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Fantasy about Xavier from little rock

A black gay mman with a big dick I can such on an eat his nut

Fantasy about Xavier from Oklahoma

I love how he is, hes just so fkn hot when he sucks dick. I want him to suck my dick while he fingers that hot hole of his, then open his ass with my tongue . After that fuck him rough cause he looks like he enjoys being dominated.

Fantasy about Xavier from Philly

Xavier is so damn sexy. The things I would love to do to him. Eat that ass with no mercy, kiss them sexy ass lips. Fuck him so good. Slow cause I wanna enjoy that ass. I wouldn't even let him leave cause I want that ass all to my self.

Fantasy about Xavier from brooklyn

I wake up and find him taking shower. I rub my 10 and make print massive in my boxers. I knock tell sexy I have to pee, he thinks its his man my roommate and he says I need some dick.. I strip take off and slide my bbc in the wet latin culo. I fuck the shit out of him and cover his mouth. I nut deep in that ass and slip back into my room. Our secret is kept I wonder how long until we get catch.. signed Shady BBC Roomy..

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