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About Izzy:

Izzy (aka CJ) is a sweetheart. He's cute, got that innocent little boy grin, then he pulls out that big-ass dick. BIG! Before you know it, the brother's got you choking on it. Yeah, real sweet. .


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Fantasy about Izzy from Buffalo

He so fucking sexy. I just wanna fuck him. Let me ride that

Fantasy about Izzy from columbus

Submissive slave that would like to serve you as my master. I would like you to dominant me and treat me like a bitch.

Fantasy about Izzy from Greenwood, Ms

Hell I want the hell out of him. I think he's cute as fuck and for us to be together or hang out. Im his nigga lol jk

Fantasy about Izzy from Decatur

its raining. its lightning. candles light the room and cast shadows as if staged. the raindrops leave the clouds and beat against the roof in a r&b rhythm that provokes us to get naked. I blow smoke from a blunt from my nose just as your tongue violates my recently shaven hole (puff). your massive hands grip butt cheeks and squeeze as a slobbery moan is released. the rhythm of the rain switches gears and we switch positions. u lay on your back sipping ciroc as I wind my slender/muscular body above you as if I was listening to a retarded reggae track (puff again). you're pleased. your massive member jerks and bangs against my leg...leaking love juice as u anticipate how it must feel inside the walls where your tongue recently played....(lighting strikes again and mysteriously only 1 candle's left burning). my gyrating shadow bounces off the adjacent wall (legs gapped, feet on both sides of u), I lower myself to meet your anxious manhood! thunder roars! lighting fills the sky! with your hands affixed to my waist you effortlessly & repeatedly introduce me to the reason u became a porn star!

Fantasy about Izzy from Jakarta

I just want to Izzy fuck me without condom and no mercy. Please make it happen!

Fantasy about Izzy from Philadelphia

Izzy I wanna suck on your meat sooo bad && slap your nice firm chocolate ass

Fantasy about Izzy from Broken Bow, Ok

I just wanna suck that big dick and suck on them nuts!

Fantasy about Izzy from newport news virginia

i would like for izzy to bust that nutt all over my face.and fuck me just rite.

Fantasy about Izzy from pensacola florida

you are cute man i no you got nice dick on you call me me xxx on my cell phone my is clifton

Fantasy about Izzy from King williams Town

I would like izzy to Jerk his dick in my Face so I could suck it and give him The BJ of his life...but mostly I want to see him cum

Fantasy about Izzy from monte bay

every things i like

Fantasy about Izzy from Canton Ohio

I want to fuck that preety ass of his

Fantasy about Izzy from Dallas

I wanna see him get fucked hard.

Fantasy about Izzy from Vancouver

lots of freaky sexy withg hot thugs

Fantasy about Izzy from albany

riding all day

Fantasy about Izzy from Portland

I want to choke on that dick and lick his balls at the same time.

Fantasy about Izzy from Washington, DC

I would love to see Izzy fuck Lex. Also, I would love to see Izzy fuck Cristobol.

Fantasy about Izzy from Izzyville, NY

I want that big dick cute Izzy inside of me!

Fantasy about Izzy from Plaqumine Louisiana

i wish that u were my man i would love to wake up every morning just get some of that big dick of your's then tell u to come st8ght home for lunch and give u some more of this man pussy and we can fuck all night when u get off i jiust love ur fine ass i wold like to know would u be my top boy and i your bottom boy.

Fantasy about Izzy from Lawton

WEl i wish izzy would just my virginity n fuck my brains out while i give him the best head his ever had ive never made a sex tape but i will with him! iiYES!

Fantasy about Izzy from ATL

My fantasy with Izzy would be for him to be a rough, shit-talking, ass-pounding top with no mercy. Throw me against the wall, make me take it, talk shit in my ear, and pound my ass silly!

Fantasy about Izzy from Newark

- i really wanna let you beat and eat and i suck ya dick

Fantasy about Izzy

Shiiiid Izzy's back! That dude got crazy dick 4 days! Shame he got on that dude and not nuvo tho..niggah need 2 sit nuvo on it and ride him in2 next week..

Fantasy about Izzy from nyc

you can dick me down any given day...

Fantasy about Izzy from Roanoke, Va

Damn, this is one fine bro. I'm Bi but I just fantasize about swollowing all that meat and havin him nut that huge load down my throat. That cum shot was the BOMB!

Fantasy about Izzy

i would want u to fuck the shit out of me and have your way with me

Fantasy about Izzy from oakland ca

I would love to get so damn nasty with him suck his dick and all

Fantasy about Izzy

i wanna fuck u bad

Fantasy about Izzy from phoenix

Fat ass, BIG rod!!! Would love to see that shit inside Jovannie:-)

Fantasy about Izzy from Irving

My Fantasy is Simply for you to fuck me.

Fantasy about Izzy from new orleans

omg i want it all.

Fantasy about Izzy from DC

getting fucked sucking a dick and getting my dick sucked at the same time.

Fantasy about Izzy

I would love to see CJ top Rico, Saint, Phoenix and Berlin!!!

Fantasy about Izzy from germany

guys you look so good and i like your way , you have will need in a man good work and i will like to no more abut you.

Fantasy about Izzy from NYC

This guy is a freaking cutie! That dick is something else, I just want to bottom out with this dude.

Fantasy about Izzy from New york

Outstanding CJ what a stroke, dick you have. I would love to just strip you naked lick your balls, suck on that long fat dick,eat your ass out. You even have a nice round ass a great hot flip flop with Alejandro will be got hot.

Fantasy about Izzy from Philadelphia

Man can you tear some booty up Damn ! You are by the far the top 2 tops to appear on this site all year tied with Jovannie. CJ, you filled hot bottom Miguel Lee just hole very nicely. I would love to see you work over another hot booty bottoms Rico, Saint.

Fantasy about Izzy from New York City

You should team-up CJ with Alejandro, He would sure love to suck & ride that DICK!!

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