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About Nuvo:

Nuvo, is the cutest, young, sexy thing we've seen in a long time, and the brutha got big-love for the dick. Yeah, we like that. Sweet, young, bubble-ass, boy-hole is on the menu and I ain't mad. When he gets to riding that pipe, a star is born.

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Fantasy about Nuvo from ghana accra

am a hot slim sexy black gay from ghana and am looking for world to join ur . all, im looking if u want we can meet

Fantasy about Nuvo from Newark

What I would give for just an hour with this hot cutie I would give a lot

Fantasy about Nuvo from new orleans

licking on that soccer ball you got while riding me like the bottom you are.…

Fantasy about Nuvo from kisumu

my fantasy is to see nuvo suck my dick and beg me to fuck him all night

Fantasy about Nuvo from greenville

i would love too cuddle up with him i have wet dream about this guy.

Fantasy about Nuvo from New York

Nuvo is so sexy it's crazy. I could stare at his gorgeous face all day while he lays on his stomach and gets a fat dick stuffed up his ass. And that swag... whew! On point. I would love to see Nuvo and Westside flip-fuck while they both talk that filthy sex talk. At this point though, ANY video update with Nuvo in it would be a fantasy. Bring him back!!

Fantasy about Nuvo from long beach

bang this cute young boy.

Fantasy about Nuvo from kumasi ghana

he is so handsome .i am a gay guy am interest so connects me

Fantasy about Nuvo from Cerritos

Just watching

Fantasy about Nuvo from durham

you come in on me takeing a show you rub on me an we jus fuck the night away with alot of kissing

Fantasy about Nuvo from San diego

I want to meet Nuvo and then make him hard and play with his dick, make out with him and put his big dick in my nice tight ass. Yummy #yur fucking sexy NUVO <3

Fantasy about Nuvo from Dallas

See lovin makin

Fantasy about Nuvo from Oregon

I fantasise about fucking Nuvo so good he moan "uh shit nigga" at me like in his movies. Shit I'm so hard just thinking about it bruh. His sexy lil face screwing up in pleasure as I pump my juicy black dick deep in his ass and make him grind on it and bump his slutty lil booty back for more, so desperate and horny as I fill his cakes with my cream and make him eat it all up like the good lil dude he is.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Bronx

errtime i see u put up a nu movie i just think wut nuvo wud be like takin the dick

Fantasy about Nuvo from Atlanta

I see Nuvo escorts so I hope he gets his sexy ass back on this site real soon B) Need 2 see a real bottom boy take it.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Georgia


Fantasy about Nuvo from Texas

Y'all need a Nuvo update. Where's Nuvo at??

Fantasy about Nuvo from PASSAMAÏNTY

I want to see this beautifull black boy by many fucking by many brothas …

Fantasy about Nuvo from Chicago

i wanna suck shorty toes while he takin the dick on his back

Fantasy about Nuvo from puerto rico

Get Nuvo in a Vaentine fuck ! he will suck dick for a valentine

Fantasy about Nuvo from Detroit

Me & my homie wanna both dick Nuvo down. We wanna get our dicks in both his holes and fuck hard til we bust then we swap over ends and go again so we fill his body with 4 thick loads of our man junk.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Miami

Get Nuvo sucking dick on the regular!

Fantasy about Nuvo from Bronx


Fantasy about Nuvo from Miami

I wanna shoot some chocolate sauce up Nuvo's ass as lube and fuck him wid it then cream pie his ass so it like a slutty tasty cum & chocolate pie and I feed it to him wid my dick.

Fantasy about Nuvo from new britain

i want to fuck nuvo

Fantasy about Nuvo from Miami

YO GET NUVO FCUKED, PT ! His pretti Breezy ass needs 2 be to-up getin damn near ripped up !

Fantasy about Nuvo from UK

Cristobol should catch his boyfriend Vice fucking Nuvo in their bed. That's real 'Stop Fucking Strangers' but a part 2 kind of thing. Cristobol can get real mad and take it out on Nuvo so both guys are riding into him deep and hard. Then they can cum all over him!

Fantasy about Nuvo from UK

Really wanna see Nuvo sucking dick on his knees and making guys get sticky in his mouth with pre cum before they bend him over and fuck him in plenty of positions, then get him back on his knees for him to suck the nutt out of them. That's my fantasy.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Atlanta

Is that a soccer tat on Nuvo? I wanna lick it then blow my load on it.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Bronx, New York

just looking at his cute face and sexey body makes me masterbate and to put my hot mouth around hot cock and to give good blowjob

Fantasy about Nuvo from Kansas

want to see nuvo like a cum dump for some horny thugs. they can nut right in his mouth like 3 of them and make him swallow it all.

Fantasy about Nuvo from ATL

I fantazise about Nuvo riding two dicks at 1 time. I imagine his booty bouncing back for them like in his Big Redd clip. Dope!

Fantasy about Nuvo from athens

i been wanted to get that ass for a long time

Fantasy about Nuvo from PA

Nuvo needs a real thug deep inside his ass. I would show him a good night!

Fantasy about Nuvo from Bronx


Fantasy about Nuvo from London

I hope Nuvo comes back to please his fans with more videos on PapiThugz, he's a real fan-favourite. Nuvo if you're reading this - come baaaack! ='[

Fantasy about Nuvo from Wisconsin

Love to see Nuvo on the main page! Can't wait til he's back getting pumped with dick in more movies! Python would kill that ass!

Fantasy about Nuvo

christmas an still no nuvo?? daaaamn.....he need to hurry his ass bk

Fantasy about Nuvo from phila

Will like to do another movie with Rico. ...... . .

Fantasy about Nuvo from detroit

i want 2 rag the shit out of u nuvo!! fuck u all over my house real talk!!

Fantasy about Nuvo from Philly

Yo Nuvo I'm a top and I want your ass so bring me your ass for real. I will treat you good and make you moan all night. Fuck moaning you will be screaming. The neighbors will know my name for sure. I hope you like choking on dick and cum.

Fantasy about Nuvo from London

All the NuvoFans on Twitter are hoping for a sexy xXxmas treat before the big day. The main fantasy is to see Nuvo bottom in a three-way with two of the sexiest guys on PapiThugz. We're all eager for the next Nuvo installment. Make our fantasies and xXxmas wishes come true, PT <3

Fantasy about Nuvo from Maryland

Nuvo in a Christmas fuckfest with some of DawgPound's finest, cos let's face it, it's Christmas and we all want an epic hot movie to round the year off. The mega popular Sarge, the mega sexy Python & the legends that are Ace Rockwood & Phat Daddy. Their XXXmas present? Nuvo. Nuvo gives them all Christmas blowjobs before they all jump on his ass and start to fuck him. Of course they have to leave the milk out so they all dump their cream onto Nuvo's face and leave him out for Santa…

Fantasy about Nuvo from NY

I fantasize bout tatting him up then fucking him raw wid no lube cuz he can take da pain. Anutha satisfied customer.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Cali

There's not enough Nuvo on this bitch, he should've been in the Boyfriends Best Friend movie fo sho. When you getting him on another scene?

Fantasy about Nuvo from Brussels

My fantasize of him under my hairy sweat man body and I fuck him the hardest he try. Him will make me so horny when I cum onto him face and feed Nuvo with my finger the cum

Fantasy about Nuvo from Denver

I wanna tongue fuck Nuvo's big tasty booty wid my hurricane tongue. I wuld dig so deep in and make him nut, then I wuld fuck him and blow my load inside him givin him a tasty cream pie... mm mm mmm…

Fantasy about Nuvo from ma

i want 2 c him dubble dicked wid 2 dix in his fat butt !

Fantasy about Nuvo from PA

I wanna stuff Nuvo on thanksgiving. He can eat his meal off me and be thankful for my nut.

Fantasy about Nuvo from London

I run Nuvo's Twitter fan page and I've been getting inundated with fans desperate to see their boy getting fucked on film in more movies. So hollering atcha to let you know we all waiting patient. Some hot movies, but we fantasizing for some fresh Nuvo flicks wit these hot niggas!

Fantasy about Nuvo from UK

CUM DUMP NUVO: Nuvo is waking up in bed with his Sexy-Ass Boyfriend, Big Redd. BR is fast asleep with a hard on so Nuvo slips under the sheets and starts to give him head. There was a party last night & Python, Ace Rockwood, Phat Daddy, Sarge, Venom, Soulja & Artist have crashed out around Big Redd's pad. Soulja wakes up and sees the sheets bobbing up and down over Big Redd's crotch so he reaches under and starts fingering deep into Nuvo's juicy bubble butt. Big Redd and Nuvo groan as they go at it, and Soulja licks his lips cuz he knows he's fuckin' wid a hot couple. After 10 minutes Soulja flips the covers off and stuffs his hot raging hard dick inside Nuvo and starts to fuck him so they spitroasting him. Gradually the other hot niggas wake up and watch - all getting hard as they take it in turns to slam Nuvo's ass. Before long BR has bust his nut in Nuvo's mouth so the other 7 swap around taking Nuvo in both ends with some cumming in his mouth, some up his ass, some over his back & in his face. Venom is the last the nut and Nuvo sucks on his balls as Venom jerks off and blows his load all over Nuvo so he's drenched in their spunk. They all then go to shower and Nuvo treats them all to a complimentary blowjob as they wash up. Nuvo swallows back all 8 loads and smiles up at them as they all slowly leave.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Boston

Daaaam this nigger is H O T ! .. He got a twitter ? i would fuk with that all nyte longggg .. daaaaaam ..

Fantasy about Nuvo from Sydney

I fantasize about seeing Nuvo with a big mouthful of cum showing the camera his sexy big pink tongue drenched in semen. He needs to get wit 2, 3, 4... sexy ass niggas to give him the greatest cumload in Papi thug history. I got hard already!

Fantasy about Nuvo from Michigan

GET NUVO DICKED DOWN! He needs his ass beat up again!

Fantasy about Nuvo from London

Should have got Big Redd to lay it down on Nuvo instead of Envy! They got mad chemistry and Big Redd make Nuvo moan like a lil bitch! It's hot Big Redd cheat on his Sexy-Ass Boyfriend lol but now it's Nuvo's turn to cheat…

Fantasy about Nuvo from Detroit

pump nuvo filled with cum in the next update - fill him up like a truck, he got the ass for it - pop dat booty

Fantasy about Nuvo from NY

Izzy needs to pound the shit outta Nuvo's horny ass. I saw the new Izzy movie, and daaaayum! Nuvo need that in him and sticking that tongue out for the spunk at the end.

Fantasy about Nuvo

desperate to see nuvo spread those ass cheeks for more dick in the next update, papithugz

Fantasy about Nuvo from FL

I wanna drip chocolate on your tummy and lick you up and down throw you on the bed and suck you down until you scream my name drip ice on you neck and make you scream papi chulo take some whipcream make you lick it off my ass while eatting it. imma bite you lips and suck on your ear lick you down until you cum all over my body. Im your #1 fan xoxoxoxo

Fantasy about Nuvo

I love Hairy Spanish men! With very hair legs, ass, and bush.

Fantasy about Nuvo

Damn you a beautiful man. You are baby! Damn If I could hook up with you I would spread you on a bed oil you up? Oil me up? I would get on top and give you deep tongue loving french kiss with tears and emotion. We would fuck each others. I would spread eagl and let you shoot a thick load deep inside my ass, make me cry out.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Manchester

NUVO LOOK LIKE LEGACY NEW BOYZ! I always wanted to bone that niggah. Fo real tho put that niggah in some hardcore shit, I needs ta see him tore the eff up! aha *licks lips*

Fantasy about Nuvo from Canada

My fantasy is to watch Nuvo wiling out on a dick. He needs a really big fat black dick in his butt and he needs to grind and pump his ass back for it. I'd love to watch him just act real wild and slutty for it. Love to see him giving head as the top fingers his tight ass. I want close ups of his juicy hole and at the end he sweaty and panting with cum dripping from his tongue like a real dirty dawg lol. I'm so hard typing this shit…

Fantasy about Nuvo from /

I want to see Nuvo slammed so hard he cry in pleasure and pain. The top need to squeeze his pre cum over Nuvo's face and make him eat that shit up. Nuvo need to beg to get the load. "Please shoot your juice on my tongue nigga" then he gets it. That's what dreams are made of.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Utah


Fantasy about Nuvo from Milwaukee

Wud luv to fuck his sexy nigga ass raw, nut in it and make him eat it out with his fingers

Fantasy about Nuvo from florida

Get Sergio back to slam Nuvo's butt. Sergio was so fine, a real man. He would make Nuvo his little bitch in a instant. That's some master and slave shit. My fantasy.

Fantasy about Nuvo from CA

Nuvo needs a Twitter like HotRod so we can hit him up....this boy will be big !

Fantasy about Nuvo from New Mexico

My fantasy is to see Nuvo getting pounded dirty. I fantasize about him being topped by one of your finest stallions here at pt. They would lick and tongue his mouth whilst riding his sexy ass and pressing their sweaty bodies together for a real intimate fucking. Nuvo would be whimpering in pleasure with the strong stallion on top controlling him and getting dirty.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Texas

Ace need to give it to Nuvo like D-Low got it in 'Kitchen Encounter' movie. That is one hot ass movie and D-Low got nutted on his face, that's what Nuvo need but Nuvo need to eat that load. Put it up PapiThugz!

Fantasy about Nuvo

I wanna fuck Nuvo real good, he's one sexy guy. I can see how bad he loves dick and I want him to see my dick and suck on it till i POP

Fantasy about Nuvo from NY

We ain't gonna see C Breezy bending for porn any time soon so Nuvo be the hottest next best thing. Y'all crazy not to feature him in pretty much every movie. I'd love to see his sweet ass toe-up getting ploughed to no end by endless amount of thick black cock. One movie just ain't enough, PapiThugz.

Fantasy about Nuvo

Izzy shoulda got bizzy on Nuvo instead.. Izzy woulda ruined that sexy hole.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Nevada

SPITROAST THIS SEXY SON OF A BITCH!! I wanna see this sexy boy with a dick in both hole.…

Fantasy about Nuvo from CO

Really need to see this dude drilled on the next update, PapiThugz. Y'all got me anticipating it. Damn!

Fantasy about Nuvo

Need 2 get Ace Rockwood, Phat Daddy or Python on dis sexi bitch ass! Or all 3 dat wud b major... i wud bust on dat

Fantasy about Nuvo from detroit

I wanna see Castro fuck this sexy mutha!! Imagine Nuvo's lil slutty face when Castro take him up the ass... yessss... I wanna see Nuvo's sexy lil mouth wrap around Castro's thick pole see how much he can suck on ;) that would be the best!

Fantasy about Nuvo

Get this dude on his back again Papithugz! Love to see him in a group fuck with all the group just focused on screwing him senseless and busting their loads on his face.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Holt

I want to make out with him for minutes at a time while taking off our clothes. Then I suck his dick while he suck my did. We start fucking and I fuck first then he fuck me. After we fuck then we can Jack off and make out at the same time. That is my fantasy.

Fantasy about Nuvo

I really wanna see a dick in both ends of this boy, a group video wow. That would be kinda epic, PT. I wanna see this horny muthafuckah deal with all them nuts to his face. Seriously would jizz 20 times over watching your hottest PT guys nutting on Nuvo's face after fucking his bubble butt gooood! Mmm mmm mmm…

Fantasy about Nuvo

yall need to get up a nu Nuvo vid cos that boy is hot stuff and i agree i wanna see this boy chugging back the cum cos u can tell he wants it papithugz!

Fantasy about Nuvo from London

I can't wait to see another video of Nuvo being slammed! Plz get it up PapiThugz! I need to bust 20 nuts over it!

Fantasy about Nuvo

i love it

Fantasy about Nuvo

Hottest dude on the site, period.

Fantasy about Nuvo from LA

Nuvo makes my heart flutter <3 I *have* to see him on more videos, and on more dicks. Wow! Just wow!

Fantasy about Nuvo from Alaska

Shid Mr. Elz should have cum in Nuvo mouth or in that big sexy chocolate hole!! I wanna come show Mr. Elz how it's done and bust my cum all on Nuvo sexy ass big tongue then watch him chow down. Hot as hell! This bottom boy need be in more papithug movies fo sho!! Spitroast this sexy mutha…

Fantasy about Nuvo from Brisbane


Fantasy about Nuvo from New York

nuvo hot shit saw him on dawgpound glad u hot him on here now wanna see him group fucked !

Fantasy about Nuvo from UK

Woah this Nuvo guy is fya hot! Make him your power bottom papithugz! I wanna see this dude get fucked on the weekly! So hot! I wanna see a dude nutt in his mouth next time! That would be so hot!

Fantasy about Nuvo from Montgomery, AL

I dream one day I'd meet you. A day that we can do whatever comes to mind. I want you so bad! And yeah you know I do .. who doesn't want you ;) -

Fantasy about Nuvo from Chicago

I'd bang the bricks off this fine ass nigga if I had the chance and make him choke on dis dick. I wanna see him get pounded more. Made me shoot so fuckin hard lookin at this nigga.

Fantasy about Nuvo from NY

Pair Nuvo up with Maximo! It's been a loooong time since we seen Maximo...he was/is the hottest top this site has EVER had! (besides Jovonnie) (with a haircut)

Fantasy about Nuvo from louisville,KY

to have someone like him or better to treat me as there woman,and not there sex toy,or booty call,they cum a dime a dozen,and im not trying to b in that dozen.

Fantasy about Nuvo from Fayetteville, NC

GO big R! I never knew he got down til now. I would like to see him banged outside. Ya'll always do things indoors. Lets try a roof or something. Nuvo would be great! and I would like to see him with a BIGGER dick up his ass too! -Robzilla!

Fantasy about Nuvo from Miami

This brotha is too damn sexy, and his body is tight…

Fantasy about Nuvo from RaefordNC

I would really like to "Nuvo" in some group action. We used to play Soccer together in HS.

Fantasy about Nuvo


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