waiting boo. damn that boy got me in love with him and especialy that body of his.

Fantasy about Python from Harrisburg, PA

I would enjoy just kicking it with Python because his sense of humor on videos is very attractive to me. He appears to be someone you could enjoy their company without sex. Sexually, I would let him take the lead and do what ever turns him on!

Fantasy about Python from san diego

i want 2 suck a big dick anytime i want a big fat jucie dick up my ass

Fantasy about Python from Brooklyn NY

First I Want Him to drape me up against the wall and tell me to suck his dick ... them when his dick is hard i want him put on a condom slap it on my ass and stick it in

Fantasy about Python from Atlanta

I'd luv to have Python as my personal bitch. I'd fuck his tight ass several every day and make him happy.

Fantasy about Python

To see python flip flop with another hot papithug and make sure there are good bare foot shots and sex positions.

Fantasy about Python from Atlanta

Be damn hot for Python to flip-flop and give up his Ass. Hope it happens soon.

Fantasy about Python from Boston

Python to bottom soon that will be so apprciated !!

Fantasy about Python from Detroit

Him being here with me, Taking Over EVERYTHING!

Fantasy about Python from JERSEYCITY


Fantasy about Python from louisville

Wakeing up on christmas looking under the tree and there he is with nothing but a red bow to unwrap

Fantasy about Python from baltimore

My fantasy is plain and simple! instead of waking up to see Python on ma wallpaper, I'd like to wake up to his pipe in ma face to eat up, then he drills me fo points!!

Fantasy about Python from San Francisco

My Python fantasy began with a bedroom candle lit scene with soft sexy music playing and rose peddles on my satin comforter. I invite Python over ,we kiss and I drizzle honey all over his playground and lick it off then i put some on my nipples and let him suck the sweet taste of my honey nipples . I reach down and feel his stick and I shift it into gear in my mouth all the way to full throttling my throat. I take out my silver bullet and began to work it in and out of me to loosen up my tight hole continuously shifting his stick in my mouth I began to moan.Make love to me with that Python daddy. Python then take his stick and shift it into my over drive and began to work me overtime while I call out his name lying on my back... Faster and Faster he gets while working up a sweat I feel Python explode in my while lying on my bed of rose peddles and I take every drip drip drop of his good love in me... I love you Python…

Fantasy about Python from statesboro

riding his dick while he sucking my tits

Fantasy about Python from Brooklyn, NYC

I want him to do anything to me he wants. Does he or any of the other guys have any kind of contact info?

Fantasy about Python from New York

I just want to lay him back on the couch and suck that Python dick til it get close to busting off. Then press record on the camcorder laying on the coffee table in front of us. Then climb on top of that dick and ride him while he wrap his arms around me with him leaning to the side looking right into the cam. Make him bounce this phat ass on his dick while he grip dem soft phat cheeks and grind me on his dick while he skeet deep up inside me. Then ill slide off that creamy dick and suck the rest of the nut out til his body shiver and clean him all off. Then ill go in the kitchen and cook for his sexy ass butt ass naked while he in the living room playing vid games, smoking and chillin naked with that dick just laying on his thigh.

Fantasy about Python from kansas city, MO

i just wont to feel his fat dick gushin in and out my ass and feel all his warm nut ooze out

Fantasy about Python from Atlanta

King, Phyton in a flip flop.

Fantasy about Python from Irvington, NJ

ok i never been to jail and never plan on goin but PYTHON turns me da fuck out lol. I just love to imagine me being straight and goingto jail and Python my cell mate and just take my booty with no hesitation. but at the same time he passionate and aggresive got my dick dripping my ass stay we watching pythons flicks over and over again keep it up sexy

Fantasy about Python

him dropping his load in my ass as he shakes because it's sooo good

Fantasy about Python from los angeles

i would treat you like a king pa' ... eat your ass everymorning and please you any way you want.... i love your style , keep it up .. you are my fantasy day and night…

Fantasy about Python from daytona beach

aa fine as blatino man that hold me up and fuck that ass

Fantasy about Python from Gary, IN

I would love to have Python come to my place and have dinner ready for him. Then have a bath ready for him and bathe him from head to toe. After this I would oil his body down and then I would start licking him from his toes then move up and lick every millimeter of his body then I would suck his piece until he tells me to stop after that I would let him stick his dick as far deep in me as he wanted to. After he has had me in every position that he wanted me in then I would wash his body down and re-moisturize him then I would have him a glass of wine and we would lay in my bed and hold each other. Then we would wake up in the morning and I would make him breakfast and then go to he shower and I would wash his body then let him fuck me down in the shower and then let the water to wash our juices down the drain.

Fantasy about Python from Baltimore


Fantasy about Python from jerseycity

i wanna see him get fucked by corndread and or castro thin turn around and fuck them

Fantasy about Python from miami

i love is dick and the wY HE FUCK AND DO THING.

Fantasy about Python from Columbia, MD

you are so sexy. shit of i could i would like for you to fuck the shit of me.

Fantasy about Python from Trinidad,west indies

i'd like see more iraq. i want muscle bottom Iraq to fuck me hard and deep, while fucking now in all position, til we bust, shooting the cum, all over my nice muscular ass! Please come Python fuckin iraq.

Fantasy about Python from Panama City,Fl

my fantasy is for python to dress up as the ups guy coming to ask to use my phone because his truck is down and he had to wait an about a hour for his manger to come with an tow truck so he ask to wait at my house until they come because the that day it was really hot and his truck didn't have any A/C so he ask for a glass of ice water and i went to fuck him a drink i came back and i hand him the glass as he took the the glass from me and took a sip he drop the glass in his lap because he had oil in his hands because he was trying to fix his truck earlier so i ask him if he want me to dry his sexy as shorts and it started from there

Fantasy about Python from baltimore

Alejundro needs 2 b bitched out by my man PYTHON.

Fantasy about Python from miami

this is a great lookiing man. just wanted to let him know his fans love him'

Fantasy about Python from capitol heights

just me and him inbetween the sheet fucking like its my last time!!!!

Fantasy about Python from Nile Valley

My fantasy of Python is to have him in bed with me making love with me. First I lay him back on the bed while I get as much of him rock hard dick into my mouth as I can. Let my tongue go to work on circling his shaft up and down.Then let him turn me over on my stomach and let him tongue my ass to make me moan and drive me crazy. Then after he loosen me up then let him slide his hard dick up in my ass for him to pound it and make me feel like I'm on cloud nine. That's my fantasy of Python.

Fantasy about Python from Dallas, TX

I want to have sex with Python all weekend long in a hotel suite, just the 2 of us never leave the room and never get dressed.

Fantasy about Python from york city

i like fat black dick

Fantasy about Python from north carolina

he has a weird smile that find attractive......and a nice phat ass.....somebody should really get a taste of it aint saying no names but yea python and cornbread would be a weird hot scene

Fantasy about Python from dantodomingo

dime papa estas cool te apllo res delos mejores

Fantasy about Python from New York

Looking at him ,I have nothing else to say , absolutely he is my tipe of man.He is the tipe of man that,I will do everything for him,I will take care of him in every way , he can make love to me everytime he ask me too ,I will be ready. God he is so handsome,so goodlooking,a nice PAPI CHULO likethat,is not easy to find everyday Baby wherever you are ,I'm your fan numero #1 I love you!!!

Fantasy about Python from petersburg va

python i want to suck that big dick ofyour untell all the cum is out of it i want you to eat this ass until i cry out baby stop please tha i want you to fuck the hell out of this ass with that big fat pretty cick

Fantasy about Python from san antiono

ilove your dick n wood love 4 yuu 2 stuff iht down my ass n i wood suck yo dick til ihtz raw

Fantasy about Python from santodomingo

hey papa estas riiiiiiiico si te apollo

Fantasy about Python from New York, NY

My Python fantasy is to walk into my apartment together after the gym and put him in a hot bath and wash him all over. When we get out and I lotion myself, I rub him down and when I touch his dick it is rock hard. Then he bends me over and eats my ass then pushes me down and fucks my face. All off a sudden he picks me up and I wrap my legs around him he fucks me standing up, then doggystyle, then on my stomach. He keeps at it until he turns me over, pushes his dick down my throat and cums in my mouth.

Fantasy about Python from nyc

i want to get python alone in his playroom - he has a sling all set up and he lifts me up and puts me in for the ride of my life. he talkin shit the whole time sayin how he wanna make me his bitch and open up my pussy. he starts eatin out my pussy til it starts twitchin and then he just sinks that whole think meat up in me. one he gets comfortable he starts movin me back n forth in the sling, so he deosnt even have to do much work...but my pussy is gettin beat up real good and my screams are lettin him know he;s hittin that 3rd hole!! he fucks me in the sling movin i ll around, up and down while its in there - side to side. and rockin back and forth in the sling so hes in total control and im just havin to give in to his massive meat. he pulls all the way out, shoves it all the way back in, in and out, in and out, til im beggin him to stop but he just keeps on fuckin me til hes ready to shoot then he comes around and busts his nut all over my face, throat, and chest, he leaves me in the sling for me to get out of myself but since i cant he comes back in to lift me out and tells me we;ll do it again tomororw night

Fantasy about Python from chicago,

i want him to fuck me hard and deep, while kissing me , fucking me in all position, til we bust, shooting the cum, all over my nice muscular ass!

Fantasy about Python from Atlanta


Fantasy about Python

To see Python top Saint, Phoenix, Berlin, Charger, Romance, Black, Lleo and Venom. Also, I'd love for him to reunite with Rico in a 1-on-1 session. His 3-way with Rico and Lil Papi was hot2def, but Python didn't spend enough time fucking Rico!!!

Fantasy about Python from tallahssee,fl


Fantasy about Python from perry, fla

I really dosen't believe there a man on this world like you. And i do believe i would rather for a man 2 fuck the way you fuck these other's people's.

Fantasy about Python from Nassau, Bahamas

I love him he have a big dick and he does eat ass good and i would love to taste some of him

Fantasy about Python from new york

i will love to have him in my house and suck tha dick kiss in and make him cum in my face

Fantasy about Python from Miami

I would just love to lay with him and hug him from the back... and just kiss him. I've never seen a man so beautiful!

Fantasy about Python from nyc

phyton, king, jovvonie and cornbread in a flip flop

Fantasy about Python from baltimore

let this dude dick down ALEJUNDRO and turn him into a weaping bitch. i want to see Alejundro beg for mercy and be denied his nut. Thats right, fuck him, nut in his mouth n roll out leavin him hangin.

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