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About Chad X:

Chad X is the new sexy "mix it up" boy with the big curvy dick and smooth pretty ass. He knows what he likes and how to fuck it. You gotta fantasy about him--let's hear it.

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Fantasy about Chad X from new york


Fantasy about Chad X from LA

I would love to cradle my arms around his moist shoulders as my ass suffocates thewhite veiny dick erecting off his lap, my arms would hang on his trapezoid and I'ld make out with his face all weekend. I want him to pull me away turn me around and slam my anus down on his lap, "Sit your fucken ass down!" he'd yell and my hole would absorb his dick, then I would want his arms to cling on my shoulders and have him plow me tugging my shoulders up and down while the wet condensation of my swetty back and his oily six pack get glued together. "I need your cock to get my butt fucked,"

Fantasy about Chad X from miami

so good

Fantasy about Chad X from Philadelphia

I would let Chad fuck me up...split my chocolate ass in two and cum all in it

Fantasy about Chad X from thomasvill ga

me and you in a big king size bed you nibbiling on my hear while i'am riding your dick and then you smacking my ass and us kissing and rubing eachother and then i start to suck your dick

Fantasy about Chad X from Gary

Damn he's so fine. What other stuff has he been in?

Fantasy about Chad X from Nj

I wish u were straight :(

Fantasy about Chad X from New York City

I love hearing him talk nasty when he gets his dick sucked he British accent is so sexy and hearing him being "Rough" turns me and I'm sure thousands of other's arond the world I love some of his other film work he is to damn fine mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Fantasy about Chad X from baltimore


Fantasy about Chad X from milwaukee

Just love him

Fantasy about Chad X from jersey city

would like to suck chad everyday and fuck me everynight.

Fantasy about Chad X from Bronx

Would let Chad X fuck the shit out of me any day. Been wanting to get pounded by a chulo. And i got a fat dominican ass too with a tight brown asshole.

Fantasy about Chad X from new york

want to suck chad all night and fuck me everyday

Fantasy about Chad X from Long Beach

I would love for him to come in my room, push me onto the bed, pull down my paints, start to eat out my tight ass hole. as i hold the back of his head while he is eating an fingering my tight hole. Then i would get on my knees and start sucking that big ass dick, " looking into his eyes as i suck on that dick." then put my leggs up in the air so he can recive the grand prize, " my tight ass hole girpping on to his big ass dick." as he fucks me he is sucking on my nipple rings, makeing my hole contract on his dick. he is fucking me so well we both manage to bust at the same time. then we lay in the bed holding each other tightly.

Fantasy about Chad X

would love to fuck him raw, nut in his ass n let him eat it from inside him slef

Fantasy about Chad X from newpory, ky

u r sext too me, and wud love to have you go up in me one day

Fantasy about Chad X from Chicago

Would luv to lay him down on his stomach spread his legs wide ass hell,and put my long ass tongue directly inside his ass and eat nd suck dat ass until he nuts all over himself…

Fantasy about Chad X from West Palm Beach

Would love to suck him until I nice and horny, ready to take that thick dick. I want him to bust all over my face and lips...Rest for an hour and go at it again..

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