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He's 6 feet, 9 inches of sexy, packin' hard-muscled papi hungry for some dick. Big, juicy, stiff dick and he knows how to handle it, seriously.

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Fantasy about 69 from Chicago

I would like to grab him around his waist, pull him to me and tongue kiss him. (I'm a good kisser. He'd like it.) I'd go down to his nipples and lick/suck on them and get them right. I'd pull his pants down so we could bump hard dicks while I squeeze his ass and kiss him. I'd get on my knees and suck his dick for a while, ... make him feel good. I'd make him get on his knees so I could push my dick through the back of that nigga head. I would bend him over, oil him up and play with his asshole for a while and get him relaxed. I would finger fuck him until I knew that asshole was ready. I'd lube my dick and slide my dick up in him, all in one long slide, stroking slow 'til he get used to my dick going in and out of him. I'd bang that ass from the back for a while, then lay him on his back and slide my dick back in, while I'm kissing him and licking his nipples. To end it all, when he cum I wanna be in that ass, strokin' 'til he he squirt his last drop. That's the kind of mufucka I'll love.

Fantasy about 69 from philly

sex for hours

Fantasy about 69 from antwerpen,Belgium

Please 69 i want u so badly u can have anything u heart wants pls be my friend pls 69 one hot sexy sexy mof dam 69 Godbles u 69!!!

Fantasy about 69 from antwerpen,Belgium

the two are so dam hot omg i just got to have em both everyday!!

Fantasy about 69 from St.louis

With a blatino thug with dreads whose dick I devior untill he is in a trans

Fantasy about 69 from Bronx, New York

Having sex with a men is such a beautiful thing. You see you, I can taste you, smile you, see your boy pussy like its a thing to be made love too. Mmmm. A thing of beauty a thing to eat out and come for seconds. Your pexs to nipple on and to make love to your month with my cock until my hard on can't wait any longer. And then and only then penetrate you as look into my eyes and ask me to fuck like a man. I will say it would be my pleasure.

Fantasy about 69 from Bronx, New York

Hi 69 Fantasy I have a bone to I would like to pick with you. How do I get to make have a private session with you. Please let me know

Fantasy about 69 from near you

i want put some tight lace bikini panties on his ass and drop shit all over floor and make him bend over and clean it up and then asked me hv i plz you sir and i say hell naw nigga at least until you come over and give me sum head then sum of tht sweet ass you got and ride me shit till i say stop now wasssup then he starts crying and go clean floor more and looks bck at me w tears in his eyes and say hv i served you well now sir and i say yes then he really starts crying then go and cook me dinner then we go at again till he creams from his but cheeks then sleeps under me all night ......

Fantasy about 69 from Los Angeles

Damn u r so fine. I want you to fuck the shit outta me. I wanna kiss your beautiful lips. I can suck your delicious dick all fucking day long. I wanna take all your clothes off and kiss you from head to toe. Then I want you to eat my man pussy. You r so fucking sexy. I wanna be in porn just to be in a movie with you. 69 call me. Hope u do more gr8 movies! Fine as hell!

Fantasy about 69 from Cincinnati

I would love to have 69 get in bed with me, I would lick his hot juicy ass then suck him all night and give him the best double bubble he has ever had. In case you don't know what a double bubble is: when you fuck a guy and suck him at the same time.

Fantasy about 69 from long beach

Bomb sexy mix guy with nice. Size dick and masc with a big ass and big lips

Fantasy about 69 from Brazil

He is an EXCELENT Boy, Extremely sensual e handsome…

Fantasy about 69 from columbus, ohio

when ever i see you 69 you is what i think about when it come to a man i could make love to you all day. you are so hott. you are my fantasy you feel me. I love watching you perform. Damn you nice.

Fantasy about 69 from Manning sc

I love sucking dick get my boy pussy eat out get my boy pussy fuck hard til i cum out my tight pussy good all nite @ day

Fantasy about 69 from Los Angeles

I want to suck out your asshole after you've been fucked. Then have you cum in my mouth and wash it down with some warm piss!

Fantasy about 69 from Brooklyn, NYC

I hope he isn't a bottom only because, I would love to give him a call and have him come over, grab me by the waist and start to kiss me. Then we start to take each other clothes off and I start to suck and lick on his sexy pecs and nipples. I suddenly drop to my knees and start to swallow this sexy papi chulo. He grabs the back of my head, starts to move my head back and forth while I pass my hands over his body and him just leaning back and moaning. Then he picks me up and flips me upside down and starts to eat me out and I'm still sucking this fine papi off. Then he turns around and places me on the wall upside down and starts to fuck the shit out of my throat. I'm enjoying every moment of it. He then turns me right side up, put on his condom, turns me around and bends me over and starts to fuck the shit out of my phat ass. I'm moaning and screaming all kinds of words including his name. he spanks my ass and continues to keep digging deep into me until I start to shed some tears from the pain. Then he pulls out of me and start to kiss me on my neck and lips and I'm holding his tight muscular ass and start to pass my hands up and down his manly body. He then picks me up, opens my legs and slides right in my nice tender hole and starts to fuck me on the wall. I looks deep into his eyes and start to kiss those sexy lips while enjoying every moment of him pounding my ass. He then moves me off the wall while my legs are wrapped around him and sits down on the sofa so I can ride him like the horse I never had before. I pass my hands up and down his tight muscular body and he looks at me, licking his lips while smirking. I then wrap my hands around his neck and begin to kiss him while bounching up and down on that nice hard stick of his. My moans start to get louder and then he picks me up off his dick, puts me on the sofa, stands up removes the condom and busts a fat ass nut on my face. I then smile and say, "Thanks, papi!" and he replies "No problem baby!" and smiles at me.

Fantasy about 69 from Miami

I'm just glad to see that my boy is BACK!!! Talkin about missing some talent. I hope this is not the last we see of him!

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