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Sweet face, nice body, pretty ass just made for fucking, Angelito may be new to the game, but he definitely knows how to play.

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Fantasy about Angelito from North Hollywood

I want him so badly!!! my fantasy with him is that.... he get to fuck me with his tongue and then he will be able to fuck me with his juicy piece of meat. I will pay him. Im not an ugly bitch. Im 5'6 129 lbs 27 years old. cute latin dude.

Fantasy about Angelito with Phat Daddy from Poinciana Florida

  WITH  XXMy dream is to make a porno with Angelito and Phat Daddy

Fantasy about Angelito

ANGELITO and his twin brother fucking each other

Fantasy about Angelito from Miami

I'd love to see this gorgeous, young boystud being serviced by two horny cumpigs, one kneeling and servicing his big, throbbing 9 " cock, the other kneeling behind sucking and eating out Angelitos ass, one pig slobbering on that huge dick, the other slobbering on and cleaning out his juicy boyhole. When Angelito is horned up and ready to feed the drooling bitches his big load. let both enjoy sucking that sweet PR boy off, sharing his sweet cumload and eating it, sucking Angelito dry, then both licking and cleaning off his slick cum-drenched cock, with Angelitos sweet boycream dripping down their chins.

Fantasy about Angelito with Phat Daddy from UK

  WITH  I wanna see Angelito take a nut to the mouth! Would've been hella sexy to see Phat Daddy pump that juice onto his tongue... always next video right??

Fantasy about Angelito from NY

I go over to his place... he's sitting on his bed no shirt on... he tells me to come closer... starts kissing me. I feel his cock getting super hard. I flip him over start eating out his bubble butt for a half hour. Then he gets all wet turns around i suck him off.. then he pushes me back. Ties me up on his bed starts sucking me. pushes me up on my back and eats me out till i moan and loosens my hole... Then he fucks me with his huge PR cock. I scram and beg to stop but he keeps going and going. finally I love it so much i start to push my ass into him. he just watches me fuck myself with his monster cock. Then he pulls out and makes me drink his cumm. Starts sucking me after and makes me cumm all over my chest.

Fantasy about Angelito from Glendale

Give him a Full body massage then have sex with him

Fantasy about Angelito from tampa

I wanna see angelito havin sex in public with a strong muscular man that would be risky and fun hot sexy

Fantasy about Angelito from chicago

My fantasy with him is to be force untill I submit with pleasure to him as he enters me in every which way possoble !

Fantasy about Angelito from Bronx

What's good? We chilled together a few months ago in my car you played with my dick and i was suppose to eat your ass and fuck you but we didn't have a place to go at the moment cuz your brother was in your house. I would love to get that chance with you again. Get my tounge in your asshole. Hit me up sometime, you have me as a friend on kik. I hope we can see each other again soon.

Fantasy about Angelito from NEW YORK

I saw this lil shorty on BIR site and he did his thing with REDD topping him. His look is a mix of hawaiian, philipino and latin. He has a sexy lil body and sweet assss. My fantasy entails him being the delivery boy at the spanish supermarket around the way and i have him delivery my bags cuz i already have too much to carry home. When he gets to my place 30 minutes later im in my work out gear tank and b ball shorts showin my print. When i left him in i offer him a drink and tell him have a seat while i finish some sets. I ask him does he lift, and he replies yeah. So i tell him to do some bench presses while i spot him. And that when hes eyein my dick right in his face. I wait to see if he gets hard, and when i see his erection i pull up my bbal shorts and let my HUNG BLACK cock hang right in his face for the taking. From there he jumps for it and i right then i know i got that ass hooked and ready for regular grocery delivery fuckings! #SCORE

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