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He's got that masculine street swagger we love--he's tall and he's the real thing. You gotta fantasy about Slim you wanna tell us about? Here's your chance to let the world know.

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Fantasy about Slim from Storm Lake

I want Slim to just take control and throw me on the bed and force me to deep throat his dick until I cant stop gagging, then I want him to put me upside down and fuck me raw until he cums deep inside my tight ass! <3 Love him!

Fantasy about Slim from Greensboro

I want slim to just walk into my crib, push me down to my knees and start fucking my face til i cant take no more, then i want him to grip me up take me to the room flip me and start eating my ass while im deep throating his dick.. Then he pins me down and starts deep dicking me all night long...

Fantasy about Slim from Las Vegas

I would love to suck slims dick and let him bust in my mouth, jus fuck tha shit out of my face.

Fantasy about Slim from EL PASO,TEXAS


Fantasy about Slim from mobile ala.

to have one night with slim fantasy to do what ever he want

Fantasy about Slim from new york

would love too suck his big dick all night and kiss him all over make him cum in my mouth and swallow that hot cum let him turn me over and fuck the shit out of me

Fantasy about Slim from staten ilsnd

4 him 2 fuck me i wnt him sooooo bad

Fantasy about Slim from Newark

I really don't follow Hutson these movies. But you are the most sexest man I've seen. You are slim, tall and got a big dick. And you know how to use it. One day I will be riding that dick. I have a hot ass for you.

Fantasy about Slim from Chicago

I see that sexy papi, Slim, on the subway train and I cant help but to stare. I give him that look, you know, that kind of look that make a nigga melt. He notices me, and knows what he wants. He's now staring back at me licking his lips hungrily, rubbing his dick through his jeans. I can see the print, its awfully nice, turning me on, arousing me. He finally gets up, without a word, and stands directly in front of me, still rubbing that dick...MMm I want it so bad...I unzip his jeans, he's wearing nothing underneath. I pull out his meat and immediately swallow that shit. I can hear him groan with pleasure as he grabs the back of my head, pushing it, making his dick go deeper down my throat. His balls are smacking my lips as he fucks my face. "I want that ass", he says, pulling me to my feet and turning me over. He slips my jeans down and starts playing with my hole. First with his fingers then, with his tongue he's working my goods. "Damn Pa", I moan. "You want me inside?", he asks. "Hell yea", I say. He stands up and starts to slip that dick inside me, so easily, Because he got me so wet. Starts off slow and eases into a fast mode, making my ass clap against his thighs...We both moan in pleasure. I'm on cloud nine... He turns to where we are now in the reverse cowgirl position. Im riding that dick just as hard, "Damn!" he nearly shouts. His dick pulsating in my ass he then flips me on my back, starts kissing me hard. "Damn pa, I cant take it anymore!", I shout,"Im gonna cu-". Nut starts shooting out before i could even finish my sentence. I couldnt believe it he fucked me so good i didnt even have to touch myself. Slim's still fucking me, his dick getting harder, I start to feel an eruption. "I'm cumming", he moans. He pulls out and bust all over my face and chest. All i could say was,"Damn you made me miss my stop". ,

Fantasy about Slim from Greater Accra(GHANA)

wowowow,i wish to have those wonderful lips for hours and suck his dick till i feel his warm cum right in my mouth and i ride his long and nice dick for hours till his fully having my bussy well,i wuld love doggy style with his,

Fantasy about Slim from new york city

i want to lay in bed with slim suck his dick all night, let him sleep with his dick in my ass all night and dont take it out for nothing so i can sleep with dick in me and wake up with dick in me i want it all to be slims dick all his dick

Fantasy about Slim from Atlanta

I would like to eat Slim's ass & have verse sex!

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