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Rio is the hottest go-to vers hottie we've laid eyes on. He takes & gives it with equal vigor and he's one tough act to follow. Check him out on also.


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Fantasy about Rio from Nigeria

He's one i'd love to have fuck me and i same after a few rounds of weed smoking and drink, we'd be alone in the house and we'd take turns all over the house, have breaks and fuck again, at night we'd drag the bed in the living room and in the open space he'd rim me and while wet from his saliva he'd thrust his big cock in my arse and pound my cake and i do him same kiss the hell outta his lips...gosh he's the word perfect, having an erection typing this..

Fantasy about Rio from Modena (Italy)

I imagine him, sexy gardener, with no shirt when he work at some plants.... I come to him and I start to caress him on his pecs, I kiss him on his nipples and I slow descend to unbuckle his pants and take out his cock and I suck him.... He undress me and he lays me on a bench, he prepare my ass and I sit on his cock and I ride him until he cum on my ass... superb

Fantasy about Rio from Baltimore

My Fantasy is to have Rio come to my hometown and we get a hotel and he give that big dick for hours while my booty jiggling on that dick. I want him to roleplay with me I be the bad boy and he be the officer ,officer Rio and my punishment is to be dicked down as my court ruling.Me and then kissing and having sex for hours

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