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Red's got that big thick piece that puts a smile on a
bottom boy's face, and he's always ready to share it.


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Fantasy about Red from NY

Think you should fuck are the guy closest to making him bottom with that beautiful rim scene...I also want to see you be a bottom as've sucked dick before but i dont know i have a thing for tops bottoming

Fantasy about Red from Sumter, SC

I often fantasize about taking Red's huge dick. I want to be face fucked by his long pipe. I'd love to be rough ass fucked and have him breed me deep inside my hole. Red is everything I have ever wanted in a sexual partner.

Fantasy about Red from nyc

i'd like to see Red bottoming for Ace and Mike Mann,and sucking their big dicks

Fantasy about Red with Phat Daddy and Jovonnie from amsterdam

  WITH  I d like to see RED suck dick, big diks, bieing face fucked rapturously yet deeply . It would be hot to see him choke . Maybe Phat Daddy,Jovonnie, Python, would do that ?

Fantasy about Red from New York City

Red's got an amazing dick and I love to watch him fuck. My fantasy is to see Red give a big straight top man a nice slow blowjob, then to watch Red fuck that guy's ass real good.

Fantasy about Red from Brooklyn

Love to have that Red Fantasy diged out the red in me all night long..

Fantasy about Red from none

red, you are so wonderful, I will let you take me anywhere any how. I want to suck that big cock all day long

Fantasy about Red from Detroit

Red, my fantasy is just to cum home to your beautiful smiling face every day and to fulfill your every desire. You just seem like you are one of the coolest dudes ever and your smile is absolutely breath-taking!!! Everytime I see you, I just turn into butter! I just want to give you any and everything. Of course, I would want you to screw my brains out everyday and I promise I'd lick your dick clean every time, just the way you like it.:) I often imagine us together. I imagine your long kisses, I imagine your touch, the warmth of your body. I want you to turn that spark of imagination into a burning flame of desire.

Fantasy about Red from new york

Love to smoke t n get my pussy hole fuck by real man

Fantasy about Red from New York

hey brother this is your sister China do your thang boy

Fantasy about Red from detroit

I am a cool dod i like to gave fun smoke

Fantasy about Red from Niagara falls

Red my fantasy is to have you again I miss that pipe.I want to role play as the handy man helping fix the house hmmmm I will let you take it from there

Fantasy about Red from Michigan

Red, baby, you are my ULTIMATE fantasy! Your smile can light up an entire room. My fantasty is to have you and Python in a 3some, both of you on Top and me on the bottom. First I would take turns eating out both of your asses. Then, I would suck your dicks like you've never had them sucked before. I would like the two of you to be tongue kissing each other at the same time. I would take my time, savoring ever single moment with you in my mouth. Then, of course there is the fucking. You and Python would take turns tag teaming me. Fucking me every which way but loose. Then, as the two of you are ready to climax, I would take both of your loads down my throat, swallowing every last, sticky, creamy drop and licking your dicks off until they are both squeaky clean! That is my fantasy. To be 100% dominated by the two sexiest men that have EVER graced this site, Red and Python. Red, you are the ultimate in masculinity. Don't let anyone turn you into something you are not. Keep giving us those incredible dominant performances and that amazing smile that could charm the morning dew right off the honey-suckle. :) You are beautiful in every way!

Fantasy about Red from VaCity

I'd like to see Red with a black-skinned dark guy. That would be hot!

Fantasy about Red from hartford

every damn thing you can think of. red is sexy as fuck. i would love to smoke with his fine ass, then start makin out and grindin when shit was on and poppin, you name it, we'd do it. jealous of the kats that get that dick in his vids. yo red holla at ya boy. tight bubble azz like you ain't never had pa

Fantasy about Red from Houston

I'd love to see Red and Ace Rockwood, make out with each other butt naked, jacking each other off. That's a fantasy I wanna see.

Fantasy about Red from detroit

Gang banged by hung black men and my limits pushed and meet

Fantasy about Red from Washington, DC

What can I say to a SEXY Mofo to you that you haven't already here.. You already know that your pipe game is so vicious. A boyish smile to melt stone and you're so vascular!!! Fuckin' HOT...

Fantasy about Red from Hartford

Everything you can think of. Smoke with his fine ass -- kiss, stroke, suck, finger, rim, fuck Ride him all night long, any position you could think of. Fuck

Fantasy about Red from Dallas

Red got that mean pipe that I would love to take long and hard!!! Damn more of him ASAP!!

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