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About Spin:

One of New York's finest giving you the best that he's got, anytime you want it.

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Spin That Ass Around

Moyea: Top to Bottom

Osian: Take 2

Spin & K.O. Fukkin

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Fantasy about Spin from New Orleans

You nenes more videos with spin! He's hot street straight thug meat, a nigga with a tight asshole that doesn't get fucked! A straight bugaron, with that macho attitude! Y'all was doing good with Spin, Maximo, phat Daddy, Mr. Elz (but I don't like that he kisses and eats ass!) and even Samson! I love a masculine macho man that loves to get pleased and treats fags like a replacement, a man that loves to be serviced and uses faggots mouths and pussy for they pleasure! A thug where are they!!!

Fantasy about Spin from Harlem

XXDamn Spin still in the game! Papi been serving that pinga to niggas since Latino Fan Club. Use to see him dancing in clubs n all that. He still hella sexxy. My fantasy would be to have a serious flip flop fuck sesssion with him, I want us us to suck n fuck each other till we ready to pass out, I know I'll bust a few good nutz eatin that dick n culo up, n gettting inside that tight manhole is a wet dream I had for the looongest time

Fantasy about Spin from Newark

XXI think spin's hott!! He's got a ole school thug swag! I'll take care him real good! I like that he's a little thicker but he looked better in the other vids! I'll suck the skin of him and let fuck me!

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