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Madd Fuck'n - A Papithugz Grand Slam featuring the amazing Sean Xavier with his incredible body and 11 inch dick ready for the threesome of a lifetime with Hot Latiz Boyz, Rex and Xavier. A voyeuristic fantasy of hot cum shots, big swingin dicks, tight ready asses and slippery dick suckin for the ages. Take notes and up your game as these pros take sex to a new level.
Bamm Bamm N Blaze - Bamm Bamm is back again and this time he's going in for the Kill! Bamm Bamm takes Blaze and opens up his asshole with no mercy! Watch as these two cant take their hands off each other as soon as they start making out. Watch Blaze scream and moan as he barely can take of the dick Bamm Bamm keeps slamming into him.  Make sure you join today to catch this update because it's a Scorcher!
Bronx Dick Down - Hey, This ain't Vegas, what happens in the jungles of the Bronx doesn't stay there, not with this
Pound That Vergas Ass - The ever-horny Python was in town and called a friend who sent over a quiet bottom. Funny how those quiet ones are always DTF freaks! Python shows his exuberance over Drew Vergas's hot ass by plowing him with the hardest dick of his career. You have a ringside seat and will be asking Drew,
Foot Patrol - Robert AXEL and Steven Ponce join forces as they bond on the beat in a hot passionate fetish fantasy. Steven eclaims all his emotion in shouts of Spanish, as Robert pounds deep in his ass with tongue, feet and dick. This heated session redefines cops on the beat as they re-imagine a new kind of foot patrol. Axel breaks and enters Steven’s willing ass for an adventure you won’t forget. Si, Papi!
Tag Team That Ass - Chillin' in the cut, just hangin' & smokin' trees when hot boy Alex walks thru and shows his hot, fuckable ass. Happens all the time, right? That's how the action pops off with the dream team of Jovonnie & Elz double-teaming Alex for the fuck of the summer.  Jovonnie plunges his phat, perfect dick deep into Alex's hole and no one's, and I mean no one's, ass looks better than Elz's from the rear perspective as he fucks the shit outta Alex. Lotsa slurpy suck'n, too; check it.
Pound'n Ass Doggy Style - Hot new performer Xavier is back to take on one of Our Top pornstars Jovonnie. Watch as Xavier gobbles down Jovonnie's big dick. These two come right in time for the summer with pure carnal fucking! Jovonnie shows Xavier no mercy when he shoves his dick deep and hard into his asshole and pounds him out doggy-Style. Make sure you join today to catch this update because it's a Scorcher!
Click 4 Dick - Fiery tattoos, muscle on muscle and heated sex drives all factor in to create this crazy scene between romeo & mello. Once online, only a click away gets you a hot bottom ready to give up whatever you can serve. Take it all in as the famous Papithugz boys show you how to do it. Go get it and click away.
XL Double Time - XL reigns as the New Vers King, double fuckin' Envy, whose body is on fleek, never better, and hot bottom Devo. XL's big dick makes a round-robin on both of them for 2X the action. Passionate kiss'n, slurpy suck'n, and XL digg'n out 2 hot, tight holes with the utmost vim and vigor. It's how we roll at the 'Pound.
Cali N' Xavier - Sexy New Cummer Xavier comes to Papithugz for a wild ride! His ass is tight and he's perfectly positioned to take some big dick! Watch as Cali fucks his face and shoves his tongue deep inside Xaviers asshole! From the way Xavier rides Cali's face it's clear that he is ready for a big dick to stretch his phat ass. Cali doesn't waste any time and gives Xavier the high energy pounding he deserves. We definitely look forward to finding out how much dick Xavier can take at Papithugz in the future!
Grand Slam Fuck'n - It's a grand slam home run this week with two of our hottest--hot for each other. Good ol' fashioned big dick suck'n & fuck'n and explosive cum shots. Red penetrates Bamm Bamm with that big dick and we've got you front row seats to see all the fuck'n action close-up 'n' personal.
Kiss N Tell - We usually don't Kiss & Tell, but this one is just too good. Elz & Red, two hot & horny tops hangin', just ready to pounce on sumthin' and plunge their hard dicks. Elz surprises Red when busts out Kaza Nova, the perfect hole to fill. Cute, preppy and always ready to get fucked, these boys take full advantage. Smoochin', suckin', fuckin', we're All-In at Papithugz.
Blue Sky Fucking - Beach, touch football, frolicking, and hot fucking. It's all winter fun in Miami for Papithugz exclusive Elz & Robert Axel, and Elz takes full advantage and wastes no time drilling Robert's muscular ass hard & deep. Elz's perfect ass looks great from the back as his dick plunges deep inside Robert. Lots of hot cum ensues. It's a hot scene, just like you've come to expect from us.
Red's All N Mello - Sexy new cummer Mello shows us exactly how you are supposed to handle a big thick dick like Red's. He gobbles down Red's entire dick non-stop by way of both mouth and ass! Red loves to stretch Mello's nice round hole as he inserts more and more dick.
Ass Now - The name says it all. Ace's attraction to Vice just couldn't wait. They skip the pleasantries and get right to it: Ace eats Vice's scrumptious pink asshole and plows his tongue right in there. Vice gives him slurpy head and Ace deep fucks Vice until cum erupts. Classic action just like you'd expect from Papithugz.
Redds Royal Rendezbous - Sexy New-Cummer Alejandero Solis enters Red's Royal Rendezvous Room! Red loves to break-in the newbies with a long hard pounding and this rendezvous doesn't disappoint with hard, slurpable dick and fuckin the hell outta Alejandero.
Pre Valentines Fuck - So horny you can't wait for Valentine's Day to bust that mega load? Bamm Bamm, Elz, and Haven are setting exemplary standards on how this shit is done. Bamm is always at the ready with big dick and great abs. 11-year Papithugz exclusive Elz is still rockin the best ass on the planet--see how good he looks backside plowing the shit outta bottom cutie Haven? Yep, this shit is on & poppin…
Hostel Hook-Up - Papithugz is showcasing all new talents Sonny & Blade in this new update produced by Ace Rockwood. Sonny is an all-around hottie ready to plunge and Blade is the new standout to watch in 2015. This new star bottom can contort himself more ways than we can count and that makes the deep fuckin you'll see in this video all the more fun.
Finally Fuck'n - Watch as long time fuck buddies Champ and D'Angelo hook up again after a year since Champ last gave D'Angelo some hard chocolate dick. D'Angelo loves to worship that Dick with his mouth and as soon as Champ gets a taste of that ass he is anxious to stretch it out. These two get it on in Champ's bedroom like it's the first time. Make sure you have a towel ready for the explosion at the end!
Red Afternoon - When your sexy nextdoor neighbor shows up half naked at your door 'cause he ran out of hot water and wants to use your shower--get a hint! Dude wants to get fucked in the worst way! So Red obliges and fills that young hole with big dick, stretching that booty out, but not before eatin that ass out good. Check it all out here.
Dick - Let’s face it; Mike Mann is the shit! He’s got a tall toned body, horse dick & killer good looks. When he teams up with 2 new bottoms; sparks fly and there’s a lotta fucking.Meet Haven, our cutie go-to bottom du jour. He loves takin dick & he and Mike Mann were made for each other. Just look at those close-ups of his gigantic dick plowing into Haven and Cole’s asses, their first time at the rodeo and they land the championship; can’t ask for more than that here at Papithugz.
Undercover Fuck'n - Our favorite go-to bottom, DLo, returns as an undercover rookie cop on his first assignment--willing to go
Big Dick Is Back - Hot ass Izzy returns with his monstrous dick to take over Papithugz today. This long-stroker doesn't waste any time getting back to what he does best: fuck'n the shit outta the nearest hot booty; today that's a cutie Latin newcomer named X-Press. If you like big, hard dicks plunging tight young booty holes we got this one covered.
Mr Dick: Up In That Ass - Pup is fiendin' that dick service today. But Mr. Dick balks,
Sex Workout - Two of the most popular stars ever, Jovonnie & Mr. Elz, get together to double-team ChiTown in this new epic fuck flick. Mr. Elz looks hot and is in the best shape of his life -- (best ass on the planet, BTW). Jovonnie's big dick plunges ChiTown and this dream team takes turns deep impaling ChiTown, much to his delight. Big Cum Shots Included!
Blue Ring Bang - Yo, you comin' over? The direct approach works, especially for a hottie big-dick'd muthafucka like Champ. Select ain't mad; he comes right over and Champ rips his clothes off and fucks the shit outta him. And a hot kissin', dick slurpin', passionate & deep fuckin' good time was had by all.
Chicago Dick Down - You've heard of Chicago hot dogs, but nothin' beats a Windy City dickdown session, especially starring Mike Mann, King of the Big Dicks. Even superstar Ace Rockwood became mesmerized and sucked Mike Mann's dick! Chitown couldn't have more fun with two of the best masculine tops in the biz. Check this one.
Champ Inside Me - They say basketball buddies on-court make the hottest fuck buddies off-court. Or maybe we just made that up? Anyway, take a look at this new vid featuring two hot new stars making big debuts on Papithugz. Champ is an all-out cutie with a toned body to boot. Chi-Town has a hot, perfect booty just waiting for Champ to plunge it with his big dick. After a hot game ChiTown makes a play for Champ.
Bust Your Nut Therapy - The muscle boys flex into summer in NYC. Mr. Elz pays Dr. Artist a visit to cure 
his blues and let's just say he has a bang of a breakthrough. Artist knows the 
immense healing powers his booty hole can cast on a hot fucker like Elz and is 
eager to lend his unique craft. He is drilled into submission until Elz's 
doldrums are expelled with jumbo jizz. Modern medicine is a marvel.
Big Dick Massage - Blowout fuck session featuring Phat Daddy, now only shooting with Papithugz, The New Vers King--XL & hot muscle bottom newcomer Select. What could be better than getting a hot dickdown from Phat Daddy? Getting a massage from him to boot! Check out the whole hot, steamy scene.
In Ny For Big Dick - Exclusive! NYC, the place where dreams come true.  What better place for Trez to make his bottom debut? Trez has been a veteran top for years, but had a dream of getting fucked for the first time ever by one of the biggest dicks in the game: Phat Daddy.  We were only happy to help him flip the script.  Trust, Phat Daddy delivers in this new vid, popping Trez's cherry, plowing his hole with his Big Apple dick and a sinister grin of delight in-tow.
My New Fuck Buddy - And who wouldn’t wanna have XL as their Fuck Buddy?? Tongin' ass, slingin' jumbo dick & takin' pipe on the inbound like a consumate pro. With his classic Clark Gable matinee idol good looks he fits right in with Papithugz veteran hottie Mr. Elz and returning cutie bottom Ricardo Vaughn.
Ass Play - Rio seems to be everybody's favorite versatile go-to hottie guy these days, so we're serving him up for your viewing pleasure.  He & Red double-team the oh-soo-fuckable cutie bottom du jour, D-Lo, then cut to Rio getting boned by Red while he eats out D-Lo. A round-robin fuck session.
Off Court Fukkin - Basketball might be his game, but it's Off Court Fukkin that gets the blood flowing for the mighty, muscular Elz, back at PAPITHUGZ.  Horny, tight-bodied Lasko wants some game pointers, but it seems the only balls on his mind are between Elz's legs.  Slurping bone, eating ass, Lasko knows exactly what he wants. And Elz fucks the dick-loving Lasko in everyway that juicy bubble-booty can take it. It's PAPITHUGZ, just the way you like it.
Jin's Double-Dick Hump Day - Sexy, fan-favorite, Ace Rockwood brings you his latest fantasy in PAPITHUGZ Pornstar Director Series, Jin's Double-Dick Hump Day.  Ace recruited strong, silent, bone-ready Samson and Jin, who always brings his deep throat, smooth brown bubble-ass pro-game skillz to every party into an unforgettable, hot and dripping wet three-
some.  Ace and Samson are slinging that real good dick and long-stroke Jin into deep-dick ecstasy.  All the fellaz bust in this one. It's PAPITHUGZ, you know you want some.
Ass Master - Mr. Dick, Python, the Ass Master himself is bringing in the new year slinging that 

thick, hard, gift that keeps on giving.  Sexy Papithugz newcomer, Sabastion, unwraps 
his delicious, bone-hungry ass grateful for all he is about to receive -- over and over, deep and good.  Python got this handsome Papa counting his blessings in inches 
tonight.  Taking all that dick ain't easy but
Spin That Ass Around - Spin likes to watch you watching.  Whether it's a young brutha sucking his dick, or bouncing a juicy, booty-hole on his stiff bone, Papa gets off on you getting off.  
Blaze is down with it too, giving up some head or the hole, ain't no shame in his 
fucking game.  It's all about the thrill.  Might have to do their next shoot in Macy's window.  It's PAPITHUGZ.
Porn Boss - Looking damn stylish in his suit, handsome Mike (packin' a barely concealed weapon) Mann is representing PAPITHUGZ in PORN BOSS.  We all know Mr. Mann got that party-
size dick for you fellas with a big appetite.  Not everyone can handle all that 
bone, it's a two-hander and way more than a mouthful.  Jin stepped up to show ya'll 
how it's done.  His deep throat skillz and smooth brown bubble-ass promise some all-day fun.  When he backs that ass up on the Mann-pole, Mike is in boy-booty 
heaven and a star is born.  Yeah, it's all about PAPITHUGZ.
Phat Daddy Red Room Fantasy - Papithugz, Phat Daddy, and Lasko, a porn newbie with a major hunger for some phat 
bone.  It works for me.  Taking all that Phat Daddy dick won't be easy, but Lasko knows what he wants and through his grunts and groans he takes it all.  Phat Daddy
beat up that booty-hole real good, just like you'd expect.  It's Papithugz, come get 
you some.
Samson's Hot New Boyfriend - That long-stroking fan favorite Samson is back at PAPITHUGZ.  Today he's sharing all the sweet, hot, juicy delights of his HOT NEW BOYFRIEND, DAMIAN TAYLOR.  A PAPITHUGZ newcomer, Mr. Taylor got the tight body, pretty face, bubblicious ass and love for the bone -- sucking it, bouncing on it, or taking it with his legs spread high and wide -- we all can appreciate.  And SAMSON gives DAMIAN TAYLOR every inch of what he wants.  I ain't mad.  It's PAPITHUGZ, come get you some.
Arquez Unleashed - Love a brotha with a real love for the dick so PAPITHUGZ gives you ARQUEZ UNLEASHED. The young brutha hooked-up with hell-a-sexy JOVONNIE to satisfy that -- love.  Both these bruthaz are packing some good bone, but as ARQUEZ said, with a man like JOVONNIE, you just gotta give it up.  And he did, he unleashed all his deep-
slurping, bone-bouncing skillz for that
Ass in my Face - Python's got Mysterio craving the dick, and Mysterio returns the favor by serving up a pretty, bubble-ass that's got Python hot, hungry and ready.  The young papa's got some pretty feet too, so both the booty-hole and the toes get some very special love from Mr. Dick.  It's deep-dick, toe-curling, marathon fucking at Papithugz.
My 2 Favorite Dicks - Tru Dat! Pinga lovers check out this update with big dick'd Red, one of the most popular plungers in porn, fucking hot bottom and rimming his ass.  Papithugz exclusive Rico is showcased in perfect versatile action getting dicked down by Red and in turn fucking Angotti silly like he knows bottoms like it.
Let Me In That Ass - PAPITHUGZ welcomes the long-awaited return of JOVANNIE with open arms.  Of course, some bruthas do it with deep-throats and open legs.  I'm talking about you, AQUARIUS. You know what you like and you handle your bizness.  That's cool with me.  Dick is a wonderful thing, and handsome PAPITHUGZ newcomer, COLUMBIA, brings his nice, thick piece to the party too.  Ya'll know AQUARIUS' booty-hole was meant for dick, right?  Our boy, JOVANNIE, DAMN HE'S FINE!, gives him all that big bone he could take.  COLUMBIA fucks his face while JOVANNIE bangs the juice out that booty.  Some good dick fucking some good ass, it don't get no better.  But, J. ain't too greedy.  They get to passing that ass back and forth.  COLUMBIA steps up and works the thickness all up in AQUARIUS' well-fucked hole -- gets all deep in it too.  Love to watch a young dick-loving papa get exactly what he needs -- over and over again.  I think you will too.  It's PAPITHUGZ!
Poolside Plunge - There's no time to waste, tropical surroundings, a warm breeze, an inviting pool, an eager, sexy, bubble-booty-bottom-boy and, PYTHON, MR. DICK himself, ready to get into something good.  PAPITHUGZ welcomes EDDIE KORDOVA in his PT debut.  Working some serious tatts, EDDIE showed-off his equally serious dick-loving skillz.  He better.  Ya'll know Python don't play, and from the way EDDIE was moaning,
Big Dick for the New Guy - PHAT DADDY is back among the PAPITHUGZ and that big, fat, famous dick is pointed at ANGELITO's pretty bubble ass.  This porn newcomer took that long, thick hole-wrecker like a pro.  On his back, on his knees, or sitting right down on it, ANGELITO wanted a good fuck --
Black Label Fuk'n - FLAMEZ, one of our favorite Puerto Rican papis is back at PAPITHUGZ slinging that big, fat dick.  He's hooked up with RICARDO VAUGHN, a brutha who handles the bone like a superstar.  A bottle of Black Label gets the fires going.  FLAMEZ likes a brotha tatted-up on the thug side, and as RICARDO said,
Big Dick Fuck'n - MIKE MANN, tall, tight, handsome, sexy and packing major dick is back at PAPITHUGZ. We're talking two-handed dick so we hooked him up with Mysterio, who lusts for the bone, worships the pipe, and don't waste no time getting what he wants -- a deep taste of long, hard, thick DICK.  And, I ain't mad.  MR. MANN gives him plenty to love and one hole is just as good as another, so whether the young papa is choking on it or getting that booty-hole busted wide, it don't matter when you gotta get that nut!  Deep, hard and nasty, that's how we do it at PAPITHUGZ.
Dicked - It's PAPITHUGZ so it's time to get DICKED.  Today, RED's devilish grin is focused on 
that pretty papa, VICE.  And, it don't take long before RED's getting a taste of 
VICE's sweet, bubble-ass.  Getting it ready for things to come -- yeah.  VICE got to 
get his, too, so he let's loose RED's big, fat, uncut dick to slurp on.  RED lets him get as much as he wants, wouldn't you?  Of course, that rock-hard bone is meant 
to bust open some good booty-hole, and though VICE says,
2 Big Dicks, 2 Sweet Asses - It's no secret, RED, that sexy, big dick brotha with the devilish grin, loves ass. He loves to slap it, jiggle it, spread it, tongue it, and most of all, fuck it.  So, PAPITHUGZ hooked him up with MISTERIO, a hot young papa with a serious love of the dick and a jelly-bubble-booty just meant to get plunged who loves all that too.  The minute RED'S thick, delicious pipe jumped to attention, MISTERIO was slurping it up and getting it ready.  RED returned the favor and spread that boy's hole wide for some deep-tongue action.  The fucking came fast and furious, and MISTERIO can handle his business. Enter KRIS, all sweetness and innocence, with a huge piece swinging between his legs. MISTERIO swallowed that up quick.  And KRIS is not only slinging dick, he got hungry for some of RED'S big bone too.  One big dick brotha fucking another, DAMN! Lick it.  Suck it.  Eat it. Fuck it. Welcome to PAPITHUGZ.
Miami Pool Fuck'n - PAPITHUGZ headed south to lush, tropical Miami where the palms sway in the warm breezes, the sunshine is plentiful and
Training Day - It's TRAINING DAY and PAPITHUGZ opens wide for RED.  You remember RED: devilish grin, a sparkle in his eyes and a big, fat, hard, uncut dick?  Yeah, I thought you would.  He starts out working the barbells, but when sexy newcomer, RICARDO VAUGHN, needs to work out some kinks, RED makes sure that boy's tight booty-hole gets all the love it needs -- stroke for deep stroke. Tatted-up and packing a nice thick piece to play with, RICARDO is making his fuck-film debut!  But seeing this seriously dick-hungry young papa in action, we suspect he'll be back.  Fucking, munching on some ass or slurping on a fat dick, it's PAPITHUGZ.  We know what you like.
The New Adventures of Flamez - Flamez joins the Papithugz family with the New Ass In Town, hottie El Bori, in his first-ever porn.  From first suck to last fuck this video is a keeper featuring Flamez's big, uncut pinga front and center.
I Need Some Fresh Dick - PAPITHUGZ welcomes VICE back home where he belongs.  And, damn, ya'll, papa was fine already, now he's trimmed it down and tightened it up. That face, those eyes, that body, that smile and he's got a BIG dick.You don't need a crystal ball (wink) to predict fresh dick is always the answer.  In walks MR. ELZ, the body beautiful himself, more than ready to get up into some tender booty-hole. ELZ gets to work on that ass.  Tonguing it, teasing it, getting it wet and ready for that deep-dick massage.  VICE needed to get fucked for real, legs in the air, throwing that ass back, or bouncing on the bone, he got it.  And, ELZ fucked the cum out of that boy.  Yeah, it's all about PAPITHUGZ.
Dick Meets Ass - What's better than a cute big booty, dick-slurping boy looking to give up some ass?  At PAPITHUGZ, it could only be two big booty, dick-slurping boys.  Welcome new comer LINDO, the pretty boy, who's got that shake, shake, shake, bounce on a fat dick, jelly booty to keep the fellas happy, and his bubble-ass partner, T Fox.  Making his PAPITHUGZ debut is my boy, RED, bringing a big smile and a big fat hard dick to the party.  Best of all, he's willing to share it.  And the boyz love dick!  Got 'em sitting on it, choking on it, backing up on it, licking it, bouncing on it.  Good ass, good dick, at PAPITHUGZ that's always a good thing.
Big Dick On Its Way - Yo, at PAPITHUGZ it's a big-dick brothaz duty to sling some bone every chance he gets.  Enter long-stroker, MR. BIG, with just the right equipment for good-looking, dick-loving papa, ANGOTTI.  Baby boy ain't no virgin, but even he needed MR. BIG to
Samson &  XXXChange: Kiss 'N' Fuck - Samson is normally laid back, but when his eyes first saw new star XXXChange it was official: he became an instant fuck monster. He unleashes his ardent passion on XXXChange with full-on ass-eating, lascivious kissing, and the kind of take-charge fervency you've come to know us for.
Deep Dick Fucking - PYTHON's got a huge dick, ya'll know that, and he loves to fuck a sweet, wet, bubble-ass.  D'ANGELO's got a serious taste for dick, always hungry for it, and got an ass meant for the pipe.  So, this PAPITHUGZ hook-up is gonna work out just fine.  D'Angelo keeps that tail ready, willing and able.  Good thing, too.  They don't call him Python for nothing, slinging that good dick, he don't give no mercy to the booty-hole. Practically fucked the cum out that boy.  You like to watch, so come get you some.
Pornstar Director Series: Ace - PAPITHUGZ premieres its PORNSTAR DIRECTOR'S SERIES in high-style! We got superstar ACE ROCKWOOD, that tight-bodied, tatted-up, delicious, thick-dick packing brutha as our first GUEST DIRECTOR.  Yeah, Ace is on TOP of his game in front and behind the camera.  He got his co-star, LIL PAPI, that dick-loving, sex-machine all hot and bothered from the jump.  No games here.  Lil Papi was meant to worship dick, deep-throating it or beating up that well-fucked booty-hole, it don't matter.  Lil Papi craves dick!  With 
Ace as the DIRECTOR, making his fuck-fantasies real, he made sure Papi got it.  Sweet, juicy Latin, boy-pussy, banged out with a fat, Black, dick.  Damn, that shit looks good. See for yourself.  The premiere of the PAPITHUGZ PORNSTAR DIRECTOR'S SERIES.  ACE ROCKWOOD, LIL PAPI, these bruthaz know what they want and give it to you.
Let's Fuck The New Guy - What happens when PAPITHUGZ puts Arquez, Rico and Nemian (AKA the new guy, making his porn debut) together?  Everyone gets fucked, that's what!  Starting with Nemian, though new to the game, papa let his dick-loving, freak flag fly.  Horny, tight-bodied, handsome with a very fuckable ass, Nemian made sure both his willing holes got plunged. Slinging those thick, hard pieces, Arquez and Rico took turns working that sweet booty-hole.  New or not, they fucked that boy good.  Too hungry to quit, these bruthaz then got to fucking each other.  LOVE THAT.  Sucking toes, chewing on dick, eating ass, it's all good at PAPITHUGZ.  I know you want a taste.
Fuck Me-Hurt Me - Whoa--be careful what you wish for: New star Papo wanted Phat Daddy to fuck him so bad but got more than he bargained for.But Papo soon found out that it hurts so good in this Phat Daddy Double-Header.
Arquez: Fuck & Get Fucked - Dual fantasy fulfilled! Arquez is making his first splash on Papithugz a big one. After watching Phat Daddy fuck D-Low online he's got a hard-on for both of them. His fantasy is to fuck the shit outta D-Low and have Phat Daddy plunge his hole--all in the same day. Mission Accomplished. Featuring 2 hot fuck sessions in one.
Big Dick in Town - At PAPITHUGZ a big hard dick is always a good thing.  So, when we say
Fuck, Don't Talk! - Big, strong, silent, with a tight body, a thick, hard piece and all that hair, Samson's back at Papithugz!  When this papa's in the house, somebody's gonna get fucked.  Papi-Porn new comers Rabbit and Angel S step up to get some.  And, Samson gives these fellas just what they want: a deep, hard, long, no-frills fuck.  They both got a good and serious taste for dick, Angel S is the lucky muthafucka who gets both holes plunged at the same time.  Rabbit's long dick was all up in Angel's guts, banged that shit out good. Got Angel S moaning even with a mouth full of Samson's dick. As for Rabbit, he's slinging and taking dick, Samson made sure of that.  Catch Rabbit fucking Angel S while Samson fucks Rabbit.  Yo, it's all about Papithugz.
Ass Munch'n Workout - PAPITHUGZ favorite, MR. ELZ, is back where he belongs, in front of the camera, flexing those muscles, then giving some lucky fella what they like -- exactly how they like it.  RnB, a sweet, young thing with a dick-hungry mouth and a fat juicy ass, wastes no time getting to it in his papi-porn debut.  Love it when those young cuties show some real lust for the bone.  RnB got an ass meant to be ate out and fucked good, so you know Elz got a serious taste of that!  Then he fucked that boy like it was the last piece.  Must've been good, when he shot, he came for the needy and the poor.
Python's Ass Obsession - PYTHON'S back, in Python's Ass Obsession, and WET'S got the perfect ass to be obsessed about.  Bet muthafuckaz dicks be hard everytime he walks down the street.  Make a brutha wanna lick the computer screen.  And for Python, it's all about ASS: licking it, eating it, even getting his chewing gum to taste like it.  But it looks like
Westside Fucks D'Angelo - D'Angelo is back at Papithugz and he's hooked up with Westside, in his porn debut!  The young papa is handsome, intense, ready to fuck and is packing a thick, hard piece to handle his bizness.  D'Angelo knows good dick and was slurping on that bone quick.  He got that ass ready cuz a bruthaz hole gets hungry too.  These fellaz came to fuck, and Papithugz laid it out for you.
Rated R Returns - That fine muthafucka Rated R is back at Papithugz, all tatted-up, with those bedroom-eyes that say,
Breakfast N Ass - Something's always cooking at Papithugz, especially when Python pulls out that big piece and sexy Trey Turner, is hungry for it.  It's hard to get ready for all that dick, but Trey quickly put breakfast aside to get a taste.  Yeah, Papa knows how to suck the bone.  Ya'll know it didn't stop there, right?  Python fucked that boy for real -- like he needed to be fucked: deep, hard and long!  Trey rode it like he couldn't get enough.  Yo, when the dick is good, it's DAMN good.  And, Python plunged that hole.  It's Breakfast N Ass at Papithugz, just how you like it.
I Need Some Ass Now - Maximo's back at Papithugz.  Papa's all tatted-up, got some meat on his bones -- I like that! -- and a meaty, uncut, scrumptious pinga ready to fuck.  Artist is the handsome, dick-loving muscle bottom we got to get the job done.  Yeah, he could slob on that knob all night, but Maximo wanted some tight booty-hole, so Artist put it on him.  Rode that juicy bone hard.  Yo, your man got a thick piece like that, it's what you supposed to do.  Do your thing, brutha, I ain't mad.  Hey Maximo, catch your breath, we gonna hook you up.
D'Angelo's Fuck Apprenticeship - Fresh-faced, new comer, D'Angelo, makes his exclusive porn debut with Papithugz favorites Rico and DLow. These two were happy to show this first-timer some tricks of the trade. Turn the camera on them, and Rico's thick piece is all up in DLow's well-fucked hole.  Got Papa's eyes rolling to the back of his head: Yeah!  A quick study, D'Angelo had to get his. He fucked both them muthafuckaz, then rode Rico's bone like it was last-call at a whorehouse. When was the last time you had some seriously good dick? Come and get some, with Papithugz.
Officer Rush: Off-Duty Fuck - Officer Matthew Rush is back at Papithugz and after a hard day on the force, he's ready to relax as every major-sexy, massively muscular, big dick slingin', porn superstar is supposed to do.  That means, fucking a nice sweet ass.  We hooked him up real good.  Introducing Randy Star in his porn debut, and Papa brought all his Miami heat with him!  Handsome, sexy with a gorgeous body, Randy gets Officer Rush out of uniform and into his delicious ass.  It's a case of breaking and entering an eager booty-hole and Officer Rush knows how to handle his business. It's all about Papithugz, baby.
Stop Fucking Strangers - Papithugz turns the camera on real-life lovers, Cristobol and Vice for a video called
Back 2 Back Ass - Python and Papithugz are bringing in the New Year right, banging Back2Back Ass!  Python's got enuf dick for two (and ya know it) so we hooked him up with Envy, love that tight body, those legs spread wide and juicy booty; and D-Low, our sexy, dick-loving, Rican cutie always ready to give up that luscious man-hole.  Python said it was,
Harlem Hook-Up - Python, the ultimate Fuckinator himself, is back to tear up Elmo's ass and make über bottoms everywhere jealous as hell. Python shows up two hours late and barely apologizes as he's taking off his clothes to get fuckin'. Once Elmo sees Python's bare chest he quickly accepts his perfunctory words and gets that ass ready for a big plunge-fest.
Bangin' My Boyfriend's Best Buddy - Papithugz kicks off the holidays with an ass stretchin' fest with A-Listers Cristobol, Samson, & Rico. Rico makes it clear to Cristobol that he'll let his best bud Samson come over to fuck Cristobol--as long as he gets some ass first. Once Samson arrives the whole scene turns into a flip-flop round-robin for Cristobol and Rico. See incredible footage of all 3 fuck each other at the same time. What could be better than that?
Low Hang'n Ass Bang'n Balls - Papithugz brought out the sex-swing for two of our favorite freaks: Big Redd and Envy.  These fine, sexy brothers LOVE to fuck!  Big Redd was on Envy's bubblicious booty hole from the jump and that ass must've been real sweet as much as he ate it.  He got it loose and juicy, cuz Envy don't play.  If you gonna fuck him, you gonna fuck him right?  And he got just what he wanted.  Big Redd had that boy yelling loud as his low-hanging balls smacked that ass. With all that cum he shot, I know it was good.  It's Papithugz, baby.  You know you want some.
Get That Ass Ready Yo - Izzy (aka CJ) is back at PAPITHUGZ looking all cute with that innocent grin, then he pulls out that big-ass hole-wrecker between his legs and DAMN!  Could charge the brother with carrying a concealed weapon.  Kannon's back, too, to show this big-dick papa where to stick that thing -- all of it.  It ain't easy though.  On his stomach, on his back, riding it, ass waaaay up in the air, Kannon gets that hole beat-up and stretched WIDE.  Yeah, work it out, you did your thing, man.  Yo, is it my imagination, or is Izzy's dick getting bigger?
Work Out Later Lets Fuck Now - Papithugz brings you the finest, sexiest, horniest muthafuckaz in porn.  Newcomer, Samson, busts his porn cherry, and some good ass, in his very first video EVER.  Papa got a luscious body, so we hooked him up with Artist:
I Fucked Up: Now Get Your Clothes and Get The Fuck 
Out! - Phat Daddy is back at Papithugz where he belongs.  And we hooked him up with Cristobol, bringing that tight body, macho hunger, magazine cover looks and all that sexy-ass, New York City swagger to the party.  They got that gotta-adjust-my-drawers chemistry from the jump.  When a pissed-off Cristobol says,
Incognito: I'm Fucking A Guy But I'm Still Straight - Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo!  He's back, Mr. Elz, that 
delicious piece of Puerto Rican papi, is back at Papithugz after waaaaay too long.  And, he's ready to fuck in his first *EVER* porn video.  We hooked him up with Nuvo, the cutest, young, sexy thing we've seen in a long time.  DAMN, Elz is looking good! The body's tight and pumped and the brutha clearly loves his work.  Hell, when Nuvo sticks that SWEET round ass out, wouldn't you?  Hey, Mr. Elz is FUCKIN' Nuvo in a Papithugz EXCLUSIVE.  Yeah, we know what you like.
Fuck The Interview Let's Fuck - Papithugz is serving up that hell'a-sexy porn star, Ace Rockwood, and pretty boy, M Donn, in a delicious, slow seduction that starts as an interview and ends up with Ace's big, hard dick beating up M Donn's juicy, booty hole.  Love a brutha who loves the dick, and M Donn opened wide for that thick muthafucka.  Damn, Ace fucked the cum out of that boy!  Two fine bruthas, tatted-up, smoking blunts and fuckin'.  It's all about Papithugz, baby, you know how we do.
Red Shower - Papithugz got that pretty muthafucka, M Donn, up in the Red Shower, makin' that pretty ass all fresh for the big, hard piece ya boy Python's workin' with.  Papa's barely dried off before he's slurpin' on that dick.  But a dick this big is made for fuckin' an ass 
this sweet.  Python's tattoo says: No Pain, No Gain; beatin' up M Donn's juicy hole, it looks like the SWEETEST pain from here.  Hell yeah, just what you want.
Nightstick Justice - NYC's Finest: Officer Phat Daddy is on the beat and sees some suspicious activity in an apartment and busts in to enforce his own style of justice. He teaches bad guys Kannon and new star Dayton the anal code with his gigantic nightstick (and low-hanging balls). As an added bonus we've included Exclusive outtakes and behind-the-scenes at the end of Scene 2.
Kitchen Encounter - Rising Superstar, ACE ROCKWOOD, is back at Papithugz.  Hell Yeah!  Ace got a big ol' dick and D-Low had to open wide to take that thick muthafucka.  Ace threw down that deep fuck for ya'll.  All up in the brutha's guts, beatin' that shit up, had his eyes rollin' back in his head.  But Papa can ride some dick -- Love That! -- don't get it twisted.  Ace worked that bone and D-Low worked that sweet ass like a champ.  Ace Rockwood, D-Low, Papithugz, suckin', fuckin', you know how we do.
Big Slim Dickin My Husband - Papithugz brings you Big Slim in his PT debut.  You know what they say about those skinny dudes?  Yeah, they workin' with some major pinga.  And Big Slim got a baseball bat between his legs.  Real-life husbands Avatar and Steve O are lickin' & lappin' all over it.  You can tell they really crave the dick, don't matter which hole, Big Slim makes them open wide for it.  Fukkin', munchin' on some ass or slurpin' on a 
fat dick, we know what you like.
Live Sex at Oasis 2011 - It's the event of the year and and Papithugz are bringing you front row seats to see all the action poppin off--Phat Daddy, Sarge, & HotRod sucking and fuckin each other live on stage in front of a crowd of fans who couldn't get enough. In fact, they joined in the show and had
Nice Ass Pretty Feet - Python's back at Papithugz and he's hooked-up with PT newcommer, Gusto, whose hungry, juicy-juicy hole is primed and ready for that long, thick piece Python's packin'.  Tall, slender, beautiful smile, luscious bone-slurpin' lips and, like Python said,
I Want Him For Myself. Get Out! - Papithugz welcomes some delicious new talent to the site: Mystery T and Vice.  Always said,
Kannon Unleashed - Kannon is back with that sexy CityBwoy and pretty-boy, June, one of our favorite fuckers.  And, in a Papithugz exclusive, Kannon's doing his power-vers thing, slingin' dick, takin' dick (Brutha got a nice ass, too. Damn!) just the way you like it.  Watch Citybwoy eatin' up and beatin' up wet and juicy man-hole like a big dick brutha is supposed to do.  We knew June could take it, he always does and, now, Kannon shows ya'll how to take it like a man, too.  Love that!  See it here first.
Python Delivers the Dick - Papithugz has got Vince Ditonno, an insatiable bottom with a deep throat and a willing, wet hole -- Love That! -- in his PT debut.  Vince did his Dial-a-Dick thing and in walks Python, that long-dickin', deep-strokin' brutha to serve up a banquet.  So, what's a hungry bottom to do?  Take the dick like a man, of course.  And, as long as Python can give it, Vince D., is gonna take it.
Fresh Fuckin' Papi - Papithugz welcomes Drake, in his ass-eatin', boy-hole poundin', dick-slingin', porn debut.  And, young Drake -- no, not that one, but this fresh, fuckin' papi swears he's the original one -- is lookin' to plug some hole.  That's cool, we like that.  And, so does sexy, slut boy, June.  He likes it down his throat and up his juicy, always ready, ass.  Handle your business, Drake.  A star is porn.  Yeah, I had to say it.
69's Got A New Daddy - Papithugz sensation, 69, is back!  Yeah, 6 feet 9 inches of sexy, packin', hard-muscled papi and he's hungry for some dick.  Big, juicy, stiff dick.  And that delicious piece of walking-sex, Phat Daddy, got all the dick he can handle.  It's gonna take all of that long-ass piece to scratch that itch 69's got, and you better believe Phat Daddy's gonna give it to him.  This is some serious fuckin', exactly how you like it.
Fucked by a Puerto Rican-Sicilian Straight Boy - Muscle bottom Iraq is back workin’ that hungry ass for the camera cuz it’s all about gettin’ some dick. Some good dick. And, newcomer, Yeyo, comes to the party with that long-ass, uncut piece with a mean right-hook. You know Iraq’s pretty mouth was ready for a taste, and he kept that sweet hole nice and wet too. What else could he do? Yeyo made him take that dick and fucked that boy jack-hammer-style. Hell, yeah, he loved it! Que rico, is right!
Young Asses and Big Dicks - If you like your asses young and tight and your dicks big and phat then this is the video for you. Versatile freak (and total nice guy) Young Buck shows us his best fuckin and in turn gets done by big dick Juulz.  Derek Jones get the fuckdown from the both of them.  Don't miss this one.
Daddy's Dick - Sexy mutha fucka, Phat Daddy, got that big, hard, hole-wrecker, and, Suspect is just the papi to take it.  Gotta love a brutha who loves the dick!  And Phat Daddy brought his boy, Rated R, in his PapiThugz debut, to get all up in some sloppy seconds.  Damn, that shit looks good!
Kannon Gets Some Ass - Hot star Kannon makes his Papithugz debut with perfect cutie muscle bottom Iraq. As the title indicates it's all the hot suckin, fuckin, ass eatin, and bustin you've come to love from us.
Python Takeover - What more could you want in the new year than a big sexy, sweaty aggressive top who kisses passionately, eats ass, and fucks like a lion? Oh, yeah and he's hung like a horse.  Get ready to bust a big 'ol load when you see him take on both Rico and Lil Papi and pop his gigantic load.
X Vega's Vers Fantasy - X Vega in his first versatile scene! Papithugz Exclusive. X Vega is the hottest new star on Papithugz and he's back in his first versatile role ever. They kiss, suck, and fuck each other's brains out. X Vega had a fantasy to do a shoot with Jovonnie and we made it come true. Also featuring new star Paolo in his video debut.
Smokin', Drinkin', & Versin' - More power versatile fuckin with June and Kris.  Hangin' out drinkin' and smokin' can lead to some hot shit. Kris is an incredible big-dick wonder and pounds the shit outta June's hole and takes dick just as well himself.  June is a sex animal--shooting cumload wads not just once but two times. They both take an all-out ass poundin' from each other.
Charger's Choice - Charger has his choice of two hot, sexy masculine guys to fuck him silly--so why not pick both? Fan favorite Rico and Slim both tear that ass up and blast their loads.Lots of hot dick sucking, too.
Eat My Chocolate Dick - Kasey knows how to take care of his man Chad X (both new stars on Papithugz) with good drink and some fun stuff on his iPad.  He patiently waited fo that big chocolate dick and it paid off--big time. In his mouth and up that ass lotsa times.  And Chad X has the most perfect smooth ass--looks great from the back as he pounds Kasey's tight butthole.
3 Card Monte - When you get carried away playing street card games and run outta cash what better way to settle your gambling bill than with booty. New star Xman is collecting-in-full by pounding the hell outta Lil Papi in this new feature.
Cum Over For Sum Dick - Passionate Trio Versatile Fuckin Action this week with new hot big dick star Xavier Vega and cutie Batman in their first Papithugz appearances with our favorite Miguel Lee.  Hot suckin & fuckin action with explosive cum shots.
Terrorize It - Watch Out--This new guy is pure Terror. New big dick Terror is brand new in town and he's ready to tear sum ass up before getting the fuck out. Hot Charger also makes his debut on Papithugz.
I'm 18 & Horny - Rico has always been attracted to the young boys hangin out on the corner by his house & Jay Blaze is 18 & horny for sum of Rico's ass. He takes charge and rips Rico's hole open with his uncut pinga.
Southern Dick - Slim is visiting NYC from the deep country south and got horny for some New York ass so he went out on the strip and found Lil Papi more than excited to suck his dick right in his car and then give him his hot booty hole for him to fuck. Lotta hot fuckin here.
Fuck Lessons - Cornbread shows the new guys the ropes on how to suck, eat ass and fuck like a pro in our newest update featuring new discoveries Angyl Valantino and Pedro.
Monster Dick Surprise - Miguel knew CJ was cute but had no idea how damn big he was in the dick department. He got to suck on that huge dick and get the fucking of his life by one of the biggest we've seen around here in quite some time..
I'm Gonna Fuck You Just Like I Did In Puerto Rico - You ever have a fuck so good you wanna do it all over again? Marcus (making his Papithugz debut) had one so good with Saint that he flew from Puerto Rico to NYC to do it all over again. Good for you that we were there with the camera to catch each moment of the hottest suckin and fuckin.
Moyea's Got The Good Shit - Moyea's got good smoke and good booty as fan favorites Jovonnie and Alejandro know well after hooking up on the waterfront.  These three will make you bust when you see all the triangular suckin and fuckin going on. Alejandro is a master flip flop-er and looks damn good both ways. It ends with jizz all over the place.
The Bang Bros - Saturday night is really poppin for muscular fan favorite Rico and best bros Miguel Lee & Suspect as Rico has 2 lovely asses to plow. See him tear that shit up X2
You're Approved - Ace Rockwood and Moyea get in a quick game of handball while waiting 
to see a vacant apartment. After Ace decides to move in he wants to 
celebrate by gettin sum ass from Moyea. Lucky Moyea gets to suck that huge dick and 21 year-old Ace plows the booty like a champ and has a cum explosion all over Moyea's face.
King In My Dreams - If you like to see big handsome muscular stars fuckin then check Super hottie King in his Papithugz debut giving lucky Saint the ass pounding of his life.
Officer Rush: Off-Duty Workout - Ultimate Superstar Matthew Rush reprises his role as Officer Rush (remember him with Cornbread?)--but this time he's off-duty so he can really go crazy with lots of ass-eating and fucking the shit out of hot Trey Turner in his Papithugz debut.
Where's My Fluffer? - Back by popular demand, Phat Daddy is in the middle of a photoshoot with Alejandro and when they get to the dick-hard part they need a fluffer. Enter HotShot to heat things up. Well, a little too much fluffin turns into full blown fuckin hot action for you to see now.
Can't Stop Me Now - Two's fun, but three's fuckin blast--the bottle service was so good Osian had to go for more at the party. With cutie Broadie Sinclair in his Papithugz debut and hot 100% Cuban papi Roberto Diaz (he was in a Papithugz photoset a while back).
Ass On A Platter - Young New Discovery Saint appears in his first video ever watchin a porn DVD and calls fan favorites Phat Daddy and Marco Cruz (in his second appearance on Papithugz) for some live action ass eatin and hard fuckin in all kinds of positions.
Fuckin Like Dogs in Heat - Catch muscle hottie Sami Damo in his Papithugz debut with favorites Rico and Aarin Driver for sum hot all-around fuckin action from 3 horndogs hot for each other.
Versatile Stepbrothers - Sum kinky big dick flip-floppin this week as
Lexclusive - A Papithugz Lextacular. Lex is back in his versatile debut on our site with buff Phat Daddy and muscle bottom Miguel Lee. Lex says,
JT Back on Scene - J.T. returns to Papithugz in a brand new vid with cutie major porn star Tommy Deluca. These two big-dick wonders team up to give Osian a hot fuck down and then they explode all over the place.
Lex & Moyea Passion Hook-Up - This is the shoot these two have been longing to do--Lex & Moyea get together for a hot, all-out passionate kissin, dick-suckin, ass-eatin, ass-fuckin good time.
Open Bar - Castro Supreme returns to Papithugz with that phat dick and sexy, rough looks we love. Check out the closeups of that LEGENDARY dick ramming right inside Osian's ready hole. Also featuring Tony Serrano.
Blue Collar Hookup - Last update of the year and decade! What better way to start 2010 than with a construction site hot fuck scene with Big Redd and Marco Cruise. Marco punched in but no work got done that day but at least we got to see Big Redd fuck the hell outta Marco's hole--frontwards, backwards, & with a giant dildo.
Lex Returns to Plow Ass - Papithugz showcases hot fuckin action again as Lex Returns in an all-new vid with Rico and Jay Cruz flip-floppin in his Papithugz debut. This trio delivers all you expect and more: suckin, ass-eatin, and hot fuckin.
Introducing Santino - New A-List muscle star on the scene Santino is here in a hot new fukkin video with cutie bottom Miguel. Santino gives Miguel a special shave before givin that ass a hard pluggin.
Ready to Fuck - These two have been hot for each other for some time so we joined stars Tony Serrano and Osian in our latest video so you cn see all the passion, sucking, ass eating, and power fuckin these two have for each other.
Officer Rush: Bust n Nutt - Another Eyepopping Vid: Bi-Racial Superstar Matthew Rush joins Papithugz as Cornbread's arresting officer. After taking a leak, Officer Rush decides to take the law into his own hands, but both of their asses are in for some non-stop flip-flop pounding from each other's sweaty, tatooed muscular bodies.
I'm The Straight One! - Exclusive--Wow-UrbanPapi Calendar Hottie Ant Nowa is here in his first fuckin video ever (!) flossin his mad flip floppin skills with Rico and newcummer London. For a 1st-Timer Ant Nowa is experienced in the art of give and take.
Afterwork Kinky-Ass Surprise - Aaron Ridge makes his debut meeting Aarin Driver by the factories after work for some kinky-ass surprize sex with Ian Rock. These three get things poppin and fast with lots of suckin, fuckin and cummin. Online now.
Aarin Stretchin Ass - Aarin Driver returns in more hot action with new discovery Stretch making his porn debut.  Aarin breaks him in and teaches him the ropes by stretchin his ass good.
Rico on Rico (and Vice-Versa) - This is one of the hottest pairs we've seen in quite some time. Rico and new discovery Rico Gunz don't just look muscular and hot--they flip flop and stretch each other's asses wide open. Rico Gunz stars in his first video ever with fan favorite Rico.
Ass Stretchin Workout - The Dynamic Duo of Ian and Osian returns to Papithugz to show how much fun you can have working out. While Ian is spotting Osian at the weights Osian is spotting Ian's phat dick and starts to suck it. Before long Ian is eating out Osian's ass to give it his signature stretchin and then shoots cum like a geyser all over his face.
Fuck & Leave - Jovonnie is back and not wasting any time giving Cruz a serious dick down. First Cruz gives him a hot sloppy blowjob then Jovonnie drills him, shoots his jizz, and leaves.
Power Fuckin - In the mood for big dicks and heavy fuckin? Well, so are we and we're bringing it with King Dingo, Power T, and Carlito Teva in full, hot fuckin and suckin action.
You Asked For It - You requested this in your fantasies and emails to us--and they've been hot for each other for a minute. Slimthug and Rico are finally paired up here in one of our hottest vids ever. We'll let the hot fuckin action speak for itself.
Pool Party - Time for an all-out Fuckin good time with some of the hottest: Miguel Lee is long overdue here now with Cornbread and Phat Daddy in his Papithugz debut. Miguel is in for a ride as his hole gets double clocked by these two big-dicked hotties--and all Poolside.
Santiago Returns to Seriously Drill Osian - You loved him with Maximo and now Santiago is back by popular demand to seriously drill out Osian's hole--but not before he eats it out and gets his dick sucked by Osian's ever-hungry mouth.
BFF: Best Friends Fuckin - BFF: Best Friends Fuckin. Papithugz has a new idea in mind as King Dingo in his Papithugz premiere, Rico, and Alejandro meet up in the park and take things to a whole new level. They're all over each other in no time with Alejandro and Rico givin us some of the hottest flip-floppin stretchin each other's holes to the limit. Online now.
FUKKIN LIVE AT THE OASIS - Filmed Live at Blatino Oasis 2009--check award winners Ian Rock, Aarin Driver, & Osian in an outdoor fuck maze. This vid has lots of passionate ass stretchin with one of the hottest muscle trios in the biz. Featuring cameo by Tyson Kobie of Dawgpoundusa
Favian Gotti In New Fukkin Trio Vid - Favian Gotti returns in hot fukkin trio vid with Lil C and Kato in his Papithugz debut.
New Discovery Demon Plowin Osian - Hottest bottom on the Net Osian is back with new discovery Demon to show how to get fucked by the biggest dicks in the biz. These two get poppin right off with hot dick sukkin that leads to Osian's ass getting plowed and hard. Check out their milky cum shots at the end.
All-Out Fip-Flop-Flip - VIDEO EXCLUSIVE Big dick superstars CORNBREAD and ALEJANDRO in ALL-OUT FLIP-FLOP-FLIP When two hot masculine sexy mutha fukkaz like these get together you know sparks are gonna fly. See it here--ass eatin, sukkin, and hot hot flip-flop fuckin. So hot we made 3 scenes.
Ian on Top - Back by way popular demand 2009 Blatino Oasis Award Winner Ian Rock is known for his hot fuck scenes and one of the biggest, phattest dicks in the biz. Check out Ian as he pounds 2 hot bottoms into his submission--Aarin and new discovery Desmond in his debut video.
3-Way Flip Flop - Get the lube and the tissues out now--Everybody gets fucked this week in our latest video with Rico, Aarin, and Cruz in his Papithugz debut. First the action pops off in the shower with hot suckin then they all come out and the big flip-flop party takes off big time. Total versatility- we love that around here. As a bonus all three even fuck each other at the same time. Check it.
Alejandro's Fuck Crew - This week the amazing Alejandro and favorite JT return in a hot new 4-Sum with Hotshot and Ax-L. Featuring lots of kissing, sucking, and hot fucking. Alejandro is in top form fucking JT so hard he busts a huge load while he fucks him.
Rico Meets Cava Zeus - Papithugz star Rico returns to drill out Cava Zuce's hole good and shoot his face full of creamy hot cum in our latest DOUBLE UPDATE also featuring hot ass David R. filmed on location.
Passion Fuck - Aarin Driver DOUBLE HEADER. He was so popular last week we brought him back. This time with Papithugz Exclusive Osian and hardbodied Cornbread for a hot trio you won't forget. The action pops off right away with these 3 suckin and rimmin up a storm on the round table. They clearly all like each other. Cornbread gets to hit dat hard and can't decide which hole he likes better. It's a pleasure to hold the camera for these three.
Brazilian Hard Fuck Message - Blatino Oasis Award Winner Aarin Driver makes his debut on Papithugz with brand new discovery Cava Zuce. Cava Zuce is ready to give Aarin a message but Aarin has way more in mind than that and drills the fuck out of his hot hole.
Double Dominican Blast - Double Dominican Fuck Fest: Papithugz rolls with the best again this week with new top Papi Maximo giving cutie Lil C's tight hole a deep plowing and in the bunk beds, no less. Watch Maximo release a gyser of cum.
This Is How You Fuck - Top Dawg SlimThug is on Papithugz madd bustin out two shawties in our latest hot vid. Victim and New Discovery Creo are in for some hard fuckin from the king as he dominates the fuck out of them for his own pleasure. Damn, he even slaps them and talks all dirty to them while he's fucking the shit out of them.
Horndogs Fuckin - If you're in the mood to see 3 sexy horny dogs madd fuckin then you came to the right place. First check out new discovery star bottom Miguel Lee take it hard and heavy from fan favorite Jovonnie and also from Danger with his big, uncut 2-toned dick. AND as a bonus surprise Danger flips the script and gives up the booty to Jovonnie and gets the fuckin of his life. Jovonnie makes him scream as that big dick jams up his tight asshole. Shit. 2009 is young, but this is one of our best of the year. Check it.
CORNBREAD ON PAPITHUGZ: MY FUCK BUDDY - Incredibly hot and masculine with that swagger we live for, CORNBREAD is on Paithugz for the first time with cute, young, and hung JT. While visiting NYC for just a few days Cornbread hooks up with his old fuck buddy JT and sparks ignite. The two have instant chemistry and things quickly turn into an all-out rimming, sukkin, and deep fucking ride of their lives.
Valentine Paint Fuck - Special Valentine's Update: Don't let the pretty body paint fool you--Osian and Rico get together for another ass-eating, hole-stretching good ol' time. This extremely hot duo showcases that no one can do what Papithugz Exclusive Osian can do: he takes the dick over and over like the pro he is.
2-ON-1 FUKKIN - Lucky Toronto is getting a jaw-breaking, ass-ramming good time by two of the biggest-dicked, best looking guys around: New star discovery Santiago and fan favorite Maximo. See these two stars shoot their jizz all over Tornoto.
FLIP-FLOP FUCKFEST - Fan favorite Jovonnie returns this week in Flip-Flop Fuckfest with Berlin (aka Nubius) and Rogue in his Papithugz debut. This dream team takes their flip-flop fucking to the next level--they turn up the heat and will keep you bustin.
Victim - Osian Double Header--Week 2: Debut of Victim. Victim has never had his ass pounded this hard but mega-dick  Ian Rock (who has the biggest dick we've seen in a long time) gives him the stretching of his life. Ian and newcummer Danger have Victim under their big-dick spell in the tropics. Filmed on location.
Angry Maximo Stretches Osian's Hole - Osian Double-Header: What could be hotter than an angry, verbal muscular top during hard fuckin? Cock-hungry Exclusive Osian meets angry Maximo on the street and Maximo takes him home and stretches the fuck out of his hole and Osian gets kicked out with a face full of hot, steamy cum.
FUKKIN IN DA CLUB 2009 - The Video of the Year! Big Flip-Flop Surprises in this year's hottest fuck party on Papithugz. All-Star Cast with Jovonnie, Lex, Rico, Brick, Sean, and Lil C.
CASTRO SUPREME FUKKIN - What more could you ask for the holdiays? Castro Supreme has a killer muscle-thug body, can fuck two guys like a muthafucka, and busts his monster load. CASTRO Str8 Fukkin - Hot Bi- and Str8 Papis in Solos and Sex Action Vids Made for Us Gay Guys. This week: new vid lucky Ashanti gets a dobule-team dickdown by the pool from big dick Superstar Castro Supreme and hot papi Lex Costa. Chica wasn't expecting the dicks to be so big, pleasant surprise. Look for more from these two Papis in future bi- and str8 vidz.
The Gift: Jovonnie, Osian & CityBwoy - Happy Birthday, Jovonnie! And CityBwoy has the best gift ever: Osian's ass served up and ready to be fucked to the limit. In fact, Jovonnie and CityBwoy heat shit up themselves in a hot flip-flop fuck session on the sex swing and everybody busts their loads all over each other.
Rico & Suspect: Fukkin In The Dunes - After hanging out on the waterfront, Suspect and Rico head over to the sand dunes where all the action takes place. Suspect can't wait to pull down Rico's pants and suck his buldge. Rico face fucks Suspect and eats out that pretty 19 year-old Puerto Rican ass good before plowing him deep and hard the way Suspect loves it until Rico busts his nut all over.
Papithugz Exclusive Osian: On Lex - Papithugz Exclusive Osian is back to tell us in his own words about his new video with Sexy Lex:
All-Out Fukkin - Muscle thugs rule the day as favorite Rico and Jay in his Papithugz debut team up to give hot muscular bottom Toronto's juicy ass just the stretching it needs from two hot big-dicked freaks who love what they do.
Jovonnie Returns (Big Time) - Everyone's favorite hot thug Jovonnie is back to plow young cutie Suspect's ass like as only Jovonnie can--and Suspect loved every minute of it.
K.O. & New Discovery Adonis - Uncut hottie K.O. tears sum ass up again--this time it's newcummer Adoniiz. He takes the pinga like the trooper he is. K.O. fucks the shit outta him and cums all over his face. New Flash Vidz Online now.
Star Lex Returns - After a long break Off-da-Hook Lex at last returns in a new video with new discovery Rookie and big dick Favian Gotti.  Fav and Lex double up on Rook for a hot fuck scene that will make you bust.
Poolside Sex Party - Suckin, Eatin Ass, & Fukkin--all Poolside, no less. Papithugz favorite Joe Strong (aka Icon) starts the party off mixin it up with newcummers Lorenzo, Ricco Furtado, and Adam. This video has some of the hottest 4Sum action we've ever shot.
Eatin Ass & Fukkin Ass - Notch is in for a dream double-team as popular Rico and super newcummer cutie Elias get to some serious fukkin. Rico eats out Elias's ass somethin serious and they both have intense fuck sessions with Notch. Papithugz Crew favorite.
Devil Fucks the Goodness Out of Angel - Introducing the new Papithugz Fetish Room. Evil has Good in a bind (literally) and takes full advantage of the Angel while he's tied up by making him suck his Devil dick and then he fucks the goodness out of him. Hot Scenes.
Superstar Joe Strong (aka Icon) Returns - Superstar Joe Strong (aka Icon) is back and boy did we miss him. This is one of the hottest papiz on the planet and we've got him with Papithugz Exclusive Osian, who has just been nominated for Men Magazine's Man of the Year Award! Also featuring hot newcummer Tony M, making his Papithugz debut.
Moyea: Top to Bottom - Hot ass fan favorite Moyea shows his versatile side as he gets done by 2 hot papiz. Hot street thug Spin enjoys a slippery blow job from Moyea then drills him. Packin Papi R-Diego can't wait to lay his huge pipe in Moyea's hole. Moyea gets turned out (and over) and loves every minute of it. Check it now.
Rio Grande 2 - Osian is chillin on the beach with hot new Puerto Rican discovery Boss and just as they are headed back to get busy--guess who they see--Osian's old flame GAZA. Gaza and Boss take turns plowing Osian's hot muscular ass. This is one hot video. Shot on location. Online Now.
Stylin & Fukkin - Damn, don't Rico look good as new star hottie bottom Flirt sucks the hell outta him and Rico dicks him down 3 ways to Sunday? Check it. Online Now.
Flip-Flop Fukkin - Like a hot flip-flop fukkin scene? These three won't disappoint. Cutie Angel gets the party started first suckin hottie Luke de Rosa in his Papithugz debut then J.T.'s phat uncut pinga fires up the scene fukkin hot and heavy with them. 3 Scenes.
Superstar Alejandro Returns - Superstar Alejandro makes a very welcome return to Papithugz, this time with fan favorite Montreal. These two hit it off right away kissing hot 'n' heavy in a dark room leading all the way to Alejandro's amazing pinga plowing that tight perfect ass of Montreal's. See it all now. 3 Scenes.
Jovonnie & Osian - Hot Jovonnie makes his big splash on Papithugz fukkin the hell outta Osian. You can see how hot these two are for each other. 3 Scenes
Double Fuckdown - Meet 19 year-old Misfit--he's making his Papithugz debut--Wait until you see fan favorites Rico & Ink eating out that perfect young booty hole and take turns plowing that hot ass. Watch and see how much he can take. 3 Scenes.
Papi Porn-Novella: Episode 1 - Papitugz presents Episode 1 in our continuing Papi Porn-Novella saga as JT finds out the hard way that
Papi Throw Down - Check it: Papithugz favorite Moyea is back and doing lots of sukkin and fukkin with HotShot and new discovery Angel. These three were all hot for each other. Don't miss the action. Online Now.
Osian: Take 2 - Take 2: Lucky Osian gets fucked again this week by two hot papiz. He's with Thugged-Out Star Spin and new discovery Packin Papi Jay Santiago.
Rio Grande - Papithugz macho power-bottom Osian has his hands full (and other body parts as well) in our latest trio online. Check out newcummers Gaza and Black Storm in their Papithugz debuts. Gaza can really fuck a Papi hard. Online Now.
Big Fukkin Surprise - You won't believe wassup with the fukkin in this hot new video featuring a 3-Sum with favorites Rico and Moyea. Also starring newcummer Trench in his first video ever. 3 Scenes.
Spin & K.O. Fukkin - Spin This: Stars Spin and K.O. make their huge Papithugz debuts in a hot new 4-SUM with newcumers Lotus & C-Los. This is one of our best updates of the year. Check out these 4 fukkin up a storm. 3 Scenes.
The Ultimate Give & Take - This shit will make you cum and hard--brand new video with JT and Carlito Teva takin it and givin it to each other in 3 overheated fukkin scenes--check it out now.
Dream Fukkin - SlimThug is in a fantasy-come-true fuck haze as both Osian and Power-T compete with each other to have SlimThug fuck them both the hardest.  Let's just say they both win…  3 Scenes. Online Now.
Papi Fukkin Triangle - 3 of your Papithugz favorites together! JT, Ink and June square up to make one of the hottest fukkin triangles we've seen in a long time. 3 Scenes.
Dimitri Fukkin Newcummer Hot Shot - New discovery Hot Shot gets the fuck of his life by suave Dimitri in our latest video. These two get busy hot and steamy. Check out their chemistry online now. 3 scenes.
Moyea Fuck Show - New Papithugz Favorite Moyea is back to put on a hot azz show for you power screwin 2 shawties: muscular newcummer Diego and Alex in several creative positions. Don't miss Alex getting fucked with his feet behind his head. 3 Scenes
Carlito Teva Double Header Week 2 - Carlito Teva is back for Week 2 of a Papi double header with hot azz new discovery Osian and Stash in a 3-Way Fuck scenes you will not soon forget. Look for Osian in more soon. 3 scenes.
Big Pinga Fuckdown - 3 New Papiz.  New discoveries Xavico and Regalo get madd fucked by hadsome newcummer thick pinga papi Carlito Teva in his Papithugz debut.  You will love the passionate way this papi dicks these two cuties down. 3 scenes.
Fuck Me In Circles - Fuckin and Suckin on the couch and then more hard fuckin when Rico fucks hot new PR discovery Gemini in a complete circle around the table--all 360 degrees!
Fukkin & More Fukkin - Damn--another hot azz Papithugz trio featuring Papo, Dimitri, and Power T in a hot action suck, eat ass and fuck trio you will definitely enjoy.
New Discovery Ink Fukkin - Papithugz celebrates the holiday season with a new hot uncut muthafukka called Ink. This latest Papithugz discovery is doin all kindz of nasty shit with another hot new discovery Stunt and fan favorite Dimitri.
Fukkin On The Monkey Bars - Papithugz Favorite Rico is back in a hot new fukkin trio with new discoveries Power-T and Alex. Catch this horny 3SUM doin all the nasty shit like suckin, fuckin, and eatin ass and more.  3 Scenes.
Fukkin In Tha Shower - Hot New discovery Intern has his hands full (and mouth and ass) as he takes an unforgettable shower with starz SexyOne and Berlin. See these 3 madd fukkin, sukkin, eatin ass, & cummin. Online now.
Papi Triple Fuck - Check out our new video with three hot papiz in an an all-out kissin, suckin, eatin ass, fukkin and cummin party. Even see Junior get fucked by 2 guys at the same time. Online now.
Speed Fukkin - Cutie Speed is here in a hot new video fukkin up a storm with Elio. Check out his hot hairy ass fukkin Elio in 3 hot scenes.
Hot Papi 4Sum Sukkin & Fukkin - One of our best videos of the year featuring hot new discoveries Fidel and Ax-L teaming up with favorites Xavy and Chris in an all out kissin, sukkin, rimmin, fukkin, and cummin Papi Fuckfest. 55 minutes of nonstop action remastered into 1 continuous scene!
4X Tha Fukkin - Papithugz blazes the internet again with another hot azz 4Sum you don't want to miss-. 1 hour of nonstop action remastered into 1 continuous scene!
Last Day of Summer - Bring in fall with new Papithugz favorite Montreal back in a slammin new video with Slimthug. These guys fuck as hard as possible on the last day of summer cause tomorrow is fall! Filmed on location in Brooklyn. 3 Scenes.
3 Shawties Fukkin - Favian makes his Papithugz debut in a hot-azz 3Sum with Stash returning and new discovery Negrito. Check these 3 out doing hot shyt--even Favian fukkin stash upside down! These three really get to sukkin, eatin azz, fukkin, and shootin big loads on each other. 3 Scenes.
Papi Fuckfest - Phine-azz Papo returns in a hot new fukkin trio featuring Sinister and Papithugz favorite Chris.  3 Scenes. These three know how to put on a show for the fans. 3 scenes.
Star Tony Serrano & Newcummer Xavy - Hot Porn Star Tony Serrano makes his video debut on Papithugz with brand new discovery Xavy. Hot stars in hot action--check this one out. 3 Scenes Online Now.
Dimitri Freakin - Dimitri is back ta madd fukkin this time with Evo--check these two hot papiz freakin overtime. Online now. 3 Scenes.
Berlin Gettin Sum  Ass - Check out Berlin in one of his hottest videos--with hot-azz Montreal doin all the hottest shit--kissin, sucking, rimmin, and lots of hard fukkin. 3 Scenes.
First Fist - A Papithugz FIRST--Mario makes his Papithugz debut like no one else has ever done before: with his fist in Javier's ass! You gotta see it to believe it. This super fukkin trio also features Chris. 3 Scenes.
2SUM Fuck Party - Dimitri is back in a hot fuck party with Pa. These two have hot chemistry and put on quite a show for the camera--fukkin, sukkin, eatin azz, and bustin loads. 3 scenes. Online Now.
New Discovery Moreno Fukkin Montreal - See Hot New Discovery Moreno lay sum deep pipe in one of our new favorites--Montreal. Hot boyz and hot fukkin--what else can you ask for? 3 Scenes Online Now.
Fukkin Shawty - SlimThug is back--check out tha shyt he does best: fukkin 2 hot shawties at the same time--don't miss him layin madd pipe in Dawaun and John-John. 3 scenes. Online now.
3 Papiz Fukkin Each Other At Same Time - Don't miss our latest update featuring new discovery Nico, Papithugz favorite Rico and the return of cutie Nicoli. These three are so hot together they fuck each other all at the same time in our latest hot session online now. 3 scenes.
3 Hot Papiz Sukkin, Rimmin, & Fukkin - Javier is back in a new hot action video with Pa and Canito in one of our signature hot azz fukkin videos. Check out how fast these guys get busy layin pipe in each other! 3 Scenes.
Tha Real Deal - This freaky fuckdown features Montreal in his Papithugz debut ready to turn shyt out doin the nasty stuff you love--kissin, sukkin, eatin azz and fukkin with Stash and Ricky.
Summer Fling - Meet newcummer Diablo--in his very first shoot ever (we were gentle). He gets broken in good by Vamp and Pa in this summer sukkin and fukkin special. 3 scenes.
Papiz Fukkin - Check out our latest Papi Sukkin, Rimmin and Fukkin dick down party as Papithugz favorites JT and DaWaun hook up with Cass for a fukkin party. 3 scenes.
Muscular Papiz Bangin - You gonna say dayum to this one--two of our hottest papiz together for the very first time--the shoot both were dying to do. Rico and 69 fukkin and sukkin on the stairs and over the railings. This is one of our best ever. 3 scenes.
Slow Screwin - Check out our latest video featuring Pa, Brandon, and Choice sukkin, hot slow fukkin and eatin ass. Pa goes to town on Brandon's azz.  3 scenes. Online now.
Tappin Papiz - Hot Azz Muffukka Rico returns with Chris & Rick Gonzalez in his Papithugz debut. See these papiz go after each other to get their shit off. 3 scenes.
Horny Ruffnecks - Check out hot new muscular discovery 69 and three other Horny Ruffneck muffukkaz madd sukkin and fukkin. Also featuring Papithugz favorite JT. 3 scenes.
Papi Dick Down - 4 new Papiz all ready for sum hot booty. If you like dick in da azz then you gonna love how this 4Sum turns shit out. 3 scenes.
Muscle Thug Fuckdown - Rico is back to give JT's ass the tappin it deserves. See these two take to each other like fish to water--kissin, sukkin, rimmin and fukkin. 3 scenes.
Papiz Layin Pipe - Tres Papiz layin it down sukkin, fukkin and bustin thugstyle in our latest video online now. 3 scenes.
Hard Muffukkaz Fukkin - Ain't nuthin like seeing masculine Papiz sukkin and fukkin each other hard. We got 3 new scenes today.
Young Thugz Fukkin & Sukkin - Papithugz Exclusive! Presenting 2 new Papithugz superstars making their video debut. Meet new 19 year-old 9
Tha Re-Up - Re-up with our latest video--featuring brand new discoveries Nicoli and Edge with favorite Stash in an all-out suk & phuc-party. 3 scenes.
Romance Is Dead - It's Valentine's Day with a Dark Twist as SlimThug shows Martez the rougher side. 4 scenes & more than 60 minutes of hot Fukkin action.
Newcummers in Fukkin 4-Sum - Introducing 3 hot newcummers that will soon be Papithugz shinning starz in a hot new fukkin, sukkin, & rimmin 4-sum with Papithugz favorite Choice. Check up on it. 3 scenes.
Fukkin Trio Action - Uncut Papithugz star Jason Carlo returns in a hot new fukkin trio with Tego and Antonio. 3 scenes online now.
Shortie Like Mine - New Papithugz Favorite JT is back tearin shyt up with Choice and Thirst in his Papithugz debut. This hot trio rims, sucks and fucks up a storm. Online now. 3 scenes.
Fukkin Foot Frenzy with Dimitri - Hot Papi Dimitri makes his Papithugz debut with Stash & sum new freaky-azz shyt. Check out these two sukkin, rimmin and fukkin with a foot-fetish twist. 3 scenes.
Pa Fukkin Newcummer Martez - Yo Yo Yo! PapiThugz is settin off tha new year with tha hottest muffukkaz--check out our latest joint with newcummer Martez gettin fukked down by fan favorite Pa. 3 scenes.
4Sum Fuck - 4 Horny Papiz square off and get into sum madd sukkin and fukkin and even form a rimmin circle! With newcummers Evo and Art and Papithugz stars JT and SexyOne. 3 scenes.
Fuck Swing - New Papithugz favorite SlimThug and Choice are back fukkin on a swing with newcummer Juelz in our hottest new video online now.  Look for even hotter videos in 2007!  Happy New Year!
Hot Fukkin - Papithugz star Jason Carlo returns in a hot new video with new star Romeo. These boyz are hangin when shyt gets hot and heavy real fast. Hard fukkin. 3 scenes.
Bait & Switch - Johnny John plays a trick on newcummer Sin and has him over expecting girls--but there's a bait and switch here and the action goes down with just the two of them instead. This scene was so hot for Johnny John that he cums twice. 3 scenes.
Madd Fukkin In The Kitchen - The Kitchen Is On Fire! D Vargas and SlimThug fuck up a storm like we've never seen before--in the kitchen (even on top of the refrigerator)--for OVER AN HOUR! 4 Scen
J.T. In Action - J.T. has a big uncut pinga and knows how to use it on new discovery Tego. Tego gets fucked for the first time ever by J.T.'s huge pinga meat. You'll shoot a big wad on this one. 3 scenes.
New Fukkin Trio - New PR Discovery Freddie and Double R make their Papithugz debut suckin and fuckin up a storm with fan favorite Stash. These three have hot chemistry and fun. Their fans will too! 3 scenes.
Miguel and Paolo--Sukkin & Fukkin - See Hot Puerto Rican Star Miguel in action sukkin and fukkin with new favorite booty bottom Paolo. 3 scenes.
Freakin - Hot Azz Blaze is back on Papithugz in a hot new fukkin, sukkin and rimmin video with discovery Element and Papithugz favorite Stash. 3 scenes.
Halloween Monster Dick Fukkin - Just smoking a joint in the cemetery turns into an all-out Monster Meat suck & fuck-fest for Stash in our latest video online. Happy Halloween! 3 scenes.
The Return of D Vargas - New Papithugz favorite D Vargas is back and ready to take ALL of the amazing 12
Vamp, Rise, & Choice Fukkin - Choice is back with 2 new Papithugz frontrunners in our latest video.  See Newcummers Vamp and Rise with Choice sukkin, fukkin, eatin, and cummin in puddles all over Rise.  3 scenes.
Jason Carlo Fukkin - Check out hot azz Papithugz discovery Jason Carlo in a new fukkin video with Papithugz favorites Javier and Tony.  3 Scenes.
Icon 4Sum - New Hot Uncut discovery Icon leads an all-out suck & phuc-fest with Playboy, Elio, and Junior. These 4 were all over each other before the cameras were rolling.
Dayum--Another Hot Fukkin Trio - Don't miss it: Papithugz Fan Favorite Stash is back with dominant SlimThug and Alex in our latest Fukkin Trio. See these three get busy on the table! 4 scenes.
Hot Fukkin Trio - That's Wassup: Hot Newcummer Choice is here in a hot fukkin trio with Tony and hardbody Aleo. These three do it all. Online now. 4 Scenes.
Jason Carlo In Action - Hot New Discovery Jason Carlo Takes on newcummer Element and Thirst. See these 3 doin just what you like to see: sukkin, rimmin, fukkin, & cummin. One of our best videos ever. 4 scenes.
Work Dat Azz - See Papithugz star Rico work that hot muscular azz as he fucks both muscular newcummer Omar and fan favorite Junior down. 3 scenes.
Stash Fukkin D Vargas - Hot PR Newcummer D Vargas gets the ride of his life when he gets busy with super Packin Papi Stash. See these two doin all tha nasty stuff--sukkin, rimmin, fukkin and cummin. 3 scenes.
Godzilla Phuc Party - New star Godzilla makes his video debut gettin madd busy with newcummer Paolo and Papithugz Favorite Carmello. See This 3-sum sukkin and fukkin up a storm.  3 Scenes.
Muscular Rico Fukkin - ANOTHER PAPITHUGZ EXCLUSIVE!  New muscular discovery Rico gets busy with hot Alex doin it all: kissin, sukkin, rimmin and fukkin. Check it out. 3 scenes.
Papo Fukkin Pa' - Phine-azz Papo's in a new action video with PapiThugz favorite Pa.  See these two kissin, sukkin, rimmin, and fukkin. 3 Scenes.
Muscular Bigg Beef Double - Muscular Bigg Beef gets busy fukkin both Stash and Rhythm then as a bonus Stash fucks Rhythm and it's so hot Stash cums twice. Don't miss it.  4 scenes.
Xplicit Gettin Fukked Down - Fresh Meat! See brand new discovery Xplicit getting dicked down by Packin Papi favorite Antonio in this fresh video. 4 xplicit scenes.
Papi 3-Way PhucDown - Papithugz fan favorites Stash and Javier team up with newcummer Matador to get the fukkin of their lives. See ALL 3 get fukked down in this fresh video online now. 4 scenes.
Freaky Flex - Cuban phoine azz muffukka  Freaky Flex makes his video debut!  This newly discovered Cuban hottie has it all: azz, body, pinga and a killa smile. Watch this video and he'll steal your heart.
SupaStar Viper - Uncut SupaStar Viper makes his debut on Papithugz fugin like you've never seen him before! Check out the hot fukkin & sukkin action with newcummer Raul and Carmello. One of our best videos ever.
Monster Meat Fukkin - Super Packin Papi Berto gives fan favorites Carlito and Junior the ride of their lives when he fucks them both silly with his huge treetrunk pinga. Big pinga fans don't miss this one.
3-Way Phuckin - New star Javier sets shit off with Junior and hot azz SexyOne in his PapiThugz debut.  This is an all-out phuc-down with these three doin it all. 4 scenes-48 mins.
Demolition Fukkin Pa - Hot Street Thug Demolition is back in action fukkin Pa. This video has just what you like to see--hot muffukkaz gettin busy in every way. 4 scenes-45 mins total.
Fukkin, Sukkin, & Rimmin - Another Hot Fukkin Trio--Muscular star Hot Jock makes his PapiThugz debut gettin busy with Paco and Junior phuckin, sukkin, and rimmin each other. 4 scenes-45 mins.
Bangin - Vyper makes his PapiThugz debut and was ready to give Stash tha poundin of his life. These 2 go at each other fucking and sucking and deep rimmin.  And don't miss the explosive cum shots at the end.  4 Scenes-34 mins. total.
3 Papiz Fukkin - Phine-azz newcummer Papo gets mad busy with cutie Redd and Carmelo.  These 3 all took to each other right away and the result is one of our best fuckdowns ever. 4 scenes-30 mins.
Double Tappin Azz - See PapiThugz favorites square off in a marathon fukkin party. Junior gets fucked by Antonio and Pa AT THE SAME TIME. 6 Scenes/90 mins.
Packin Papiz Fukkin - Don't miss amazing Packin Papi Ivan (aka Berto) in his Papithugz debut with big pinga Stash and newcummer Crush. 4 scenes/34 mins-widescreen.
Hot & Hard - Fan favorite Carlito is back with new star Platinum. These two were all over each other before we started shooting.  4 scenes/39 mins.
Papi Fukkin 4Sum - New talents Miguel & Paco are horny as hell and ready for an all-out fukkin, sukkin, & rimmin marathon with Carmello and Packin Papi Stash.  4 scenes/36 mins of hot, thug-fuckin action.
Mad Fukkin - Slim Thug gets mad busy with fan favorites Carlito and Carmello. See them mix it all up fukkin and sukkin. 5 Scenes/45 mins total.
Tha Jump Off - Lex & John Jr. are hangin out and listening to rap music when Lex gets thoughts of hard fukkin and one thing leads to another…
Gettin Busy - Three horny papiz tear shit up sukkin, rimmin and fukkin each other down. Check out Tony in his PapiThugz debut. 5 Scenes/52 mins. Total-Wide Format
Demolition's Back - Beefy Demolition is tired of wating for Gesus and is gonna show him a lesson by plowing his tight, smooth azz.
That'z Wazzup - New discovery Torch and Stash turn up tha heat kissin, rimmin, sukkin, and fukkin up a storm in one of our best shoots to date. Also check out our new wide video format featuring larger, brighter
Maze & Carmello - Maze gets dat azz  pounded so good by Carmello in this new video.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.  4 scenes/31 mins total.
3 Papiz Tappin - Thugged out Lex in his Papithugz debut. See these 3 Papiz get together for a phuc party. 4 scenes/35 mins total.
Tha Real Shyt - Don't miss Junior getting fucked AT THE SAME TIME by BOTH newcummer Pa' and Stash in our latest video online now. 6 scenes/52 minutes total.
Junito & Antonio - New discovery Junito turns shit out with fan favorite Antonio in our latest video. See them BOTH fuck each other. 5 scenes/48 mins total.
Papiz Fukkin' - Johnny John is back with newcummer Austin in a new rimmin, sukkin, and fukkin video. Over 30 minutes and 5 scenes.
What Up Thug - Check out muscle thugs Brick and Primo in their PapiThugz debut in hot trio action fukkin, sukkin and rimmin with Tiger. 5 scenes.
New Star Carlito In Action - PapiThugz Exclusive--New star Carlito makes his debut in a new duo with PR. See this young Papi suck, fuck and rim da shit outta PR. 4 scenes.
Linx & Tiger - Check out Linx and Tiger in our latest interracial fukkin and sukkin video. Don't miss the hot cum shots in scene 3.
Rimmin & Fukkin - See Stash in his PapiThugz debut--he and Carmello get mad busy rimmin, fukkin, and sukkin in this new video. 5 scenes.
Eat Dis - Hardbody street thug Demolition is back in a new hard fukkin video. Watch Junior get busy rimmin Demolition. 5 scenes.
Alejandro & Antonio - DAYUUM! Amazing Alejandro is back to fuck da shit outta Antonio. 4 scenes.
Machine & Carmello - Fan favorite Carmello is back in a hot new video getting fucked by mystery newcummer Machine. 3 Scenes.
Pimp & JaguarX - Pimp is a newcummer, but that doesn't make him shy about fukkin JaguarX-and hard. 3 Scenes.
Papi 3SUM Fukkin - 50 minutes of hot fuggin and suggin action. 3 homothugz get busy--See all three fucking each other at the same time!
Alejandro Fukkin Jaguar - One of our best videos ever!  Check out hot, huge pinga superstar Alejandro Fukkin Da Dawgshit outta JaguarX until he screams

Baby Fucks Scorpio Hard! - Check out this new video where Baby Fucks Scorpio like he's never been fucked before!  4 Scenes.
Mystery Fukkin - Junior didn't know who was gonna fuck tha shit outta him, but when he saw The Mask had body and dick of death, he said
Ahh Shit! - Blatino homothugz drinkin' Hyp, kissin, sukkin and DOUBLE fukkin down.  See Antonio get fucked for the first time EVER. One of our best videos ever!
Hercules & Adonis - Adonis saw Hercules on the site and begged us to do a shoot with him. See these two get busy fukkin' & sukkin.
Thug Passion - Chance & Carmello Hot & Heavy!  Watch Carmello & newcomer Chance in five hot & steamy scenes
Bronx Tony Gettin Busy - See Bronx Tony Get Busy with Mafia and Fuck that nice, fat azz!
Starr & Hercules - Don't miss Starr get slow-fucked by muscular thug Hercules in 6 hot scenes!
Blaze & LD Strong - Hot newcomer Blaze slams LD Strong in 5 hot clips yo
Midtown & Hercules - Double the pleasure, double the fun! Two hot homies strokin their shit just for you!
Bliss & Mafia - Mafia's booty was so good Bliss actually came twice! We hope you have as much fun watching this one as they did making it.
Bklyn vs Manhattan - See our latest papiz in this all-out passionate battle. Suggin, finger'n & fuggin. Someone's breakin in some hot virgin azz! 5 Hot Scenes.
Shorty & Tommy - DAYUM! See Shorty slam dat azz good.  He fucks da dog shit outta tommy.  5 scenes.
Young & PR - Young was all ready for PR to dick him down, but PR had a better idea in mind….
Malaki & Moreno - Sexy, hung Malaki and Papi Moreno get busy sukkin each other down!
Macho & Playa - Fresh new faces from tha hood-both with MONSTER DICKS!  Macho wants to suck sum dik and jack off with Playa--but he wants to keep it all on tha D-L.
Hennessy and Angel Gettin' Busy - 9
Gesus Fukks Da Dawgshit Outta AJ -
Ice FINALLY Gets Fucked! - You won't believe your eyes when you see Rican Ice FINALLY give up tha booty for the very first time ever to new-cummer Diamond Stud! 5 hot scenes you won't want to miss.
Ice and Treat - You gotta see this video!  Dark Rican Ice fucks the shit out of Treat!  4 Hot Scenes You Won't Want to Miss.
Magnum & Special K - Don't miss our new hot muscular discovery, Magnum, get busy with Special K fukkin and sukkin in 5 hot azz video clips.
Big Dick Tito - 24-year-old Rican Tito couldn't wait to whack his dick in your face and shoot his giant load all over his chest!  Watch him in 3 hot scenes!
Diggle dat AZZ - E2 wanted to get busy with Tito, but Tito planned all along to break dat azz in good.  See Tito fuck the shit out of E2 and shoot his load all over E2's face in 3 hot scenes.
Image & Dion - 21 year-old Dion stars in his first ever sex video. Watch him and Image get busy in over 40 minutes of hot action fuckin and suckin. 4 hot scenes.
Jesus & Rubin - Jesus & Rubin
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