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Fantasy about M Donn with Phat Daddy from Chicago

  WITH  you and Phat Daddy should fuck

Fantasy about M Donn from Atlanta

XXNow ima tell all yall niggas this. Mdonn lives in my city. It's been a couple years after him retiring right? Well shit I saw this nigga at LA Fitness in Dunwoody. And gooottttttdaaammmnnnn idk how old he was here but he is wifey material Fareal. That ass is so proportionate to his sexy frame it ain't even funny n he prolly bout 5'7 5'8 tops. Perfect size. I wanted to meet him in the locker room but I kno he probably hates niggas comin up to him. When I told him I liked his tat he replied "thnx bra" mmm I hate I passed up on jus tellin him how I felt. Good thing he is out of the industry. I caught him goin to his whip in the parking lot (I sound stalkersish) but ma niggas shawty bad as fuck in person no lie (not tht he was bad here) but he looks a lot more mature now and you can tell he on his shit. N he's more tatted now too. Ugh I wish him the best at GA state. He just don't know his potential and I wish I was the nigga tht could be his everything. Someone said he regretted his porn past but baby your a diamond and anyone seeing you now and everything you got goin for yourself would be dumb to blame you for your past cause I would never. Actually it's sexy as fuck to me. Lil young freak like you deserve a boss nigga like me.

Fantasy about M Donn from Ny


Fantasy about M Donn from New York

We would chill and then I would become the fantasy.

Fantasy about M Donn

sexy ass shit

Fantasy about M Donn

Wow..fantasy......I would love to just eat you out so bad, slapp on them nice cakes...fuck the hell out of you and turn over and let me feel that dyck you dont use all the time in your scenes...you are one cute azzz redboone for sho...wow

Fantasy about M Donn from Ypsilanti, MI

My fantasy is that I'm alone on an elevator and you step in ...my reaction to you're raw sex appeal is hardly unnoticeable, you coyly blush and ask me to press number 23, I fumble in doing so jamming the elevator to a stop. Embarrassment all over my face I apologize to you. You tell me its nothing we'll just have to find something to occupy ourselves with. I watch as unzip your pants and ask if I have any ideas. I don't know if I was just bold or if my legs gave out, but fell to my knees and engorged myself with your massive member, until you shoot sweet man juice down my throat. Your body relaxes but your Dick is rigged all the more, u flip me face into the wall as I rise and fuck me deeply and painstakingly slow in my moist tight ass.

Fantasy about M Donn

we are on a boat and he is just sucking my dick for hours then he fucks me so hard that we make the boat rock

Fantasy about M Donn from Greenville

To eat that ass all day while u give me head

Fantasy about M Donn from Pohakee fl

U sexy as hell

Fantasy about M Donn from chicago

getting fuck by two men

Fantasy about M Donn from sarasota

i wonna suck that dick on a headstand and swallow all that nut drip my drip

Fantasy about M Donn from cleveland

my fantasy is that i wish i would have took you up on yo offer to fuck me after that party in 2005.you dont look any different and i you look so fucking sexy i would fuck and suck every part of yo body starting with those sexy ass lips and that fat ass booty.

Fantasy about M Donn from Philadelphia

Yooo im as hot as yu ill not mind tryin a guy for the first time hmu

Fantasy about M Donn from lawrenceville georgia

I woulde love to fuck that jucy ass all night

Fantasy about M Donn from milton

Hey dis luna wuz up lol long time no c dis rayshun friend, ) wuz up visit my bgc

Fantasy about M Donn from New York

Now that MDonn is retired I want to wife hime up seriously, I watch all of his old videos and stil bust off to em. I met him in ATL and trust me the way he looks on cam does him no justice, He is soooo sexy and I want him. Im a swagged out top, lenty money tats and green to blow on while watchn lil red take all this dick. I know it would take a real ass nigga to lock him down, but if I ran into him hed never want to leave. Malo is soooo fuckin sexy. My fantasy if to catch him in the bathroom at like a restaurant or airport look into his pretty brown eyes so he kno its real take him in a stall whip out this 11 nch chocolate dick and slap it on his ass, then i want to eat him out. slide this long wet tongue inside his guts, have hi ride my face. If he wanna taste this dick i wanna watch his pretty ass swallow it and then i wanna bend him over and give him a couple long strokes. id prolly nut faster than usual but whatever i got to fuck malo. then hopefully hed fall in love wit the dick and wanna b on my team lol

Fantasy about M Donn from Houston

This dude right here can get it. ....he is just fine all over. I could just sit down and chat it up with him to see where his mind is at, but MY mind would be straying away to think about his body. His ass looks plump and soft, and the way he arches his back puts emphasis on his ass. his lips look supple. i could lay the tip of my dick on his bottom lip and watch his tongue creep out to wet my head. I would just have fun with him lol

Fantasy about M Donn from wtby ct

i jut wont u to fuck me

Fantasy about M Donn from Trinidad

He is fineeeeee as hell!

Fantasy about M Donn from barbados

wish u were here wid me

Fantasy about M Donn from Memphis

I would be at home, or at a hotel and have a date with M Donn and we go out to dinner and I just can't get my eyes off those sexxy eyes. We just click like that! We draw closer together and we kiss. I mean, we french kiss and start making out at the table, while at the restaurant. It was hott! I take those clothes off just to see that six pak body and play with that ass and get him all hott and bothered, then we start grinding and he gives me some head and sucks so dam good! I just love that tongue and that wet mouth, so we keep at that sex thang you know and then I slide that 9" out and slip some grease on that ass and let M Donn have it. His eyes just light up and I just keep giving him some of me and he just loves that dick of mines. M Donn is quite insatiable and appetizing. We just grind and moan to every bit of love making. Dam baby that was good.

Fantasy about M Donn from Bronx

I saw met him in ATL, and he cld b my trophy husband. M Donn is FIRE!!

Fantasy about M Donn from houston

i get him on the beach and i starting sucking his dick and he lays me down and starts fucking me onthe beach

Fantasy about M Donn from virginia beach

First off i just wanna say you are so fine boi i would do you in a heart beat that ass you got is phat only problem is i have a husband but a boi can dream cant he? He close enuff to what you look like so im good but it would be nice to take charge of that big booty and habe my way with you

Fantasy about M Donn from NYC

I fuckin love M Donn. he got a fat Dick nd a nice ass. My fantasy would be coming home to the dude everyday. Him butt ass naked everytime I saw him. Watchin this fat thick 12 inch thugs Dick goin deep inside tht pretty asshole. I wanna hear him scream my name. I'm Slappin tht shit raw nd fast as fuck. Then bust a fat creamy nut all in his mouth. I love this lil nigga

Fantasy about M Donn from ATL

Well ive fucked him before and that is all that and everything

Fantasy about M Donn from Bartow

M Donn yuh sooo fuckin fine, everything about yuh sexy ass fuck lol... Wud love to fuck yuh hell I'll prolly bust one from just lookin @ yuh, Love the ass I can't think of a fantasy cuz I lyk everything thing bout yuh, I wish I cud sleep next to yuh every night lol... I wish yuh were my nigga!

Fantasy about M Donn from Jamiaca

boy u really sexy, would love to get some a that ass of urs

Fantasy about M Donn from springfield

your so sexy i love to fuck you

Fantasy about M Donn from LAS VEGAS


Fantasy about M Donn from NY


Fantasy about M Donn from Akron, OH

I Think Yall Should Do One With Him And Castro Supreme, Im Just Saying That Shit Would Be Hot As Fuck.

Fantasy about M Donn from Newark, NJ

my M DONN fantasy is to meet him and to go out and have fun anything he like to do. i would love to get to know him for the person he is.....................then i would love to lick his entire body from head to toe suck his juicy dick and eat the delicious booty m donn is the sexiest dude out hands down i love that man i respect him tooo mmmmmmm im hard just talking bout it

Fantasy about M Donn from Saint Louis MO

Damn Wassup Yew Hella Sexxxxiiieeeeeeeee Sir I Need Sumbody Like Yew Tew Put That Toungue Tew Work On My Dick Ghet @ Me Boo.

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