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New discovery Ant Nowa has made his hot debut on UrbanPApis and he wants to konw what your wildest dreames are about him--tell him here and now.

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Fantasy about Ant Nowa with LEX and Jason Carlo submitted by KingzCourt30 from Las Vegas

Simply put. The masculinity of all three of these men is so attractive. Ant Nowa has that straight-acting appeal with that Spanish sex appeal. LEX has that thuggish appeal. Jason Carlo has all that in one. They all got dick and ass for days. I equally am an ass man and love dick.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from NYC

Be on the subway somewhere in the upper west side, bumps into a latin papi heading to school, then take him to the boys house and fucks him in the middle of this the boys father comes in and fuck ant nova that would be very hot

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from boston

u me fire place corvacia and lots of lickin rubbin passion and make u feel like no other could u boss u so damn fine creaminfor days u2 fine for mere words hot latino GOD wsup 4real me u chillin in the cut just sippin and lickin lips wondering whats hot and goin in doin that shit till dawn handcuff u to the bed w/no regrets just expressin forplayin makin hot you sooo hawwwwwt

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Newburgh , New Yorkyp

MY FANTASY WITH ANT NOWA , IS TO HAVE PASSIONATE , INTIMATE SEX WITH HIM. I'D LOVE TO KISS HIM GENTLY , SLOWLY , WITH all tounge action , and very wet, kiss him from his neck , down his chest , suck his nipples ,then down to that hot dick his !!, deep throat it with endless saliva , and my large sexy red lips, then lick and suck his balls,then suck and lick his asshole out for hours.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa

would love to get to know him workout with him compare tatts

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from New york


Fantasy about Ant Nowa from phila

whats up i live around the corner from u i was wondering if u could cum around n give me a good fuck port richmond area

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Cleveland Ohio

I would to lay him dom and suck his fat dick , and let him suck on my tities and than let him suck on my dick and late him slide my dick nine inches up and him ,ill fuck him so slow and to the dick get hard while my tites bounce and up and down to he get off mmm baby ,

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Jersey City

First, he sits down on he couch then I sit on top of hime and we start kissing, and he starts to squezze my ass. I undress him and start sucking that dick he tells me that he wants to watch me play with my asshole. Then he starts to eat my ass out. I'm moaning and screaming gimmie that dick please papi. we go to the bedroom he throws me on the bed on my stomach and starts eating my ass again. then he puts that dick in my ass and fucks me while I scream he pulls my hair and tells me to shut the fuck up that i'm his bitch now

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from phili

First he throws me on the bed and tells me to shut my bitch ass up. then he undresses me not to say a word while he licks me from my neck to my penis. he grabs and squeezes my cock and says "you like that, bitch? yeah you like that don't you?" and with his other hand he grabs the back of my head and makes out with me and repeats "don't fight it." then my he grabs my balls and squeezes a little. i move my legs a little and he says "didn't i tell your bitch not to move? huh? now open!" he grabs my head with one hand and whips out his raging hard on with the other hand and shoves his big cock in my mouth. He fucks my mouth slow and says "yeah. you like my cock don't you? you want that shit? fucking like that shit!"As he sees my cock harden, he laughs and says "What the fuck nigga? u think ur gonna fuck something? *giggles* fuck that shit lil' bitch" he then fingers my ass. first with one finger then with two. "yeah dawg. make yo bitch ass scream like a girl. I'll fuck that shit like a pussy. make you my bitch." he takes his cock out and slaps my face with it and sticks it in my eye a little. he then makes me get into dog position, sticks his manhood in slowly, and fucks me doggy style. "aww fuck ur ass is tight as fuck." it hurts and i try to push it out. "what nigga? oh you gonna get this dick for sure." he just fucks me harder and harder. the more i refuse it and the harder he thrust it in, the more it feels so good. he takes it out and turns me over and fucks me while im on my back.he lets my legs rest on his shoulders and stretches my hole some more. he then does take mercy on it and thrust his cock inside and then pulls it out and fucks me in that manner for a while. then he decides to keep it in and he fucks me like a horny alpha male wolf in heat. i whisper aww fuck with a face of agony and then he says "didnt i say shut the fuck up?" he puts three fingers in my mouth and then i moan loudly. "yeah bitch. like that shit? huh? like that big dick in your ass?" he then fucks me harder and harder as if i couldn't feel pain. "aww shit!" he takes out his cock before he cums. He turns around, shoves his dick in my mouth, and starts to feel and finger my hole. "damn. that hole's hot as shit." he bends my back so that my legs are in the air and my asshole is in his face. he then blows my hot hole and starts to suck on it and sticks his tongue in it a little."yeah. im getting that pussy wet." as he's sucking my hole, my cock pokes him and he notices. he puts my as down and firmly grabs my cock and starts to jerk it off. he sucks the head from time to time. as i cum he keeps jerking it and says with a chuckle "yeah nigga!" he turns around and pins my shoulders to the bed with his knees. he then shoves his cock in my mouth and starts to fuck my mouth again. "open your fucking mouth." he pulls out his cock and then cums on my face and in my mouth. he wipes the cum off of my face and sticks his finger in my mouth so i could swallow it all. "yeah eat that shit. you my bitch now," he says while rubbing and slapping my ass.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Washington DC

Papi estas bien rico. you are so hot. me gustaria comerte enterito. You know what I mean.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from bay area

primero te remuevo sinto con lavoca, despues te desenprocho el pantalon y luego te bajaria el zipper, despues teloacarisio con la voca asta que se te ponga bien duro entonces mis suenos se abran echo realidad bb.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from okland

quisiera versar muy lentamen de pies acabesa asta dejarte satisfecho por que eres mi sueno imposible, bueno nitan inposible.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from berkeley

i will do anything to have him naked in from of me and kiss his body from toe to head

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from miami

yo quiero q ese macho me gose y yo gosarlo a el

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Columbia

Would just love to have you to myself and licking your body from head to toe and eating that ass of yours and swallowing that good nut

Fantasy about Ant Nowa

he's not even gay! i know him personally and lets just say he loves pussy.... sorry gay guys but ant nowa is 100% not gay.... he has a girlfriend don't you ppl read he's the STRAIGHT ONE

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from MiAMi

Damnnn well my fantasy is you baby;) lol i would want u to fuck me as hard as u want & i wouldnt stop u!;) && i would lwt u do watever u wNT TO ME! make me ur SLAVE;) lol

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from San diego

HE needs to be fucked by a sexy top

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from LOS ANGELES

I want eat your ass like I never ate anyone ass before and I want you to be my first to fuck me so hard.. I'm mean so hard ..hmmm damn..

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Pittsburgh

He just makes my nipples hard, and I feel a warm sensation all over my body when I look at him. I would want him to fuck me with his Dick, tongue, fingers and his big toe.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from fontana

my fantasy is to go on a date with him have a good time talking and chatting about everything and anything clicking and getting to know him.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from MS

I want yu 2 know I'm a female and yu 2 damn fine 2 be gay...Yu could have any woman in da world...!!

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from ohio

chiles y chiles

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from WASHINGTON, DC

My fantasy is to make his come true. Nothing is more fascinating then making this sexy man happy and I will do ANYTHING to ensure anytime anywhere he wants it is where and when I'll be down for it. If he wants to suck on my dick while Im eating his and vice versa and then slide deep inside me while we're on his balcony then he just keeps filling me up with his nut until he cant nut no more then nut one more time on my face and down my throat. He has some sexy lips so I will love to kiss him and tongue him down. Aye papi chulo. Its all bout making him happy and THATS my REAL fantasy when it comes to ANT NOWA…

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Norfolk

I want you to sit that ass on my face and let me eat you out ,get my tongue real deep inside that ass.Then I want you to fuck my mouth,slurp up all of your pre cum.Then fuck me real long and hard.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from miami

Ant i love you i wish i can fuck you so bad

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Philadelphia

I want him to start by eating my ass out and putting that big dick all up in me!!!

Fantasy about Ant Nowa

OMGA Wunnah Suck Hiis biiq coockii

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from New York

Tell the good folks at papithugz to make their site available for macs. You're a beauty.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from New York

i want him to fuck the shit out of me lol he is so sexy

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from manila

i want him, i loike him he is so hot and i want to suck his cock... wish i could see him in person... I LOVE YOU :) THONIE

Fantasy about Ant Nowa

damn if only he was straight id let him fuck me so hard until he cums inside!!! haha

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Sevilla

That a group of men fuck him, a gang bang and he eat all the cum from these men.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Bronx

i would love to see ant Nova go at it wit another big dick top. this guy is so hot and will make me cum in no time. papiethugz make it happen for all his fans that are waiting for him to appear again

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from greensboro

i want ant to be my first!

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from new rochelle, ny

oh, would lov to worship Ant, lick his entire sweaty body, then take all his fluids from him, lets just call me his Slave

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Ireland

Baby, I just turned 18. please tie meup, be aggressive, fuck my young body as you like - don't need to ask. I will suck you and offer my ass for you. You can keep me locked up or keep me in bed what ever you like, Make me your slut

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from benicia

i wanna suck his big dick

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Memphis

My fantasy is to have a threesome with two tops who are willing to top me

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from washington,dc

Love to see King for dawgpound and ant nowa together! It would be hot!!

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Brooklyn

I would like you to do a striptease for me piece by piece until you are down to your underwear; then tease me with your tongue sucking on my neck, earlobes; before getting to my lips. Letting your strong hands roam my body inch by inch; until I'm moaning in sheer pleasure from what you are dong. Then I want you to slowly undress me, until we both are naked and exploring each others bodies, suckng,licking and kisssing and I surrender to you. You doing what you want with me until we both climax in ectasy. "Then we cuddle to the next morning and start again, with you penertrating me deeper than before.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Providence

shit, i just wanna put my dick in his ass!

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from asheville

fuckin in a feild wit no1 around to witness

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from queens, NY

I just want to worship you. worship those tatts..those feet, suck that cock, and be your slaveboy

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Denver

To just look at him would get me.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from northhavenct

I want to suck that hard black cock till it comes in my mouth and then fuck my ass come in my ass and then lick it clean ad start r again and againovet

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from nyc

Want to smell his sexy feet, eat his hot azz and suck him off til he cums in my mouth!

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Philadelphia

I want Ant Nowa to get his boi pussy fuck by Jovonnie. I want Ant Nowa hole to be pulsating, open just like Jovonnie did to many especially the dude Suspect.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from HOUSTON

eat your sexy ass

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from aurora

lay next to him then suck his cock by deep throating it them letting him fuck me buckwild.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from bronx

I love to see Ant Nowa and Joe Strong (aka Icon ) go at it......that would make a hot video!

Fantasy about Ant Nowa

thats too good too let go...... when i see thinds that i like i tend too want it and he's something that i

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from FRISCO 415

Shit....I would roll up a fat one wit Ant and smoke one to the dome...then I mean whatever happens, HAPPENS! Feel me?

Fantasy about Ant Nowa

us meeting at a bar getting drunk uface fuck me i assfuck u until we cum and them swap cum

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from BRONX


Fantasy about Ant Nowa from hammond la

hot i the tub get ing in side o f that big hole in bedroom ion the flooor in the bed

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from chicago

tell me sexy!!!!!

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from boston

i want that big ass dick of his, i want to ride it till it breaks..i want him to cum up my ass...

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from dallas

I think Ant nowa should do a scene with cornbread or phat daddy where he bottoms for them

Fantasy about Ant Nowa

Watch you j/o & shoot ya load as i eat ya azz!

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Anaheim

your fucking sexy. i'd eat the shit out of your ass! Mmmm

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from NYC

first I would lick each tattoo one by one. then I would give you a warm bubble bath with strawberries. then a nice foot massage with toe sucking. then I will give you this jamaican dick. holla back

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Philly

Can i suck dat dick until u can't nut no more

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from DALLAS


Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Philly

Lemme find out!!!!!!! I knew it would make it bigg......

Fantasy about Ant Nowa

i want to date him

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Birmingham,Alabama

Sup Ant I love you so fuckin much man until everytime I go to sleep I dream about you fucking me crazy. I would love to mee you in person and just have you sitting next to me. Keep up the good work man and maybe I will get to meet my crush which is you one

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from lancaster pa

this is the hottest video on here that was my fantasy

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from NYC


Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Brooklyn

To see Him in a Red Jockstrip getting fuck.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from pompano

Man i'll just be ride or dye i'll roll that nigga weed service him in what ever manner to make him happen i'll cook i'll clean and i might even pay them bills make sure the shoes on his feet stay fresh and the sex would be a hidden bonus for his sake lol i'm talking about wall climbing like spidey ass poppin like in them B.E.T after hour videos deep thrating and knob slobbin like a tooth less SOB i would give him everything he is too fyne

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Danville VA

Our fantasy is for you to say fuck all that gay shit an let us lick every tattoo an every part of your body!!!!!!!!!! Cause you an them damn tattoos is sexy as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Birmingham

you poundin my ass

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Sactown 916

My fantasy would entail role playing where we run into each other in a park bathroom and are the only two there. He, being the hot thug stright Papi notices me checkin his dick out at the urinal. "So you like this, you little faggot." All I can reply is a guilty kind of look. Well then get over here and get your little bitchass to work, puto. Quierres hacer el biche, se puedes. Pero hay que trabajar mucho. Trembling I drop to my knees in front of his sculpted, inked torso, waiting for his next direction. "Suck it bitch, he says in a sneer. You want it, it's gonna cost u plenty.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from MIAMI


Fantasy about Ant Nowa from indpls

ant now just hold me in your arms baby!1

Fantasy about Ant Nowa


Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Silver Spring

ridding on his back

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from atlanta

I fantazize about licking and smelling his toes, azz, and dic with cum

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Columbus

just look at him there nothing I wouldn't allow this sexy papi do to me my fantasy would include him walking in from work sweaty and on hard me dropping to my knees as soon as he walks in, me inhaling every scent of his long hard day sweat of his rock hard dick then slowly work that dick over with this tongue making it precum heavy loads of precum until that right moment when I would tell him to use my tight hole until he shoot that hot big load.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Boston

I'd ride him so hard his Antonio gets tatooed on my Ass

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from NYC

I would love to smell your feet, suck your toes, suck your dick; eat your azz and take your cum!

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from jamaica

I wud like to suck, kiss and caress u all nite long.Ur eyes, ur lips make me wanna cry. I feel you and fantasize about you everytime.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from boston

wow his cute

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from sacramento

He is fucking sexy. I would deep throat that big cock and make him flip me over and shove that dick deep down into my ass BAREBACK way to fucking hot to be useing a condom.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from winterpark

my fantasy is to get poked deep in my tight hole

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from lafayette


Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Stamford, CT

He so sexyy i just want a sexxyy make out session I think I'd nutt off that.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from san jose

dis is one hot papithugz dat i just wanna drink his juice like a faucet n i wanna lick on his asshole too if he'll let me beg fo it n spamk me too n wit them nice full lips i'd love to make love to em & mayb let him suck on my big black dick n let him swallow if he's into dat kinda shit but either way i want dis papithugz as my own as alot of othas surely do!!!

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from vineland

he is fukin sexy and i wanna taste of ant nowa

Fantasy about Ant Nowa

i love to suck your nut, and suck your toes, u are hot and sexy, i g/o all the time with u.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from NYC

I love suck a big black dick

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from dc

I will be very nice about this. You got a hot looking poker that has steamed up my ass. I would love for this to come to play. I wish I could get near you, I would give you my all and all.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from coral-gables

I would love to suck his cock, get on his cock ride on it, suck his cock again, then he fucks me again and again , we are in a gym, he's balls are sweaty i leack them ans such on them, then i gag and i kiss him, then he cums all over me i finish by sucking his cock again.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from lithia springs

dick sucking and fucking and all night fun

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from austin

would love too meet all these fine ass nigga inperson and maybe a big ass orgy two

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Montgomery,Al

I would love for Ant Nowa to make love to me,never stopping til we both climax togeather.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from San Jose, CA.

I see you there and fall to the ground abd start liking your boots. Your order me to male sure that i clean your soles and I glandly do. You take of yor boots and soxes and order me to clean yor feet and suck your toes. Which pleases you and thus pleases me that I can Give you such Pleasure. I look into your eyes and plead with you SIR WOULD YOU TRAIN ME AND USE ME AS YOU SLAVE. You look at me seeing the truth, the desire, anf the overwhemling LUST. Your order me to work my way up to your balls for there all sweaty and can you'se a good faggot cleaning Ilick my way way qiukly up your lets anf sniff those sweating manballs. Firtst I take one than the other into my mouth. Sucking og all the sweat off of them. You than grab my head oedering me not to move except to tease your pisshole. Wanting to be a good slave I followed you orders. YOU LOOKED INTO MY EYES and started letting go of a long strong piss down my throat. My dick got harder, I drank all of that strong man piss. You then said OK faggot I'll train you to be my slave, everything i give you goes into that mouth which is now my urinal. Now suck my cock. right down to the pubic hair. Being a hungry cocksucker I did as I was told to do. He siaad make real sloppy just like a pig would do, so I did. He than abrupty pulled out turned me around putting me on all fours rammed his tremendous cock up my ass. He fucked rough and tight. He just as just as abruptly pulled out of my ass and orderd me to suck my MASTERS cock clean. I started moaning like a bitch in heat. Every few minutes he pulled out reminding,"Fag Bou there's still some of your shit on my COCK...YOUR MASTERS COCK, CLEAN IT COMPLETELY. I was so crazed at is point I eagerly sucked his cock clean. He slowly pulled it out and fucked me again. Put his cock in my mouth to thouroughly suck and clean HIS COCK FOR THAT WHAT A SLAVE LIKE ME IS SUPPOSED TO DO, SO I DID IT. I was so happy to please him. He then ordered me on my back, He was towering me over me. He told me I WAS GOOD. Good enough that I ccould suck on his SHTITHOLE. HO TOLD ME TO OPEN MY MOUTH AND TO PUT MY TONGUE OUT. HE LOWERD THAT INCREDABLE BODY ON TO MY FACE PUTTING HIS SHITTHOLE INTO MY MOUTH. I was ordered to start eatng that shithole for faggots like would now know thier place. Man was he right , I went crazy getting my tongue futher up his hole. He mouned and grinded his ass onto my face. The entire time he was shouting at me yeah faggot dig for my shit. Clean my shithole and show us how queer you really are. He had my number for it was driving me into a frenzy. I'd never done this before, but it felt so right. I felt that I was home, the entire time he telling me that he could use a slave like me. I was so close to shooting. He could see that and started pumping his DICK and just as before we shot he filled my mouth... I shot over my sholder, he shot his load all over my face. I was orderd to let it dry and to keep it on to remember who MY MASTER IS He was so ucking HOT. He got up pulled his clothes and boots together, took a piece of paper wrote something on it. He let me know how hot that was for him, what about me I agreed in a sexual state of exshation. He through the paper on me and informed me that it was his phone number and address. Be there tommorow morning at 8:00 AM for he'd show me what a good moning fuck was and frrd me my breakfast. He saunterd away while I jost lay ther on the ground taking in everything yjat just haapped. It was unbeilable. I also knew that I would be there for my second lesson on being his complete and total slave. .

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from PHILLY


Fantasy about Ant Nowa from toronto

to see big dicks

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Orlando, FL

I would love to suck the shit out of Ant's dick. And I would let Ant fuck me real good.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from FL/TN

I want to trace his tats with my tongue and let him live out his fantasy on me. yim me if you see this you want b sorry.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Phx,AZ

I want to lick and kiss every millimeter of your body.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from maplehts

wasup with you sexy i would love to make a movie with you how can i get in touch with you

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from bahamas

mudda fuck, i wanna fuck u 1st... then u fuck me and then u go home.. no strings attatched... Lol

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from marysville

ohhweeee boyy! that things i wud do to yu. i wana fuk on tha counter baby. nice hard dick jus beatn my pussy up! makn me cum n scream n ima scratch yur bak n mmmm.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from dallas

damn i wish he could hit it from the back while he got his hands in the arch of my back

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from canton, ohio

My fantasy, as an experienced white biotch toy, is to hook up with a group of your papithugz men, and be vtheir fuck-suck play toy. Have myself come to their party whereupon entering their crib, the host will wrap his arm around me and take me into his room where I perform the finest oral sex on him and have him get off fucking my ass to his delight. Once satisfying him, he'll then take me into the main party room where he calls over 3-4 of his friends, strips me down, puts me on my knees, introduces me to them and has them take full advantage of me, one man stuffing his cock down my throat while the next thug (raw condom) rams his rock hard cock into my tight ass, fucking my ass hard as he can as his friend watches on. Then after draining the first thug's oad, the two men switch places AS the others watch on. Then all your Thugs see the action and before you know it, they're all lined up RAPIN' my ass and mouth MAKIN' me the Party Fuck-Suck Slave Toy for the entire evening. My fantasy is that I will then be "on call" to return whenever permanently be their fuck-suck slave toy for all their thug parties in the future. Want to suck each thug bone-dry and feel their massive cocks ramming my tight ass over and over, harder and harder than the time befoe. And as the news spreads, I want more and more thugs coming over to party, and using me to the max as their Fuck-Suck Toilet Mouth Slave Toy.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from dallas,tx

its been on going six mths and, i vowed to stop sexi for a while but i just love latin blatinos etc and i just want it real good

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from shanghai

i like it

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Nowaville

I just want your red hard meat all up in me making me scream in

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Atlanta

Ant Nowa and Brick in a flip flop will be a true classic

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from reidsville NC


Fantasy about Ant Nowa from houston

dancing naked

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Gonzales

T0 have him make love to me on my kitchen table

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from chi

hmmm i would turn this nigga out

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from dallas

he sits on the bed i slowly remove his shoes and socks unbutton his pants pull them off remove his jacket and his his shirt i walk him to bathroom wheres a hot bubble bath waiting i bathe him and dry off i ask him to lay on his stomach across the bed of rose pettles i get hot massage oil i give him a full head to toe body massage then i use my starting with his toes sucking, licking, and kissing his feet the i work my way to his theighs then his inner theighs to his belly button to his nipples to his neck back to his nipples to his his belly button to his dick and start giving him some dome i talking about deep throating and everything the i raise his legs and put whole face in his ass like its my last meal then he climbs on top of me slide the RUBBER on and put his dick deep inside thrusting slowly than speeds up then he flips me ova hit it doggy style he bends my legs back going deeper and deeper and deeper my juices just over flowing like krazy im screaming with ecstacy moan and groaning saying me harder and hardernow he has me on my side with my leg on his shoulder just drilling me then i get on top riding him squeezing his chest while his drilling me he tells me he about to come he take the RUBBER off skeets his nut in my mouth and i swallow all his babies yum yum lol

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from alexandria

one of these days I want you to grab me and shove that dick inside my ass and fuck me like a dog and bust that cum deep inside

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from gulfport ms

love 2 have 3guyz on me 2 n my ass n 1 n my mouth

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from gainesville,fl

u know what my fantasy is just for me to be your one and onley.i want u to love and cherrish me lol but we have to meet for that to kik of lol but yeh that would be hot

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from oxon hill

i love to eat ass attacted to papi's i think thats hott

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Minneapolis

Your body is a work of art. Sculptured, designed, engraved, glazed with sexuality. Lips like spring cherry blossoms that bring color to the unfolding of nature's works. The grand head of your dick, like all great artworks, beckons strength, majesty. Your taut physique represents the finest of human beauty.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from louisville ky

i want 2 be fucked real hard

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from UK

Bring this dude back fuckin any of them bottoms - as long has he's in it - i'ma watch it - he hot - got charisma as well...damn...UK's lovin it.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from new york

would love to see this hot fucker take a dildo up his hot hole

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from bk

my fantasy would be to see u all sweated up in a uniform then take it from there since im the spontanious type

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from New Jersey

I would love to see you and Rico at it

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from longs sc

wats good my name melike i was woundering can u be mines i'm a hood bitch

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from CLEVELAND


Fantasy about Ant Nowa from BOSTON

my Fantasy with Ant is to be fuckd bt him outside in a football suck all of his sweet jucie of that big sexi dick of his, to do whatever he wants me to do.

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from stlouismo

just laying next 2 u,

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Washington DC

He's all edible for sure -- feet, ass and all!

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from ATL/LA

Damn homey I wanna start off by lickin dem tats and massaging ya shoulders and back, yeah just relax. Then I wanna see you flex while I feel ya muscles. DAMN!! You a hard muthafucka!! I unbuckle ya belt take ya shit out and I shove that shit in my mouth:) Then you beat up my mouth, I start gagging but you like that shit, you know we gotta be rough, LOL. Then you bust the hottest wettest nutt down my throat and I lick up every drop on ya body and smile!! You smile back too of course:) Now, you wanna fuck, but I don't think I can take that shit so I say "FUCK YOU, I can't take that shit!" LOL then you say "Don't be a punk nigga, take this shit!!" you grab my hips and you know da rest:) LOL That's my fantasy...

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from man

yo I would love to lick those tattoos & get in that ass

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from Bonanga

Steam with the tattooed dude.

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