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He's one of the sexiest versatiles on the site who has great chemistry with his costars--now's your chance to tell him your fantasies about him. Go for it.


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Fantasy about Moyea from palm beach gardens

i wish i could meet him have a nice dinner get to know him a little maybe talk a little then get busy for real that would be a dream come true. kinda-let him have his way with what ever he wanted to do to me in bed

Fantasy about Moyea from Paris

Please More videos of Moyea, he s amazing guy

Fantasy about Moyea from chicago

My fantasy about moyea is I would get him in a fancy hotel like the trump hotel in NYC and I would love. To massage those big sweaty juicy feet of his because I have a foot fetish and i always thought. His feet was sexy asl and after that i would fuck his cute ass until he tap out basically if he ever fucked with me he would never forget it cause I would treat him like royalty and satisfy myself at the same damn time I would even tip him if the sex was decent and if he made his presence worth my time lol hey I'm a pimp what i suppose to. Do but yep thats my fantasy for shorty bad ass

Fantasy about Moyea from Austin TX

I would like to take a bubble bath with rose peddals in the water rub him down wwith soap let him fuck me sooo good till he comes all over my face mmm nd still suck his cock

Fantasy about Moyea from Franklin

I agree is indeed. All I want him to do is get naked and stay naked. I will take good care of him at all times.

Fantasy about Moyea from harlem

I would love to see castro supreme fuck moyea. Mmmmmmmmmmm .... that would be so fukking tastey. =)

Fantasy about Moyea from NYC

I would like to fuck Moyea in Full leather and boots, and get fucked by him in leather... VERY HOT…

Fantasy about Moyea from wilmington de

I would like to see moyea get fucked in public but 2 hot guys and I would like o see the double penetrate him.

Fantasy about Moyea

Moyea, you are definitely one of the hottest stars in porn. I love your versatility and how you take a big dick. I love you in the video with Dream fucking that ass of yours. Now I want to see you fuck that ass of his. Then come on to my house.Baby

Fantasy about Moyea from Jacksonville Beach

You are the hottest dude on earth !

Fantasy about Moyea from Houston

Take him on a date, dinner at a nice restaurant at a nice hotel, jacuzzi, get him a professional massage...and play cheesy games all night...let him take the night off...everyone on here is trying to woo him...he's tasty enough just to fantasize about. Though if he wanted to play...then I'm game...he won't be disappointed.

Fantasy about Moyea from brooklyn

love to fuck him

Fantasy about Moyea from chicago

i would love to tongue kiss him and lick his nipples and his stomach then move down to his feet and suck his toes and lick and work my way up to his big dick and suck his dick till it change colors then ill hop my big ass on that dick and ride him all night long (moyea if you ever read this email me so i can show you a good time;)

Fantasy about Moyea from Miami

Sucking big dicks

Fantasy about Moyea from Manhattan

I would love to hold you and kiss you all over.....…

Fantasy about Moyea from Milford, PA

I love it when someone gives me really good "HEAD", like he has all day! taking his time sucking my dick!, I love to get my nipples licked and sucked, and finally the last fantasy of mine is fucking a dude in his ass till I "CUM" directly in his ass! I don't like getting penitrated. I like to do all of the work! (Sex wise).

Fantasy about Moyea

i want him so bad in 1 year iam comeing for him damen i dream about him everynight damen i bust nuts just by looking @ his pics

Fantasy about Moyea from Philly

Da bul Moyea makes me hot as Hell. I'd love to get him in the shower. Soap him up n sex him down. Eat dat ass n stroke dat pinga, I wanna fuck his pretty mouth then have him sit dat sweet culo on my chocolate love muscle while the water runs over us. I wanna make him nut while I'm inside that sexxy muscle ass.

Fantasy about Moyea from Macon

ih moyea you are so fuckin hot i wanna u to fuck me so good and let it be so damn juicy man oh man i wanna suck your dick so good than i dont wanna stop your are the hottest man i did see like for real im not gonna lie oh man i love u so much fuck me moyea fuck me please

Fantasy about Moyea from San Juan, PR

In my fantasy, I'm with him in a great orgy, only he can touch me

Fantasy about Moyea from Bronx

He's one of the sexiest men out there. i've seen him in person and almost came on myself. i also have him as facebook buddy. i would seriously love to put my nose up against his pretty pink asshole and sniff that hole, then eat it. i would let this man fart in my face, and that's serious for me. i want him to nut all over my face. it would be so hot if me and him flip flopped. i love puerto rican men!!!! Dominicano up in the BX!!!

Fantasy about Moyea from DenVer

Jus One thing "FREAK in MA JEEp!!! THen DRIVE To Cali GEt -A- MoTel an fill ~OUT Tha ShEEts~

Fantasy about Moyea from fontana

i think id love to have fun and get to know him know his personality and the enitire him in a whole.

Fantasy about Moyea from Houston

Damn, I have been dreaming of Moyea since his first scene wit PapiThugz. I would love to eat that ass and suck that big ass dick of his. I wish he escorts so I can make my dreams cum true. Oh and yeah, I would love to see him dancing and striping again. Hott Hott Hott

Fantasy about Moyea from bridgeport

mmm juicy papi love to suck on his dick!!

Fantasy about Moyea from Charlotte

Yo, what I love about this sexy thug Rican Nigga is that when he became versitle, he would take dick and let you know how it feels...this motha fuka let's you know how much it hurts and how good the dick feels. I hate a nigga who takes dick and is silent. When I fuck a nigga, I wanna know that I'm hittin dat spot and how the nigga feels. When I'm takin dick...yo, I'm all about lettin a nigga know how good that shit feels. Motha fukas...Make Some Noise....that's a big part of the turn on....

Fantasy about Moyea from passaic

yo con el hago de to le mamo el culo me bebo la leche pasaria una noche entera sin dormir haciendo el amor.

Fantasy about Moyea from dubuque

fuck u hard then let you eat out my azz

Fantasy about Moyea from New Jersey

A repeat with Lex would be great but this time, throw Slim thug in their.

Fantasy about Moyea from Bronx

Hey Moyea well its simple my fantasy was already fufilled way befor u bacmae a famous porn starr, I knew you when u danced at a little club in the bronx on unionport rd, I think u know what im talking about papi, Migente, anyway we hooked up that night, all night long and the next moarning too, i just wanna relive that fantasy of me hooking up with a sexy stripper and showing u what i have learned new

Fantasy about Moyea from Dallas

Moyea is so fine, and now we can see that he can really take that dick. My fantasy is to see him with someone who knows how to eat that ass of his and lay down the pipe too. I'm think of Cornbread or Slim Thug, they both know how to handle a horny devil like Moyea.

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