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About Marco Cruise:

He's the hottest new power bottom we've seen in a minute--a cutie Puerto Rican with an ass that won't quit. And he's really quite charming. You gotta fantasy about this hot newcummer? Now's your chance--let's hear it.

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Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Milwaukee

GOD I'm CRAVING this fucking PIG this very second i wanna get him in glossy leather chaps tight shiny, fuck doll suck his toes baby oil his muscles and breed his sloppy shithole for HOURS spitting on him, hear that macho pig grunt. Piece of trash high on drugs he passes out before im nutting in him im holding his hips as his head and lifeless arms flop about. WORTH getting pozed from this slutty toxic ass! WOOF

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Westminster

Well, for one, I have always had a weakness for puerto ricans, and when I saw this man? well, he's the answer to all of my fantasies. There are a lot of things I would do to this man, but can't. So, I'll just keep my inner wants and desires to myself, and j/o to the images and movies he stars in.

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from BEIJING


Fantasy about Marco Cruise from San Fran.

I Have been seeing so many movies with you and man you perform as the Hottest porn star i have seen......Makes me fantasize about wish i can be with you.....your proformance here is beautiful......

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from DALLAS TX


Fantasy about Marco Cruise from NYC

Marco sitting back after a hard days works lights up a cigarette while I get on my knees......he pulls my head down and rubs on his sweaty aromatic crotch ....I can feel his bulge harden as I patiently wait for him to unzip and reveal that awesome aromatic big dick and heavy loaded balls...the rest is up to him , I am here to obey..…

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Chicago

Man i am really loving this guy.... He is one hell of a Hot pig bottom and looks so hot getting that hole filled with big dicks.... ooohhh man you lookin good with your legs open takin a phat dick like you do..... i would love to get with you boi.... I would show you where its at with my big dick opening up your hole to take it like a good papi... I am waiting to see who papi thugz has for you next to fill that latin pig hole…

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from madison

I live in Wisconsin and I"m partial to the northwoods and all its glorious nature and seasons. One of my favorite places is the North Shore, which is the Lake Superior coastline northeast of Duluth Minnesota. The lake is powerful and spiritual which lends an awe, appreciation, and humility to visitors. It can give you an abiding peace or awaken dormant passions. This place is where I would love to take Marco. Get him out of his city roots and tough boy routine and place him in a fall colored forest cut through by racing rivers that collide with the lake. I picture taking Marco on a long walk, well beyond the used trails, to a quiet place in the woods where no one walks. We would get naked and roll around in the leaves, kissing deeply while my fingers prepped his hole for a workout. I would flip Marco over, spread his hairy cheeks, and bury my face in his ass. Once it was wet and warm I would slide my cock into his butt and make intense love culminating in my explosion inside him. Then we would lie there, smelling the leaves, looking up at the red maples and golden birches, and talk until the sun started setting.

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Chicago

i like sexy bodys and i like suck on a big dick

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Los Angeles

Hi Marco, I saw you in San Francisco just other day, at the Gay pride, where you were appearing. All i can say is you are even more beautiful in person and absolutly the Hottest guy. I can see now why so many people like/love you.... Which my boy friend and i are also one of them that love you..... The people were going crazy for you, to take pictures and get your autograph which i waited n finally did get one also.... You looked so great and so sexy standing there in a Jock Strap and your combat boots and dog tags hanging from your beautiful muscular chest....I wish i could have you in bed every day. I would make you so happy. You are definatly a Hot Papi.... I can wait to see yor next Papi Thugz movie as well as any others.…

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from cincinnati

i need him to fuck me now!

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Cleveland

YO MARCO, how i would love to make you suck on my BIG Dick to get it so hard then i would bend u over and show u how a real Top Fucks a Hot ass like yours...they don't call me Dawg for nuthin.... I would Dawg Dick that Hot ass and would tear it up so much you would be begging for me to stop n at the same time wanting more......You can see how Great of a Power Bottom you r and with such a Perfect look and your need for a real man to satisfy that man hole you have.....I have now seen you in a few movies and whoa you have one hungry hole, that makes any Top want to bend u over and Fuck the hell out of ya.......Also what turns me on so much about You and makes You so Hot and The Perfect Bottom is that you look like a Total Man, so Good Lookin n act so Masculine..... You r one perfect Guy.....Just watchin you perform makes me jerk off every time just wishin i was the one pounding on your ass holding on to ya Hot muscle Bod.... Baby i would love to make you my Power Bottom Boi and with my BIG Dick you would never need another.....Papi Thugz Man You found the Hottest Fantasy Man for all us Tops......

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Holt


Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Everywhere!

Man would love to put u in a jockstrap and put u in bed with another bottom. Then get over 10 tops. u 2 bottoms have to kiss and make out. Put on a real good lezzie show for us men. eating each others holes. smacking ur asses. getting urselves ready for all those 10 dicks. then we ask u "how u want it bitches?" and u both saw "Bareback and rough!" Then we thug fuck ur holes. u both scream as u get pummeled. The whole time u 2 are making out telling each other how much u love dicks in ur ass. U compete to see how many loads u can take but u both end up with 8 each. some guys shoot 2 in u! U both get sluttier and sluttier as the night goes on. U keep begging us for more dick. U suck us. Eat our asses. Play with our nipples. Do whatever it takes to get us hard again and get more fucking. Ur holes end up bruised, puffy, pink, swollen, and dripping with cum. Ur jockstraps are soaked with cum drippings. U 2 bitches fall asleep in each others arms, asses up in case more tops come over in the middle of the night.

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from union in DC

A man of Total Perfection!!!!!

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Union DC

I can not stop watchin you man...So masculine and know how to plesae a top... You can just see the love you have for BIG Dick Tool up inside that hole...You are one perfect nigga papa.. I would love to be with you, puttin all my man hood deep inside ya boi....I would bust such a huge nut all over your perfect body and deep inside ur man hole...Ya can just see how the tops that r dickin ur hole r just loving every minute... Thats what makes watching you and the guys poundin on you so Hot...Not many porn star bottoms have that swagg and sexual appeal that you soooo posess... You r a Latin Prince.…

Fantasy about Marco Cruise

I want to see Slimthug fuck the shit out of you. He can really fuck that ass good and make it like pussy, like he did to Rico. He will leave you sore, puffy, gushy and begging for more

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from NYC

im a young twink, show me how to smoke, then make suck on your dick, switch me and fuck me.. make me worshipu big body

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from chicago

j would like to have marco cum over after work drop his pants and let me take good care of hjs tool. then i would like marco to turn me over and use his tool on me until we both cum to completion then i would like marco to slide his nice tounge down my throat and make out with me and suck on my nipples until they turn purple

Fantasy about Marco Cruise

ur soo sexy i love that way your masculine, yohurbaebe hairs on your ass turns me on i would love for someone to treat you like the prince that you are and smell your ass, suck your toes, pour wax on your back and chest, and then you all run and he fucks you on the construction truck , after finishing a police officer comes and you all run..

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from LA

DAYUMMMM MARCO! Game Over. They need to change the name of this site to PAPIMARCO. That ass should be bronzed and in a museum and you should be teachin' a power bottom fuckin' class at The Learning Annex. LOL! Keep up the good work.

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Port Huron


Fantasy about Marco Cruise from los Angeles

Holy shit PAPI THUGZ we need more of this boi Marco... one night with you with my fat dick in that hole and that will be all you will need.... you are just to perfect... man i jerked off many many times watching your man hole getting fucked by big redd... i can not with till i see who Papi thugs gets to ride your ass next.... Man you r the most beautiful Power Bottom i have see so far.....more of this True Papi thug will be nice to see......Marco,You just have an awesome sexual appeal that shows when you are enjoying dick in your ass.....What a Beautiful Face, Bod and of course that ass...…

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from nyc

hey marco this is the second movie i have seen you in and let me tell you you are a tops dream! man if i just have a piece of that! your a true power bottom, total sexual appeal. give us more marco Papi thugs.

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Newark

AWESOME Body, Face and a Real Sexual Appeal man and the most Perfect sweet ass... Me and my boi's would love to Tag that ass....Yo Papi Thugz set something up real good for his next ass pounding for us to see..…

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Phoenix Arizona

My fantasy would be marco in his contsruction uniform knocking on my aprtment door wanting to use the restroom and I let him in and go to show him where it is and after he finishes I grab for his crotch and go down on him. :P and the rest is history :)

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Bronx

I have seen this hot guy before in clubs and always had the hots for him. After seeing this video, damn he is one hot fucker. Love the way he takes dick up his hot ass. Wish it was me in that hot ass. He has one hot body. I would be licking every inch of him. Sucking that hot cock and eating that hot plump ass. Eating it good and opening up that hot hole so i can slide my big dick in there. He is one hot bottom that knows how to please a man's dick. I am here waiting for you Marco. Very hard and waiting to plow you.

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Bergenfield NJ

I would lick this man from head to toe.. spending hours on his sweet ass and kissing that sexy face.... I'd tie him up in my bed so I could lay with him all day long!

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from bronx ny

after seen a few of this films MAN...!!! i would love to see this macho power bottom getting fucked by Jovonnie and/or Castro at the same time and see how macho this nice ass rican can be, that's turnning me on....!!!

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from new york city

great fucking shots...!!! love seen this PRican macho guy having that ass fuucked... like to see this kind of macho guys in films like this…

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from New Your City

Yo Papi you one Fine Hot Ass Rican Marco... Daymn Boi i would love to tear that ass up......You be takin the Dick like a true champ.. How i would love to have MY body in motion with YOU....I would plant my seed deep in side that perfect ass....Sup

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from MIAMI


Fantasy about Marco Cruise from new york

Oh boy let me tell you if I have some time alone with Marco cruise um he would be amazed with my Dick movement I could pound his ass all night from the bed to the floor even the the wall we could have so much fun together. We would never need lube with him in my bed I can pre cum for ever and I kno I would make him cum more than once.

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Oakland

OMG he is so HOT!!!!!!!!Marco is what we have been waiting for!!!!!!!and that body is to die for.....

Fantasy about Marco Cruise

Man you the kind of phat ass nigga i'd love to fuck. would love to see rico tear you shit up yo!

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from NJ

I want Marco plump lips around my hard cock then i want to throw him on my bed and fuck him all night long OMG his Gorgeous ass.

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from New York

There is nothing hotter than seeing a sexy masculine guy getting fucked and TRULY loving it like Marco does. He is such a good looking sexy man, how I would love to have him for a night.....or two.

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from ny

man i would like to fuck Marcos hot ricans ass and to have been tagging him right along with big red.cant wait to see whos gonna get up inside there next, if its not gonna be me!

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from NYC

Marco is a Hot Sexy bottom!!! When will it be his turn to take a turn and give it to another Hot Papi? SHOW me more! After seein Marco he is a true Papi Thug! Also with a Sexy ass I want to Fuck....

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from B-more

LOVE to see a real man who loves getting dicked down! Can't wait to see him hook up with either Cornbread or Rico

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from Washington DC

Just from seein Marco they should call him MACHO MARCO...Man how i would love to take a turn on his Sexy Ass!!!!!! I shot my Load just from seein his pictures!! Big Red is one Hot Papi as well!!!

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from new york

after seeing those pics of marco cruise, i had to joy this web to watch his hot ass get pounded... this rican knows how to take it... TOTAL HOTNESS...!!! i can't wait to see who is going to be the next PAPI to take care of that hot ass....

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from new york

WOW...!!! this guy really knows how to work that cock... really got my attention, and is the kind of guys that we need to see more often, looks a regular guy, not like on the other web sites with a lot of pretty boys, pretty faces and great toned bodies; this guy made me feel like i was the one in the film... really turned me on... well done guys...

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