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About Angotti:

ANGOTTI is the good-looking, dick-loving new comer in the game. Up, down, in, out, on his back, on his stomach, legs spread wide, papa's man-hole loves the bone. Go ahead, ride it hard, he can take it.

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Fantasy about Angotti from knoxvile

For someone who I thought was straight to hit on me an ask do I want to go to the movies. An we go an he puts his hand on my leg and kiss me then hold my hand till the movie is over

Fantasy about Angotti with Rated R from Houston

  WITH  XXlove to see him in a scene with Rated R

Fantasy about Angotti from Toledo, Ohio

I wanna eat his ass and deep throat his hard dick down to the base, suck on his fuckin nuts and suck his fuckin toes while I'm pounding his ass deep. I'm fuckin drippin as I type this shit. I wanna taste his fuckin lips too.

Fantasy about Angotti from willimantic

I just want to fuck him, over all he is a really good dude inside. damn I want to feel him all over my dick

Fantasy about Angotti from Los Angeles

To sniff his ass and eat it real good and make out nonstop with him

Fantasy about Angotti from San Antonio

Love to have a nice fine looking and hung latino papi. And forfill my sexual fantasy and to get to kno him better

Fantasy about Angotti from norwich ct,

suck cock

Fantasy about Angotti from Philadelphia

To eat his ass real good then lick his taint then suck his balls then deep throat his cock and swallow his load of cum after have him fuck me deep and hard

Fantasy about Angotti from Norwich

I just wanna have a peak at this

Fantasy about Angotti from Long beach

Him getting fuck sideways

Fantasy about Angotti from bronx

to load all and spread on his sexy face

Fantasy about Angotti from blood

gettin fucked doggy hard

Fantasy about Angotti from Binghamton

Wow, I just want to see more of this guy right away!

Fantasy about Angotti from NYC

I'd invite Angotti over to my place on the westside. I have a large terrace that faces the Hudson. I'd serve him a drink on the terrace and we'd talk all the while the sexual energy is building. At one point I reach over and touch his forearm, he looks at me asks me to kiss him. I do. It starts off soft, then the kisses get wetter and deeper. I life him out of his seat and put my hands on the back of his head and let it slide down his back to to his ass. I already know he wants it but when I slip my hand inside his jeans, he gets goose bumps and moans in my mouth. I squeeze his ass and he arches his back. Our kissing is know hot and wet. I take him over to the terrace wall, I stand behind him and slowly grind on his ass. It's fall so it's a little cold. He presses his ass back on my thick dick. I slowly pull his jeans and underwear down, I pull a condom out of his back pocket, push my jeans and shorts down, wrap up, slide some spit over his hole and start to massage it, he's moaning now and pressing back, I slip a finger inside him. Angotti moans louder, I put the head of my dick to his asshole and push in. My dick is thick so we have to work it in, when it gets to the second ring in his ass and it pops, I push him down onto the edge of the terrace wall and start grinding in his ass. He's moaning and gasping so I grind harder and fuck deeper. I put my hands on his waist and stroke his ass with my dick. It drives him crazy and starts bucking back. He's jerking his dick while I fuck his ass. I can tell he's getting heated so I start fucking him harder, he moans loudly and I cover his mouth. He starts squirming and shaking, i realize he came all over the terrace wall. "o my god, o my god...." I push him back down and continue grinding, then stroking. He's playing with his dick. I dip deep in him and feel him shake again....and he's got goose bumps. I can feel his asshole pulsating and twitching. I milked his prostate. His ass came. I pull out and start jacking, he turns around gets on his knees and starts kissing the head of my dick. "nut on my lips, Pa"...and I do.

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