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The name says it all--Phat Daddy's got the body and the big dick
to back up his name. He's been working out and it shows.
He's already a fan favorite and he's just getting warmed up. We know
you got mad fantasies about him--here's your chance--don't be scurr'd.
Speak up now and tell us all your hottest fantasies.


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Fantasy about Phat Daddy

My fantasy is to top that top/lil god/phat daddy. If he won't let me do that, I want to finger him while he is jerking off. If he won't let me do that, I WILL eat his hairy hole while he is jerking off.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from hobbs nm

want phatt daddy and python to hit this ass

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Philadelphia

we'd be at the gym id look over and he'd be looking then id look at him and he'd ask if i ever been fucked id tell him once but not for a long time ten he'd walk over and tell me to walk with him and we go into the locker room and i would touch his dick wile he was dressed then he pull it out fuck my face and fuck my forever then cum and keep going tie curling and all wet

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Philadelphia

I'll tell my story when it happens but ace Rockwood and XL is in it as well as phat daddy foursome with all them ( slicks lips ) that would be lit

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from San Francisco bay area

Phat daddy, your fat dick is. jucie and the right size in my eye, let see if phat daddy can fit in my tight space, you be the type of man that could get the business anyway you like, one things for sure you could bring yo. phate dick where my tight space is and grind my pussy ass! This bitchnigga gotta have you now what's up!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Houston tx

Phat daddy flies down to Houston to surprise me for the fantasy he comes to my house as I open the door I peep through the peep hole to see it's him I scream and den run and change. I open the door and he say wass up teddy bea I hug him we go to hotel were we can spend the weekend cause that's how long it's gonna take me to make him fallin on the way we chat ALITTLE den as he drives I get him ready wink wink we get to the hotel go into the room where for the frist 5min I act like I don't want him restraining myshelf he come over whisper in my ear come on u no u want to so I give in he rum my body down meal ting my clothes off when I switch it up and give him a message and it's I remove his clothing I use some whipped cream to eat that phat ass when we flips me over and dose the same we go to the tub to get unsticky was. I suck dat phat dick when I stop he can't take it no more we run back to the bed he puts a condom on and put his dick in side and fuck my phat ass he says damm u got a phattttt assssss I smile after 10min I get on top ridding dat dick like a person on a bull but I don't fall off I ride it so good he u start to ahead a tear u can't believe how good it is as ur about to come I slap my ass on u even harder ass u bust u scream till the president can hear u when the weekend is over a month later u stalking me cause it was so good and I promise to put it on u one more time lol oh I have to go now seem I made a mess in my bed to be continued

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from CA

Phat Daddy has had a long day and goes into a mysterious house with a dungeon. He is wearing a business suit and he walks down stairs. I am waiting chained up in just a jock strap. He unlocks me and orders me to get to work! I take of his shoes and massage his feet. I then suck his toes. I pull his beautiful cock from his zipper and give him head. He then gets undressed and fucks me on the dungeon floor. He nuts in my face, gets dressed,turns the light back out and leaves me in the dark.He doesn't even thank me or say goodbye

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Montreal Canada

I am lying on my bed very horny he opens the door walks over to me removes his shorts displaying a very nice cock I put head under his cock licking his balls while he stokes his cock then he becomes fully erect then says to me are you ready I say yes cant wait I then lay face up on the bed spread my legs open and in the air ass propped up he enters me slow and smooth all the way up then he grabs my heels spreading my legs farther open then the in out motion picks up just the right speed he keeps this up until my whole body goes into a frenzy then brings my hole to orgasm and I shoot my load he then withdraws from hole and puts that big cock in my mouth shooting his full load down my throat I swallow every bit and loving it as he lets out a moan of relief and says to me that was great then I finish cleaning the head of his cock with my tongue and mouth swallowing every last drop lying on bed he opens the door comes up to me puts his big nice cock

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Tulsa

I'm at Daddy's house we're making out on the couch, I start kissing his neck then work my way down his sexy abs and stomach. I rip his pants off and tease him by putting just the head of his dick in my mouth. Then lick his shaft and suck his balls. I take his dick all the way in my mouth and let him face fuck me while we 69. Then he throws me on the bed and he fucks me hard for hours with me on my back, my stomach, doggy style, he's standing and fucking me while we kiss. He lays me on the bed and shoots his big load in my mouth and I swallow all of it and suck him tell he's dry and shoot my load on my stomach. We hit the shower and he fucks me some more and I swallow his load again. We got to sleep naked while cuddling. He wakes up to me sucking his big dick and he fucks me hard tell hes ready to shoot again and I swallow it all. I leave his place and do it all over again another time.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Paris

avec mon frère Jummeau PHAT au lit faire pleins de chosses sexuelles hard et de calins.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Miami

Ain't much you could fantasize about that Phat Daddy haven't already done........ He just so FINE !!!! That new tattoo and his hair makes you melt even more..... I just want to taste that dick

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Budapest

i want fuck his guy, very handsome and awesome cock... i like

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Columbus ohio

XXMy fantasy is just to be his wife and have a family with him

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from bronx, NY

XXI want you daddy, I want you to meet me, let me suck your big cock, deepthroat balls deep till you cum, I'll rim ur ass, lick and suck your balls, lick those hot nipples. after I suck you off and you cum, I want you to throw me on my stomach and rub that big cock head against my tight hole, push it in me, go slow, but once u get that cock in me.... you go as fast and deep as you want. would be hot if you surprised me.... after I suck you off... and I'm on my stomach... I hear the door open... you invited one of your hot hung papithugz friend to join in... he makes me suck him off while you plow my tight hole. I'm in the Bronx, near Fordham road.... LOVE latin men.... do anything for a hot papi. get back to me if you want to stretch me out. .... always ready to suck off a hot latin.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from bronx ny

XXhey chulo ima ts shortie ...n I wanna c wats good with u papi.. im from the bronx ..hit me up on messenger

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from New York

XXI beat off to him all of the time. I love the break n entering porn. I want him to do that to me. I want to eat his ass out, suck his dick and have him fuck me.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy with June from Suitland

  WITH  Phat Daddy and June FUCK, they eat each others ass, suck each others dicks, june rides phat daddy's phat dick, end of story!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from NASHVILLE


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from cahokia

XXMy fantasy Is for phat daddy to be fresh out da shower wit only a towl around him and he rub me down slowly so I can enjoy his hands an wen he finnish I take dat towl off an suck his big dick so good an then let him fuck me so good I wont never forget my first.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Knoxville

XXMy fantasy is to have phat daddy come home from work and see me showering he takes his clothes off and gets in the shower with me. He feels all on my ass and puts his finger in my hole, we get out the Shower and go to the bedroom he throws me on the bed and eats my big booty he stick his tongue all in my asshole, then I eat his ass and suck his dick, then it's time to fuck he fucks me so hard and pounds my tight asshole mmmm and he cums all on my face

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from macon ga

XXSucking his dick and cum

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from ocala

XXI would love for Phat Daddy to fuck me hard.…

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Toronto

XXI had the best fucking dream ever. I dont know where I was but all i remember was bumping into phat daddy in the staircase.. and he fucked me so goood it felt real. Until some fucker walks in on us .. and ruins the moment. But the dream was unreal!! He is so fucking fine

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from lamrque

we are in th work out room together puting in wrk and thn i tell him im aboit to hit the shower and thn he peeks in on me and say to him self damn!! shawty got a fat ass i turn around on him plyin with his dick and i say don't just stand there come on in and do someing....…

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from l

Why doesnt he like pussy damn.. tryna give him some wet wet

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from montreal

I admire him when I look at him I wish it was him standing beside me so icould blow that nice cock and then take it up my hole he is simply awesome

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Brooklyn, New York


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from tobago

this is one sexy dude I will love to have a relationship with I mean he's every thing I will look 4 in a man

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from tobago

I would like to meet this sexy dude to know all about him what he like's and don't like what turn's him off and turn's him on him and ride that delicious dick like a pole.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from north little rock Arkansas

i wanna suck and fuck him simple ass that. but i want a massage first

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from London

He turns around and slowly lowers his boxers and then down I see the muscular ass quiver and then I grab him gentley and bring him close to me he feels my dick and I kiss him he turns me around rips off my boxers and slowly goes in....

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from NY

fuckkkkkkkkkkkk me hard

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from jersey city

my fantasy is that i be walking down the street and phat daddy come up to take me push me into dark nasty ally way to rob me however i don't have any money mean while he got on a thin pair of gym shorts and he catches me looking at his huge dick and he make me get on my knees you know the rest!!!!.…

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from san francisco

I saw him in San Francisco walking near downtown area. I couldn't believe it at first but I'm sure it was him. He was pulling suit cases up the street. I wanted to give him a ride. So may be I would get to meet him. Maybe I'll have to fuck me hard later on. I missed the chance because I hesitated!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from new york

would love to see him bottom again

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from London

I want Phat Daddy to fuck Race Cooper and Derek Reynolds in the same scene.both of them on the floor jiggling there phat assess for him and then suck his toes and dick and balls.then he would stack them and fuck them both.Nut on their assess.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from San Bernardino

I'm sitting in a chair with my legs spread wide open & knees pulled up to my chest & slouched down a little. I'm wearing my really sexy,white lace,crotchless panties & there's a guy down there just eating my hole out,rimming me but not even touching my cock. Just lubing me up for later. Another guy is standing over me with his huge,rock hard dick. He doesn't give it to me just yet. He's looking down at me,kind of stroking,lightly pulling my hair,asking me if I want it & how bad do I want it. I'm looking at his big dick,licking my lips then looking up at him as if to tell him I want it in my mouth now. I can't wait any longer. He begins feeding me his cock,holding my head in place as he slides it in & out. I start drooling all over the place. It's running down my chin & all over my chest. Meanwhile the other guy is going to town fingering me,eating me out & I'm moaning so fucking hard & begin bucking my hips,fucking his fingers. When he sees that I'm ready,he begins fucking my ass while the other guy is having his way with my throat. This usually makes me cum pretty fast but I try to hold it off to keep the fantasy going with him making a cumwhore out of me & finishing on my face (although I've never had cum on my face). The other guy pulls out & cums all over my cock & balls. When they're done with me,they tell me I can go ahead & cum now. I use the jizz from the guy that was fucking me as lube & I stroke myself off in front of them. By the time I cum & open my eyes,I'm so into it that I really did drool all over my chest & end up with two fingers buried inside me & my cum all over my stomach

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Harlingen

My FANTASY is for phat daddy to fuck a barely legal curious virgin ass guy! So hmu phat daddy! ;)

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Miami Gardens, FL

Phat Daddy know he FINE !!! Especially with that new Serenity tattoo that he got on his chest and his hair ! ^__^ I would love for him to walk into a room while I was stretching showing my lil flexibility doing a leg lift or playing with myself and he be like can he play too, I would like hell yea and he just dick me down real good with that pretty ass dick of his ! Yessssss !

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from colombo

i like u

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from lagrange

Phat daddy has had an very long day, and so on his way home he runs into this sexy ass brownskin nigga and he stopped him and said damn you wanna come chill and smoke one wit me so I was like hell yea and as we arrived to his spot he told me to make myself at home and so I did and as we sat and chilled and hit the blunt a couple of times phat daddy got up and started rubbing my shoulders and told me to relax as he started to suck on my neck and I started taking off his belt and when his pants came down his dick was just calling my name so I grabbed it and started sucking it slowly and as I was sucking he was taking off my clothes and I just want you to fantasies the rest for me because I want this to come tru----

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Philadelphia

I'd love to make a video wit u 1 on 1 or a 3sum!!…

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Newark NJ

i want you Phat Daddy and will be in touch with you soon. I want to just eat your ass out and suck you dry. I wanna hear you moan. I like satisfying a hot masculine man.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Houston

The only fantasy I have bout this sexy ass man is to suck his dick and ride it till I make his toes curl up and and he suckin his thumb cause I rode it right :-)

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from milwaukee wis.

I. Want. H im. To. S uc k. My. Dick. And. Eat. Ass. Out. And. Dick me down now. This. M oring. B I g. Daday

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Houston

I want to start off by kissing phat daddy then kiss his neck take off his shirt then start kissing and licking his nipples then ima kiss his abs then work my way back up to his mouth then start my way back down then take off his pants and start licking nd kissing his balls then kiss the head of his dick and while I'm sucking his dick I'm going to have him eat my ass get it nice nd wet. Then I'm going to put his dick in my ass and have him fuck me long and hard. We going to be fucking in every position that we can think of. It's going to last all nite long. Then when he's going to cum I'm going to swallow it. Then afterwards we going to go in the shower nd have sex in the shower. Then when we are done we are going to be cuddling naked. He is going to fall asleep with his dick in me

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Miami

I want to worship PHAT DADDY from head to toe....licking and sucking every inch of his beautiful body. Of course we would kiss alot becasue he has awesome lips and kisses so fine. We could it all with him blowing his load in my mouth and then wasjing it down with his warm piss.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Washington

Just lick him all over.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from greensboro nc,

I want too have like 3 dicks in me

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from NYC

Phat Daddy is wearing a suit and tie..He's just finished a long hard day at the office and takes a detour to a brothel on his way home.The owner knows he has to please clients like Phats as his custome is etreemly valued so he says he want two submissive bottoms.He walks down stairs into a dungeon wear Race Cooper and Derek Reynolds are both waiting dressed like whores.Topless with skimpy leather jock straps.They are tied up.He unties them both and they know what they must do.He is the man and they are just a pair of fucking slaves to him.They loosen his tie and start kissing his neck.They remove his shoes and socks and start licking his feet and sucking his toes.they take his cock from his pants and share sucking him.He then fingers both their butts and fucks Derek whilst race puts his ass in Phats face.He eats both their asses and takes turns in fucking them.He stacks their asses on top of eachother.They moan like crazy and call him sir.This turns him on.He speaks to them like them orders and makes them shake their bubble butts like strippers.He then nuts on both thir asses and pics his clothes up and leaves without acknowleging them as if he just went to the toilet.He pays and leaves

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from leander

to have him sallow cum and get fuck with the bigest dick in the world

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from New York

I want to worship PHAT DADDY from head to toe....licking and sucking every inch of his beautiful body. Of course we would kiss alot becasue he has awesome lips and kisses so fine. We could it all with him blowing his load in my mouth and then wasjing it down with his warm piss.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from harrisburg

Getting fucked on top of the washer machine, With police uniforms on while smoking on a dutch…

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from San Diego

I Want you and your brother in me all night long

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from houston

Say man u the best . I would love to just kick - it with u for a day . P.S. and see thoes goods Mr. Phatt daddy LOL .

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from new orleans

getting dick down and a lil fellatio on the side

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from dawson

i would suck that dick til i nutt than ride that hard dick til u flip me over and do doggy way,than i suck your that thick nutt out hard as dick.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from kissimmee,florida

I want Phat daddy to fuck me why my legs are up in the air looking into his eyes why he is doing deep strokes.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Washington, DC

Him going for a long time fucking with his big dick.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Jacksonville,FL


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Houston

I would like to be in a one on one session with Phat Daddy letting suck that dick and eat that azz. And just as I'm about to cum from eatin that azz he spins me around and fucks me good and aggressively, then his brother joins in and Phat Daddy is fucking me in the azz while his brother King Dingo keeps shoving that dick down my throat at the same time.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from charlotte

come dick me down

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from NYC

Woul love to see him fuck Matthew Rush down an ally staning up with Matts jeans just pulle oer his ass and then him and Ace Rockwood take Matthew to a cheap motel and beat that ass up!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from DETROIT


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Billings

i like big cocks

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Youngstown

I will love to suck yo dick & balls and ride yo dick

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Pohakee fl

I luv videos would luv to start in one wit u

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from ney york

ride his beauty cock in kiss his joucy moth all night longer!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Pittsburgh

My Phat Daddy Fantasy Is To Just Get A Big Tight Bear Hug & Makeout With Him , THATS IT !!!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from lanster

Waz up Phat DADDY

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from tampa

I wanna see Phat Daddy ans Jovonnie togeher.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from killeen

Fine AF bro.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from jamaica,ny

well it goes like this, I get to miami in my sexiiest new outfit and i meet this light sexy ass yellow nigga and he comes and asks me are you new hear and i say i just flew in. so then he says well lets go to my room and i will give the tour so i say ok. then we enter his room where it is a big ass bed and he says have seat and he goes into the bathroom and comes out with just a robe. so i ask him well how u gonna leave with just that on he says where going anywhere. and just opens the robe and i just am shocked of how big it is. so he says well what u wanna do i say you. so he picks me up puts me on his bed and undresses me while i whisper to him what i want him to do to me. finally all my clothes are off then we began "The Hottest Night IN Miami" .........You may know how the rest goes if you have seen his work

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from toronto

i dream to lick and suck him over over. have him shot in my mouth. omg i love him so much

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Washington dc

Papi my only love, the love of my live, Es mejor retirarse y dejar un bonito recuerdo, que insistir y convertirse en una verdadera molestia, no se pierde lo que noÿ tuviste, no se mantiene lo que no es tuyo y no puedes aferrarte a algoÿ que no se quiere quedar. Si eres valiente para decir "adiós" la vida te compensará con un nuevo amor.Pase lo pase jamas te dejare de amar, tu me enseñaste a ver la vida de otra forma yÿ aunq se q nunca estaras conmigo jamas amare a alguien como a tiiii No matter how many years go by as always I will be here!!! washingotn DC you know who I am :)

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from chicago

what i like about phatt daddy is he goes for what he knows. if his brother and him have ladies on the side, with all the boy ass they get and can get. they might as well hold them for the day they want kids. for right now myself and the rest of the fellows are giving our asses away to them. phatt daddy dont have to get me off. just fuck me until he want to come. no hand jobs here brother. just free ass for the banging. who cares it takes hours. just feeling you in me is a dream come true.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from nextdoor

phat daddy can gv me massage all night w tht hard core look but the truth of matter this motherfucker got sum ass on him and knows how use it spreading those legs wide open for me all night i wld break his sweet ass dwn hv him in all kinds of position fucking shit out him...then mk go sleep in my arms

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from BROOKLYN


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from CONNECTICUT

im in my room watching a video of phat daddy playing with his massive cock. so, i pull my dick out and start beating it.then out of no where phat daddy enters my room while im focus on the video he come up behind me and says "HEY R U READY 4 THE REAL PHATDADDY'S DICK?" He pulled his nice,long, and thick cock out on my showder and says " NOW START SUCKING!" TO BE CONTINUED.…

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from northport

me ride you

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Rochester

Phat Daddy comes into the bedroom and catches me with my drawers around my ankles playin with myself and sqeezin my tied up balls. Path Daddy had already told me not to be touchin myself in any way that only He could do that . Phat Daddy orders me to get my drawers back on and orders me into the living room to stand before him arms raised and locked behind my head with my legs spread wide apart. Phat Daddy gets this Sadistic grin and begins to Slowly remove his leather belt off of his pants. He strips off his shirt and says" I'm gonna enjoy this boy abd I'm gonna teach you a lesson about Playin with yourself. He slowly runs the Belt between my legs down my Back and ass and snaps the belt together. He notices I have boner sticking out through my underware and says Boy Why you so Randy Don't you know what I'm about to do to you! I just says Yeah but I Likes it. He then starts to whip me good for his Sadistic pleasure till my drawers fall off and hecWhips me Red and Raw all over my Ass and Dick and everywhere it pleases him…

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Phat daddy's Biggest Fan: I've been dreaming about hot sweaty sex with phat all night. Nickname him phat, I wake to realize i won the massage contest with phat daddy my dick instantly gets hard. Have to stroke my to the tiger tyson and phat daddy scene from Take Em Down 4 to ease horniness until I meet Phat. I meet Phat in Palm springs, our eyes connect We both have the feeling of instant chemistry. We hang out a little, smoke a blunt, and find we have tons in common. I prepare for my massage and get completely naked. Phat's strong tattooed hands caress my soft freshly showered 145lb slim athletic body. He moves down to my plum bubble ass and accidentally knocks my towel off. He begins to rub my ass as he kisses down my spine with those phat juicy phat daddy lips. We break out into a kissing frenzy and make out for hours. We kiss every inch of each other's body. I go down swallow every inch of his cock. I climb on top and he returns the favor in the 69. Then I lick his ass clean until he moans out and screams my name in satisfaction. We take a break smoke another blunt. Then we flip flop fuck until morning. I wake up in Phat's arms and fuck him again until he's satisfied. THE END! *HOPE TO SEE YOU IN PALM SPRINGS PHAT DADDY ^_^

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from las vegas

all this shit i can do you boy you just don't know haha i would love to make a video with you love =)

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from las vegas

all love

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Hayti

i would love for him to fuck me lol i wont him i might have to go in to the gay porn thing jus to b with him

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from wash.n.c.

daddy pls sir let me suck your big fat head outta that foreskin with my toungue and throat working its way up and down your fat fucking uncut cock all fucking and sucking nite daddy pls>

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Dallas

On a warm summer night in Miami. I'm just leaving an important business meeting after a stressful day. I need a drink at a local bar. The music is on point , the bottles is popping and the weed smoke is in the air. I find myself dancing all night and before I knew it; I found myself sloppy drunk. I realized that I needed a break from the dance floor and the drinks. So, I found a seat in a corner as I fired up my blunt. After the blunt was finished, I begin to search the room for a handsome face. I just knew my eyes were playing tricks on me. How could it be? How the fuck did I miss him, all night? Did he notice me smoking? My mind started questioning. This fine ass man had been sitting next to me, this whole time and I never paid (ANY) attention. I started to fix myself, to make sure I wasn't looking any kind of way. I had to check this man out. He was tall, a little on the skinny side but he is all man. His arms is tatted up, he's on the light-skin side (not really my type) but it was just something about him. It looked as if he may have just been stopping by after work. He had on some timberland boots, blue jeans with a few rips and cuts, a clean white t-shirt with a tank top under it. He just sat in the chair, nodded his head to the music, drank his beer and puffed his blunt. I thought to myself "My kind of man". His swag was so calm, peaceful and secure. Alot of what I look for in a man, to help balance me out. I began to cross my legs and jitter because this man is making my body quiver. All of suddenly, my phone began to ring. I started frantically searching my bag for it but all my shit was falling out of my bag, onto the floor and table. Once I finally got to my phone, the call had ended. As I bent down to pick up my things. I felt a tap on my shoulder and a deep but soft voice said "Excuse me, sweetie. I think you dropped your stuff". As he extended his hand with my things in it. I popped up, like the speed of light while my heart pumped out of my chest. I tried to play it off, as if I wasn't shocked that the same man, I was just "fantasize" is standing in front of me, helping me pick up my shit that my clumsy ass dropped. How embarassing? "Thank You, I'm a lil on one" I said. "You Good, Shawty. It happens. Whats yo name?" He replied. "They call me Tee Marley.(as I shook his hand) and your name"? I said diva-like. He smiled and replied "And they call me Phat Daddy"! "Aint nothing fat about you and how many kids you got?" I said sarcastically. He laughed and told me he liked my sense of humor. For almost about an hour or two, he and I talked about...whatever. A few weeks later, after he and I conversated numerous times about having a "special date". It had finally arrived and I was more ready than a mother in labor. Anything, I do; I do it classy so I made sure he didn't notice my excitement, at any point in time. We ate a meal prepared by him, we got high, sipped a few drinks and enjoyed each others company. We got so caught up in enjoying each other, we woke up the next morning still in our same clothes, cuddling on the couch. The Next Day, was extremely hard for me because I waited so long to ride his dick and I didn't. All I could do at work was think about him and how much fun he and I had, that night. On my lunch break, I read a text from him that read "Whats Up, Tee. I just wanted to let you know, I'm thinking about you. I had a good time with you last night. I hope we can do it, again tonight"? My heart sank. Now, I was more than ready to see Phat Daddy, again. As I walked into his home, I knew I wasn't leaving without a good fuck. I could tell by his demeanor he wanted the same. We smoked up some blunts, sipped a little wine and played some of my favorite tunes. Before I knew it, he was in his tank-top and boxers. The more we talked, the hornier we got. Adina Howard started to play and I got...what I like to say, "My panties wet". My dick started to grow and so did his. He started to feel on my booty as I started to massage his dick. I crawled in between his legs and gave the head of his dick, as kiss. I teased his pipe with my tongue with every lick, he gets bigger. All the while, thinking to myself "Now I see why, they call him Phat Daddy". As my low eyes gaze at this joy stick while I put the tongue ring to work. He lets out a moan like this head work was driving him crazy. He acknowledges my thick thighs, soft and juicy. He rubs the baby oil all over he and I. He whisper's in my ear ... "Don't be selfish, rub it on me". As, I start to rub his light skin and broad shoulders. I noticed that I'm high as fuck and I know it aint the weed. "I'm high off this man. I wonder can he make me drunk"? I thought to myself. He kisses the tattoo on the back of my ear and that alone made me tipsy. He layed down, as I climbed on top of him and right before I was about to put it on him. I thought to myself "Safety First". I looked to my left swiftly to grab my bag on the end table. He said in a soft tone "I already got it, baby". I had that bitch on in less than three seconds. He got a gigantic, thick, long dick. I thought to myself as I slid his dick in "I don't know how good I can take this dick but I'ma try my hardest". I began riding his dick slow, just to get comfortable. I even accidently yelled out my thought "Ooohhh oookk, this won't be to much of a challenge". "Aw yeah, come on then" He replied. I wasn't expecting him to reply but that shit was fly. He then started fucking me hard and fast. I felt like I was about to lose control but I aint a rookie. He turned me over and started fucking me doggy style while pulling my dreads. For the rest of this night shit was cracking. Non-stop, Break, Fuck some more, Break, Freak again. We showered while freaking. He walked me to the door and top it off with a sweet kiss, goodbye.

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Solo quiero decirte que apesar del tiempo y la distancia que hoy nos separa,tu nunca has dejado de estar ni un solo instante en mis pensamientos,pues pormasÿ que yo quise e intente hacerme creer que tu ya no eras nada mas que un recuerdo de mi pasado,que tu solo eras algo que crei que podia olvidar solo con proponermelo,pero hoy reconosco que no fue asi,pues aunque tu ya no estes conmigo,te sigo queriendo igual o mas que antes,pues tu fuiste,eres y seras por siempre EL AMOR DE MI VIDA. You are the best. Miss you papi.

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My FANTASY goes like this. I see Daddy and myself on a cruise. He arrives first, then I arrive hours after. Appently they double booked us in the same room. As I go into the room, I notice that someone elses belongings are placed neatly on the side of the bed. So I went and asked who else was placed in my room. They said no-one, so I proceeded back to the room. I didn't bother the mystery persons' things! While all this is happening Daddy is enjoying his cruise. Walking around, looking lucious as usual. I then go back to the room to take a shower. While in the shower I hear someone in the room. It was Daddy, but before I could catch him, one 0f his boys gets him to leave in a hurry. Knowing he heard someone in the shower he leaves anyway. As I get out the shower, I rush into the bedroom without my towel. So I proceeded to get ready. Finally i'm ready to head out. As I walk through the restaurant, I by pass this tall, sexy, light-skinned guy with this swagg that makes a straight guy peep him out. Our flirtatious eyes lock. Checking each other out, like we've known one another from somewhere. So we go our seperate ways. I sat alone, waiting for this guy with those sexy ass pink lips to walk back my way. As soon as the thought popped in my head, I see him. It looks as if something pissed him off and all I can think of is how turned on his attitude is making me. Daddy goes and sits at the bar. He orders a shot of Tequilla. Then he looks over his shoulder and we find our eyes locking again. I give him a look that says I want you, but I don't want you. He gives me the same look but he licks those sexy, pink lips. The bartender brings Daddy his drink. I then get up and make my way onto the deck. I guess he was looking for me because as his face pops in my mind, I look over to my left and there he is, smoking a cigarette. Knowing that i'm not a smoker, I make my over to him and I ask him if he had another. Just to strike up a conversation. He says that it was his last. As I turn around to walk away, he stops me and says "you can hit it tho!". I get excited all over again. We stand and talk for a hour or so. Then he says that he was little drunk and that he had to go lie down for a while. I said okay and proceeded back inside. Daddy goes back to the room, again he's a little tipsy so he didn't notice the mess that I had left on the bed. He slowly started to take off his clothes. Right down to his boxers. I stayed at the bar and had a couple more drinks. The night started to die, so I decided to head back to the room. As I walked back to the room all I could think about was sucking Daddy's dick. Just to wrap my juicy lips around his juicy dick. I entered the room and went straight to the bathroom. Not paying attention to who was lying in the bed. I decided to take my clothes off in the bathroom. Down to my boxers as well. Daddy gets up to go to the bathroom, on his way to the door I open it. We look at each other in total shock, relizing that all the while the "mystery" person was us. We laugh it off and decided to share the room after all. We turned on the t.v and to our surprise there was a papithugz video on. I noticed that the guy who had been kissing my neck was the same guy on the film.I noticed his dick and immediately started kissing his lips. He asked me if I wanted to suck his dick and I answered with a quick yes. I mean the guy let me hit his cigarette, the least I could do was suck his dick! After a couple minutes of the best head of his life, he wanted to fuck my thick, juicy, lucious ass. Knowing that I had been saving myself for him, I turned over and prepared myself for Daddy's thick 10 inch, yellow python. The thought of it stroking my tight virgin ass was embarrable. I asked him to take it easy on me and he started kissing my body so sweet. He then started to relax my body. Now he sticks it in and we start to have a night of everlasting, passionate love making. He then cums on my lips and did the sexiest thing. He kissed me while his nut was on my lips. THE END Sincerely your #1 fan MarQUISE.

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Walking into a building, finding my way to a door that closed but smelling a scent of berries and lavender excreting from the openings of the doorway. I slowly begin to open to find the door is covered in dim lights and shadow as the scent swirls towards me. Looking around as I enter the room to find crystal drinking glasses filled with almond champagne, chilled to perfection. As I walk to examine the room slowly taking it all in I see a figure dressed in satin burgundy shirt, loosely worn silk black tie, black slacks that all this in noticed by a gentle flicker of light. This figure is captivating my whole essence with his stance. Masculine, towering, and strong. As I come close to seeing the who the silhouette is of this dashing figure, I am brought to see the smooth and yet innocent smile of Phat Daddy, as only he could smile. Phat Daddy being a man of beauty and masculinity, he is a sense of perfection and imperfection tied into one. He is my deals of yin and yang come to life. I am at a loss to see this man before my eyes. And now I am being beckoned by eyes and and a light hit of Hermes cologne pulling my every desire to him, I am over come with fear and excitement. Fear of what will be and excitement of what will happen. As I began to stretch my hand to touch this chest he steps away causing me to follow him, I began to move to a pause, then he reaches for my hand and I meet his hand with my own. He guides me to the center of the room and pulls me in close. I begin to inhale the scent of his cologne and his natural fragrance. I am not intoxicated by his being and start to caress his chest, his core, his back, and his waist. Knowing this time is limited, Push to make this moment last. I grab his tie and pull him towards me to a chair, guiding him to seat, so I can caress and massage his body. Working his shoulders back, to his neck and chest. Deciding that his tie has gotten in my way along with his shirt. Slowing removing his top and and regaining my desire to familiarize my fingers with every muscle and every line of his tattoos. His scent is bringing me in, I began to taste his flesh from his chin to his neck, following the creves down to his waste. I can sense his excitement, and he has decide that we both need to flavor our tongues. Reaching for the glasses of champagne we slowly drink it in, to my excitement I finish mine first and decide I want to feel all of him. I gather him up and lead him to the plush bed, he couples my body asking, "whats next?" With a gentle to firm kiss, I lay him down to completely undress him. He is now laying face down, ready for a full body massage. Pouring all of my talent and know how to smooth out and bring his body to a stimulating relaxing point. Hearing the sounds of his delight, I turn him over and commence to do the same on this side. Working from head to toe with desire and longing. I see he has decided to bring his excitement to my attention and I have brought my self to meet that excitement with a gentle kiss to the head, followed by a greeting with my tongue. It is now time for my other talents to be introduced. I open my mouth and pour my lips to meet the base of his shaft, using my tongue to moisturize his manhood as my lips release him slowly. The taste of his flesh is overwhelming, but I cannot bring myself to stop. As he grows, my desire to grows along with it, moving my mouth up and down his shaft, massaging his head with my tongue has brought a feeling of pure eroticism to Phat Daddy. He pulls me up and flips me to the bed, saying" are you ready for me?" Before I can say a word I my clothing has disappeared and I can feel his breath on my neck, my hands on his back. He is now getting to know me. Gentle kisses and hand thrusting of aggression, his natural instincts of a beast has awaken. I return myself to pleasure him more, as his hands guides my mouth to the rhythm of his desire. As I taste him with delight I began to include his nut sac. Pushing him on the bed. Moving back down to his manhood. Covering him with the moisture of my mouth, massaging his sac with excitement. I have to desire to put those in my mouth as well, so I commence to do that as well while I stoke his shaft, with alternating speeds. His sounds of satisfactions and words pushing me to a point of intoxication. He is now at his peak of hardness, with a lusting aggression he flips me to the bed again this time I am face down. I am fearful of his giant manhood opening up my small opening. But My body is yearning to feel him within me, so I turn my fears to excitement. Preparing himself to enter me. My body has to desire to meet him. By back begins to arch, my ass begins to quiver and rise up to meet his manhood. I grip the blanket under in anticipation of the pain. 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He pops up leaving behind drips of his water essence dripping from his body to mine. His thrust has now become dangerous, he stretches my legs to the sides, I am open again and begins to educate me why I feared his power. His face taking form of warrior his hands gripping me as if I was an enemy, his power feeling as if I am to be ripped into two. I feel him go deeper and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster. I am now screaming in delighted agony. His hand now on my throat, putting pressure on me, I am in a state of enchantment. I feel as I cannot do anything but take his charges I am now his, he has tamed my body, this has never happened. I feel as if I loosing all control again, I begin to release all my juices over myself from excitement, my internal muscles engaging his, he looses control himself and now i can feel his warmth all over me. His hot liquid squirting over me. Out of breath he falls to me, we are now in a embrace caressing each other. As the light in the room fade into complete darkness, we fade into each others dreams. Next fantasy, we must get ourselves clean as we step into the next room to bathe in orchids and lilies. We caress one another with a desire to repeat the events that has taken place a few moments ago. With desire and grin Phat Daddy...........

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Are the fans to make anything of the previous picture with SARGE. Is SARGE on the way to PT? If so please do a 3 way with PD, and KING DONG doing a train on SARGE. Have no pity on SARGE. His hole is very spreadible. Time to consider a double penetration!!!! This could be a real feather for PT. Walk on the wild side!

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in my fantasy, Phat Daddy has a group of his own pesonbal friends and associates over to his house for a get-together . . .and even though he doesn't know me, he asks me to some to his party so i could "be the party favor" to be used and abused and passed around and shared . . . of course i am overjoyed and eager to accept his invite . . . what guy wouldn't be? once there, as soon as i arrive, Phat Daddy changes his demeanor and becomes very severe and dominatingly direct and orders me to strip. i do as i am ordered and he throws my clothes to someone and tells him to "throw them away, he won't be needing these!" . . . now i am there surrounded by this group of strangers and i am totally naked and at their mercy. this starts out at first with me being passed around and commented on by each of the male guests and soon evolves into a full fledged group "gangbang" with me as the bangee! each of the guests takes his turn in whatever weay and fashion he chooses to use me . . and just when i think i have experienced everything there is possible to experience, and can't take anymore, Phat daddy joins into the action and says: "i'll show you ways that you have never imagined possible!" . . and he does! i am used in positions that seem impossible and in combinations of bangers that are unimaginable . . used and abused and "washed up" they decide to just "dump me" . .and so Phat Daddy returns to his party and guests and has one of them take me out and literally drop me off, almost naked except for a handkerchief, in a back alley so that i can somehow find my own way back home. . . but the smile on my face tells the whole true story: i have arrived! . . . i will be asked back again sometime and i will jump at the chance! i will dream of that day when i will again be asked to be at a gangbang party as the "diversion" of the moment . . . an honor any guy would want to have . . . and so i dream on . . . :)

Fantasy about Phat Daddy

Any chance of Phat Daddy hooking up with Sarge, Phoenix, Kannon, Rico, Venom or Berlin?

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phatdaddy got my number some way and he call me and said i was a lucky winner and i start screaming and he ask me were do i stay at and i tell him he come over and we start smokeing and we start kissing and i start kissing his body down and then i pull his pants down and start sucking his dick and giving him the best head he every had in a life time then i let him hit frome the back he saying yo ass so little and tight and i start moaning he start moaning then he start going fast putting me in all diffrent ways he want me the when he come he nut all nnd my face then i lickit off then we start ova anging and anging ..I <3 PHAT DADDY

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Whats up my fantasy is letting him fuck me all different ways he is so fucking. I want yo big Spanish poppy dick. I'm 31 years old

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It's a nice day outside so I step outside to get some fresh air. As I am standing outside, Phat Daddy comes to me and asks me for a lighter. As we begin a conversation, it starts to rain outside. We decide to wait outside and continue talking. While we were talking I notice that he is continuously glancing at me, and licks his lips very subtle. I ask him if he would like to come inside and finish our conversation. As we are walking up the stairs to my apartment, I feel him lightly grasp my ass. As I turn around he starts to kiss me. I gently grab his dick as he is aggressivly grabbing my ass. He lifts me up and brings me to my apartment door. I open the door and he rushes me to the couch. Phat Daddy throws me onto the couch and continues kissing me. As he is taking off my clothes and kissing me all down my neck and stomach, I am playing with myself. I get up and start to suck his dick. Without waiting any longer he pulls his dick out of my mouth and slaps me with his dick. He picks me up and brings me out to the patio. As the cool rain is pouring down on both of us he looks at me to assure me that everything is ok. He takes my legs and puts them on his shoulder and slowly starts stroking in and out of my tight wet ass, and then he goes faster and harder. He tells me to scream his name so I scream it, and as he is going harder and faster, I am screaming his name louder and louder. He slaps me on my ass and flips me over. He begins to bang my ass from the back. I can't handle it and try to run away. He pulls me back and says "you ain't goin' nowhere, this is my ass!" He starts to eat my ass and I am screaming "Phat Daddy go harder!" He keeps going harder and harder. He flips me on my back and busts his nut all over me. He kisses me, and tells me to follow him back into the house and get in the shower with him.

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Phat Daddy, your are really sexy.. I would love for you to come pick me up for the night & go to a hotel room wit you or something.. I would start kissing you while im rubbing on that big dick & then ill take my pants off & let you feel up on this phat white ass & then ill have you pull your dick out & ill suck your dick, get it rock hard then ill bend over & have you eat my ass out get it nice & wet then have you slide that big fat dick in my ass & make me moan loud. Beat this ass up so good you make me run from it. Hurting but pleasure. Then ill ride your dick bouncing up & down real good. put me in any postion you want baby ill take your dick like a man. when your about to bust shove your dick in my mouth & cum down my throat making me swallow your cum.

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my fantasy about phat daddy... Looking at him just makes me scream and it sends goose bumps up my back and down my neck.. He makes my ass cream without a second thought thats man haves so much sex appeal. The thought of just see him and lettin him have his way with me just puts me in shock. I would just love to let my eyes look and greys the thought of him being in my present. I'm a true closet freak and knowing me I would just let him have his way with me.. Rip me apart and turm me in sideout make me feel like the true freak that I real am.. My thoughts of him just is over bearing I don't know if I could last but I would make it last for a lifetime. That is my fantasy about Phat Daddy.

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I love him so much I will fuck,suck his dick and eat his ass all nite long

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to have one night with and we fuck all night you are so sex ijust wont to lick your whole body up and down around and around all night and day

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to be fucked by all the models

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to have the longest and nasty sex that i have ever had in my life.

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Every time I view one of Phat Daddy's scenes, I immediately bust a nut quickly. He has one of the biggest dicks I have every seen. I have had many dreams of him fucking the hell out of me and me sucking the hell out of that big dick until he explodes in my mouth. I Love me some Phat Daddy!

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Yo wats up bro im rican 25 damn u look fine as hell id love for u to meet up wit me and u can do anything with me ontop of that ur latino like me damn those lips im feelin the tattoos i got some as well id like for u to fuck me softly and harder as we go id deep throat and swallow ur cum and i dont do that but just for u cause damn u is fine as fuck and u are just the right size and same structure as me damn i cant stop sayin damn lol you should get at me…

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Im on Vacation in Mami at the Palms hotel we pass eye contact to one another but don't speak. Yet you slowly lick your lips. In the back of my mind I imagine me riding your dick because I know I have a thing for liteskin dudes especially mixed races. Later after me going to my room taking a shower (of course I caressed my body and played with myself)I come to the lobby and sign up to recieve a massage. So I relocate into the private room where I will recieve my massage. The assistant offers me a towel and points me in the direction to unrobe. So I enter the room slowly begin to unrobe. I slowly remove my shirt. I then begin to place my hand in my underwear caressing my body I begin to moan, I try to keep my voice down but the feeling is to good me thinking of the gentlemen I saw in the lobby. I slowly grab my dick and attempt to jack off yet I get a feeling Im being watch yet I dont care. I then notice the cum I have made a mess with so I wash myself off. Then I remember I brought a sex toy with me so I rush to my changing back grab the toy and sloowly force it into my ass more and more I begin to moan louder. Then I hear a voice say do you need some assistance. I then robe myself with the towel and rush to the massage table. I then wait to recieve my massage so I lay on the table in shock because I was caught in a sexual act. I hear the person giving the massage enter the room and say are you ready for your massage as he slowly rub his hand up my thigh I turn around and I notice its the gentlemen from the lobby. The one who I thought about in the shower and in the changing room. You slowly drip oil on my back caress me with your hands, my ass cheeks quickly tighten. You then respond don't be nervous I will give you pleasure. I then let you rub my body for two hours. Then you slowly remove my towel and say now its time for the ass cheeks. You spread my cheeks and gracefully stick your two fingers in my asshole I then begin to moan.Next I notice you eatting me out I then begin to to force me ass in the air. You soon reply oh you like that I lie and shout out no but I enjoy it. You then ask was the show in the changing room for me. I shout out yes Papi. Then you come over to my face and say that I make you dick hard would I like to see it I reply hell yesh. you the npull your dick out and I slowly suck it like it was the only thing in the world that could keep me alive. You then bust a nut and it shoots to the back of my throat I enjoy it. Then you replymay I fuck you I reply with pleasureso you walk to the back of the table hop on then plung your dick inside me. I then raise my ass in the air again and ask you to go faster. I then turn around lay you on your back as I quickly ride your dick. We fuck for hours and you became my first to bust inside of me. I reach down for a kiss as I'm still riding the dick and your soon response was can I meet you in your room in ten minutes. I reply I will give you my spear key.....To Be Continued......

Fantasy about Phat Daddy

i love everything of him

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my fantasy fro you would one day me sitting down in my room you come bursting through the door with a superman outfit on and you come in and you tell me how sexy i am and you start to take off you outfit and you ask me if i want to fuck and i say yes and then you start to take of my clothes and when you take off my pants you compliment me on how big my ass is and you get the lotion on my dresser and you rub my ass down with it and you start to finger me for a hot minute and then when you done you lay down while i rub your whole body feet to you chest and then when i am done i suck your huge cock and when i am done with thats i put a condom on you with my mouth and then you pound me out the whole day

Fantasy about Phat Daddy

i love every single piece of phat daddy

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Chicago

I wanna meet u.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from trinidad&tobago

i love you so much just watching you makes me hot and wet sometimes i even pretend you are near me making love to yah..

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from chicago

I want to lick him from head to toe and let him piss in my ass while fucking me...

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Oooh Phat Daddy, I want you to be my first. Didnt know I was into guys until I start watching your videos among others. After coming from the show we chill at the hotel your room or mine. We do small talk(very small talk). I start to give you a massage. You loving my massage(I give great massages), you give my massage. I start sucking your dick. Taking every inch of it in my mouth. And then I let you do anything you want me to do

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Hola papi, puedo decir con mucho orgullo que te conoci en persona, eres el tipo mas buena gente y eres un gran ser humano. eres el mejor y como tu no hay otro. I am your number one latin fan. Tengo todos tus movies y siempre estoy pensando en ti. Tu sabes quien soy. Te re quiero y te deseo mucha suerte. Dont forget you are the best of the best. Chau papi.

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you want ever need to work again,just cum hang wit me!

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Phat Daddy is Tiger Tyson's bitch, everyone knows Tiger fucked the Ass of Phat Daddy. Phatt Daddy needs to bottom or flip on Papithugz.

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To get fucked by Phat, his brother and Castro- while roll'n all night! Fuck with me- if you want me, come find me.....

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my fantasy with Phatt Daddy is to have him break into my room and 2 compel me to swallow his cock as he sticks his long slim fingers in my ass,1 by 1, 2 by 2, meanwhile fucking my mouth .as he releases my throat from his long cock,he begins 2 get frustrated with my mouth and makes me lick his balls and lick all the way down his legs.phat daddy realizes now that he is in control,he makes e bow and kiss his feet and then sticks his big toe in my mouth..He know knows i shall beg and do as he desires.tossing me on the bed,on my back,my legs over his shoulders,as hehis hands are around my jaw ,he tells me to scream his name"MR.PHATT DADDY,MR.PHATT DADDY thank you!i can't describe fully of his forcefulness upon me, but this is just my fantasy with him. he has complete control in my fantasy. King dingo and phat daddy together,can Fuck,ravage,and abuse the hell out of me together,,,but THA'TS ANOTHER FANTASY OF MINE ALTOGETHER!!!! P.S. anytime u want Mr.Phatt Daddy

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I want Phat Daddy to breed me, pumping me full of his goo till it drools out of my fuck swollen cunthole when I stand up. Phat Daddy will keep me barefoot and pregnant all the time and I won't ask him for one cent in support money. Instead, I'll sell all the babies I birth out to childless gay couples for $50,000 each and I will turn all that money over to Phat Daddy so he'll keep on pumping his baby seed into me day and night so I can keep making that 50K every 9 months for his magnificent ass.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from spain

i am crasy for him

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from LAURINBURG NC


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from v-town

I can believe everytime i look @ him reminds me so much about my ex, I bet he can fuck good, anyways he is fine... just like to tell him hello and papi u r fine i'd love so of him and i can take him and swallow every drop. take it easy

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I wanna watch you fuck Angyl Valantino,that would be so hot because both of you have lots of tats! i would milk my dick for days watching this! lol Im verse,you are my favorite TOP and he is my favorite BOTTOM. I also like your brother,too!

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omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg if u just visit me one time oh my goddness u well not want to leave again

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I want a chance to taste that ass and fuck you with my tongue and I want him to ride my face. I love seeing that ass every time you dicking somebody down. You have the best ass I ever seen and if I ever see you I can guarantee I will grab and grip it. Lol

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Phat daddy is the fuck, my hole has not been touched in 2 years, in hope of pharmacy daddy 2 bust it open, I hope dreams come true he is worth the waiting

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from newport news

watch you taking a shower

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Fantasy about Phat Daddy from new haven


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Charlotte

I'm a 6'5", 230 lbs dark skin, masculine brotha who's more top than bottom. I ONLY get into the guys with swagger. I fantasize about King Dingo and Phat Daddy daily. I would love to meet the brothers at a sporting event (basketball), engage in small talk and coerce them back to my hotel to suck them off. It would be heaven to see them totally nude, jacking their dicks. I would love to be fucked but I don't know if I can handle both in 24 hours.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Ocala, Fl

I would like for Phat Daddy to fuck me like its tha day left on earth an we are the only two people left. I am so into this man it is not even funny.

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I had him when I was a sixteen year oold white gay fem boi in a juvenile program in saint petersburg florida.I sucked him in a bathroom stall at least 2 or 3 times late at night.we lived together for like 6 months in this place.I also met his brother once or twice as well as his mother.So ha ha ha . The people in the program all found out what happened between me and him .It was a scandal but than shortly after I got released and have never seen him again. Have always fantasized about that big fat cock down my throat,and than to see him in porn now.....My fantasy is to Be with him as the beautiful transexual I am now.I know hes originally from lakeland florida to let you know Im for real! I want to flip flop with him and have him suck my big fat cock this time!Fuck his ass and have him fuck me too !

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id wanna go out to dinner have fun and just talk and see where things went

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suckin his dick while he's in basketball shorts white sox and phat kicks. THE ULTIMATE!!!!!

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my fantasy is to see phat daddy get get fuck in the ass

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My fantasy is to suck that big thick dick of his and be fuck by him

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The pool party keeps my dick hard.

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i want him to bang me deep n slow while i kerk my big dick n rub on my big ass titties till he cums all ova me 3 times

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he got a big dick l

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Milwaukee, WI

Phat Daddy has always been one of my favorites! It's something about him that just gets to me. hmmm....fantasy....ok I'm at the gas station pumping gas in my car. He pulls up at the pump adjacent from mine. We lock eyes, but of course we gon on about our business. He goes in to pay for the gas and comes back out and looks at me again. He comes over to ask me for a lighter and we exchange in small talk. He says he is in town for awhile and trying to hang out. I invite him to my crib, and we smoke and have a drink. He notices my booty, and asks me if he can touch it. He starts rubbin my body down, feelin my thighs, my legs and phat ass booty. He takes off my clothes and turns me around. I can feel his dick pressed up on my ass. I take off his clothes and push him on the couch. I put a condom on wit just my mouth, and mount his massive dick. I scream, but it felt good. his body pressed against mine as I ride em like the song! Phat Daddy I'm a fan!!!

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My fantasy bout Phat Daddy, His sexy ass, seein me across a crowded club, walkin over to me & stickin his tongue down my throat, him tellin me dat he's tired of da games & porn, wanting me to be his man & us growning together in a relationship then us gettin to da crib & we fukin like savages, everyday, morning, noon & night

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phat Daddy i want u 2 fuck me like u did that dude in spread dat butter! i want dat big azz dick in my mouth and bust dat nut all in my mouth so i can swallow dat shyt!!! love ya! Freaky

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well i wanna suck his dick from da back and get on top of diz nigga and ride

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i want to nut on his dick and just lick it off till he nuts all over me bless that hot ass chulo

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i bet i can get phat daddy to suck this dick ' im darkskin ' my six pac will turn that nigga head ' we' ll tussle back and forth to see who gone get the ass after i fuck that 'we can 69

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Phat Daddy is the sexiest man alive and he has got the biggest dick ever !!!!!! I LOve Him

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Im In The Bed Asleep, Then All Of A Sudden Phat Daddy Walks Through The Door With Nothing But Boxer Briefs On. He Walks Over To My Bed& Pulls Out His Big Phat Dick & Slaps It On My Face Until Im Wakin, Then He Says In His Deep Voice " Suck This Dick ", I Grab His Dick & Stuff It Im My Mouth, As I Deepthroat It His Eyes Roll To The Back Of His Head & He Moans Softly " I Love It Baby", Then He Picks Me Up & Begans To Kiss Me, As His Tounge Is Sliding Down My Throat Im Stroaking His Huge, Slippery Cock. He Throws Me On The Bed & Says " You Ready For Daddy To Fuck You", & Before I Can Answer Her Shoves His Oversized Dick In My Tight Ass & Fucks My Brains Out, We Change Over 10 Positions. Finally He Pulls His Huge Cock Out Of My Phat Ass & Cums On It , While It Runs Down The Crack I Look Back At Him & He's Gone !

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His Dick Inside of me, Balls Deep in every position there is and him just Cteaming the shit out of me and just waking up beside him!!

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I want phat daddy to fuck me and eat my asshole while he wearing some black footie socks and NY yankee fitted hat.

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Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Akron

I would strip him and suck dat phat azz dick til no tomorrow then somehow we would make it outside and he fucks me n front of some ppl we dontt knw who they r and dnt care then his sexy ass brother fucks me n the mouth an busts a fat ass nut all over my face while phat daddy busts all in and over my ass and the way either one of u can fuck me whenever an where ever…

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I would love to see your sexy ass be more versatile, passionate in your scenes and flip flop action. You have great assests that dick, that nice hard tight ass use it all to your advantge in a night with me!

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For you to get this ass nice and wet and blow my back and for me to swallow every last drop of cum that you produce in one night.

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damn damn phat daddy i would let u hit eve hour

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i want phat daddy to fuck the shit out of me util i cry... and then i want him to bust a big ass load all over my body

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i want to cum out my pretty phat wet ass

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I fucking love u

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from New York

Him and King Dingo taking turns on this ass.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from brooklyn

i just want 2 talk and get to know he

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Marksville

Phat Daddy & I in the shower....touchin &....rubbin.......him lickin on me....& suckin the water off before it hits the tub. Then pull me close..& grab my ass & whisper "I want it!" Then straight fuckin from there....until we both tap out.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Perth

Do me all day long... N fuck me til I sleep...

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Little Rock

It's late night or early in the morning after leaving the club. On a low volume traffic highway my car breaks down. Just as I pull over, Phatt Daddy passes by but slowly pulls to the side. As he starts to back up I began to notice that he's one of the guys from the club. I began checking under the hood hoping to find the problem not really noticing anything. Phat Daddy exits his car, walks up and ask if I need any help. I can't find the problem, I respond while checking the cables. Phat Daddy suggest that I try to start it again. Just as I try, it begans to rain. Phat Daddy offers to give me a ride to my destination. I inform him that I'm visiting and that I'm staying at a hotel. Phat Daddy agrees to take me to my hotel. Upon arrival, I ask Phat Daddy to come up to dry off and if he didn't mind, take me back after the rain stop to check on my car. He agrees. Once we get to the room Phat Daddy goes to the bathroom to remove his wet clothes. He exits the bathroom with a towel around his waist. We began to talk and I try not to stare at his sexy body and big dick. I get up to take my shower at the same time Phat Daddy leans back on the bed to rest. As I exit the shower I notice that Phat Daddy's towel has opened. I began to touch and kiss on his chest. I slowly began to caress his dick with my hands. I notice that he is becoming erect. I get on my knees between his legs to start licking on his balls and sucking his dick. As I suck his dick, I feel his hand grab the back of my head and force feed me even more of that dick. After sucking that did for a while I ask Phat Daddy to sit on my face so I can eat that ass. He agrees. I began to grab him by his thighs and hips to pull him closer. I began to jack my dick. Phat Daddy forces me to turn over. At first there's hesitation, but I give in and he begans to slowy enter me. He eventually becomes agressive and just have his way with me. Just he reaches his climax he turns me over and nuts on my chest and lips. Just as he colapsed on the bed the rain stopped. Therefore we got dressed and we went back to the car.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from RIVERSIDE


Fantasy about Phat Daddy

He is extremely hot and sexy; however, I would like to see him engaged in passionate kissing episodes prior to topping the guys. And what would really be hot is this: to see Phat Daddy bottom for one of the hung guys in the stable---JT comes to mind or Alehandro. What do you think, Phat Daddy?

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Queens

Surprise me eith agression

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Milwaukee

I would bathe him wit my tounge all over hiz body. Kissing him from behind hiz ear to da tip of dat dick till i reach the base of hiz feet. ~ ;P

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from norfolk

i like phat daddy to do a one on one with another masculine dude. too much threesomes. please lets see a change and have phat daddy fuck some masculine guys like lex and similar masculine on one so i can ffeel its me he is fucking...i liked to eat phat daddys ass and drink his cu and i liked to fuck him slooww...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from bwk;ga

Watchin a sexy black man jackoff and his skeet going everywhere

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Brooklyn

I make'm cook me sum Mofongo ands hit that bitches ass good. Yayah!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Los angeles

how can i find u we can make a tape i know u would want 2 hit this

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from dothan al

to have sex wit him on da beach

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from longview

i would suck n get fucked by him all day wit his sexy ass

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phat daddy is the king, he hauled me in his crib and fucked me very hard, made me his bich, when he was done shot his load on my face and slaped me hard on my face till i deepsuck his rican cock.that was some nite

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i want to have him fuck me so good...i wanna cum on myself when he put that long dick in my mouth.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from baltimore

to meet him in the strees,i tell him the things i do to him,like eat his ass,suck his dick,flip flop with him until we pass out

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most 1s i see are typical but really like to be fucked by this dude while i fuck my bf...maybe its a fantasy cuz i knw it would never happen. but with that being said id settle for lettn him pound my shit while i dig in another dude ass. but since im just nasty if its newhere near as good as id like im sure id nutt quick....but im a youngn so i can do 2 or 3 rounds dpndn on the tension between 2 0r 3.....i wnna do a video....but im scared.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from sumter

to suck your dick

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Fairfield

Him and jovonnie flip flopin

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from brooklyn

i wanna swallow his kids

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Flint, MI

Me and that nigga would play the Xbox, smoke madd L's...and even DP a girl...and at the end of the night...after sports center...I'd let him do whatever…

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Tuscaloosa

I just want to bottom out for him and his brother.. The two of them turn me on so much.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Pittsburgh

I always had this fantasy of him coming in my room on my birthday with a bow tied around his dick, and I would untie it and we would have the best night of our lives. I would do anything to him and he would do anything he would like to me. Both of our fantasies would come true. So if I could get in contact with him, someone let me know.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Atlanta

Too be honest!! Yo, Phat daddy is hot but i would cherish having him as my homie than anything else in the world. To be able to have this Hot Boy as your friend.someone who you can chill wit and he got your back regardless!! Yo thats worht more to me than all the fucking in the world. Yo i can have my fantasies in the privacy of my own home. Yo Phat i hope you read this lol. Im a fan for life. One love baby PEACE

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from central,Fl.

I had Phat Daddy back when he was straight!lol! He was my first and although he fucks men...I still love him! No fantasies here...just memories.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from harlem,ny

well first able let me stared from here ..u soon to be mines && im gonna let u know wutz really good u prolly end up beingg ma daddy fuck the "phat" aiite papi chulo.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from oelando

i like his body shi lips hehave a nice fat piep will like to get with him.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Cleveland

To be honest I....wanna bite ur neck..[softly] n kiss ur lips. I want u to say my name and fuck me hard!! I just want u to be as 1 with me as well as in me!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Lubbock

Baby I wanna Be down with cha Give ya what you Need Real Shit I like This Nigga My Fantasy Shid

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Fay, NC (in IRAQ right now)

my fantasy is to fuck Phat Daddy while i get fucked by his brother King Dingo. Fuck the slow music, candles etc. these niggas are porn stars they aint here to become yo mans n shyt! so i wanna do the same, fuck as if we makin a video and then go up out my business.......being homeboys would be a fantasy as well.. having a Porn star friend. LOL..

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from FAYETTVILLE


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from miami fl

my thing with u is that i would like to be in a warm tub full of red roses in it and u pur whine in my mouth and u pick up from the neck up to start kissing me and take whine out of my mouth

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from VALLEJO


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from philadephila

well let start say im a v if u know wat that well phatt daddy u look so fuckin good u will be the frist men fucking me i will take u to a room with a lot of rosaes and lay u down on the bed then take ur cloes of but sum hony on ur body then i will start sucking the hony of ur body and dick then i want u to eat me out good then i want u to make love to me i want u to fuck me hard real hard mmmmmmm just make me take it baby!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from San Antonio

Love to take care of him and glady let him have control of me in the bed room. I would be loving him and his dick!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Atlanta

Damn, I just want to meet you in person man, just feel your breath on me when you talk :) Do something nice, like a movie, dinner. Just get to know one another. Have you hold me at end of the night, and kiss and cuddle in front of my fireplace. Are you and Dingo really brothers?

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from baltimore

i need PHAT DADDY to fuck me with that bi ass dick until I scream like a little bitch and let me suck that hard dick til I choke

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Cleveland

I've been a follower of Phat Daddy for a long long time and he is looking phantastic. It would be so nice to have Phat Daddy over to challenge me on the XBOX 360 and after a while of gaming, he changes the atmosphere Phat Daddy style by taking off his shirt to show me his new tats and then pulling out his dick to show me how horny he is. Since he's always the winner, I suck his dick, deep and long while Phat Daddy slaps my face and shoves my head down on his shaft. He taste sooo good and knows how to stay in complete control. It's not long before Phat Daddy wants dat azz so he orders me to turn around, yanks my pants down, rips my drawers open, spits on my hole and slowly inserts all of his dick in my ass. Phat Daddy knows that it hurts so he slaps my ass with just enough force, spanking me until I take all of his huge manhood inside of me. Once he's got me open, he fucks me with Phat Daddy perfection getting all the pleasure he wants, his own way. Phat Daddy doesn't waste anything so at the right time he cums in my face and mouth. I lick his dick clean. Daddy kisses me, tells me how good I am and it's back to the games.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Alexandria La

i want alll what i am about to tell you to occur in the rain....i want to slowly kiss him as the rain run down our bodies i want to feel his dick get hard against mine.....then i want to suck his nipples for a bit....then im going to drag my tongue down to his nable finally im going to slide hi dick in my mouth and suck away part of his existance until he is about to nut then im going to lay hm in a puddle of water and sit slowly on his dick till its deep inside me im going to ride til henus inside me and i bust all over his chest....muahhhh

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Hartford, CT

OMG!!!!! he has the prettiest dick and ass that i've seen in a very long time. i'd love to be in a 3-some stuck between him and his brother King Dingo. and the finale would be both of them busting all over my chest and stomach.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from goldsboro,nc

hell yea he cann make me his bitch ne time and make me call him big daddy.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Dallas, TX

Phat Daddy's the type of kat I would massage and seduce. I'd probably take him to shoot some basketball first...try not to beat him too bad. Then, take him home and give him a massage. Then let him massage me. Then....HOT TUB! Slow at first...make him talk shit to me...suck his dick (u do know that nobody got Becky like the South, rite? lol). I'd make him want this ass as bad as I want him. Then...let all of the water out...and just fuck in the tub. I mean...we'd start slow...grinding...talking shit...then we'd start fucking shit up. When we get done, just chill and watch TV...for a few hrs...then...back at it! Lol

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Detroit

Just let see him in a passionate role

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Orlando

My fantasy with sexy Phat Daddy would be stranded on a Island making hot, sizzling, raw sex....letting Phat Daddy face fuck me before he fucks me...mmmm yea Phat Daddy stick that big ole dick in my tight rican hole...mmmm Phat Daddy...cum inside my sweet rican hole!!! and after he comes...he'll fuck me some more!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from jersey city

eat me all the way

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from nyc

Being trapped in the steam room at the gym with phat daddy in nothing but a tery cloth towel and his dick rock hard,and him staring at me to relieve his steam coming from his lower region for about 8hours hot steam hot mouth hot man deep in me nice.…

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Rotterdam

I wud love to suck his dick all day long.. and kiss him everywhere and let him fuck me all day longg as hard as he want to

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Baltimore

I want to lick whip cream of his sexy 6pac and work my way down to his monster dick. Deep throating every inch of it. Making it wet for him so he could slide it all up in me.....having me scream "Daddy"!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from mewark

Would love to have him and his brother, King Dingo.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Bronx, NY

I can see him truly coming over and grab me and being very aggressive and in the same time gentle (just to show his swag). I am opening his jeans with my mouth and looking direct to his eyes, and thru his eyes I can see it all what he wants, and how. I stop for a brief moment and he start to take my shirt out and pulling out my pants and feeling my ass. Grabbing at the same movement my head and bring to his chest, pulling me down, where I face his phat big cock. Stroking within my mouth and pushing all the way in, bring tears out my eyes and he enjoying every movement. After playing with my mouth and feeling my ass with his strong and firm hands; he turn me around and pull my legs up and ask me if I am ready to take a real cock???? Without hesitation or a moment to realize, he start to pull his phat head in my tie asshole, and looking at my face and seeing that I can feel it and single inch getting in, gentle and firm, he continue to push in it, thru mooning and pain, he finally able to conquer my ass and with his entire cock inside he stop, just to take some air, and without hesitation, stars to fuck me like never before, enjoying, appreciating and sweating, talking dirty, getting more and more arouse. He pull his cock out and stick in my mouth to make more wet, after few strokes and he flips me and in doggie style push all his phat beautiful cock in it, hugging me and mounting on me seeing his cock in and out. Flip me again on sides, he wants me to cumme first, and he starts to play with my nipples with his hot and wet tongue. Seeing me going crazy and cumming he stars go faster and rough until he pull his cock out and give me a hot bath with his luscious cummm. He is fucking hot, young, cute, and a great amazing sex man. LOVE IT!!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Oakland, CA

Seeing Phat Daddy fuck Lex Gotti was my fantasy and portrayed it perfectly!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from detroit

i wont you on top of me al nite long you just so fukn sexy phat daddy

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Brooklyn, NY

MY FANTASY of PHAT DADDY is for us to be on a beach some place having mad fun in the sun. . .then comin back to the room to get high and sip on some drinks while we play cards or watch a movie and when the time is right flip his ass on his stomach and dive into his his tight wet hole with my tounge tasting every wall on his insides until he becomes open and then from there I slide my 10.5 inch circumsized dick in him and fuck him until im about to nut and when Im about to nut i make his dick hard by sucking him and deep throatin his dick so I can ride his dick and nut all over his body while he nuts all inside of the condom while inside of me

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Trenton NJ

Him jus walking into a room making me take off everything and sit on the bed then him stand in front of me and pull out his dick have me suck it for a while then him takeing off everything then layin me on the bed turnin me onto my stomach and jus givin it to me... starting off slow then speeding up..... making me take every inch......

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from bronx

will love to meet the model in person,for the could experience myb deep thoart i could swallow a 10 inche cock and the balls at the same time so i will lve to show most of your model.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from ruther glen, va

i want to suck the living shitt out of phat daddys dick. then i want him to slide his monster cock into my ass and stroke it fast.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from newyork

i cant wait to joining your web site it look like is a hot and sizzling web site

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Atlanta

I wanna phatt daddy and maximo together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want him to fuck phatt daddy

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Washington, Dc

Hmmm. Give me one good chance and I'll let you hit the spot, I promise you, it like Gold harder to find even better to hold...If you had one taste you wouldn't wanna go back:) I'll lick and suck you like a strawberry pop sickle... swollow up:) Then i flip this three ways... once we've reach our climax then it's time to shower

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from ATL

I'd love to slide all up in Phat Daddy's guts. Put my pretty phat brown dick up in dat and push dat nutt outta him while I'm bustn' back-2-back nutts myself.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Houston

It would be hot to see Phat Daddy in a threesome with Suspect and Santiago. In the scene, Phat Daddy amd Santiago should take turns plowing suspects hole. Or Phat daddy and suspect would also be hot as a twosome

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from las vegas

I would like to pay whatever it takes to get you to come to las vegas and 1 evening with me. you name the price. Its for real yo.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Smithfield

My fantasy is to lay fat daddy on my bed and give him a good massgae that will have his towa curling, then start to work my tongue from the bottom of his feet to his sexy legs up to his big ass dick and suck that shit a little to give him something to think about. Then keep working my mouth on up to his sexy lickable six pack abs on up to his nipples and play with then. Then on up to leave a million soft kisses around his neck that leaves him breathless. Then once I reach his soft pink lips and kiss him so slow and passionate while mounting myself on top of his big dick and give him the best ride of his life until we both bust a big load.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from lancaster

i want to see just be more open kiss and suck some dick i think the sec u put a dick in your mouth i would nutt lol at least eat some ass please!! its ok its fun lol

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from pittsburgh

id love to have the wildest sex on the beach wit my phat daddy.with some fruit ,candles all around me with the ocean breeze and water echoing in my ears with his sexy strong voice whispers gently to me while we make LOVE

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from bangkok

he is so cute.firm body that make me ...

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Washington Dc

Imagine Him Fucking Me in My Bed With That Big Ass Dick And Cum All over My back.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from New York

My fantasy is to have sex with this porno model.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Odenton

I would phat daddy to sweep me one day and take me out for a night on the town and then after we have some fu on the town he takes me back to his room to have some all night fun........;))

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Annapolis

I would be working in u would just come in and i see u... an we just have eye contact n u wick at me... n come over n u start rappen to me... so i give u my number... u call me that night... u come over n i answer the door n u just have on a wife beater n sum ballas... u pick me up n throw me on the n just start kissing n suck all over my body.... n i lick on ur nipples n then start suck that 10in u got n eaten that ass.... n then u fuck me so good u leave me n the bed shaken n wanted more....

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from illions

he got a hot body and i think he is the hottest man on the planet

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from toledo

i wood lov to suck u off someday

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from bronx

making out and sucking your cock,balls,and ass,and nipples all nite

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from waianae hi

you iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hooooooooooooooooooooooTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Kansas City, Ks

To let it all begin. I would turn on some Luther Vandross, cut off the lights and light a honey suckle burning oil lamp. At which point we take a steamy hot shower to the vibrations of Luther. While I gently wash his sweaty body I would i breath softly onto his nipples, trying not to blow a fuse in my head. :-} I then kneel and wash high thighs ever so gently; while staring at his hard throbbing dick. I then allow my hands to glide down his thighs and begin to wash his calves. Now I insert his dick into my mouth and slowly let my tongue dance around the head of his dick. Luther sing, "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo." OMG!! I can't finish this fantasty, I must now masturbate.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Langston

Be fucked by 5 hardcore..

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Orlando

Damn Phatt i wanna get to know you better, i also want a taste of that ass and 10inches i want u to be all mines

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Temple HIlls Md

Damn he sexc az shyt.. my fantasy about Phat Daddy, is that i always love me a sexc azz dude to juss fuck me like a real bitch even though im a man, but his face juss goes off and give you these i wana fuck you raw and fuck you good T's...omg he sexc az hell...I want him.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Bushkill

I would love to find a guy that has a body like no other man has and he has to have a big cock,sexy ass body a fat ass... Then I would love to fuck him onto my brain explodes.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from brooklyn

some times i set in my bed and think about me and you on a beach having sex all day long

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from hawaii

he would appear in at the bus stop and i was washing my hands he comes beside me and starts to jack off in front of me i want to leave but cant he stops me and forces me to suck that big dick and he rips off my colthes and just fucks me and makes me cum till i cant cum no more.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Minneapolis

My fantasy is to have a dildos of Phat Daddy's dick and of course a big picture to use because he lives in another city.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Daly City,CA

Man...PhatDaddy just seems like a cool kat. I would just like to get to know him first, maybe go to a movie or club, have dinner at my place (since i cook, and just let whatever happens....happen. Damn boy you look good.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy

Me sucking his dick than eating his azz out while im fuqn him MMmmmM!!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from decatur, il

you know you fine as hell due you like redbone niggAS?

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Atlanta

I would love to see phat daddy get fucked by Maximo

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from corpus christi


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from New York

I love to see him fucking someone

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from pinson

oh fuch me now

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Lake Charles, La.

A saturday night dinner date and casino hopping. Then a quiet time together watching a movie at home.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from bronx

i will love to have is cock in a 18k gold plate i have and suck it for my b-day and i will treat it a a rubi cause is cock is the best one i ever saw I will love to make love to it

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from seattle

To have Phat daddy and his bro own their own porn site, and fuck whomever they please(as long as I can watch).

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Melbourne

I want him to fuck me so hard my brain falls out

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from chicago

hey phat daddy u lukin so fin3 i want u to fuck my big bubbly puerto rican azz some guys i b wit say i hav a j-lo booty n its true.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from sydney

hot n sexy strong

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from New York

My fantasy is to fuck Phat Daddy half the night.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Atlanta

As you bottomed for big dick Tiger Tyson for full 20 mins, luv ta see you and King Dingo bottom together for some hot dudes, as nutthin better than dudes with big dicks getting their cakes smashed.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Tampa, FL

I wish he could just FUCK me non-stop all night and we never get up or stop for a break!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Wilmington

Dear phat daddy, I just want to say bret, I got a major crush on you. I got all your movies and I wish it was me. But you got millions of people that jokin you right now. And its just a crush. But If your ever n da Carolinas hit me up.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from San Antonio, Texas

My fantasy involved phat daddy coming to a my home so that I can take all that Dick orally and Anullly until he shoot out his big daddy load in every part of my house.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Miami

I just think that phat daddy and his bro KING are so hott...please keep more vids of them cummin....

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from newark

I would lik him from head 2 toes and would love 2 have a flip secion all night long and eat that ass

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Dallas

loved it wen u let tiger top u.... wanna b that bottom for ya top

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Alabama

To get with him

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Toms River, NJ

bent over the sofa getting hard deep back shots from Phat Daddy while suckin on King Dingo's dick!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from UTICA NY


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Washington DC

My fantasy is to have Phat Daddy suck my dick until I nutt in his mouth and he swallow my juice. Then, I flip him ova and eat out that ass of his until he begs me to fuck him. Then, I slide my dick deep in his tight hole. He bucks his ass back onto my dick, riding that dick and moaning about how good it feels. Then, he tell me to bust that nutt inside of him. He wants to feel it. So I fuck him even harder and deeper until we both nutt - Phat daddy all ova himself and me deep inside his tight ass. "Damn, Teddy!" he tells me then kisses my lips. "You one sexy bear. We doing that shit again."

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from LA


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from macon,ga.

see phat daddy take down tiger tyson like he took down phat daddy and to see him top jovonnie everybody would pay to see this.yes i love phat daddy.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from macon,ga.

i would love for phat daddy to be the first guy i be with. i am a virgin just coming out and would love to do everything with him.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Richmond VA

Damn he is so phine!!!!! I would love to flip flop with him! Me in that ass first then him in me then me in him and we continue until I give in and let him fuck the hell outta me. I would then like to nutt on his pretty pink lips and see him swallow it. He just so damn phine! More of him please! A Jovonne and Phat daddy flip flop would mean a lot of new subscriptions!!!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Atlanta

All I have is when you coming to the ATL!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from nyc

getting my pussy fucked

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from new york

I am phat daddy number 1 bitch...he has fucked me for the last 2 years and its the best dick in the world. lOVE YOU DADDY

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from milwaukee


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from gary

EAT YOURS ASS. And eat your dick.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Miami

I would love to see Phat Daddy, Cornbread, and Jovonnnie in a three way swap fest. Everybody gets the dick from everybody. Three hard studs fuckin like beasts and taking dick like a man. Damn my dick is hard just thinking about it.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Philly

He is more than what I could ever want in a country, thug fuck.. Just to hear him talk sets me on fire. I love to hear this guy talk. I would treat him so good, buy him what he likes, feed him and be his sex slave.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from NYC

I love Phat Daddy. I can't say it any other I would swall all his nutt.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Atlanta

Would love to see Phat Daddy take it from a big did like Ian Rock talking shit the whole time!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Atlanta

i would love to suck your dick , in all kinds of ways, and i would love for you to just fuck the shit out of me, non stop!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from miami

Lol Im in love with this dude!!!!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from MIAMI


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Washington, DC

I want to see Phat Daddy fuck Cornbread or JT.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Atlanta

I just wanna see this man all the time just fucking with that big ass dick of his...... I am so infactuated with this guy that its crazy.... I would do anything this man wanted me to do... I would work for this man and give him whole check every week...

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