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Sexy, tatted, tight and ready, Jin's got the skillz and that deep hunger that fantasies are made of. Come get you some.


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Fantasy about Jin from Cleveland

I love to see Usher top jin and bust his little bubble ass out

Fantasy about Jin from columbusT

To allow jin to stand over the top of me and jack off while I lay under him inbetween his legs and Do the same intense

Fantasy about Jin from Washington, D.C.

i want to see if jin can take python i know he would fuck the shit out of his little bubble ass

Fantasy about Jin from atk

XXYur sexy.. hit me up

Fantasy about Jin from Chiefs City

XXMy fantasy begins with Gin and I hanging out in his apartment waiting for his roommate to come home. Gin decides to take a shower, while I watch TV. He comes from the shower wearing a towel wrapped around him showing his thick bulge. I look and say "damn" bro you hidin sumn', he says it's big. I snatch his towel, he says now you've seen it, what you gonna do with it? I immediately drop to my knees and start sucking that fat dick, and then he takes charge. Fucking my face, jamming that dick to the back of my throat. When I don't think I can take any more he tells me to strip. I take my clothes off so fast, I rip my underwear. can barely get them off before he's in me punishing this ass. He fucks me like I stole something. Just when he about to nut, he pulls his dick out and shoots the first stream on my back and jams that dick back in my ass. I'm moaning so loud I don't hear the roommate come in.

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