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X Vega is by far the hottest new star Papithugz has--he's charming, sexy, hung and uncut. Oh wait, and he's versatile. You can't ask for more than that. You gotta have a fantasy about him--let's hear it now.

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Fantasy about X Vega from minneapolis


Fantasy about X Vega from LA

Me and you use to talk to each other on a site called Urban Chat. You sent me pictures of your little friendly sessions you had had with your friends and you also had those pictures of you in your military outfits. I asked about your porn career because I ran across a video you did at the beginning of us talking but I just want you to know I never had a problem with you. It was actually kind of hot. I miss you and hope your doing well. P.S- Damn the things I would do to you boy ;)

Fantasy about X Vega from ARMY

Since I know him I could only say that I have secretly fantacised about him for a long time. I would love to make him my man in every sense of the word. Work that beautiful ass and deep throat his enormous sized dick taking his load all down my hot throat. I really do like you personally and hope we get a chance to get to know each other much better. Since Im Army I hope we will see eye to eye on a possible union! HOOAH!

Fantasy about X Vega from Tampa

what a beautiful man, and a beautiful uncut dick. you are my fantasy X Vega Thank You!!!!

Fantasy about X Vega from Washington, DC

I would love to see Big Slim fuck X Vega.

Fantasy about X Vega

To get fucked by a big dick puerto rican 19yrs old real good

Fantasy about X Vega from harlingen

my fantasy is to snif his underwear smell piss and cum balls sweat yum eat cum all day yum im so horny suck his asshole for him to strch me out

Fantasy about X Vega from Harlem

Since I'm a limo driver I would love to get u in the back of my car & stretch u out on that long couch seat. Open the sunroof so u could see the moon while make u see stars as I lick, suck, kiss & nibble on you from those juicy pink lips to those tastee nipples. I wanna pour some Rose' slowly down ya abs & chase it to the end of ya pretty ass pinga with my tongue then swallow u hole chulo. Deep throatin u while I play in ya tight culo. Then flip u over & spread ya legs open accross both couches on ya knees so I could taste the rest of the wine as I pour it over 1 of the finest asses I've ever seen. Ima eat dat sweet man hole n lick n slurp from that ass To those juevos n back. Then I wanna slide my 9 all the way in dat ass on the 1st stroke Ima suck on ya neck n ears while I ride u from behind. Jus b4 I nut I'll stop n let u do me any way u want papito just make sure we bust together. Fo sho ma dude that b wuzzup!!

Fantasy about X Vega from Philly

Gotta luv a chulo that can take it as good as he gives it. Would love to spoil him for a day. Jus hang out on sum chill shit, then get it in all crazy all night long. I gotta deep throat that pinga till his toes curl, and that pretty culo OMG!! The only thing going deeper than my tongue would b my dick. He the type of papito I gotta find all his spots head to toe. And let him do the same to me.

Fantasy about X Vega from san antonio

Hey.... you are so hot.... I have been wondering what can I do to make this a reality.... I want your cock inside me so deep... and I want to sux and lick your balls and ass.…

Fantasy about X Vega

Meet up with his sexy ass. Get him in a room & strip him nude. Begin to lick him down from his sexy ass lips to them sexy ass feet. Get his dick really wet and then I flip over & he fucks my ass raw until he bust inside of me.

Fantasy about X Vega from Chicago

I think i already might have fulfilled my fantasy with mr vega. a warm night driving down by the lake, we stop and walk by the lake, no one around, but not enough courage to do it in public. lets take this to the back seat, i tried sitting on his dick, but it was wayy too big for me, so he decided he was gonna ride mines, could you believe i sucked his dick as i fucked him, yea hes that big.

Fantasy about X Vega from Newark

You are so fucking hott. I would love to have you on my back. You are a bottom's dream. You are tall, slim and have a massive pretty dick. We are not ready for you to bottom. There are so many bottoms that need you. Lol

Fantasy about X Vega from Rayville louisiana

Omg...yhu are soo fukiin sexy i would realli drive yhuu crazii if i got the chance...Once yhuu go blac yhu'll never go bac...nd i gt the azz that will do it!!!!

Fantasy about X Vega from Bronx

Them three, jovonnie, X Vega, & Paolo are some hot dudes what more could you want, you got ur dark meat sexy latino, and mix cutie with the amazing eyes, LOVE THIS VIDEO

Fantasy about X Vega from Raleigh

Xavier Vegas is the BOMB. I did not think he was versatile. He and Jovonnie along with Paolo did a fantastic job. Jovonnie is tagging just about everyone I guess so, he is the number 1 model out right about now. Hey Jovonnie, X-Vegas is right behind you! It would have been nice if City Boi would have joined in, now that would have been really HOT!

Fantasy about X Vega from bronc

I think he is soo fucking sexy, I would love to see him get fucked by Ricp, That shit would be hot!

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