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Sweet-faced Kris is packing one of the biggest dicks in the business. Uncut, thick, veiny, hard and delicious. You got to have a serious love for the dick if Kris is gonna fuck you. Are you man enough?

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Fantasy about Kris from San antonio

I would love to kiss Kris all over his sexy body I want to please his massive pipe allowing him to put me on my back and in froggy position and rip me a new one sending me into pure bliss

Fantasy about Kris from Sacramento

how to big black ass guys f*** me all night long with a long as big non stop strip for me take the clothes off

Fantasy about Kris from Cleveland

XXIs to get fuck

Fantasy about Kris from valdosta

I wanna suck ur toess ans just make u cum all in my mouth and much more

Fantasy about Kris from Tanzania

Ilike to see all photos about Kris

Fantasy about Kris from Chicago

My fantasy would be to undress Kis, slowly admiring every inch ohis awesome ,smooth man body. Lay him on his back as I kiss and lick every inch of his smooth body. Finding those areas that makes him jump with pleasure and Kris asking me not to stop. Licking and kissing every inch as I move across hs amazing pecs and those so lickable, suckable nipples. To gently glide my tongue down his stron g stomach his sides until my tongue is laying between his strong leg and his hugh ball suck. Licking from his crack (not touching it, not yet at least. moving its warmness along the natural V between his sacki and leg, driving him to jump and twitch watvhing his HUGH manhood beging to feel the effects of this tongue, slowly moving to the other side and servicing that inner thigh. I am moving ever so slow my tongue moving up under his mball sack to tease his so smooth male love home , which brings a jumping motion to his love pole. Driving him so mad that his head begins to give me some seed of pr-cume which I now move slowly to his man shaff licking and sucking every inch as I make my way to his throbing head. His shaft turns into a piece of steel that is begging to be enjoyed, to be released. Kris is now deep inside my mouth working it like a tight love hole and thinking how awesome it would be to enter the real tight man love hole. Kris starts asking me if he can enter me, to make to make love to mewith his Red Hot Head of steel, I dont release my moiuths grip on his beating shaft that is enjoying mthe warmth the and mpressure of my throat, my lips. He is not asking me anymore as he rolls me over to slowly begin his asultl mon my tight man hole, he si so ,ready dripping with love juice can hardy hole back as he makes the first thrust................…

Fantasy about Kris from Atlanta

Spend the night with kris, serving him lots of throat and ass :) He wont need to do anything I will wait on him hand and foot.

Fantasy about Kris from Charlotte

whats kris real name?

Fantasy about Kris from geogia

cris i want to fuck you now my ass is drippingfor that dick love it

Fantasy about Kris from Boston

I would love for kris to fuck me real good all day any type of way he want it !!

Fantasy about Kris from Falun

I want to see his huge dick penetrating a young boy

Fantasy about Kris from atlanta ga

jus wnt hym 2 fck me 4 a whole day

Fantasy about Kris from lagos

is hot

Fantasy about Kris from japan

please fuck me hard chris....and let me groan n no mercy n hold me very tight...i'll surrender

Fantasy about Kris from Pohakee fl

I would luv for kris to nut all in my ass & keep poundin the shit out of my tight hole while I scream his name Kris!,Kris!,Kris!

Fantasy about Kris from Wilson

i want you to fuck me hard as you can deep and i want to ride it all day.....i mean allllll dayyyyy yo sey ass and you do have a gigantic dick give it to me and give it to me good papi!

Fantasy about Kris from united states

Suck for all night

Fantasy about Kris from karnack

to make love with a hot sexy man to love me for who i am...

Fantasy about Kris from Philadelphia

I just want Kris to get on top of me and fuck the shit out of me

Fantasy about Kris from Springfield

Well I See You in The Page, And I Trying To Make Some Money. Proud If I work With you guys. I Would Like to Be There, And Be With You Too!!.

Fantasy about Kris

i love you cock

Fantasy about Kris from Malaysia

That cool to watch

Fantasy about Kris from Libre-ville

I love this character and especially the big cock he owns. I want to have it, feel it in my hole ... Humm Kris I love your big dick ... Love you! Fuck me please.

Fantasy about Kris from Minneapolis

I would love to see a scene where Kris a bottom.I would like to Kris, hotrod and Masco in 3-way.

Fantasy about Kris from nexico

i need abig cock in my ass mmmmm

Fantasy about Kris from Brooklyn, New York

I would to tear that pretty young caramel ass apart.…

Fantasy about Kris from Clarksville

Kris, with the Cuervo n five blunts we're smoking, I want to ride your dick until I can't, which for me probably means you will buss in me. I will grab you adkins your head and keep pushing further down until my ass n your pelvis touch heavily! Then once you buss, I want you to pick me up with your dick still in me... While still pumping me, lay me on the bed on my back and keep bussin my back with nutt, I'll be prepping to fuck you while you're fucking me, then I want you to buss on my ass my taint and my back. Next I want you on your back playing in my ass while I work my dick in your lil tight hole. Smack me on my ass too! Shit I love a bossy bottom! You gotta take me on your back I buss a nutt! Then I want you on your knees taking it in I buss a nutt. Then I want you to suck my dick! Before I nutt, I want you to hug me while sucking my dick until I nutt again n you do too!

Fantasy about Kris from Brunswick

First i would kiss your lips, for about 45 minutes, then to your nipples, nibble your ear, your belly button, then slowly pick the big dick in my mouth and suck it, lick it, deep throat it and make it good and wet, while licking on those big hanging balls and then comes the best part when i climb on the dick and let it slide up in this nice tight clean ass, and ride it.. shortly after Kris will flipped me over spread my legs and take advantage of my man pussy, fuck me long and hard as i beg him to fuck me harder, while im stroking my dick and move to his rythm with every thrust of that big dick in me, then comes the big finish when he bust a big nutt all up in my hole!! and keep fucking me until i nutt all over myself and then let me squeeze out all his man juice with my azz muscle! then he can fall asleep inside me and wake up in me get hard and fuck me again!!

Fantasy about Kris from Blytheville

he sexy with huge dick and nice body

Fantasy about Kris from houston

Looks good and sexy

Fantasy about Kris from Florida

The Handsomness

Fantasy about Kris from hartford

i would love to suck that dick and get fuck

Fantasy about Kris from Vancouver

Love to be riden and breed by you

Fantasy about Kris from Miami

Do me next

Fantasy about Kris from NYC

You are my only fantasy. I like June, the other guy, but you are the only guy I have ever dreamt about. How can I meet you? How can we hook up? I'll make it worth your time.

Fantasy about Kris from Akron,oh

Damebu is fine azz fuck u can get it

Fantasy about Kris from Plaqumine Louisiana

i want u to fuck me good and hard i would love to suck that big dick of yours and swallow all that nut

Fantasy about Kris from fort lauderdale, florida

lookin 2 suck his dick, and his balls.. then have him spread my fat latino ass with his tongue rimming me out.. next i bend over while getting on my knee's n hands, with his fat dick sliding in or out, but not behide me but on top of me, i wanna scream n moan.. i wanna feel ur cum out flow out of my pink hole…

Fantasy about Kris from Chicago

I am looking to book Kris for a project ... How can i reach him?

Fantasy about Kris from high point n,c

i want tow get fuck by blk guy whit a big dick

Fantasy about Kris from brooklyn


Fantasy about Kris from brooklyn


Fantasy about Kris from Bermuda

I will love to suck his cock and also get a good pounding from him

Fantasy about Kris from Phoenix

To suck Kris's cock for 24 hours non-stop

Fantasy about Kris from calumet city

luv sucking dick

Fantasy about Kris from Capital Height

Sucking on the tip of his dick as he eats me and I swallow his cock after putting it deep inside me and afterwards him doing the same to

Fantasy about Kris from Chicago

I just wanna take his dick and swallow that bitch whole and suck him non stop. then have him fuck me until i nut like crazy wiht out touching myself. Think he can do that?

Fantasy about Kris from hollywood c,a

Omggg I wood to 2 swallow kris cum an ried um like no other . Kris kris kris

Fantasy about Kris from MADISON FLORIDA


Fantasy about Kris from columbus

just want to be fuck by a big dick

Fantasy about Kris from ga

his dick

Fantasy about Kris from Harlem

Yo I want u straight off the court after I watch u hoop wit sum other dudes from round da way. No shower I want it hot n hard!! U pin me down & feed me dat big snake til my jaws ache. Flip me n tonge fuck my tight chocolate hole till I beg u to pipe me down. Go HARD spank it grab me flip me over on top of u & bite my nipples while I ride u till ya toes curl. Then I wanna eat dat sweet sweaty hole tonge kiss it n bite those caramel bunz. I want u to suck my joint get it so hard I think its gonna blow ya head off, then I want u on ya back legs spellin "V" for victory as I slide up in that tight b'ball booty. I'ma stroke ya dick n ya hole at the same time so I can feel u cum while I'm up in u, then we can bust off together!! Game ova!!

Fantasy about Kris from houston

i would like to do a video on here with him....ummmm idk i imagine him sleeping next to me holding me and while im sleeping he feels on my legs and body and kissing me my neck and as im sleeping he slides his head into my tight.....and as i awake he says baby come on i need this and then i tell him to lay on his back and i ride his dick like a porn star and make my ass clap on his dick while bounce up and down all the way until he cumes

Fantasy about Kris from maracaibo

quiero un hombre bello acuerpado q me quira y me de sexo todos los dias

Fantasy about Kris from Chicago

I just want to fuck me until i can't take no more

Fantasy about Kris from Boston

Would love to eat every inch of kris

Fantasy about Kris from H town

I would see chris in my bed asleep his cock hanging out his boxers. I would go over and start rubbing his dick start licking it and sucking. Deep throuting it as he awakes I would pull his boxers down continue sucking and licking his balls. Jerking and sucking till he blows his morning glory all in my mouth. Anyways thats what I did to my brother-in-law when I noticed he would sleep with his door open only after my wife would leave in the early morning. Kind of reminds me of kris, he is 6'4 hot latin thug out of the penitantury. With a 8inch uncut thick cock. love my bro.

Fantasy about Kris from New Orleans

Dick me down

Fantasy about Kris from Indpls

I want to take pix of my white boyfriend suckin on Kris's fat cock and lookin like a fish on a hook. Kris agrees to visit us every night for a month. After my boyfriend sucks him awhile, Kris will throw him down and climb on top of him and stuff his fat meat up my bf's asshole fucking him HARD NO MERCY every night until by the end of the month, my bf's O-ring is busted whack, permanently so loose and sloppy that I got to buy my bf diapers at the dollar store for the rest of his life.

Fantasy about Kris from GdaDsk

love your face!

Fantasy about Kris from brooklyn

well i want to suck the shit out of kris dic n fuc me so hard til i have no words

Fantasy about Kris from Dallaz Tx

well ! fucking well ! thats whats up ty to everyone who has had a fantasy love it...Hope all iz good wit chu & urz. U feel meh?

Fantasy about Kris from brooklyn

want to rife that big cock and suck the cum out

Fantasy about Kris from washington dc

You so hot papi. I wish you were here.

Fantasy about Kris from AKRON


Fantasy about Kris from DC

That one fine pretty nigga! Saw that one on TV back when I think. Movie star? Dude, you the one.

Fantasy about Kris from St.Louis

My fantasy is to get FUCKED by him and Im not even a bottom!!!!

Fantasy about Kris from Brooklyn

i want Kris to sleep with his dick inside me. he is sooo fucking hott, and i want it down my throat 1st thing in the morning for breakfast mmmmm

Fantasy about Kris from chicago

i want a men who can fuck me real hard with a 10in dick

Fantasy about Kris from chicago

yo i woould love to see u fuck jovannie and him fuck u but while ur fucking him go real real hardcore like if he yells to loud go harder the more he talks the more he hard and intense it gets. then the same goes for you. it would be nice to see u two like dick slap each other just get real freaky rough and intensely hard in each others asses and mouths. make him deep throat till he loses his vocal cords and u too please commit my fantasy ive been a fan of yours for so long and ugh i wish i could commit this fantasy with u but i cant so please do it for your biggest fan

Fantasy about Kris from Enugu, Nigeria

he is simply cute. his big massive dick is my delight. if 'am opportuned to suck it, that will be great.

Fantasy about Kris from Norfolk

Suckin yo hard dick till i choke then fuckin me an fuckin you like real sex

Fantasy about Kris from beaumont

hi Kris damn boy u just dont know how i fantasize about you all day everyday about that dick i wish u could fuck me and i suck that dick empty of nut lol but i wish i reallhy could no lie

Fantasy about Kris from kenosha

i wanna make great passion love to him... make him wonder what ,his been missing all this years in a great man

Fantasy about Kris from Sumter

to let kris fuck the hell outta me ....ill love to suk him up and sallow that nut

Fantasy about Kris from florida

will love to see kris doing his thing with jovonnie and Hotrod. it will be great to see these three handsome dude working together.

Fantasy about Kris from NJ1


Fantasy about Kris from Alexandria va

Omg I just want to meet Kris 1 time go out on date with him something romantic and then have him bring me home and I invited him then we sit down and talk for awhile. Then he starts pulling my clothes off and then we just make love. Lol I would let him fuck me anyday lol and in more of a top then bottom but I'm let him break me in lol!

Fantasy about Kris from charleston

want 2 suck and let kris fuck me

Fantasy about Kris from Tampa

Kris is the Real Mothaf---in deal!!!! Brotha brings it in more ways than one!!!! Floppin' to my knees in front of Kris would be ultimate; jus' feed me tha dick til' that phat nut explodes in my face and in my mouth. Let me drain that pipe til' I get enuf. If he needs a tighter hole, I gats that for him too. Kris, U could stretch my shit up with your Monster Meat and spit that hot cum all ova my burning hole; then lower it back down my eager hole. Kris U R tha Shit,nigga!!!!!When U cummin' to Tampa????

Fantasy about Kris from kansas city mo

i want to suck his dick all night and ride it i love him and his dick i would let him fuck me up side down and lick him from head to foot damn he is sexy as hell

Fantasy about Kris from Washington, DC

My fantasy would be for Kris to feed me his dick. I want to suck on it while he pre cum in my mouth. After sucking that dick till it's rock hard I want him to slide that dick in this ass fucking me deep. I want him to long stroke this ass and make me ride that dick till he bust that nut up in this ass.

Fantasy about Kris from tampa

i want to feel a thug passion real strong and i want to connect with that thug and make him mind and he make me his.we do all the freaky love making we do and more

Fantasy about Kris from Palm Beach

Every since I saw dude on the DL Chronicles, I thought he was sexy, now he is performing for you guys????? 5 stars yo!!! More talent like this will keep a bruh coming back.

Fantasy about Kris

You mad fucking sexy. And the dick is beautiful !

Fantasy about Kris from nairobi

let him flip-flop with maseo, hotrod or cuban

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