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About Vice:

Vice makes his Papithugz debut and damn, this man is FINE! That face, those eyes, that smile and he's got a BIG dick. Sexy and super-versatile, he's loaded and ready to start beatin'up some wet, juicy man-hole too. So, we got some plans for this pretty mutha-fucka. Hell yeah -- a little Vice is very nice.


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Miami Pool Fuck'n

I Need Some Fresh Dick

Stop Fucking Strangers

I Want Him For Myself. Get Out!

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Fantasy about Vice from Belleville

I just wanna see him suck more dick! Some big cocks too! Some cum shots on his face as well!

Fantasy about Vice from NYC

I want to see him in full leather and boots getting fucked and fucking..

Fantasy about Vice with Cristobol from nre york city bronx

  WITH  Are vice and cristobol lovers? Gotta tell you when they make porn together , it isn't straight porn, there is passion and desire among these two that you don't see in most other porn flicks. What's up here? My fantasy is that they are lovers cause eat each other up in every part of their bodies when they have sex. This can ONLY be love you papis' out there. Tell me what you guys think.

Fantasy about Vice from Tuscan

My fantasy would be to have him come to my home as if he was a plumber and he had to fix and adjust my pipes shown up in a to tight plumbers uniform and just looking all sexy with that plumbers hat on. And then he get down and pretend to be working while secretly checking me out and then while my back is turned just gentle wrap his arms around me feeling me nice and slow and then turns me round starts passionately kissing me then get downs and dirty and let me ride the shit out of him. Yeah Buddy. Waahhoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Vice from NYC

I'd lay you on my bed and kiss you all over, starting with your head and ending with your feet. I'd kiss your lips, neck, suck on each nipple, kiss your legs, & suck your dick and balls. Then I'd spread your legs with you on your back & rim that beautiful ass of yours for hours. Then I'd turn up on your stomach & rim your ass & suck your dick from the back. After you got my dick nice and wet, I'd make love to you for hours in every imaginable position, then let you have your way with me......…

Fantasy about Vice from Houston

Eating his dirty ripe ass and drinking his hot cum

Fantasy about Vice from Yonkers New York

My Vice Fantasy is to wine and dine you and make you fall in love with me and then ask you to marry me I had you on my facebook and someone deleted you from my facebook when it was hacked lol I imagine my ex did this ... anyway its great seeing you on here I would have never imagined you made porn but thats cool I have many friends in the porn buis and may I say you do a great job... if we where to be intimate I would let you ride my face until you cumm and then we would flip a coin and decide who would fuck who since im versatile same as you and like you Im great at sex and hung... plus we could always film our honeymoon and make it a hit movie xoxoxo see you around sexy im serious if we meet im taking you out or we could always come home and ill cook for you.

Fantasy about Vice with Rated R from New York

  WITH  I would love to see a video of Vice and Rated R. Vice as the bottom and Rated R as the top. That would be so HAUTE!

Fantasy about Vice

I see this guy dance all the time don't know he was such a powerbottom WOW!

Fantasy about Vice

Where Cristo at? You need to get these hotties back in another vid papithugz. You cant just put them with other bois these niggas look hot together, Cristo looks hella good on his back! If you done with him Ill take him just show me the way that boi would be chained up to ball! Cristóbal Where are you wink wink

Fantasy about Vice from Rio de Janeiro

Lindo boy

Fantasy about Vice from Chesapeake

I'd love for you go get on your knees with that ass sticking out, then get you on the bed and fuck you while you moan and with your toes curling on my chest then bust my nut in your pretty hole after that cuddle watch tv and make out

Fantasy about Vice from nyc

Love waching him on his knees suckin dick with that ass poked out. This dude can get it. Can we get sum email info on dis pretty mutha fucka? Get him back quick

Fantasy about Vice from brooklyn

You need to bring your FINE ass out of hiding so some big dick papa can FUCK you like you need to be FUCKED!

Fantasy about Vice


Fantasy about Vice from nyc

where is this dude at? Im looking 4 that ass!

Fantasy about Vice from Bronx

More Vice please! Bring him back!

Fantasy about Vice

Hes man cut but hes wayyyyyy hotter

Fantasy about Vice

hes dumb cute Im not gonna deny it but his man is FLYYY id drink that niggas bathwater! make me bust the only nut and get him on here 2!

Fantasy about Vice from hartford

Damn nigga sexy!

Fantasy about Vice from Northphilly

Yo My Fantasy Is To Do a Porn Or Atleast Meet This Dude......Damn I Wanna Do Every singleThing Sexual With Him. If I Had A Chance To Post A Picture Up I Know He Would be interested Cause Im A Real Good Looking masculine Rican Dude. Would Luv To Fuck the shit outta him and let him leave his load in me!

Fantasy about Vice from Camden Nj

i would like my first time with a guy like this.

Fantasy about Vice from Harlem

Yo, if I could ever get this phyne ass dude in the back of the limo I drive I'd spread him out on both couches & lick, kiss n suck my way from his head to his toes. Then flip his ass over and tongue that pretty culo so good that he wldnt need no lube when I slide my brick hard joint up in there. I wanna stroke u so good Vice till u nut while I'm up in u. Then for your turn I want u to straddle my face n feed me that pretty pinga papito till u are so hard u think its gonna explode. Then turn me over n drill my ass like I did u. Make me nut while u poundin me out pa. We can finish with some serious kissin n a glass of Rose' wine.

Fantasy about Vice from Bronx

Just when I thought Papithugz couldn't get any better they introduce Vice! This dude is my dream dude real talk. He's sexy as hell, beautiful eyes, and the serious swag that is undeniably. I'd give anything to have these dude close to me. Vice where ever you are I wanna be! WORD UP!

Fantasy about Vice from CHICAGO


Fantasy about Vice from Phoenix

Come to Phoenix papi. Ill suck that dick while you ride my 9 inch monster :)

Fantasy about Vice from bx

Sexy azz nicca in dat red leather fitted love to see ya ass in some timz or foamposites n a red jockstrap while I eat ur azz clean out n suck dat grander pinga then u fuck my azz gud then ill do ur ass til we both bust a load

Fantasy about Vice from New York

Man, you are so mutha fukkin fine not sure if I wanna have you or be you. Damn!

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