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Fantasy about Ant Nowa with LEX and Jason Carlo submitted by KingzCourt30 from Las Vegas

Simply put. The masculinity of all three of these men is so attractive. Ant Nowa has that straight-acting appeal with that Spanish sex appeal. LEX has that thuggish appeal. Jason Carlo has all that in one. They all got dick and ass for days. I equally am an ass man and love dick.

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by Fabiopili2 from Cagliari

Young Buck I want to fuck with you all day and after you came on me lick your whole body from head to toe

Fantasy about Casino Maxx with Red and Ace Rockwood submitted by Menara1980 from Morocco

      Those 3 guys will make best gay video of this year. Please get them altogether. Anyone see this message? Request papirhugz to make it real

Fantasy about Charger from Tampa

Omg he is so gorgeous. I remember when he came out years ago. Wonder what he's up to now. Y'all need him back. Nothing like a bottom whose in control.

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Las Vegas

I just wanna ride his dick and make him cum all night long

Fantasy about Charger

i would fuck all night with him . then when he wakes up in the morning start all over again

Fantasy about Jovonnie

would love to suck him and have him cum on my face...then fuck him deep, he is a fyne broth

Fantasy about Lil Papi

nice very nice like to get in some of that ass

Fantasy about D'Angelo

I would love to Fuck u all nite dog . And let u suck this big Dick.

Fantasy about Sean Xavier from New york

Sucking on Sean big hard cock, then eating his cum

Fantasy about Romero from New Orleans

No one has uploaded a fantasy about you, I can't be the only one who wants to kiss you. Your ass is fat, and juicy - I just want to stick my hard dick inside of you. I want more videos of you, anytime I see you in a scene, I get turned on. A fantasy would be for me to strip your clothes off from the back, eating you ass, to then fuck you on the bed.

Fantasy about Xavier from little rock

A black gay mman with a big dick I can such on an eat his nut

Fantasy about Lindo from lake Charles

Want to fuck

Fantasy about Xavier from Oklahoma

I love how he is, hes just so fkn hot when he sucks dick. I want him to suck my dick while he fingers that hot hole of his, then open his ass with my tongue . After that fuck him rough cause he looks like he enjoys being dominated.

Fantasy about Blaze from SF

Blaze, you're the hottest latino to grace papithugz, I hope we see more of you, and they pair you up with someone who's more passionate and has better chemistry with you. Not sure what was up w your first scene, you looked so damn fine, if it were me, I'd be going crazy all over you papi. That blue speedo you had on was everything, hope to see you wear more sexy gears in the future.

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from atlanta

i would so love to have you as my man, and spend time with you kick it , fuck , suck , hang out. just get to know all about you and you about me. our like the perfect latin adonis. and i would love to have you in my arms or me in yours . kissing you , looking in your pretty eyes. just making passionate love. wake up to you in bed every day, go to bed spooning. damn your like a dream tthat i woke up to that came reality. um um um

Fantasy about Jovonnie from Dunbar, WV

Jovonnie and City Boy see me and invite to go home with me. My junk not as big a Jovonnie about same as City Boy. City boy goes down oh me. Jovonnie get real interested in my muscular runner's ass. He slaps it and starts to lick in side my smooth ass crack. He be spitting on my tight hole and lick it; he making it all wet and relaxed. He start rubbing his cock head on it leaking pre. Then City Boy move around so I can suck his hot big dick while he works continues showing me his skills putting a vacuum on my junk. Jovonnie push his big shit up my ass and fuck me ruff and tuff. He shoot rope after rope of his hot, rich jizz in me. Then he tells City Boy to eat his jizz out of my ass and bends over so I can fuck his tight, hairy masculine booty. I be pounding on his tight hole. City Boy then goes around and feed Jovonnie my his jizz that he eat out of my ass. I shoots my big load in Jovonnie, with him groaning and moaning then both of the kiss and lick all over my shiny black body until we all go to sleep in each other's arms.

Fantasy about Champ from DC

Once upon a time I lived in North Hollywood. Met this guy online. We had amazing sex. Already been fullfilled. Good kisser. GOod dick. Got in my feelings and we stopped communicating. Best sex. Hit him on FB after I saw he did porn and was rude as fuck to him. He did porn after we met so I shouldnt have done that. I dont do hook ups at all anymore b/c of this situation but this guy was amazing.

Fantasy about Kasey Anthony from new york

Start across the room then suck him bttm to top from toes to taint to lips then strap him down on his back n drill him in a floor to ceiling mirrored room while sucking his feet

Fantasy about Trey Turner from phoenix,az

saw a cool estim video with him to have him in another.where big men strip,and cuff him down on a table,and wire up his hot cock and balls.he's wet down,and jolted to orgasms,he must stay erect and cum,or the current increases,love to see him thrashing and spilling cum while he wails and gets shocked good

Fantasy about Matthew Rush from atlanta

I am a total redneck , a top and only attracted to white dudes, but always been incredibly turned on by this musclegod! Would love to be in prvt and have him physically overpower, dominate and fuck my muscular redneck ass!

Fantasy about Romeo from NY

Not sure if you want to do it yourself....but it would be nice to see you and Mr.Elz work together.....I love when Top's bottom and i think it's kind of trending as well...So if you and Mr.Elz could bottom for some big dick ( I Would LOVE that....pretty sure others want to see some of these "Tops" bottom

Fantasy about Jovonnie from Louisiana

Oh man,Jovonnie. I just adore you.You are such a sexy person.I love all your movies Watching you have sex and enjoying you naked is just so awesome! Thanks so much Jo, Your Fan, Terry

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from NY

I can already tell your going to be bottoming soon so i just wanted to say i would love for you to bottom as soon as possible and the main person im thinking you should bottom for is Red only because he's the only guy who has made you look like a bottom with that beautiful rimming scene...if you dont prefer Red then try and think of another top (he needs to have a big dick and look dominant though)

Fantasy about Red from NY

Think you should fuck are the guy closest to making him bottom with that beautiful rim scene...I also want to see you be a bottom as've sucked dick before but i dont know i have a thing for tops bottoming

Fantasy about 69 from Chicago

I would like to grab him around his waist, pull him to me and tongue kiss him. (I'm a good kisser. He'd like it.) I'd go down to his nipples and lick/suck on them and get them right. I'd pull his pants down so we could bump hard dicks while I squeeze his ass and kiss him. I'd get on my knees and suck his dick for a while, ... make him feel good. I'd make him get on his knees so I could push my dick through the back of that nigga head. I would bend him over, oil him up and play with his asshole for a while and get him relaxed. I would finger fuck him until I knew that asshole was ready. I'd lube my dick and slide my dick up in him, all in one long slide, stroking slow 'til he get used to my dick going in and out of him. I'd bang that ass from the back for a while, then lay him on his back and slide my dick back in, while I'm kissing him and licking his nipples. To end it all, when he cum I wanna be in that ass, strokin' 'til he he squirt his last drop. That's the kind of mufucka I'll love.

Fantasy about Spin from New Orleans

You nenes more videos with spin! He's hot street straight thug meat, a nigga with a tight asshole that doesn't get fucked! A straight bugaron, with that macho attitude! Y'all was doing good with Spin, Maximo, phat Daddy, Mr. Elz (but I don't like that he kisses and eats ass!) and even Samson! I love a masculine macho man that loves to get pleased and treats fags like a replacement, a man that loves to be serviced and uses faggots mouths and pussy for they pleasure! A thug where are they!!!

Fantasy about Xavier from Philly

Xavier is so damn sexy. The things I would love to do to him. Eat that ass with no mercy, kiss them sexy ass lips. Fuck him so good. Slow cause I wanna enjoy that ass. I wouldn't even let him leave cause I want that ass all to my self.

Fantasy about Slim from Storm Lake

I want Slim to just take control and throw me on the bed and force me to deep throat his dick until I cant stop gagging, then I want him to put me upside down and fuck me raw until he cums deep inside my tight ass! <3 Love him!

Fantasy about Python from venezuela

Mi fantasía es muy sencilla. Deseo conocerlo y más nada. Tener a ese morenazo en frente. Y hacer todo lo q el quisiera. Gracias. Exitos Paython.

Fantasy about Xavier from brooklyn

I wake up and find him taking shower. I rub my 10 and make print massive in my boxers. I knock tell sexy I have to pee, he thinks its his man my roommate and he says I need some dick.. I strip take off and slide my bbc in the wet latin culo. I fuck the shit out of him and cover his mouth. I nut deep in that ass and slip back into my room. Our secret is kept I wonder how long until we get catch.. signed Shady BBC Roomy..

Fantasy about Cristobol from New orleans

How I picture Cristobol naked coming out of a milk bubble bath and wailing in the bath room and in this bed room on the bed they have chocolate covered strawberries with a bottle of chocolate so that he can spread all over this body. When he looks he sees my looking at him and he tells me to come closer and says I want to see your body and I say u sure you want to see my body and he does see my body . I picture saying I have the fattest ass he had ever seen because I do have a fat ass lol . So I start feeling all his whole body and and he feels mine and tells me I have some very soft skin and a cute ass smile . So I takes a strawberries and bite off it and take that same strawberry and fed one to me , and then he takes the chocolate and puts on my body and starts to lick it off my body kissing me and holding me and then he finds the whip cream and really starts to have some fun if u know what I mean . After we have passionate sex we lay there a comfort each other the whole night lol and that is my fantasy.

Fantasy about Red from Sumter, SC

I often fantasize about taking Red's huge dick. I want to be face fucked by his long pipe. I'd love to be rough ass fucked and have him breed me deep inside my hole. Red is everything I have ever wanted in a sexual partner.

Fantasy about Python from Brooklyn got a nice but..a dick I call 'Magesty'...a body like that of a fucking God and lips that would make a sinner weep...dayum.. He can get it...ALL OF IT!!

Fantasy about Champ from Chesapeake

I would love to spend the weekend with you. I think you are a very sexy man. I wish I could meet you one day.

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from nyc

id like to see Elz sucking cocks and bottoming with Red and Mike Mann

Fantasy about Red from nyc

i'd like to see Red bottoming for Ace and Mike Mann,and sucking their big dicks

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from nyc

I d like to see Ace flip flop with Trez and bottoming for Mike Mann

Fantasy about Kris from San antonio

I would love to kiss Kris all over his sexy body I want to please his massive pipe allowing him to put me on my back and in froggy position and rip me a new one sending me into pure bliss

Fantasy about Yeyo from Montreal

Would love to see him serviced, worshipped and swallowed by 2 hungry guys. He's really hot masculine guy.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy

My fantasy is to top that top/lil god/phat daddy. If he won't let me do that, I want to finger him while he is jerking off. If he won't let me do that, I WILL eat his hairy hole while he is jerking off.

Fantasy about Mike Mann from Portsmouth

I imagine that my tire is flat, my car is over heated and I'm away from home on a nice spring day. I get out of the car and lift the hood and the car is steaming and I burn my arm, I check out the tire and head to my trunk. As I'm digging into my trunk for my spare tire, I can't seem to find one so I call the tow truck. I head back to my trunk to check for the tire once more. While waiting for the tow truck I dig in my trunk again for reassurance and a car pulls up and the driver asks if everything is okay? As I stand I answer, "it's about time you got here I've been waiting for...!". Then I turn to notice the driver is a tall, handsome, well dressed business man. I immediately begin to apologize as I thought he was the towing company. He asks what happened and how long Ive been waiting so I explain to him my story. He tells me that his name is Dr. Mann however I can call him Mike. He explains his office is only a few miles from here and offers to take care of the burn on my arm. I get in his car and we head to his office. When we arrive the building is empty, just he and I. He asks me to sit and relax while he goes to get a few things to clean up the burn. When he returns to the room he's in his slacks and wife beater, immediately my heart starts to pound in my throat. He asks if I mind removing my shirt so that he can assess the burn better. I remove my shirt and have a seat as he stands in front of me. I can do nothing but focus on the bulge in his slacks. He says this may burn a little and I notice no pain as my body is numb from his touch and presence. He says "we're all done" and so I say "thanks, what's the charge?" and he turns around with his dick out. With no words or explanation needed I proudly grab his dick and place it into my mouth. The sexual tention in the room is broken as we have both gotten what we wanted. Mike's dick is throbbing I can feel his pulse, I continue to suck as he drops his pants to the floor and removes his wife beater. He picks me up and turns me upside down and starts eating my ass, his dick gets harder. He slowly starts to walk across the room to a couch. He slowly places my body on the couch with his face still between my ass cheeks and his dick in my mouth. He starts to fuck my mouth slowly as he continues to tongue my hole. Once he's gotten my ass nice wet he walked me over to his desk, bends me over and attempts to enter my tight ass. Even though he going slowly he struggles to enter my hole as it is so tight. Finally he gets the head in, and I take a deep breath as he enters. My legs are shaking as he penetrates my ass. He kisses my back to relax me and starts to go deeper until he is completely inside of me. He then pulls my legs on to the desk, pulling my back toward his chest, wraps his hand around my throat and uses his other arm to pull my body closer to his as he continues to fuck me. My eyes are rolling, my body in ecstasy and Dick throbbing with precum dripping all over his desk. He turns me over on my back and places my legs on his shoulders. I grab hold of his arms for stability as he is still fucking me. He speeds up and then pulls out and starts to lick my hole. I start to jerk off while he's eating and I scream "IM CUMIN" he slides his dick back into my ass and starts fucking me while I'm jacking off and cumin. He causes me to shoot 3 shots of cum past my shoulders and across my chest. Seconds after I cum he pulls out and shoots 4 ropes of thick hot creamy heavy nut on my chest.

Fantasy about Haven from London

I would luv to suck a lot of mans willy an let dem cum in my wet mouth den I would let dem shag my anus fast an wet, uh I want to suck yo willy an you suck mine till I cum in your wet mouth put you in my hole of darkness till you shout stop it?

Fantasy about Ant Nowa from NYC

Be on the subway somewhere in the upper west side, bumps into a latin papi heading to school, then take him to the boys house and fucks him in the middle of this the boys father comes in and fuck ant nova that would be very hot

Fantasy about Mike Mann from NYC


Fantasy about Mr. Elz from atlanta

Luv 2 have dis big blk dick suck by dat sexy mofo rican would luv 2 eat dis fire azz back out make wet & moan dat mofo name

Fantasy about Mr. Elz from Gainesville, FL

I would get cocky with Mr. Elz and challenge him to a wrestling match. He accepts then we wrestle and he humiliates me by putting me in different holds. I finally surrender and Mr. Elz then uses my tight abs and body as his punching bag until I am all red and fall to the floor unable to take more. Mr. Elz then pins me down and pounds my ass hard while he spits at and verbally humiliates me. I let Mr. Elz owns my loser ass any way he pleases like the champ that he is.

Fantasy about Westside from New Orleans

Damn!!!! Westside is so fine!!! I wish I could have sex with him!!! I would kiss those delicious lips, suck his beautiful dick, and let him fuck me in my man pussy!!! I would be his bitch and let me do whatever he wanted to me all night long!! Westside, Baby, I love you, Daddy!!!

Fantasy about Favian Gotti from bronx

Favian comes to my apartment early in the morning... I answer the door and he pushes his way in, grabs me by my neck... pushes me inside and he closes the door... with his hand still on my neck he pushes me into the wall... tells me I'm going to suck his cock. he grabs my hand and puts it on his huge bulge in his jeans. I start rubbing it... he grabs me and pushes me down on my knees.... pushing my head into his bulge. grinding it on my face. he pushes me away... grabs my arms and leads me to the couch. he gets me on my knees again, he sits down, unzips and forcefully tells me suck it! I grab his soft cock... lick it up and down all along the shaft and around the head, lick the pee hole... I lick and suck his balls. the entire time he has one hand on the back of my head. I suck his big cock, it gets super hard... he tells me he's going to cum... I grab his ass and pull him closer... I'm not letting favian take that cock out of my mouth.. he gets the msg and grabs my head with both hands.. pushes his cock as deep as he can down my throat and releases all his hot creamy milk deep down my throat. I reach up and rub his chest... letting him know I love drinking his milk. he gets me up off the floor onto the couch, fingers my tight hole, rubs his big cockhead against my tight hole... slowly pushes the head in, it hurts like hell but favian knows what he's doing... pushing slowly... taking his cock in and out of my ass... deeper and deeper each time it goes back in me. till its nearly all the way in my ass... then he starts fucking me harder, deeper, all the while we are in doggy position... but he's fucking me harder... I fall flat... his cock still deep in my ass... he starts ramming it deep in and out... letting me feel how big it is... stretching my tight hole... he flips me in all kinds of positions. fucks me for hours... I would never tell favian to stop. just keep going till you don't want to anymore baby! when he's done with my ass he rams balls deep at this point I leave it up to favian... either you're wearing a condom and cum in it while deep in me. or you cum in me... be the first and only guy to fuck me raw and fill me up, or you could pull out turn me around and push that cock down my throat to feed me more of your warm milk. after favian drains his cock... he passes out on my bed, I fall asleep near him, ass sore... thinking "Damn, favian gotti just fucked the shit out of my ass... too bad he's sleeping... I'm ready for round two... " at this point I start sucking his big cock till he wakes up... :-P LOVE YOU FAVIAN!!!

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Houston

Shid a nigga wanna get faded wit that nigga and share a double headed dildo with dat sexy nigga.....bro hit a nigga up

Fantasy about Alejandro from Bakersfield

What is the porno he was in where he fucked a white skinned latino guy and said to him "I know it hurts right now but it will feet real good in a while" ?

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Dallas

Haha how I love this, finally in years I get to express how I want my man on screen... It's nothing Spectacular or insane just a simple Weekend well spent... Starts out of course picking you up at the airport in DALLAS ;) ... followed by a trip to home to drop off luggage and all. As you rest up from the trip we converse and I give u the ultimate FULL BODY massage.. THESE HANDS WANT YOU BAD... haha then, we hit the town For Dinner and Beer and a NIGHT out bar hopping! At home we sit and it's not me who CAN'T control, you lose control and your in Ultimate porno star mode... forcing me into bed.. I begin with Some mouth action I NEVER SEEN U RECEIVE ON FILM... this is going to have you solid as a rock! U try to hold back but u can't help it... one of the best nuts u ever had is sitting here with me! ... we fall asleep but wake up shortly ... next thing u know the cops knock at the door, DISTURBING THE NEIGHBORS as u pound my ASS so DEEP into the mattress The Bed breaks!... Then it's so good to where u bring me in and we make a scene because it's THAT DAMN GOOD .... it will be called THE BEST SEX EVER STARRING ROBBIE Nothing major Robby! Just some fun time with probably your NUMBER 1 fan... HOW I WOULD LOVE FOR ALL OF THIS TO ACTUALLY HAPPEN OR EVEN JUST TO COMMUNICATE WITH U!

Fantasy about Python from phoenix,az

python gets real stoned,and awakens leather cuffed on a long thin table.belts hold his abs,neck,and his wrists and ankles are leather cuffed to table sides,and legs,spread wide open.he's sucked hard as blindfolds are placed,and gag.wet roped cock and balls,he's sprayed with saline water.a electrode goes into his asshole,and shocks are laid to his big fat balls while he gushes juice and comes over and over.hours pass,as he begs for it to end,but more current sizzles the electrified cum out over and over,he's milked like a whore in heat

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood with XL from DC

   My favorite Papithug's films are with dudes who are versatile. I prefer to see versatile flip fuck. My fantasy is to see Ace Rockwood in a versatile role, where he's sucking dick, eating ass, getting eaten, fucking and getting fucked. He and XL would be the face off, two musty, grimy dudes who decided to stop off at a motel before they head home to their wives. These construction workers have worked all day, but still have work to do before the day is done. They enter the motel room. Ace immediately stuffs his phat tongue down XL's throat. Ace drops to his knees, pulls out XL's dick and starts sucking it. After Ace gets a mouth full or four of XL's dick, Ace says, "dude your dick is musty". He smiles, winks and say" but not to musty to suck". They eventually strip and eat each other's musty and suck each other's musty dick. At the end, Ace says sucking a musty dick and eating a musty ass is hot as hell. I never thought I cold get into that. But, I'm glad I did.

Fantasy about Mike Mann from Brooklyn New York

Want to see him kissing hot passionate love that is very erotic match him with a cool brotherlike tango or seduction remy yes let the passion begin please directors take note a vision of creativeness is,key not all about looks..someone who can bring real hot passionate sex to live up the fantasy let the action begin..

Fantasy about Mike Mann from South East London, England

I would love mike to kiss my neck slowly while I stroke he's cock. Once mikes hard, I want to pull down his pants with my teeth. then stroke my lips up and down hid dick, making mikes massive cock and balls wet. I will grab his are while mike forces his giant cock down my throat. This is just a little of my fantasy

Fantasy about Mike Mann from South East London, England

I would love mike to kiss my neck slowly while I stroke he's cock. Once mikes hard, I want to pull down his pants with my teeth. then stroke my lips up and down hid dick, making mikes massive cock and balls wet. I will grab his are while mike forces his giant cock down my throat. This is just a little of my fantasy

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from JAMAICA

Id love to see Ace Rookwood bottom

Fantasy about X-Press from Oakland

Looking forward to seeing this big booty bottom with Red, Ace Rockwood, Mr, Elz or any lean top that gets rally hard. Love soft booty against hard top. Like in Straight porn! ;)

Fantasy about ChiTown from Jersey City

I would love to see him in some black spandex under armor and/or black shiny speedos all oiled up and watch him moan as he cum.

Fantasy about Kris from Sacramento

how to big black ass guys f*** me all night long with a long as big non stop strip for me take the clothes off

Fantasy about Favian Gotti from elizabeth n.j.

my fantasy would be to have favian pick me up in his car or truck,with viper and phattdaddy.pulling over,letting me suck on his cock,for moment or two,while phattdaddy and viper watch from the back seats. when his cock is hard from my mouth,and viper and phattdaddy want some of me too,favian realizes theirs a hotel sign half way down the hm being aggressive and picking me up,he knows that im willing to do anything he we check into the room,viper and phattdaddy take contol of me,knowing im a bottom now,thats when they start dominating everything favian tells them to do to me. fabian is in control,by making me on is big beautiful cock,and fucking me hard.favian pulls out of my ass takes his condom off,shoots his load all in my face and mouth and says to viper and phattdaddy, he is all yours. favian leaves and they pull out some duct tape, tie me to the bed and fulliful my second and third fantasy with gay hot porn stars.always willing to make this fantasy come true.tony 1-908-398-9617

Fantasy about Mike Mann from ATL

I love Mike Mann omg... I would love to see him kissing in one of his ficks. I he just be fucking I wanna see him making love

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from hobbs nm

want phatt daddy and python to hit this ass

Fantasy about ChiTown from orlando

id love to pound that round ass,that dude can tae like a man.mmmmmmmmm

Fantasy about Select from Raliegh

Sucking and swollowing your dick

Fantasy about Trez from paris

Hey ! I love to see 3trez bottoming again!! with Ace Rockwood, with Python, with Mike Mann, with Krave, Red, and lots of 3some...yummy

Fantasy about Python from Sacramento

for someone with a big ass dick to strip for me

Fantasy about Mike Mann from Chicago IL

I had a wonderful dream that I was ridding your dick and sucking it !

Fantasy about Python from York, PA

just to suck dudes dick, swallow his nut and lick him in his asshole!

Fantasy about Envy

Yo, Envy's fucking gorgeous! I'd spread the legs apart and dip my dick so deep in that ass, you could feel my dick inside your belly button. Shove them sexy feet in my mouth and suck on them toes as I ran the living fuck out of you.

Fantasy about Moyea from palm beach gardens

i wish i could meet him have a nice dinner get to know him a little maybe talk a little then get busy for real that would be a dream come true. kinda-let him have his way with what ever he wanted to do to me in bed

Fantasy about Arquez from hagerstown maryland

I Just Want To Fuck His Feet.

Fantasy about 69 from philly

sex for hours

Fantasy about Jin from Cleveland

I love to see Usher top jin and bust his little bubble ass out

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