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About Saint:

Saint is Papithugz's latest exclusive versatile star added to the roster. Check out that handsome face (kinda looks like Jay-Z, right?) and hot body. Yot gotta fantasy about him? Let him know right now.

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I'm Gonna Fuck You Just Like I Did In Puerto Rico

King In My Dreams

Ass On A Platter

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Fantasy about Saint from Houston


Fantasy about Saint from yemassee

i would to have saint in my bed every night morning and noon no work just fuck all day long

Fantasy about Saint from Wilmington

Im Mark cuz, da dude dat want to chill wit u for one da or nite an smoke, hav ur more thing to add bruh.get to kno u an see (chill) wit u on a reg basis..everything else will fall into place..dats my fantasy about u Saint..

Fantasy about Saint from Wilmington

Damn Saint, ur mad sexy bruh..saw u in action an was stuck damn rite..dis dudes hot as hell..would jus like to chill wit u..b in ur company for a day or nite..smoke wit u..all u stars ur attention like crazy for dat day or nite..jus me & u.

Fantasy about Saint from greenville al.


Fantasy about Saint from Alexandria, VA

My first fantasy (the first posting on this fan page) still stands - you, Rico and Cornbread and you and Kobie! I keep watching your videos and you are are GREAT bottom who can also it! So, I also want to see you and Rico in a hot flip flop...Your dick and his ass would be soo sexy and then your ass and his dick, DAMN!! I would love to meet you and hang out if you're ever in my area. Let me know if you get this way. You will not be disappointed. So, PT, let's make these videos happen...let's start with Rico and Saint together...and then add in Cornbread, and Kobie too!

Fantasy about Saint

To see Saint flip-flop with Phoenix, or totally bottom out for Black.

Fantasy about Saint from Houston

He's madd sexi i'd pipe dat real qick!

Fantasy about Saint from Detroit

I would love to suck your Big Dick and you fuck this virgin ass. Can you make that happen. Don't tease me I waited to long.

Fantasy about Saint


Fantasy about Saint from philadelphia

Saint is just too hot with a phat booty. I would love to see him, superstar hottie Rico get it going.

Fantasy about Saint from chicago

Well my fantasy with saint is that im sleeping and he comes in my room n he start kissin my neck. then he makes his way down to my dick n he is giving me some men as head. then i start suckin he dick. then he start fuckin me he is blowing my back out. he puts me in some many different positions. then he fucks me till he comes all over me then i suck his dick.

Fantasy about Saint from washington, dc

to have sex with saint all night

Fantasy about Saint from da Bronx

He looks to gay to have fantasies about.

Fantasy about Saint from Houston,Texas

I have always wanted to see him

Fantasy about Saint from alexandria

i would the saint to drink off my belly...while eat his eat

Fantasy about Saint from Columbia

I would love to flip flop with your sexy ass and role play some sexy crazy shit like you coming over to clean the pool and from there we get it on.

Fantasy about Saint from Orlando

I could just suck on those lips allll day and never get bored.

Fantasy about Saint from victorville ca

me him and king chillin and they take over me and just fuck the shit out of me

Fantasy about Saint from Miami

My fantasy with this mofo would be to have those lips tease my cock for hours on end with his signature sloppy blowjob, then i'd let him ride me and bust so hard in his ass. Then I let him tease me some more til I'm ready to ride tht sexc ass again. I would let this dude ride me til my dick fall off. lol I used to think i was strictly a bottom... until I saw Saint in action. goddamn that ass on that body with those lips omg .... he's probably turned more straight men gay than he can count.

Fantasy about Saint from bronx ny

two big dicks black guys fucking me

Fantasy about Saint from syracuse


Fantasy about Saint from blk ts in washington dc

I think your one of the sexiest men on this site. Keep doing what your doing boo.

Fantasy about Saint from New York

This dude is sexy as hell man, I would love to get down with Saint on a private beach in the rain-and make it rain all nite long with dude. Saint keep shit real and masculine, you are the sexiest dude on PapiThugz!

Fantasy about Saint from miami

I would love it if you invited me over to your pad. when I get there u tel.l me to strip and lay across a big horse in the middle of the room. you then tie my hands and feet to the horses legs greas up my ass hole and start to fuck my ass. a few of you thugs show up then and strip for action. one in my mouth and a secont one up my ass. then I take two inmy mouth some one unties my hands and I start jacking off other gays as the come in. evrytime one comes in my mouth or up my ass he is replaced by another. I can easly take 20 or thirty guys like this. every so often some one puts his hand up my ass takes out a hand full of cum and feeds it to me... after all I am miami pig man. If you email me we can set up something. other wise I 'llbe at the miami bath house on carlway waiting for some gang bang action.

Fantasy about Saint from Jackson, Ms

I would love to let himm cum all in me

Fantasy about Saint from pomona

Dam. i want this guy to pound my ass until i wanna cry

Fantasy about Saint

To see him bottom for Diesel Washington and Treshawn Valentino, or flip-flop with Scott Alexander.

Fantasy about Saint

To see Saint bottom for Black and Cornbread, or flip-flop with Phoenix.

Fantasy about Saint from chicago

eating ur ass then fucking u while being fucked

Fantasy about Saint from Washington, DC

Bring Saint back and get a phat dick to tap that phat ass of I want to tap that shit!!!

Fantasy about Saint from Chi

I wanna fuck you in the ass.

Fantasy about Saint from Newark, NJ

Damn he's fine.... I want him slam me hard and make me want more!

Fantasy about Saint from Atlanta

This is my fantasy for one of my weekends off. I dream of you, Alejandro and me hanging out, going to a movie, then dinner and we go back to my place. After we have a little wine, you and me start kissing then Alejandro joins in. Tongues are in full swing. The Clothes come off and before I know it, the three of us are flip-flopping in my bed all night long. We fuck each other until all of our dicks are raw and our assholes are sore. Used condoms filled with cum are all over the floor. We wake up the next morning and clean the bedroom up and ya'll cook me the best brunch I've ever had. But I gotta admit that my sweaty ass has gotta take a shower so we kick it again in the shower with rock-hard dicks in mouths, tongues on nipples and sudsy fingers in assholes... only to be followed by drippin-wet action in the hallway, the living room, the kitchen and back to the bedroom just to mess it all up again.

Fantasy about Saint from Tuscaloosa

I would love to ride that dick of his. Its something about him that has a strong sex appeal. Maybe its the lips. I would give up the ass to him any way he wants it. I would just hold on to his strong arms suck on them lips. WOW! I'm hott now!

Fantasy about Saint from Rocky Mount

I want to see you fuck Fat Daddy;rip his virgin azz to shreds!

Fantasy about Saint from jacksonville

i want u to eat me then fuck me stupid while pullin my long hair

Fantasy about Saint from Nyc

This Guy is one of the sexiest I've seen on here, and he is gonna make it big with Papithugz, I just wann lick every inch of his body, too sexy!

Fantasy about Saint from Alexandria, VA

This man is HOT! Sexy body and handsome face. I would luv to see him with Tyson Kobie in one scene where Kobie just gets into that ass deep. If Kobie is vers, that would make this scene one of the best! Two hot men with phat asses and big dks going at it deep and long. Another scene would be with Saint, Rico and Cornbread. Flip flop sex all around. Rico and Saint can start it off by the pool while Cornbread is sleep in the house. Cornbread wakes up and watches Saint and Rico out the window. He gets hard and strats strokin. Rico and Saint see Cornbread watchin them, but they dont let him know. They keep going at it by the pool. Then, Saint leaves Rico by the pool and heads to the house to join Cornbread in the bedroom. Once there, Cornbread sucks Saint's dk and then Saint starts fuckin Cornbread. While fuckin him, Rico comes in and slides his dk in Saint's ass while he's fukin Cornbread. The fuckin continues with each one takin turns being in the middle until they all cum on Saint's face and chest! Let's make this happen PT!!!

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