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About Charger:

He's the cutest bottom who can suck dick and get fucked like nobody's business--cause he loves what he does. And we love him. You wanna fuk Charger? You gotta fantasy about him? Here's your chance.


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Fantasy about Charger from Tampa

Omg he is so gorgeous. I remember when he came out years ago. Wonder what he's up to now. Y'all need him back. Nothing like a bottom whose in control.

Fantasy about Charger

i would fuck all night with him . then when he wakes up in the morning start all over again

Fantasy about Charger from accra

XXi like him

Fantasy about Charger from houston

i would fuck all night with him . then when he wakes up in the morning start all over again

Fantasy about Charger from London

3 or 4 tops, 1 bottom (Charger) - getting fucked like crazy; I love the way he moans when he's being fucked; he gets louder and louder, you can hear it in his voice, he's feelin' it. From sensual kissing down to deep pounding, Charger is the perfect pornstar.

Fantasy about Charger from LA

He is gorgeous !!! I would love to go out on a date with him to the park and dinner just enjoying each other. Then of course getting hot and steamy in my sweet penthouse. Hmmm…

Fantasy about Charger from BROOKLYN

He looks like the student that will do anything for an A. So id like to see him get fucked by the spanish teacher, the principal , the P.E teacher and the guidance counselor. Starring DADDY, PYTHON, CORNBREAD, ALEJANDRO.

Fantasy about Charger from Cochran

I WOuld Love to be with charger.. i would go verse with dat nigga…

Fantasy about Charger from Jamaica, NY

I loove this new kid. Hes soo sexy. I want to see him fuck Cris and then sme flip floppin with Cris but i would prefer it would be me..I would put it on him soo good he would't want to leave.

Fantasy about Charger from Brooklyn

I wanna make him call my name while my head is in between his legs eating that pretty lil ass and suxing that pretty big dick.. Then sux on them nice juicy lips all night long. I can just watch him fall asleep with that gorgeous face. I love me some charger..

Fantasy about Charger

Charger is a shameless bottom who I would love to get worked over by Cornbread, Jovonnie, King, Venom and, or course, Black!!!

Fantasy about Charger from Atlanta

I want to see him use his dick like he did in do not exit and give somebody else the business. That verse scene with venom was one of the hottest flip flop scenes. Damn...He is tooo sexy, face, slim body, and the way he moans just makes me cumm. I wanna see more charger.

Fantasy about Charger from Phoenix

I'd suck his cock until he came and then take his ass for my own while we kissed! Love that face.

Fantasy about Charger from Berkeley

Kiss him down Eat him out Have him bob on my dick Pound his ass like nobody's business

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