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About Yeyo:

Papithugz's latest hot star is a mix-it-up boy from Manhattan who's half Puerto Rican and half Sicilian. His pinga's got a mean curve to the right. We know you got instant fantasies about this papi and we want to hear them now.

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Fucked by a Puerto Rican-Sicilian Straight Boy

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Fantasy about Yeyo from Montreal

Would love to see him serviced, worshipped and swallowed by 2 hungry guys. He's really hot masculine guy.

Fantasy about Yeyo from new York

XXI just want to eat his ass and make him cum in my face :-)

Fantasy about Yeyo from alburcurqui

having him spit on my face and making me suck his dick outside on the bus stop while people are waiting for the bus.

Fantasy about Yeyo from antwerpen

Fucked by a Puerto Rican-Sicilian Straight Boy

Fantasy about Yeyo from san leandro

i would like to see yeho suck and get fuck

Fantasy about Yeyo from roma

fuck him in the ass and spread my load on his beautiful ears!!!

Fantasy about Yeyo from rio de janeiro

he look like big cock and I want to fuck with him and I can wait for 3 hours

Fantasy about Yeyo from Yangon

he look like big cock and I want to fuck with him and I can wait for 3 hours

Fantasy about Yeyo from yangon

he look like big cock

Fantasy about Yeyo from Medellin

Oh how I'd like to suck yeyo's skewed cock and lick his tight asshole til make him moan. I love you yeyo Fuck me like that!

Fantasy about Yeyo from dallas

long cock in my mouth and ass

Fantasy about Yeyo from atlanta

would love to have him knees on the couch, hands tied hanging over the back of the couch. feet off the edge and eat that ass till u nut. nonstop for hours. precum everywhere

Fantasy about Yeyo from Santa Ana

This dude just rocks. Those smiles and grins of his are sexy as hell. And that playful attitude is such a turn on. To spend one night with this stud and take that bone of his would be phenomenal. I'd have more fun sucking on it though. Tasting it. So hot.

Fantasy about Yeyo from Ohio

I;d love to sit on that big curved dick of yours. then lick ur crack. You are hot hot hot!

Fantasy about Yeyo from Newark

i would just love to spend the whole 24 hours with Yeyo. He would be a changed man. And I will be his bitch. my tongue would be all over him. and I would end by slurping his big huge load.

Fantasy about Yeyo from Newark

I would love to have Yeyo in my bed. All he would have to do is lie back and I would do the rest. I would start by licking his crack, working my way to his dick and back to his asshole. I would drive him completely and excitingly insane. And This is no fantasy.

Fantasy about Yeyo from Austin

Thats my kind of latino,sexy and masculine. Id join the business to bend over for that. You should come to Texas,ill put it on you.

Fantasy about Yeyo from boston

sup yo, sexy as fuck dude. you need to come to beantown so i can show you whats up sexy as fuck papo. damn you got dat killa hook

Fantasy about Yeyo from Fort Worth, TX

Yeyo is totally my kind of dude. bad-ass hook, great bod and mad hot sex appeal.

Fantasy about Yeyo from Bronx

Yo this dude is crazy sexy! The devilish smile he has is a killer and the beautiful curved dick is nice to look at. I'd love to suck on it and please him in every way!

Fantasy about Yeyo from tampa

I'm Puertorican, and would love to suck you dry, give you a massage and let you fock me over and over. I have not yet found some one as awesome as you here in tampa. if you ever down this part of the woods, I would love to host your stay let me know the only price you fuck me evry time you come to the house. you will get room and bording wile your down here bring you friend to!!! love you!

Fantasy about Yeyo from Jacksonville

Man that dude is hot! I'd let him wreck my ass any day as much and as hard as he wants!

Fantasy about Yeyo from austin texas

i would love yeyo to come visit me and chill…

Fantasy about Yeyo from West Bloomfield

To have this gorgeous hunk top me!

Fantasy about Yeyo from Mahatten Ny

My fantasy would be to see you in the sceen of a jail. I would love you to get fucked in the ass literally the rest of you life behind bars! No wife to bail you out, no letters cause no one would care. All you would have is that small little space and that crooked dick.

Fantasy about Yeyo

Yes, MAN. This new guy is sexy off DA hook. I wanna see more more more of this one--thank you. I love that dick of his with the curve

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