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About RnB:

RnB is fresh, young, seriously cute and got a major lust for some good bone. He also got those fuck'n skillz that will lay a brutha out for real. Do you think you can handle it? Bring it!

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Big Dick in Town

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Fantasy about RnB from Yourcity

i would like to see double penetration on his ass with two big dick thug types on his school boi look , and just an all out orgy where is is the only bottom .....

Fantasy about RnB with Arquez from lilburn

  WITH  RnB needs to fuck arquez

Fantasy about RnB from New Jersey

shawty need to get it from phat daddy or python. real talk

Fantasy about RnB from Bronx

This sexy as motherfucker needs to get fucked by some dynamites. His ass will explode

Fantasy about RnB from accra

i love to fuck

Fantasy about RnB from Bronx New York

I would like for him to fuck someone he has a very nice dick.

Fantasy about RnB from Atlanta

RnB needs to get it from West Side

Fantasy about RnB from Bronx

this is the hottest bottom on here since my boi suspect took on phat daddy and rated r

Fantasy about RnB from Bronx

Dam, this sweet looking niggah needs to get his pipes cleaned by Python

Fantasy about RnB from bronx

this papi chulo needs to be in threesome taking double the dick!

Fantasy about RnB from Brooklyn

First I would take RnB to my bedroom, take off his clothes and munch on that sweet ass. Then I'd fuck him doggy style until he comes, and finally I'll pull his curly hair back and kiss him.

Fantasy about RnB from Bronx

RnB should get fucked by Phat Daddy!

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