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Flamez is the quintessential top with a 9 inch, uncut dick and swagger and attitude to match. You like what you see here? Then show him some love. Write a fantasy now about him.

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Fantasy about Flamez from San Francisco bay area

In my tight space, is where flamez fat dick needs to be @, sexxxy ass trade would have my legs open while he is grinding on my cunt ho! Daddy is is sexxy too so he would have to kiss my bross to heal my scare, as sexy as he is , he would need a big fan to cool his hot ass down while i feed him some fruit after a sexxxy night of him dicking me as i take him on a ride!

Fantasy about Flamez from Ny

Just fuck me and make me scream.

Fantasy about Flamez from Memphis ,Tn

XXI want u to be my boyfriend so I can take of u and have sex with u all day long

Fantasy about Flamez from toronto

this dude has a look i want to wake up to every morning, would be hard to say no am not in the mood to, damn hell i would marry you, and well otherwise i wont marry a man lol but lets hope you have a great personality too if you do damn you are gorgeous, "Fantasy" well have you in bed every morning and night in my arms on the streets damn lol am so so day dreaming

Fantasy about Flamez from toronto

have him fuck and fall in love with me lol

Fantasy about Flamez from Greenwood, Ms

(door bell rings) As I opened the door, a man who appears to be hot from the heat while working outdoors. He then ask do I need any yard work done around my house, in which i told him no. Right after i told him no, he then asked for a cold drink, and i supplied it to him as he waited for my service. He then drinks the water as i glanced at him drinking the water, while sweat pouring down his body. As I reached for the glass back, i seen his dick jump. Trying to keep my masculinity in, i then walked back to the kitchen, when i seen him follow me into the kitchen. "Need anything else bruh," I asked and he replied,"Yeah you" then he snatches me close to him as our body touches and kissed me as if we had been knowing each other for a long time. I relaxed and kissed him back slowly but surely reaching for basketball shorts. Kissing him from his next to his waist and down his shorts and underwear goes. Licking up from the balls to the stick as I then puts it all in my mouth as his dick began emerging while in my mouth. He sat in a kitchen chair and i continued from there. His massive dick engulfed by slob, he then started jacking his dick and laid me across the table, spread my booty cheeks, blew at my hole and started licking my hole and while inserting his tongue in and out. He then spits on my ass, reaches for a condom and slowly eased his big dick into my hole. As I'm attempting to run, he then holds me tight and whisper I got you baby. While trying to endure the pain. He thin picks me up as i show him the way to the bedroom, is where he said the real fun will began. He lays me across the bed on my back takes off his shoes and lays on top of me with his huge dick enter my asshole with no guidance at all. He is fucking the hell out of me and to keep me from making to much noise, he then started kissing me with his tongue as well. He then patted me on my left thigh, which hinted me to turn over, and let him hit it from the back. He stands out the bed while im bent over, with a nice curve going down my back. He began fucking again and the more it felt good and i could take that dick he switched it up on me and stood in the bed bent over the top of me, which i felt it all. Embracing the pain because of the pleasure that i was enjoying filled both of us excitement. Im thinking to myself, what in the fuck is going on and we dont know each other name. He slaps my ass three times and every time he slapped my ass, it seem like he dug deeper and deeper into my stomach. He screams baby this some good ass, I can't live without this ass, as i replied to him this is your ass. He raised up and laid down onto the bed as i then sat on top of him and slowly rides up and down as he smacked me on my ass again. As i sat on top, i began bouncing up and down slowly trying to ease my ass onto his enormous dick. Damn baby is all i hear in my ear, while he grabs my waist tightly, and im talking BABY BOY'S MAMA GETTING HELD BY VING RHAMES TIGHT. I then laid across the bed on my stomach as he laid on top of me and started pounding my ass. I couldn't stopping hollering when i felt that big dick inside of me and i knew he was gone give me his all. He then covered up my mouth with one hand and pushing me down to the bed with the other hand. Damn Baby, Damn Baby, Damn was all i heard him saying and then he collapsed as if he had no more energy left in him. laying on top of me with his dick still inside and he whispered im not going nowhere so get ready for round 2 as he sealed the deal with a single kiss, like he knew he laid it down.

Fantasy about Flamez from nyc

i wanna fun him damn!!

Fantasy about Flamez from ny

Fuck meee

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