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Fantasy about ChiTown from Jersey City

I would love to see him in some black spandex under armor and/or black shiny speedos all oiled up and watch him moan as he cum.

Fantasy about ChiTown from orlando

id love to pound that round ass,that dude can tae like a man.mmmmmmmmm

Fantasy about ChiTown from Tampa

Really you on bottom for anybody who can get hard! Red, Python, XL, Slayer, Knockout, Drilla... a top who is hard and who fucks with a good moderate stroke to get that booty meat bouncing. Scene has to have a lot of ass eatn, with ChiTown spread open/spreading his ass in all positions, being eatn, and playing with his hole, getting it wet and ready for top. Also shots of his hole as dick comes out, and after a wet cum shot to his ass. He is one of the best bottoms you got.

Fantasy about ChiTown from bronx

love to hear chi "trash talk" as he is being fucked by ian rock!!! chi town is smooth and hot

Fantasy about ChiTown from chicago

put my fist in his mouth then tongue kiss him deeply. get him on his hands and knees and force that hot mouth of his on my throbbing dick. put him naked over my lap and spank his sweet man ass to get it warmed up reddened the way I like it. then it's rimming time. get my tongue in his hot manhole then suck and lick to get all those warm ass juices. see what his ass tastes like and savor it. get him moaning and begging me to to own his hole then push my throbbing rock hard 8.5" love stick in his....well you guys will have to message this BDSM Dom on xhamster to discover the rest. I enjoy and protect my privacy but ChiTown can always find me at:

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