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Superstar Alejandro has it all--he's handsome, big dicked, and is charming. Now's your chance to let him know your wildest fantasies--tell him know all the nasty fantasies you have with him.


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Fantasy about Alejandro from Bakersfield

What is the porno he was in where he fucked a white skinned latino guy and said to him "I know it hurts right now but it will feet real good in a while" ?

Fantasy about Alejandro

I want Alejandro to fuck me hard and give me a taste of his big cock and cum!

Fantasy about Alejandro from Rochester

My fantisy is to know how good you are in bed. Definitely want to please you in everyway possible

Fantasy about Alejandro from altadena

watch alejandro get fucked

Fantasy about Alejandro from altadena

give alejandro head

Fantasy about Alejandro from Paris

Once I'd say Alejandro miss me and I want to see him again. I wanted to see a remake of his best scene in "Spanish sex in the city" him fucking Maseo. But Venom comes and fuck both alejandro and Maseo. Maseo fuck alejandro too. Also : Alejandro as a policeman let 2 others policeman to meet 2 gansta that finaly Fuck him. the 2 others policeman alejandro let, come after and fuck him too.

Fantasy about Alejandro from opelika,alabamma

i want to have a gang bang with him and his crew and have all of them bust fat load of nut all over me!

Fantasy about Alejandro from new haven

Like 2 c Alejandro in a doctor/patient situation. where is getting a anal check, put can't take the pain. Doc gives a muscle relaxer plus a volume(he's high as fuck). Doc takes advantage of his inability to fight him off. Doc finger fucks him while handling Alejandro dick. my man lays there wondering what the hell is happening?

Fantasy about Alejandro

My fantasy of Alejandro is that. He calls me to his house. When he opens the door he grabs and undresses me. Then take my hand and leads to his bedroom. He gets undressed and tell me to sit on the bed. He lets me take his dick and I start wildly sucking it. Then I lie on my back and he starts to fuck nice and slow and hard. He pulls out and starts to cum in my mouth.

Fantasy about Alejandro

In a foursome with all of them versitle cats…

Fantasy about Alejandro from Atlanta

Alejandro, Despite all the nasty things we could do, I'm looking to be your Mr. Forever, real talk.

Fantasy about Alejandro from city near you

Alejandro my brotha I give you props.... I luv watching you take dick enjoying it riding it also @ giving head you are so true to the game and not ashamed of it...ITS SUCH TURN ON YOU KEEP DOING YOU....your just real Much LUV too you........

Fantasy about Alejandro

i want him to get fucked by ian scott

Fantasy about Alejandro from detroit

i would love to deep throat u and suck ur dick and balls at the same time but first i would lick from ur forehead 2 ur feet kissing and sucking every inch of ur body not missing a spot id swallow every drop of ur cum and let u fuck me so hard i walk funny for a month

Fantasy about Alejandro from Charlotte

Alejandro....this nigga is unique....Great Kisser, nice ass and dick. He is the kind of Kat you just wanns freak wit. Yo Alex...freak wit me…

Fantasy about Alejandro from Brooklyn, NYC

Seen u a few weeks ago in BK.Wanted to stop u on the street n say wsup, but wasn't sure if i should. Now i think about it and i should have lol

Fantasy about Alejandro from Atlanta

I wanna pour chocolate sauce all ova ur dick and balls and suck and. Lick it off til u cum. Then round two u fuck the hell out of me and. We both cum at the same time

Fantasy about Alejandro from shreveport, louisiana

My fantasy is to meet u and see if i can touch that sexy ass body u have.. with sum other of your friends and see wats good ..

Fantasy about Alejandro from New Orleans

Alejandro, i'm 18 years old and still a virgin, never really watched porn but the first one i saw had you in it. Ever since i laid eyes on you i was hooked, my fantasy would be for you to take my virginity.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Atlanta

Alejandro is a sexy brother that is masculine and well built. He seems like a cool brother to know. I enjoy watching a good dick fuck him and seeing him enjoy it. I would like to see him with a few other muscle tops who are masculine take turns fucking him; no skinny dudes. Make him bust a few nuts and be the center of attention. The bigger the dick the better maybe even in a sling. He is the type of guy that everybody dreams about fucking. Make him the new center of your site and watch your shit grow! No pun intended. smile.

Fantasy about Alejandro from mars

Alejandro is the best nigga on this site hands down! When that nigga is takin dick good cant nobody do it betta!

Fantasy about Alejandro


Fantasy about Alejandro from Merrillville, IN

I am curious about how it would be between the sheets with you. You are so damn sexy and exceptionally handsome.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Nashville ,TN

I would love to 4 play with him put caramel on his dick an deep throat it.Shid put whipped cream on my caramel ass an let him lick it off. Damn i would do a three some wit u an castro

Fantasy about Alejandro from jackson,Mississippi

I would love to get fucked by alejandro huge dick. I would love to have it in my mouth. i want him to eat my ass out and driving up the wall. I want him to suck my nipple

Fantasy about Alejandro from Columbus

I have watched you in several hot porns. I like your style and especially that big dick of yours. I would love to spend time with you and slide my tongue all the way in your hot bottom. I would have you climbing the walls and shooting like dynamite. Blast after blast. I could make you cum, just by eating out your hot ass. You ar so hot and sexy. YOu make a good man do bad things. like go wild.

Fantasy about Alejandro from invernes

i would love to be with the man of my dreams

Fantasy about Alejandro from corpus christi

would like to fuck the shit out him and him do the same thing to me mmmmmmm yummy

Fantasy about Alejandro from atlatnta ga


Fantasy about Alejandro from Biloxi

I am just in love with this bratha, I modeled for a pron site that were on about 7 yrs ago man I us to jack off to your pics damn man I wish I could get with you

Fantasy about Alejandro from brooklyn

picking you up from barber them take you to gateway mall in my blue chevy surburbon with best friend kevin having tht foursome finally teach me player

Fantasy about Alejandro from Houston

I would love for you to sit your tight ass right on my face so I can like your tight asshole until its nice and wet and you are begging to be fucked.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Chicago/New York

I just want to meet this sexy fucking Beast. THAT'S IT! I need to know that he's as hot in person as he is on screen. FUCK!!!!

Fantasy about Alejandro from Newark

I always really like Alejandro because he is so versatile. He can act more believably than most of anyone else in gay porn and his persona is so nice and easy going. He is really, really, lovable, and he is the one person in porno that I really think I would like and enjoy as a friend if I met him. My fantasy is that he become really, really, wealthy and he enjoy his life doing whatever he wants to. I wouldn't really want to be sexual with him except if he were extremely horny and came into a porno bookstore where they had booths in the back. I would happen to be there and when he walked into a booth, i would be the lucky person to get into the booth next to him. After he puts his money in and the movie stats to play he takes out his dick, and begins to play with it. I am watching through the gloryhole that his and my booth share. He hasn't really noticed, or paid attention to the hole and is just enjoying the movie and jerking. After a few minutes, when his dick has gotten enormous and throbbing, he notices the hole and my eye looking through. He turns his body toward the hole, and moves his brick dick closer to the hole. I remove my eye form the hole, and instead put my opened mouth which has begun to water there instead. He taps my lips with the dick head, and I press my mouth against the hole to get closer to the tasty thickness. Slowly he sticks it through the hole into my waiting mouth. My lips, tounge, and jaws, are in extasy as they massage and and welcome the chocolate treat. As he begins to thrust through the hole faster and harder, hy head and mouth respond by moving to accept each thrust deeper, and deeper. My mouth is now fully accepting and loving the massage his dick is giving it. Evey on of the thousands of tastebuds on my tounge are loving this hard candy. My throat which has not gotten a feel or massage yet is jealous of my mouth. Suddenly i feel the dick begin to quiver a bit as he takes the long strokes into my thankful mouth. I sense that the dick is almost ready to come, and give me a reward. My mouth surrounds the dick like a straw and I begin to suck this big straw for the milk held in the two ball cups. I remembered when I was a child and had my first malted milkshake from a tall glass with a straw as I sucked vigorously on the dick. He thrust deeper and my throat kissed the dick head just twice, and then....the milk I wanted came through the dick straw filling my throat and mouth. For more than a minute his dick would spurt, pause spurt, pause, and spurt again. when he finished cumming he let the dick sit in my mouth for another minute as i licked and sucked it clean and shiny. after he pulled back from tre hole I looked through it. As he put himself away he smiled at me and pat his fist against his chest to indicate the loved it. I put my lips back to the hole and wispered "my pleasure, bruh". A minute later he was gone, and my head was still spinning with the thought the anything could be that enjoyable.

Fantasy about Alejandro from las vegas nv

could just play with dis katz big long ass dick for dayz.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Chicago

i want to play doctor with u sexy papi

Fantasy about Alejandro from compton

brothers fuck

Fantasy about Alejandro from Fort Lauderdale

My fantasy is, you call to cum to my crib 4 dinner and Im in this black tite body outfit cocinando arroz con pollo and once I open the door this is really turnin U on that I have trouble cookin because my FAT TITE ASS is distractin U and U grab me from behind rubbin your massive dick against me gettin hard which is turnin me on to the point your rip off my & your clothes, we go to the shower naked(of course) playin w/ the soap(OOOOP's!!) I drop it and U shove that hard massive dick in and we wash & play a minute, then baby oil each other, then U pick my wet & greasy body up, put me on the bed, I suck U good U eat me good and you FUCK me in all positions esp. missionary, then CUM on my FAT TITE PUSSYHOLE drippin which turns me on that I CUM on my chest.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Fort Pierce

Why dont he cummmmmmmmmmmmm and find out.........

Fantasy about Alejandro from QUINCY, IL


Fantasy about Alejandro from Los Angeles

My fantasy is Alejandro, Lex and Slime Thug are boys just hanging out and after a few rounds of drinks and weed they start getting horny. Clothes, shoes and socks all come off and the flip flop begins. Lex fucks Alejandro, Alejandro fucks Lex and a strange twist SlimThug fucks them both before throwing his legs in the air for the both of them.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Durham

First of all I want to start by saying..Alejandro is sexy, very sexy..I would not mind sucking him, fucking know the rest..but the problem is he is not here..Alejandro just keep up the good work, maybe one day..we can get together my treat

Fantasy about Alejandro from new brunswick

I want to get fucked by him so bad. Also i want to suck his big juicy cock

Fantasy about Alejandro from CHICAGO


Fantasy about Alejandro from asheville

doin a 3some wit him and castro

Fantasy about Alejandro from perry, fl


Fantasy about Alejandro from fontana

I would like to see alejandro fuck and get fucked by matthew rush that would be sexy and hot for real,a dream come true

Fantasy about Alejandro from jacksonville

my fantasy would be us back in Perkins job corps just having the time of our lives

Fantasy about Alejandro from uninon city

i dream with a boy just like you

Fantasy about Alejandro

i just wanna fuck in the open

Fantasy about Alejandro from Toledo, Ohio

I can see myself walking into a barbaer shop. its a hot sunny day,i mean hot as hell. im sitting in the barber chair and Alejandro is cutting my hair. I just so happen to be his last client for the night.Well everybody is gone and he is almost done cutting my hair, well atleast i thought he was,he is standing im front of me with his dick massive dick in my face . But the downside is he lining my face up now, so i decide to touch his dick. He asks what the fuck are you doin and i respond "u look like you needed me to massage your head to". So he stops cuttin and said for real and siad oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yes !he begins to pull his dick out and i begin to throw it in my bag. i doin the bussinness for almost an hour . then he takes me into his office and puts me on top of his desk and throws my legs up and fucks me hard! I Mean REAL REAL REAL hard!!!!!!!!! And The Rest Well Thats Part Two

Fantasy about Alejandro from Cherry Hill

My fantasy is meeting him and then suckin on that big dick then layin him on his back and puttin his legs on my shoulders and me fuckin the shit outta him...

Fantasy about Alejandro from Sunflower,Ms

I see him stripping and strokin his dick. feeding me his cock. He sucking my nipple eating my boypussy before he fuck me hard wit his big fat cock

Fantasy about Alejandro from Austin Texas

i am so infatuated with you, you could do what ever you like to me, at any time.

Fantasy about Alejandro from hartford

just wanted to meet you

Fantasy about Alejandro from Clarksville, TN

My fantasy about Alejandro is... I see him in his car playin' loud music. He rolls up to me slowly and yells out "Wassup man" & I'm like "What I can't hear you". He turns it down & we started talkin' & he ask if I needed a ride. So I said yeah. I get in his car and we took off. He started turnin' on his music again & we bobbin' our heads to the music till we went to his hotel room. Soon as we got there we talked a lil bit & I asked if we could take a shower. We both got in the shower and I started scrubin' his body with soap & he did the same. When we got done rising each other off we dried off and he started kiss me & I did the same. He was feelin' my ass while I was feelin' his dick. Then we went back on the bed and kissed some more then I work my way to his dick and started suckin' on it. He asked if we could 69 this shit & I said hell yea. So we 69 suckin each others dick & he ate my ass and I ate his. Then I say "Damn Alejandro I want you up in my yo" & He said "I'm gon' do dat. Get on doggy style." I tell him you gon' get a surprise when ur up in me man. He started stickin' his dick in me. Fuckin' like crazy and I'm like moanin' & screamin' like crazy like I wanted to get with him so damn bad. Then I got on my back and he fucked me. We kissed while we were fuckin'. And for the last part I got on my stomach and he fucked me some more & I'm lookin' at him. I couldn't take my eyes off him cause I see that vibe & that coolness he's got. He smiled at me and I did the same but I laughed a lil bit. He said "Whatchu laughin' for" I said "Nothing its a thing I do I can't help it." He says I'm bout to nut so he pulls out and I tell him cum on my ass baby. He shoots and I'm like damn Alejandro that was good my turn. I busted on his body and he tells me that shit was good. He asked for another kiss and I kiss him. I gave him a hug lettin' him know that he's a FINE ASS DUDE. I gotta get at chu more can I do dat. He says "yea you can shawty." he took me home and he left so now my mind is tellin' me that I will never forget that HOT MAN.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Richmond VA

I want to start by kissing you and licking your chest. Then i want to give you head and lick your balls. Let you cum in my mouth. Then get you hard again and let you eat my ass then you fuck me missionary while we kiss passionatley then you can go crazy and fuck me doggie style till I cum. Once i cum i will suck your dick till you cum in my mouth again and i swallow then we just kiss and hold each other for the rest of the night.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Greensboro

Damn Alejandro... I wanna first give u a full body massage flip u over and eat that juicy papi ass while sucking that dick simultaneously til ur stomach cave in and u nut everywhere! Then from there, u can do whateva u wanna do, we can make that happen!!!

Fantasy about Alejandro from Chi

I want to fuck you in the ass. I think you mad sexy.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Chicago

I want to suck your dick Let you suck my dick Fuck that nice ass of yours and let you stroke my tight hole. I want you so bad

Fantasy about Alejandro from cincinnati

i love you im a sexy top that will let you rock my world

Fantasy about Alejandro from baltimore

grew uo beatin to this nigga-what r the chances of bringin EXTREME on board to freak this freak? he is old school like ALEJANDRO but i still catch him doin flix today. those 2 huge dicks together is what i want. and they both vers 2. never caught them in a scene 1 on 1 so just maybe PAPI THUGZ can take on this challenge.

Fantasy about Alejandro from salinas

i wanna get butt fucked by alejandro......and i wanna lay him on his back and pull his legs up and i would love to slide my tongue up and down his ass

Fantasy about Alejandro from Daly City

Ooooh....boy....well first, i would want to taste those lips of nice. Then, of course, try to fit that cock of his down my throat...that will be a task. Then I would want to taste that ass of his as well. Lastly, i'd just let him fuck juicy ass DEEP!

Fantasy about Alejandro from baltimore

give that juicy hole up to Ian Rock please! I want to see you swallow all of his fat dick and take it like the champ you are. Keep it nasty baby.

Fantasy about Alejandro from louisiana

My fantasy is to have Antonio fuck Alejandro and then do some hot flip-floppin'.

Fantasy about Alejandro from baltimore

my god, good job----it takes true entertainment to bust and target shoot a BIG NUT straight out while gettin' pleased that way. Let's do it again bro, hats off to you, and me. fantasy!

Fantasy about Alejandro from North Carolina

Hey Papi thugz it's me again get use to it..... i have another fantasy about Alejandro....I agree with old dude that said he should give it up to Ian Rock wit his phat ass....Ian Rock got a big ass....IF only.... uhh excuse me I kinda blank for a minute.....but I want that fantasy to come true after The Maximo ALejandro and Cornbread one...Come on ya'll you got admit it would be hotter than sun...imagine that kind f Chemistry from the 3 of them....just think about it for a second that's all you'll need before you start sweatin and begging somebody to cut on the a.c. "Please I'll do anything you ask" cely from the color purple said seriously ya'll I could be beneficiary...just comtemplate about it....bye Alejandro baby I'll see you soon

Fantasy about Alejandro from dtown

my fantasy with him involves me turning on the shower to make the entire bathroom steamy, then gettin into the shower with him with the lights off. Its completely dark, and because its hott, i would have cleverly stashed a bucket of ice in the bathroom with us to bring out the most sensual erotic pleasure during an intimate detailed oral exploration over his entire body and then when he can no longer stand it, i would be his and he would be mine...fa show.....

Fantasy about Alejandro from Little Rock, Arkansas

This is one fine specimen of a man, I would just need one night, and he would be mine for good, no longer on the market.....LOL

Fantasy about Alejandro from baltimore

want to see you give that tasty azz up to Ian Rock. He will make that hole very happy.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Las Vegas

My fantasy beggins in an alley where I was taking a short cut home from a new club in Spanish Harlem when I was jumped on by three druggies. It seems as though they wanted my jewelry & money from me. They got the best of me and hit me in the head, I blacked out. When I awakened it was to Alehandro calling himself giving me mouth to mouth with the taste of "Blunt" on his breath. I said; Woe ! what are you doin' ? Alehandro said; I was saving your life, I had to beat those crack heads down before they came back for more of you. hear, let me help you, come with me so I can get that blood off you. He helped me to a car where we ended up at his apartment. I told him I wanted to go home, but he insisted on cleaning me up first. I was eaching all over and my head hurted. He took me to his nice sized 2 - bedroom apartment and layed me on his sofa. I must have dozed off because when I awoke, my head was bandagged, my shirt was off, blood was wiped off of my face and arm. Alehandro proceeded to spounge off my chest with warm water while he massaged my thigh. All I could do is lay back my head and moan as I got a great big hatd on. Alehandro started unbuckling my pants, then he started kissing me on my lips, then my nipples, then on my navel. By that time I was real hard as he started to biteing on my dick through my jeans. I moaned some more then he scooted up to my mouth, opened his pants then his big fat hard dick fell out the opening and hit me in my face. Alehandro grabbed it and started rubbing it on my lips Alehandro saying; Mmmm, how does that feel. go ahead and hold that in your mouth for a while, you'll get better. Soon I started sucking his dick, I started slow, then I realized it was Alehandro's dick in my mouth and it was good. The taste was extroidinary, He then said let's move to my other room. There Alehandro started licking me on my back then he said stop moving, wait right their a moment. He then left the room and came back with this cup of warm chocolate syrup. He said, be still ! He proceeded to slowly pour this syrup over my brown ass. He then started licking and biteing the chocolate off of my ass, it was soo sensual ! We went back to kissing then I flipped him on his back and started kissing Alehandro's navel & nipples. I then grabbed the cup of chocolate syrup and poured it on his big hard dick head. I let it drip all the way down before I started to lick it off. He moaned as the syrup reached the bottom of his dick. He said it was still hot. I blew on it to make the chocolate hard like a mold. Then I massaged his rib cage and licked around his navel. I asked him was he ready to be thrilled and he said yea, so I licked his balls then slowly went up his dick to the head, licking the chocolate off like a lolly pop. The chocolate was coated heavy on Alehandro's dick. By the time I wat 10 minutes into getting the chocolate off, I could feel his dick pulsating under the chocolate. By the time I have eatin' the chocolate up to the head, I asked him to fuck me in my mouth. Alehandro climbed up and started pushing this big chocolate coated dick in my mouth. I could tell that he was about to burst because because the chocolate coating cracked. I asked him if I could bite on the head when he was about to cum and he said yes (moaning). Alehandro moaned louder and louder and louder till.....I bit down gently on the chocolate around his dick head and he screamed. Oh Shit ! (Squirt, squirt, crunch, crunch all in my mouth) Alehandro; Man I haven came like that in a while. Well let's go take a shower so you can come take this ass man as thank you for helping me. Thanks...

Fantasy about Alejandro from Toronto

I would "love!" to get with Alejandro, kiss him, lick him, especially suck his sweet thug ass as my first rimm job. My ultimate is to finger and fuck Alejandro long and good. Go deep inside him while I stroke him, and kiss his sweet lips. Oh Alejandro, u would be the best man fuk I'd 'ever!" do baby. If I could only meet u. Even if only to eat nd suck u.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Champaign

I just want us to fuck hard and long and then nutt all over each other, and lay in it

Fantasy about Alejandro from Alexandria

I wanna see Alejandro get that sweet brown azzhole ate, i wanna see him bury those cheeks in someody's face for about 15 mins. til he and the guy buss.

Fantasy about Alejandro from

Damn there is so much i can say and do about This fine ass dude alejandro. my fantasy is just letting him do whatever the hell he wants to me. i know this dude smells really good taste really good. i just want to eat that bubble ass . and then let him mouth fuck me.... im a top but for him ill bottom anytime ..hit me up papa dat_rican_u_want

Fantasy about Alejandro from Atlanta


Fantasy about Alejandro from atlanta

I love to see Alejandro and cornbread fuck each other after that they both cum on each other stomach that would be hot ass fuck...

Fantasy about Alejandro from San Diego

I would love to have him right in the middle of a amusement park..

Fantasy about Alejandro from NEW YORK


Fantasy about Alejandro from Toronto

I would like to kiss, lick, nd eat his ass..then fuk him all night long. He's nice nd masculine, just the way I like them. I wann fuk alejandro real bad.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Detroit, MI

OMG! Thank you for bringing Alejandro back to this site! I am so in love with this man!!!! You can have him on every weekly update! Keep him cumming! Alejandro is the sexiest man alive!!!

Fantasy about Alejandro from Toronto

I would like to be able to kiss and lick him all over. Do my first rimm job on him, then finger, and fuk his sweet masculine ass! YYYYUUUUUMMMMM!!!!

Fantasy about Alejandro from HUntsville, AL

I touched myself last night and thought about you doing things to my body only you know how to do. From across the room I see you lick your lips, your eyes roll across my body and stop below my hips. You walk over to me and kiss me with a fiery passion. I see visions of myself laying on the bed thrashing. You run your hand over my breasts like a potter with clay. You stop the groove, and walk over to the CD player to press play. You come back to me and gently lay me on the bed. The way you undress me lets me know this is about more than good head. As Nivea sings `25 Reasons` I start to count them too. One is for the perfect way you`re doing what you do. Your hand continues to move down; you then stop to explore the treasure you've just found. You discover my pearl laying amongst an Aquafina Ocean. Your thumb makes circles while your first 2 fingers make a `come here` motion. What started off as soft sighs deepens into low cries. The song has now changed but your mission is still the same. Pretty Willy sings `Lay Your Body Down` and you proceed to go down, to play your game in my hidden playground. You leave trails of kisses from chest to my waist. My juices starts flowing more anticipating a visit from your face. Your tongue licks my lips like you know they`re yours. You`re name is written everywhere from my heart to even my pores. You trace your name across my dick, forwards and backwards, you know that`s my shit! Low cries progress into strong moans as you lick me like an ice cream cone. You continue tracing like an artist doing a sketch, but you slow it down because you don`t want me to go there yet. Next song comes on and it`s `Lick` by Joi. You`re playing with my sex motions like I`m your personal toy. I say "Ooh baby,yeah, that`s it!" You stop and respond, “Slow it down, I ain`t through with this shit!" I try to stay calm as I run my fingers thru your hair, But we`re both knowing I`m almost there! Beyonce` starts singing my mothafukkin` song, and you increase the pace to take me on home. Strong moans turns into screams as I ride the waves of bliss. Whoever knew making love could be like this? It seems like just yesterday we shared our first kiss, as the room gets quiet, me and Beyonce` both learn how it feels to be `Speechless`!

Fantasy about Alejandro

I want to see Alejandro, Sarge, Dre and Cornbread Flip Flop. And when the movie is filmed no sox please.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Newark

Alejandro always been hot cute n sexy. I love to have him in a group session watchin him fuck like he does and gettin some good dick too

Fantasy about Alejandro from lagos nigeria

it all make me wanna,very cool with salt and pepper

Fantasy about Alejandro from franklin

`i would love to have him eat my ass, while his friend suck my dick

Fantasy about Alejandro from texas

hard nice cock on my as in my ass.

Fantasy about Alejandro from new york city

hold me down... and ram me hard.....

Fantasy about Alejandro from philadelphia

alejandro fantasy is i'm sitting on the porche and alejandro is walking down my block and see's me on the porche and stop to ask if he could use my phone to call my next door neighbor to see if he was home for someone to come to the door. so i say yes he comes in and make the call and there is no answer. so i ask if he wanted to have a drink and he says yes. i get the drink and i notice his dick is pressing threw his pants. i'm so bold i ask cant i service his cock. and he looks and take's it out i began to fall to my knee's and start sucking and he start's to enjoy and pushes me on my back and puts that big dick in my ass and he fucks me unreal and i lick his ass and continue to enjoy the fucking he puts on my ass until he cum's in my boyhole. i enjoy every moment of pleasurer.

Fantasy about Alejandro from camden ark

i would luv for Alejandro to fuck da hell out of dis virgin booty i give him sum of dis gud gud and he wnt neva forget it... and give him tha best head have him nuttin everywhere..

Fantasy about Alejandro from Detroit

I would LOVE to see Alejandro fuck Viper in the ass! Now, that, would be heavenly!!!

Fantasy about Alejandro from montgomery

have a threewith you and a friend

Fantasy about Alejandro from columbus ohio

ive had a crush on alejandro for a while i want him an a few of his male friends 2 give it too me hard an long

Fantasy about Alejandro from Las Vegas

Take me out on date and show me wha u can do in bed...

Fantasy about Alejandro from North Las Vegas

I guess I have been seeing you around for awhile. When I was in grade school and high school I would hear your name yelled out on the street. Do you have any plans of becoming a main-stream film actor? I would love to see you with Tyreese Gibson and Mel Jackson?

Fantasy about Alejandro from ny

fukk mt partner while i watch

Fantasy about Alejandro from Washington,dc


Fantasy about Alejandro from Chester

I would like to see Alejandro in another flip flop action with Brick and Rico in two separate videos. I want to see their feet and legs in the air missionary style. I would like to see Alejandro being screwed by Ian Rock. That would be hot!

Fantasy about Alejandro from Washington,dc

I love to lick that fat ass of his and fuck the shit outta him! Seriously!!

Fantasy about Alejandro from columbia

I want to stick my tongue up Alejandro's ass and make him squirm. Then he would shower me with his golden rain. We would od 69 until we each would cum and trhen hae a passionate kiss and swap cum while kissing. Thgen he would take me and drill me with his rod in every position known, and a few made up as we go. We would give passion a new name.

Fantasy about Alejandro from miami

omg to like suck dat dick all night and for him to fuck the shit out me and til he get bout six nuts and cause im the best wen i like suck dick

Fantasy about Alejandro from Dallas,TX

OMG just say alejandro I get excited lol But my biggest fantasy is that I'm at home going about my daily routine and I get a knock at the door and when I open it I see the man of my dreams(alejandro)I am so taken by his smile that I acutally stand there for a min to soak it all in. And just when I came back to myself he kisses me so intensly yet gently making my body crave for more. Then He picks me up so happy to see me and carry's me to the bedroom and lay's me down on the bed, he undresses me so slowly with a look of passion in his eyes examining my body as he takes off every piece 1 by 1, and then kisses me from my head to my feet and back up. But I stop him before he licks, and sucks me till I holla out his name, He looks at me baffled and I start removing his shirt and pants and lay him on the bed, I start on his neck then kiss his chest and licking each peck and nipple meeting back at the center, I like his naval and move down a little more and kiss the tip of his dick before putting it all in my mouth every inch I go up and down on his dick like it's the last time I'll see him in my life so I gotta do it right the first time. and then I lick on his balls from time to time as I jack his dick some. While he laying there I mount up on his dick and sit down on it so slowly making sure he can feel all of me and I can feel every inch of me. I ride his dick till my legs get tired and Then we turn dick still in me and he fucks me till I scream out and spell out his name. We stop and I turn on my stomach he gets back in and fuck this nice ass while kissing the back of my neck, then he puts me on my back with my legs on his shoulder and really gets in me till the point where I'm about to bust but he won't let me he stops and sits on the bed and i get on him and we fuck till he feels his nutt coming, but I dont want his to nutt yet so I stop. Then we get back to our first postion and he kisses me with all he has and as I feel him about to nutt I am abou tto do the same I throw it back at him to make him nutt and he pulss out of me and as I'm shooting he shoots on me and I suck the rest of the nutt of his dick. And then we both fall asleep very much indeed satisfied.

Fantasy about Alejandro from washingtondc

need hey to eat my ass and good and give me a good fuck

Fantasy about Alejandro from yonkers

I would love to suck on his ass... then fuck the hell out of him...

Fantasy about Alejandro from B-town

Yo that scene with you and Cornbread is da bomb! Would love to be up in there wit you taking both your dicks deep!!

Fantasy about Alejandro from bronx


Fantasy about Alejandro from paris texas

i would love to see Alejandro being forced to have sex with Viper and Tyger Tyson ! first to swallow Viper's dickn deepthoating him and then being fucked hard by Tiger, back and forth, sucking them both and being fucked by both of them, yummy ;-)

Fantasy about Alejandro from Philadelphia

I would sit you down on my bed, take off your clothes slowly. then i would suck your sexy big dick while I kiss your sexy body. then i would jump on you and let you take me hard and rough as long as you want, any way you want. you are so sexy. i wish you was in my bed. we would be up all night long.

Fantasy about Alejandro from new york

love to bring him home,and give him the best blow job he ever had

Fantasy about Alejandro from Detroit

Alejandro, I've been one of your biggest fans for years now! I think you are the perfect man! Great looking, fantastic body, great personality, huge dick! I think you are the greatest adult film star ever and the ultimate Top performer! The only thing I want you to keep on doing is keep fucking these guy's brains out! I hope papithugz pairs you with Ian Rock and J.T. or Osian so both you and Ian can fuck them until they are unconscious! Keep on doing what you're doing! You are simply THE BEST!!!

Fantasy about Alejandro from decatur

my fantast is to cock your cock and eat you out with you wearing a jock-strap

Fantasy about Alejandro from new orleans

my fantasy issmoking and wild long hott sexx with him always wanted to fuck with him

Fantasy about Alejandro

i want to see alejandr get fucked

Fantasy about Alejandro from Tampa

Well my fantasy is not just that. I have been watching this wonderful sexy man for a long time. And dont laugh but i have fallen in love with him. He is so gorgeous and i love his nose. Every time i see him i want to have him make love to me and let me kiss his nose and just enjoy everything about him. Alejandro i have a fantasy of meeting you in Tampa Florida maybe walking downtown or at a movie and we just click like that. going for something to eat and getting to know you in every way. Not just in the bedroom. Making sure you are the one for me i let my guards down and tell you i have so many videos of you but i just didnt want you to know in the start. Then you gettin up and coming over to me to say i have had some fantasies of you too. only in mine i could never see your face. Then i blush and say oh my god this man is really into me. We go back to my house and sit and talk and then you lean over me and say i want to make love to you i dont want to fuck you only make love and then you kiss me. Feeling that sexy fresh breath i kiss you and stare into your eyes and you knwo that i am a virgin you pull down your pants and say i am only for you right now and if you want me tell me. I give in and say i love no i am in love with you i need you in my life and you give yourself to me. We make love for hours and then once we are done you get up and say i will be back. And i wake up. it's only a dream wow if i could meet you i could fall in love with you and this is not just for sex its for life.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Yonkers

I want Alejandro to fuck me any way he wants. I want to suck his dick and lick his balls while he's smoking a blunt.

Fantasy about Alejandro from baltimore

That fuck flic wit Jag was the bomb.(WOW) Let's do is again wit Cornbread,or better still, Rico. Give me a front row seat.

Fantasy about Alejandro from richmond california

I will love give you my tie ass to play hard and take my virginity. please fuck me hard with your nice dick .

Fantasy about Alejandro from South San Francisco

I'd love to be Alejandro's Foot slave for however long he would want me to worship him from head to toe. He's got some damn sexy manly feet...damn! I'd love to bury my face under his feet....besides trying to swallow his dick - I say try, 'cause it's HUGE!

Fantasy about Alejandro from Chicago, IL

You're very handsome. My fantasy is to suck your dick, get some head from you and let you fuck me until I can't take no more. Hope to meet you one day.

Fantasy about Alejandro from MIAMI

I would love to do a movie with Alejandro......anytime u down let a bro know...

Fantasy about Alejandro from bronx

It doesnt matter. My fantasy is to have you anywhere, kissing you playing with those nice pecs and sucking that meat of yours. Hit me up if you up for the challenge.

Fantasy about Alejandro from Nassau, Bahamas

I have always wanted to suck Alejandro's beautiful dick and let him fuck me in every position. He is a beautiful guy with a great body and perfect dick. I would do anything to have him just have his way with me for a night.

Fantasy about Alejandro from jersey

alejandro is the best

Fantasy about Alejandro from Vancouver

He is so handsome, I would love to suck his cock lick his ass, put my tongue right up his ass and feel he cock sliding up my ass while he is kissing me for a night of HOT SEX.

Fantasy about Alejandro from hollywood

yes i want him to put my leges in the air fuck me down and make suck his dick all nite wit whipcream and eat his ass lick his balls wit hhonye?

Fantasy about Alejandro from baltimore

i have had a hard on for this dude for years now. I find myself goin back to old flix of his where he gives up the azz but none of the scenes are shot particularly well. I ask Papi Thugz & Alejandro to fullfill my fantasy of Alejandro gettin dicked down by Rico. Or they can fuck each other. LOTS OF DICK SUCKIN TOO!

Fantasy about Alejandro from CHARLOTTE


Fantasy about Alejandro from Bronx

I happened to encounter Alejandro on the streets of Manhattan about a year ago...he is so damn sexy and has such a macho swagger to him. I just wished I had stopped him to talk to him and ask him to make my fantasies come true. I would let him do whatever he'd like to me...I'd be his sex slave for a day.

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