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Dis Is Maximo--from tha DR--whatz poppin--check out my new vid on Papithugz and let me know what you think here. Peace.

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Double Dominican Blast


Angry Maximo Stretches Osian's Hole Introducing Maximo

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Fantasy about MAXIMO from Greenville S.C.

I love Latino thug Maximo video r HOT make me jerkoff keep it comin with more video ola!!!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Newyork

U are so sexy nd a good looking man nd I see that u are good in bed mmmmm :p

Fantasy about MAXIMO from newyork

u are a sexy man how good are u in bed mmmmmm :P i see ur video nd u look like u know how to fuck yummy

Fantasy about MAXIMO from miami

why u look different now? But still handsome

Fantasy about MAXIMO from mia

love to see your nice dick in my mouth

Fantasy about MAXIMO from New York, NY

I'd tell him to come over, wait for him with my ass in the air, and let him fuck me until he couldn't fuck no more. Then, i'd roll over and clean you up and wait until you're ready for round two. Don't worry...I can take it.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from new york

i wanna see him get fuked hard n deep by riko he bodybuilder

Fantasy about MAXIMO from new york

Wants to dick u down an take your cock.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from philly

i'dike to suck on his pink croooked cock till he asks me if he could bust in my mouth, i,d say nut in my mouth you can piss in my mouth, and he does mixing leche and hot salty dark yellow piss so hard that it gushes out of my mouth

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Michigan city

Maximo I want to see you in more vids. Dont wanna see you get fucked just wanna see you rippin some asses out. MUAH

Fantasy about MAXIMO from newyork

to have sex

Fantasy about MAXIMO

maximo is so hot damn

Fantasy about MAXIMO

damn so hot

Fantasy about MAXIMO from CHI

Yo Maximo I would love to suck your dick and then bend me over and GET IT....then make it RAIN BABY

Fantasy about MAXIMO from DC

Maximo can bend me over and fuck me doggie style with that thick curved uncut dick. Stretch my hole wide open

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Washington DC

You are the only cute one. You are perfect, me encantas estas bien rico como me gustaria tenerte para mi solito. tocarte acariciarte y sentirte dentrode mi. Ojala algun dia entiendas todo lo que digo.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from new haven

sum pissing scenes_____for example hot summer day/night a little high, you take a leak, another kat walks by and comments on the size of that dick. Then u two go at it........Yeah

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Johannesburg

i would request to meet him at a nice cosy hotel had a good early dinner and go to back to our private place, being a total top i would certainly trun him over and give that sexy ass some long, hard and punishing fuckin.…

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Queenstown

I want to sleep with him and massage his sexy body

Fantasy about MAXIMO from london

love ur dik…

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Nassau

maximo u just turn me on and i want to know if u could fuck me hard and good

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Columbia

I want you Maximo Fantasy. I want you to caress my body.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from New York

Wow what can I say about to a good , handsome, goodlooking PAPI CHULO,like Maximo .I wouldn't mind to have him and do everything for him ,and of course he can do me anyway he wanna it.Oh PAPI whereever you are god bless you you alwways be my FANTASY!!!! Love Chachully.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from pittsburgh

Maximo and Aarin Driver...need i say more

Fantasy about MAXIMO from new york

Would JUST LOVE to watck Maximo and CJ and carmello get down. no holds barred!! or maybe no holes barred!!!!!!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Hobbs

To suck a latino thug and drink his creama

Fantasy about MAXIMO from columbus

so hott

Fantasy about MAXIMO from new york

diablo cesar...te metite a maricon.. no lo puedo Creer..una tercera cabeza de los lo puedo creer ..pero llamame me gusta tu pinga.. ke tiguerague pake me mates con esa nemota...mariconaso...mariconaso...antes los tigueres te repetavan en el bloke ahora se tripean y se curan contigo por mariconaso....ahora el coro en el bloke es papithugz a lo pajaron ke salen del closet...mariconaso AMOR DEL REY ADR NIGGATHUG...CESAAAAAR HAYYYYYYY PAPI ROMPEME LA CUARTA CORONA....MARICONASO UN TIGUERE KE IVA AL BALLEYS PRIVANDOCELA EN TUFF....KE EEE MARICONASO

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Brooklyn

Just to chill man to man with no set agenda and let chemistry control the evening/day/night.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Las Vegas

Maximo, what a stud you are. I would love to fly you to Las Vegas. I would put you up in a hotel suite on the Strip. I'd shower you with cash, and you shower me with that hot sexy Dominican cum.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from N.O


Fantasy about MAXIMO from macon

this is one guy i would love to show how to work it in the bedroom,kitchen and living room. i will show him how to use that dick of his and quit playing with it. i'm a power bottom that makes it my duty to turn out sexy tops. he would be on my list,the things i could teach him.he never really had no one to truly ride him the way i would. yes i sound like a slut but only with you.dam your body needs some tlc.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from macon

dam that body needs to be broken i do mean broken .first i would unzip his pants start caressing his dick and balls in my hands then with my tongue .i would ask him to get undress so i could suck him from head to toe then work my way back up to his dick and balls,slowly sucking and caressing his ball til he screams i'm gonna come not wantin' to miss a drop i deep throat his dick then go back to suckin on his balls. he moans toes curling up and let out another load .i move back up to sucking on his dick i know he's about drain now but i still keep sucking he put his finger up my ass that makes me deep throat him then he shoots another load down my throat then he falls asleep. he wakes up about 8 hours later knowing damn well i use my mouth to milk him dry. he walks up behind me and kiss me and say you won that round baby but later your ass belongs to me i'm gonna fuck you to sleep like you did me with that amazing deep throat massage you give with you mouth. i could tell he never had a dick massage the way i give with my mouth and he loved every bit of it. i get my reward later tonight.....

Fantasy about MAXIMO

I wanna be his bitch for life!!! I wanna be his slave on a dog leash commanding me to do to him as he demands!!! I wanna suck his dick forever and serve his masculine Latin thug feet all the same Im your BITCH!!! Maximo!!!!!!!!!! Give me your first command, if you do read these fantasies understand even though we don't know eachother In real life I would seriously all jokes aside be your bitch and slave I wanna forever serve you, yur dick.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from macon

i want to be the one riding that dick sucking that dick caress those balls and sucking those balls for real i know how to really turn a guy out

Fantasy about MAXIMO from pittsburgh

Aarin Driver and Maximo taking it to the next level

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Chicago

Maximo - you are the hottest of the hot. Everything about you is perfect. I would love to meet you and have a good time with you - maybe travel together to some exotic place. You could pick it.

Fantasy about MAXIMO

Bring this fine ass big dick DR back.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from atlanta

I want to eat that bootyhole out.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Windsor

If i had u n here wit me ryte nw i would do anythang u say do i would make u feel like a king. but most of all i wnt u 2 make me feel like der is passion in havin sex i wnt 2 feel every bit of touch,dick,and luv u wnt 2 give 2 me

Fantasy about MAXIMO from LA


Fantasy about MAXIMO from Philadelphia

apoyo loko ya sabe !!!!!!!!!!!!! damnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from detroit

i want to suck your dick and swallow your cum and even meet you.

Fantasy about MAXIMO

Maximo eres lo mejor de papithugz, i see u pict everyday/

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Chicago

I can't get enough of Maximo and he could get anything he wanted from me. There should be a way to get in touch with him. It would be such a thrill to talk to him on line or on the phone, to treat him to a vacation, to take him shopping, or all of the above. My heart would pound just to be in the same room with him. I could lick him everywhere - head to toes and every place in between. What an incredible hunk of a man.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Chicago

Maximo, Anything you wanted, you would get from me. You are the ultimate, hot top man - just what I always dream of. Your body is primo. I want to lick it everwhere and follow your instructions. Man, you are the hottest.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from stockton

fucking 6 hung latino guys.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from London

Maximo, you topping Matthew Rush is what I'd like to see the most.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from los angeles

I would luv to suk dat phat dick and drink all yo babies then turn around and eat yo azzhole dawg. datz wassup.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Miami

I would luv to fuck n suck maximo's dikk at the same time

Fantasy about MAXIMO from boston

u are to sexyy, i want to ride ur dick we could do what ever you want....

Fantasy about MAXIMO from new york

wish to meet him in person,,he the hottest guy in here...waw

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Birmingham, UK

To let this thug fuck me all night long!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Virginia Beach

Damn your ass sexxy as hell

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Milwaukee

Meet for dinner, dancing at the club, moonlight walk on lakefront, sleep in his arms, sex in the morning, afternoon at the tattoo parlor, i just stare at his eyes until he has to go.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from houston

just to keep him over the winter months and see if were worth keeping

Fantasy about MAXIMO from ATLANTA


Fantasy about MAXIMO from North Carolina

I love watchin me some maximo , but I think that if you were to get Him Alejandro and Cornbread together....they could melt....well words could not express what they could do together. I think those 3 are the sexiest brown suga beings on gods green earth. I said brown suga cause I'm into milk chocolate even more.....Yes that means u rico.....well anyway I think the three of them would be a really hot fantasy. And seeing as how Maximo doesn't bottom wit his phine ass I guess alejandro and cornbread could switch off while servicng maximo.....oh yeah by da way Maximo If you eva in Da NC look me up baby.......witcha phine ass.....

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Carbondale

Maximo, you are the best this page has. I never thought there were exact people like you. I wonder what your age is. You are beyond reality.

Fantasy about MAXIMO

Would like to meet Maximo in personal. Will suck that big dick all night long. I am virgin but would not be after I meet him. would let him open me up.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from san jose

well them dominican thugz is just as hot as them PR thugz both delicious lookin wit nice full lips n asses n dicks wit lots of cum to swallow n ass to lick n ass to spank n knees to get numb from beggin on them i wood love to make love to his body by just licking him all over then letting him sit on my face n slide up n down to his satisfaction!!!Max U R one hot PAPICOCK n i mean dat shit niggaz i want U to ride me off into da sunset & have a blast with me as U make me sniff dat asshole of yurz afta U fart n i smell da sweet aroma of dat asshole then make me lick it afterwards i'm lovin it so

Fantasy about MAXIMO from NY


Fantasy about MAXIMO from naples

hola maximo me gustaria estar contigo es mi sueno rialidad

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Chicago

I am awakened at 3 AM by a loud and steady knock on the door. I initially hesitate, but eventually stumble out of bed to answer the door. "Who the fuck is it?!?!?!" I yell, wearing form-fitting boxer briefs that reveal my partially erect manhood. My sleepy state manages to betray my propriety and I answer the door in my underwear to find my neighbor, Maximo. I have dreamed of sex in technicolor ever since this caramel complexioned brother moved in three months ago. "Mane, I lost my keys!" he utters, but I am so distracted by the chiseled arms bulging from beneath his wife beater that I don't even hear him. My mind slips back to the day that we exchanged numbers in the elevator... He had said, "Maybe we can hit the court and hoop." "I'm actually more of a tennis guy. You should see my backstroke." I was speechless when he responded in kind, "I'm down for something new," and walked out of the elevator with a swagger that stole my heart. "Yo! Yo! Yooooo! I lost my keys! Can I crashed!?!?!?!" he yelled as he shook me back to consciousness. "Oh, sorry, yeah... Come in." As he enters the living room, he comments, "I like what you've done with this place. Maybe you can help me with mine, too." "Haahaa... Thanks! May I offer you something to drink, Max?" "Just your bath water," he says. He pulls my backside close to him and kisses the nape of my neck. I quickly pull away and ask, "What the fuck are you doing!?!?! I think you should leave." "Just giving you what you want," he says as he pushes me face forward into the couch and pulls down my boxers. He forces his manhood deep inside me and rides my back as I moan and yell, "Stop!!! Stop!!!" while gyrating on his fat piece. In an instant, he picks me up and I cradle his body as he tosses me up and down. I can feel him deeper and deeper inside of me. I whisper in his ear, "Let me ride it." He falls to the floor and I ride his dick with the force of a tornado. He lets out several loud moans as he wiggles on the floor like a snake. He can't control the pressure any longer and he explodes deep inside of me. I grab his neck and yell, "Bastard!!! Where was my warning?" Within two minutes, he's dressed and headed out the door. I grab his arm and whisper in his arm, "You can lose your keys anytime, Max."

Fantasy about MAXIMO from South Carolina

That first solo vid was bananas. Ole boy smoking--shit was sexy as fuck. Wanna suck him while he smokes a cigarette and blows the smoke while I look into his eyes. Crazy!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from nassau

my fatasy is to have mad sex with maximo on a boat in the middle of the lake and suck him down from head to toe with whip creme and chocolate

Fantasy about MAXIMO from cincinnti

I just want to lay in a hot tub within your arms naked drinking and chocolate straberries simply

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Hartford

My fantasy is to be watchin one of Maximo's vid and all the sudden he's in the room with me and proceeds to tear this white ass up. After dickin me down, we finish and he's gone. I think it was just a dream until I see his shirt or hat or something still there. :D

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Birmingham,Ala

I dream of having Maximo fucking me crazy and making love to me. I just want him thrusting his big dick up in me and just making me want more and But he is fine and sexy and I wish him much love and success in his career.One Love.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from new york

I wish I could meet him in person,,i wish i could have him for a moment. He is the hottest papi in here.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from St. Thmas, Virgin Islands

Well my fantasy is Maximo fucking me!!! I would love to dip his dick in some honey or some kool-aid mix!!! I would suck his dick like a lollipop!!! As a matter of fact, I would dip his dick in any tastey sause I love while he's eating my ass out!! AND DATS MY FANTASY!!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from naples

hola megustaria estar solo una noche con tigo

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Atlanta

i wanna see MAXMO get fucked by CORNBREAD or JAVONNIE

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Miami

I'd just luv to see Max fuck somebody hard as hell. He's not rough enough. C'mon Max. Tear some ass up!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from New York

Deep throat dude until he can not help but bust all up in my throat... DAMN!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Birmingham

I'd luv to fuck Maximo's Ass, or see him bottom or flip on Papithugz.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from London

Maximo topping Brick or flipping with Brick wil be the best video on Papithugz

Fantasy about MAXIMO from mexico

estar contigo y que me rompas todo mi culito virgen papi

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Jackson, MS

My scenerio would take place in a library. As I walk up to put a book back on the shelf, Rico is there looking for a book as I put it back. We start making out, and getting a little loud. The librarian, who happens to be Maximo comes over to tell us to quiet down, but then joins in the action and bangs both of us. An of course I would have to try to take both those dicks at the same time, not that I'm greedy or selfish, but I don't want to neglect either one.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from TN/FL

He is so sexy, hit me up for convo like to get to know you. playboi_thetruth on yim

Fantasy about MAXIMO

New to this web site. Maximo turned me on. As he was pounding on the dude in the vedio, I was thnking that he was pounding me. Would love to gobble down that big ass dick. Maximo is sexy as hell with a sexy ass body. Wish I could get some of him.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Trussville

i want too get freaky with maximo

Fantasy about MAXIMO from houston

three men at 1 time and they fuck me and cum all over me

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Vicksburg

Scene: An Incan style patio throne room where about 10 - 12 other oiled up muscled papithugs, including Osian, Rico, Ian, etc., are lounging around with some of them wearing the thinnest, smallest sexy-cut, clingy short-shorts that barely or half cover their big, thick hardons. Others are in sheer, open-sided ponchos; naked underneath,of course. Incan Prince Maximo is laid back on his couch throne with 2 of the hottest of the freaks as they lick his tight asshole, toungue and suck his nipples, and swallow his wet slimmy cock. Maximo's eyes are glazed over and he's licking his lips as he watches his court of horny studs pleasure each other, some are in the 2 shallow pools of oily water in front of the throne. Then I walk in and all attention is turned on me with Maximo sucking my nipples, sucking my dick and later, much later, drilling me deep and long. We all love the sex better than the sperm shooting; that will always happen. We end with everyone cumming all over me and Maximo shooting his huge load of cum down my throat.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Chicago


Fantasy about MAXIMO from Atlanta

I would love to bend Maximo over and fuck his hot ass

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Los Angeles

I would just love to be with you PERIOD ENF OF STORY!! You are so fucking HOT it makes NO sense!! Your SWAGG iz on ah HUNDRED THOUSAND TRILLION!! I would be your's ALL your's and suck you OFF evry night and let you KILL my culo on a daily basis!!! I would love to just chill with you and cut it up and be your HOMIE LOVER FRIEND you are so fucking HOTTT!! Those eyes UGH those arms and those tatts and I can't forget that yummy dick would be ALL mine!!!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from philly

maximo, me and my boyfriend with nothing on. from there he would get the best head from 2 niggaz(one on his dick and one on his balls). then he gets to choose which ass he wants to hit first and then switch. also he would get his toes licked and sucked like no other.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from new york

I would love to film Lex and Maximo go at it. I want to watch as Maximo Fucks Lexs brains out with that Fat ass Dick of his.... I would pay Top dollar to be in the room behind the camera.... Maximo you are a true PapiThug. How about this, Jovonnie getting fucked by Maximo or even a 3way with Maximo, Jovvonnie and Lex. yeaaaaas!...... work it out

Fantasy about MAXIMO from FL/TN

Its simple, I would let Maximo just come and sweep me off my feet n we do whatever he likes, I'm a pleaser and I wish I was pleasing him right now.

Fantasy about MAXIMO

i wanna fuk dis niggaz azz for days

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Kingston

just u being my bf:-)

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Newark

Damn baby You can fuck my face and blow your load down my throat. Very Hot

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Miami

Hey Maximo your last video be much better if it was just you and Santiago in a hot flip-flop, that other dude got in the way

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Atlanta

juss u and me is a good enuff fantasy

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Atlanta

Just to see and experience his romantic side as well as show him mine.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from baton rouge


Fantasy about MAXIMO from Atlanta

I would so luv to top Maximo, but if I can't meet him then I would luv to see Brick and Maximo do a flip-flop scene on Papithugz.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from DC

Just taking that dick deep in this dick-gripping, nut-busting asshole while his nut is oozing from my hole. I then rise off that huge pipe while my ass syrup and his baby juice is saturating his dick and nut sack. Then start licking his dick clean until clean of his nut, then swalowing that shyt. Then putting my pant on without underwear on and letting the rest run down my legs while fucking leaving. Former Blackinches Model- Smoke 2003-2004

Fantasy about MAXIMO from los angeles

a night of passionate kissing, cuddling and hot sex. i'd love him to kiss me passionately with those full lips, me kissing every square inch of his body and sucking and riding that long and hard member, and lapping that adorable ass. him fucking me gently and lovingly in various possible positions and waking up together with his dick still deep inside me.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Harlem

The thing that makes a sexy dude is masculinity, the way he carries himself and self ease. Everything else after that is a plus, tight body, nice hands and feet and a strong but warm smile. Seeing you take a shower washing everything, asshole and all then going out on the fire escape dropping the towel to j/o would be hot. Seeing good looking guys with another dude doesn't do anything for me, it's all about the one that has my attention.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from NYC

You are so fucking hot! God damn you are the godess you hotness. I am so glad we are from the same country! i would love to have one night with you. ps i would love if you fuck me lol

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Mesa, AZ

i would eat his ass till my tongue fell off :P

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Cleveland, Ohio

more, more. more, more, more, more, more. more, more, more. vids with Maximo he is one fucking hot, hot, hot, hot brother please more vids of him I just love watching sexy guys doing what they do best. Ellis

Fantasy about MAXIMO from cleveland, Ohio

I want max to fuck the dog shit out of me and make it hurt baby so I can feel good.that sexy hunk of man anytime Max baby

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Portsmouth

I want to see the ultimate fuck festival. I want to see Maximo...Santiago...Javonnie...and Castro do a nasty flip flop fuck session. Everyone gets fucked by everyone. I want to see everyone sucking dick and eating ass and having one more good fucking. Now if you can't vision something like that tearing down the book store what could be better. Well I'll tell you what could be better. Osian coming in after everyone has been fucked and sucked and let all four guys just punish him and then nutt all in his face. Now that is the ultimate fantasy. four good looking, well hung guys all getting fucked and sucking and then take advantage of Osian at the end for the bust off....WOW is all i have to say.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from maximo

yo I have a feeling we met before in a nyc club and I bit the back of his neck and he liked it

Fantasy about MAXIMO from cincinnati

man i would love too have you over for dinner and a movie with some candles burning then after the movie an dinner is over we go to bed and you just take me and i take that monster

Fantasy about MAXIMO from DC

Maximo has a nice ass and I want to see it get stuffed. I'd love to slide my big dick in his ass while he's suckin Santiago's dick. Then, he and Santiago can fuck each other while they suck my dick. I'll fuck each one too.

Fantasy about MAXIMO

To just straight up fuck his ass

Fantasy about MAXIMO from NYC

My fantasy would have Maximo leave his chick for me...LOL

Fantasy about MAXIMO from South Carolina

Just being beside you and catering to your sexual needs! We would have an excited time, no doubt!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from LA

I would love it if you posted on CL under escorts but you don't show your cute face, so I don't know who Im hiring. And, we work out the details, cuz its convenient and the price is right. I open the door to my house, and there you are. And, you like my cute face and smooth body, and you come in. We exchange small talk and I realize I have a "star" in my presence, and I take you to my closet and get you to change into my sizzling speedos and we head to my pool. We sip on some cocktails and enjoy the music, the moonlight, and the sensuality of your hot body dripping wet with that big bulge showing off your second best feature. (Your eyes are the best.) I can't control myself, and I pull the speedos off and drop to my knees. You put your hands behind my head and make me take all of you, which I gladly do. I feel you pinching my nips, and spanking my ass, and then start probing my quivering ass. I can't take it. "Lets go to my bed," I say. You lead the way. I follow. I let you take control, and Im all yourz. All night. Do with me as you wish, papi. The money is not a problem. We'll have fun, and you will be rewarded. And, next day you call back and say you want some more, but its on the house cuz you liked it so much. yeah!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Savannah


Fantasy about MAXIMO from Twinsburg

My fantasy is simple fuck, fuck, fuck, lets do the nasty baby. all nite long slow fucking is the best.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from bronx

suck his feet

Fantasy about MAXIMO from bronx

maximo is mah sexy ...that daii ii seen him on the train ii wanted him to yack me at that station.... when ii called ya name "maximo" u turned around waved.. den puh ya finger on ya lips like if u was telling me too shhhh like if it was our lil secret yum [dite's lip] ii yelled mii name jufashion u nod ya head saying u walkd away wiff ur wife n ya daughter ;) ii new ii was a fan!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from ATL/LA

I don't know if you really readin this, but you just my type dawg:) You athletic lookin like me, but you taller dude, I fuckin LUV that!!! Anyway, here's my fantasy... You fucking me all fast and hard standing up doggystyle while you rub my back under my polo shirt and wit my chuck taylors still on. All you got is ya cap on. You keep slapping my ass and grabbin me by the back of the neck. It's getting annoying but I still like that shit!!! Then you fuck me missionary while I'm rubbin ya back and you cum wit ya mouth open and you loud as fuck!! :) That's some hot shit:)!!!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from bronx

I would love to see him bottom i wish that supreme castro fucks him. please make it happen

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Columbus

Would love to see him get that ass eat out. Also would love to see a flip flop with Brick. Yell, Yell would love to see Brick Flip Flop with Maximo and Rico.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from New York

Yo you are hot as hell. Another hottie is Rico I would love to see you and Rico on a One on One anything goes type scene. I am sure that everyone can Agree with me on that

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Boston

Dam pa wat i would do with that dick

Fantasy about MAXIMO from jersey city

I like to see maximo and jovonani fuck a nice fat fat ass bottoom boy not to many of them around all those skinny boiis with little asses seems to be getting all the dick.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Willingboro


Fantasy about MAXIMO from Atlanta

Luv to see Maximo bottom and hope it can happen soon

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Ft Lauderdale


Fantasy about MAXIMO from Plantation


Fantasy about MAXIMO from beaumont

thinking about u putting that dick in my boy pussy an e licking all on that dick head while u putting ur fingers in my pussy getting it my pussy ready so u could fuck me outof my mindwith that dick

Fantasy about MAXIMO from ROCHESTER


Fantasy about MAXIMO from East Lansing

I fantasize about Maximo sneaking up on me at the store and taking me back to a hotel and fucking my brains out. We'd be fucking all night and wouldn't stop until the next morning and that would just be so we could get a drink of water. Lol

Fantasy about MAXIMO from ATLANTA


Fantasy about MAXIMO from allentown

uhm i would love to meet him and have hin to fuck me real good

Fantasy about MAXIMO from San Fran, Kali

Dayum...I don't know where ta begin. Maximo can do wheteva he pleases wit me. I'd like to make out wit him, suck em off, foreplay, body contact, eat em out...just get freaky! Ultimate fantasy/fetish would be to lick Maximo's feet and toes and ta give em a bomb azz foot massage and a full body massage.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from MOBILE


Fantasy about MAXIMO from Studio City

I wanna see you and Jovonne have a one on one... either a flip flop type deal or You topping Jovonne.. No holds barred between you two... real freaky... maybe some swallowing ... foot fetish...

Fantasy about MAXIMO from mobile

u are so fuckin hott man dats was up i will suck u to a nothin

Fantasy about MAXIMO from dallas

my fantasy is too jus let him have his way with me anyways tha he seems fit,and am down for whaever he bring bet

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Baltimore

Damn I'd love to jus let this dude man handle me,kiss me, n talk hella shit too! OOOOOLLLLLLL HE CAN GET IT! HE SEXY AS SHIT!

Fantasy about MAXIMO

dawg you fine as fuck i agree wif you n Moyea dat shit would be fiyah but you gota top Jovonnie he already been fuck so tell dat nigga don't be on dat frontin shit n let chu get dat ass on camera

Fantasy about MAXIMO from NYC

Maximo can do anything and everything to me.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from bx

i would like maximo to get fucked hard and deep and scream like a bitch puta on papithugs i wanan see him get fucked hard and drilled liike a man whore and watch him scream

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Atlanta

Maximo flip-flopping with Brick or Rico, I'd so luv to seed dat happen.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from TomsRiver

Would love to see you and Rico do a scene. Make sure you get that ass!!!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from jackson


Fantasy about MAXIMO from DECATUR


Fantasy about MAXIMO from Paris

I would liked to be fucked by Maximo in front of people. And have him to cum on my mouth.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from niles, MI

i want to make a vidio with him

Fantasy about MAXIMO from orlando

Diablo como empieso pue me lo como a Besos y despues Ya Tu Sabes El Restoooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Bronx

I want to see Maximo with June, in a bed with kissing slow grinding. That match would be the perfect combo.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Philadelphia

My fantasy my brother Maximo is strip you butt naked. I would then lick,pinch your nipples. I would lick your balls, open up your butt cheeks, just eat your hole out while stroking your dick. I would suck you, struck you till you bust your nutt on my face. Then you, i will just fuck later that night in the shower while i wash, dry you off.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Chicago

well i'm a dominant ass nigga. love to get in that ass fuck dat shit up but this nigga took top 2 a new level so i let this niggah give me the business shit. choke me up slap me around grab my cheeks. then flipped me around lol yea he can get it for real

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Houston

I wanna fuck dis dude in his ass for hours and eat him out for days....realtalk

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Atlanta

Yo this is José from the DR and damn would I like to bump into you for a hot jo/grind session.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from El Dorado

After watching maximo's new video with osian, i've become very fasinated with him. I think he is an outstanding top and the fact that he has a big dick is just like the icing on the cake. If i could have just one night with him, one night to get my lips around that dick, one night of him digging deep into my asshole, my life would be complete.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Detroit

Pls wear some classic high top Timberland boots, when u fuck. u would look so macho and hot in Timbz.

Fantasy about MAXIMO from bent harbor

ooh i wish he could just fuck me all day and i can suck on that big ass dick oohhhhhhhh i get horny talkin about it

Fantasy about MAXIMO from lenexa

hey max you really got it going on.nice body slim trim and musculer who would not want to be alone with myself wish i could have one full day with you alone.with our nice lips we would start to french kiss. then we would lay down start to 69 one another.then i would start to breakin that thight ass of yours you tell me thats enough.come on baby fuck me i put you in doggie style.start rideing that pretty little ass of yours you tell me to go deeper and i honor your request.i tell you that this ass is dam good you say i know.i say baby iam about to cum and you say droup that load deep in side.i do just that you tell me that pipe was good i pull out go washup.come back and than you say its my turn i say lets get it on lol.keep doing what you do no matter what anybody say loved seeing you fuck osian.he cant give it like me hes good but iam dam good lol.i love that dick of yours cant wait to take it for a spin good luck god bless. dee

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Chicago

By far the hottest star on this site. How about a one-on-one with Moyea? Or a rematch with Osian? Or topping both of them? Even better, topping Icon!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from HiiALEAH

ii wiil love to fuck hiim .. he cute

Fantasy about MAXIMO

Hey Mamimo: You are very sexy! My fantasy is to see you and Rico make love on Papithugz.

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