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Sexy CityBwoy is back slingin' dick, eatin' up and beatin' up wet and juicy man-hole like a big dick brutha is supposed to do, all with that mega-watt smile. You got a fantasy about him, we'd like to hear it.


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Kannon Unleashed

The Gift: Jovonnie, Osian & CityBwoy

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Fantasy about Citybwoy from new orleans

was good dude u look so sexy real talk

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Dallas

My Fantasy for Citybwoy would be for him to get fucked by Tiger Tyson or Remy Mars. That would be awesome..!

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Brooklny

suck your big dick and u cum in side my boy pussy all night all a want u to be my men ok i do care if u have kids or merry i want to merry u for real or boo

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Houston

I like body color & ass size. Can you bottom for me?

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Cleveland

My fantasy is to meet you in my city for some real hot fun which would include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Ghana Africa

Yo citybwoy i'm a virgin nice dark hairy guy n i want to be ur bitch for life.

Fantasy about Citybwoy from plaquemine louisiana

u are so dam fine i wanna be ur bitch boi for life

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Plaqumine Louisiana

citybwoy i would love it if i can be ur boyfriend i nt to be the one that u wake up to every morning sucking ur dick and letting u fuck any tim day or night.

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Kampala

Citybwoy, have you ever chatted someone up and they did not want you to shag them. I could not handle such charm, looks, dick. Man I would melt if yo touched me. I bet you make tight holes wide for them to get that gorg dick. I shiver looking at you shag and wish I was the one.

Fantasy about Citybwoy from charleston s.c.

my fantasy is to meet citboy and make love to him in the rain and drink wine from his ass

Fantasy about Citybwoy from NYC

YOOOOO!! City Boi is back...WeRD...nigguh you one of my favorite porn stars, you and that nigguh jovonni yall are so raw, i wanna see yall back together tag teaming somebody, i love to be the one in between the two of sucking one while one fucking me...CITY BOI YOU THE SHIT!!!

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Columbia

I love a chocolate nigga wish u were on me rite now!!!

Fantasy about Citybwoy from st.louis

i luv u citybwoy cant wait till ride dat big ass dick one daii and dey need to show yo feet more often and clear in yo videos cause ima suck them one daii sexii ass

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Austin Texas

When Him And Javonnie Fucking

Fantasy about Citybwoy from miami

i wanna see you jack off to ts fucking black men and to shoot your big load all over your chest while your on the phone with a ts..... your soo amazing we all need to see more of you!!!! muah vixxen

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Atlanta

OMG I fucking love Citi bwoy...i was wondering where hes been but i see yall got him back...Cant wait to see more...I NEED MORE CITY BWOY...that big chocolate dick looks so good...pls lets see more of him

Fantasy about Citybwoy

Just want to see you smile more in your vids. You have a beautiful smile Citybwoi.

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Lakeland

All i gotta say is i want you a jovannie to fuck the shyt outta me ! i love watching yall fuck. & seeing yalls big dicks going inside yall makes me wanna take both yalls dicks at once. ((:

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Chicago

I wanna have a three-sum wit citybwoy

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Nassau Bahamas

I was siting outside of the mall waiting for my ride when another younger guy comes along and stares me down. This guy was light skinned brown eyes clean cut slim and fresh as ever,His cakes were bursting through his basketball pants and his muscles nice and thick his black robin hugs his curves around his waist. He then said to me "yo, do you work here in the mall?" i replied "No bro" he said "can you do me a favor then?" getting aroused i said "whats that?" he said "can you change some movie tickets for me from the movie both" disappointed i said "sure let me see them" so he says "come follow me into the bathroom". so we both go into the bathroom one after the other. when we got into the bathroom the guy locks the door and asked me "so what are you working with bro?" i replied "why don't you dig in there and see" the guy rubs on my dick with his hand as we both get aroused. The guy pulls down my pants and begins to slurp deep throat and gag on my dick as my eyes rolls in the back of my head. after getting so aroused and couldnt believe that i was having this fine ass nigga in a public restroom i grabbed him and began sucking his nice smooth dick. spiting on it and deep throating it he began to beg me to penetrate him. so i bent him over the toilet and pulled down his pants, spat between his ass crack and again on my dick head and stroke it a little. I slowly put my dick into his tight gripping asshole as he began stroking his dick i began pounding his tight sweet ass "fuck yea, harder he said" thats when i began ramming his ass like it was my last. here i am fucking this dudes brains out while he screamed moaned and groaned begging me for more.loving how he was reacting i spanked him on his ass a few times and began to ruff him up a bit. as he was jerking his dick geting ready to cum i went deeper and harder for his pleasure and so i can also bust my nutt. "SHIT NIGGA,IM CUMING!" he yelled i then took my dick out and started bursting all over his huge tight ass we both moaning and out of breathe was disturbed by a knock at the door. since im the one who had less cleaning up to do i quickly washed up and opened the door geting ready to leave but he stopped me and we axchanged name and numbers and went our seperate ways.

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Detroit

City bwoy didnt suck dick, hes a sexy top who ate some nice looking ass...I dont like seeing him get fucked. Glad You back City Bwoy...Can't wait to see more...Let's Go TeamCityBwoy.. I love You

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Washington, DC

Yo, i'm a top but I will def let you fuck me good and hard. I want you to break me in, never been fucked before. So I def want you to dick me down big time.

Fantasy about Citybwoy from new york

I see Citybwoy is eating ass and sucking dick now why not let him get fuck

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