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Trey Turner's handsome, crazy-sexy, got that tight muscular body,a thick hard pinga, and an ass that was meant to be fucked long, deep and hard. He starred with Matthew Rush in his first video on Papithugz. Watch him turn it out, just for you.


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Shower Power-Fuck

Tropical Heat

Breakfast N Ass

Officer Rush: Off-Duty Workout

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Fantasy about Trey Turner from phoenix,az

saw a cool estim video with him to have him in another.where big men strip,and cuff him down on a table,and wire up his hot cock and balls.he's wet down,and jolted to orgasms,he must stay erect and cum,or the current increases,love to see him thrashing and spilling cum while he wails and gets shocked good

Fantasy about Trey Turner from new rochelle

would lov to hire him for a weekend, kid is cute!!!!

Fantasy about Trey Turner from Chicago

Trey is so fucking hot--his ass, his body, his face and his cock! I'd love to tongue tease his beautiful tool, get it wet and slippery with my spit, really drive him fucking crazy. I'd lick and kiss his dick, suck his balls deep in my mouth, and get my tongue deep inside his asshole. He'd then grab me, lube my hole, and fuck the shit out of me. It would be raw and intense, and finally, he'd cum do deep, so hard inside my ass that I would shoot a thick, creamy load as well.

Fantasy about Trey Turner from htown

ettin is assss an fuckin him

Fantasy about Trey Turner from dallas

I would love to slip his shorts down and let that big fat cock plop out and hit my face and smell his manlyness

Fantasy about Trey Turner from phila

Want to see some big Dick. And nice ass

Fantasy about Trey Turner from Cleveland

My Trey fantasy would be having Trey come home one day in a suit and tie. He was at a interview meeting at a big company, but he didn't get the job. Trey looks down and is clearly upset. He is disappointed that yet again he is not able to help me pay the rent this month. "It's okay, you'll get the next one." I said to him loosing the tie around his strong neck. "It's not okay, I feel like an ass, I promised you that I'll help pay the rent and I can't. This fucking sucks that I can't help you. I want you to be able to buy things you like. New clothes and shoes, things like that." He said looking into my eyes. I look back at his brown eyes and give him a smile. "As long as I have you than I'm good." I kiss him standing on my toes as he towered over me. He grasp me with his arms and gave me a bigger kiss. He laid me down on the bed and continued to kiss me. His lips was so warm against mines, on my neck. They were so soft and big. He sucked on it as if he was trying to leave his mark on me. He took off my gray long sleeve shirt and kissed my chest. I started to unbutton his shirt and saw his muscles. My hand traced his pecks and then I took off his shirt and he took off his tie. I kissed his muscles and kissed the star on the side of his rib cage. I could hear him breathed heavily. I unbuckled his pants and unzipped his pants pulling them to his ankles where he took them off along with his shoes. He had a jock strap on, His dick was so hard and his jock strap was staind by his precum. My hand grabbed his cock and my lips were ready kiss it under the fabric until he pulled me up andkissed my lips as he embraced my body against his. He laid me down and pulled down my jogging pants, I wasn't wearing any underwear and my waist was wet by my precum. "Damn baby, thats a lot of precum." He said to me as he got on his knees. "Let me make things right for you." He said as he licked my 7.5 inch dick from the rim to the tip. His tongue tickled so much that I got goose bumps. He started to suck my dick and shoved it as far as he can in his mouth. His mouth was so wet, it felt so good that it felt like I was about to bust out cum. I pulled him off before that could happened. He smiled at me as he held my dick. I sat up and kissed him again, the precum on his lips tranfered to mines. I got off the bed and kneeled to him I took out his dick and sucked it. I could hear him moan. His dick was so big that I couldn't take so much, I made sure that I played with his head, licking and suck it as much as possible. I swallowed so much precum. "Oh baby," He moaned as he grabbed my head and pushed his dick further in my mouth. He pulled me up and got in between my legs. He grabbed the lube and rubbed it on his finger and started to finger me. I cringed, we really never went this far. I only sucked his dick and he sucked mines, but we never actually fucked. He grabbed a condom and opened it. "No, I want it raw." I said to him. "No, I respect you too much to do that." He told me with his cute smile. He slipped on the condom and slide in his big dick in me. First it was slow and romantic, like every moment count. We kissed over and over again. He went faster, My ass and his thighs calpped against each other. He went deeper and faster. He hugged me and Laid down on his back, I got on top of him andslide his throbing dick back in. He jacked me off as I moved my ass up and down. Him and I moaned together. He hugged me and thrust dick harder and faster in me as I moaned even louder. "Am I hurting you?" I shook my head no and he went faster. I got off and got on my knees and hands with my ass in the air and he stuck it back in me. His big hands grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him with great force. He threw me off and said "I'm gonna cum." He took off his condom and I quickly wrapped my lips around that cock and sucked it. He moaned as his cum shoot in my mouth I continued to suck as more and more came out. I let a little pour out as I kept on sucking until it became limp. "Now to finsh you." I spat out the cum and he sucked me off. He shoved the whole thing in his mouth. and I was about to cum. I told him, but he kept on deep throating it until I came down his throat. He swallowed it and pulled out my dick. "I hope that's payment enough to say more than I'm sorry." He said looking up at me. "It was even when you kissed me. Next time I want you in me raw and cum in me, I think we're ready. He got up and laid me on the bed and held me. He smiles and said "I could go again in a few minutes." I told him the same thing.

Fantasy about Trey Turner from New York

Just being able to fuck with him is a fantasy in and of itself, yo. Lol

Fantasy about Trey Turner from NYC

i need to see a real top fuk him down. daddy? slim? black?

Fantasy about Trey Turner from Miami, FL

I love Trey Turner since Naked Kombat, his body and posture is amazing. His booty jiggles too lolz, sexy!

Fantasy about Trey Turner from Macinaw, MI

Damn, Damn, Damn Papithugz! I am just in loooove with this man--I love his cute smile and that ass. Bring it! Is he new? I have never seen him before but he bottoms like he's a pro!

Fantasy about Trey Turner from Atlanta

Trey Turner hook up with JT. Flip flopping for them two. Hoping he does a video with Phat Daddy too.

Fantasy about Trey Turner from worcester

i would tare off ur clothes & kiss ur whole body take ur big dick and suck it nice & good wit my hot latino lips then id turn u around n munch on that botty then shove my cock in it as i fuck u id nibble on ur neck n ear n kiss u then id let u fuck me and after all that id suck u till u came id suc u dry

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