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New cummer, Drake, looks at you with those warm dark eyes and that youthful smile, but don't get it twisted, this fresh fuckin' papi is looking to plug whatever juicy hole you got. So open wide, and let the boy handle his business.

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Fantasy about Drake from Newark, DE

OMG I Wish I Could Just Suck Alllll Over That Fat, Juicy Dick And Ride Him Til He Screams, (Dominance) And I Wish I Could Get Pounded Like June, I Cant Wait Til The Next Scene

Fantasy about Drake

i would love to drake him and nuvo in a video called lets make up

Fantasy about Drake from little rock

i him t act lyke my drama teach at hall high school and write me up for bein a very bad barbie

Fantasy about Drake from San Francisco

We pass eachother on the St. N h grabs his huge cock. Nods n the direction of a dark alley and we walk n2 it. He shoves me into a wall rips the ass out of my jeans n shoves his hard raw cock up my tight hole n thug fucks me til his creamy man juice drips out.

Fantasy about Drake from anytown

would like to see drake jack off solo

Fantasy about Drake from New York

Dis nikka is sooo fine. @Jayden he do look better then the original drake lol. Id so fuck with this kiid.

Fantasy about Drake from Chicago

Drake, I would love being fucked by you and eating your ass and sucking your cock. You are the best, the hottest and primo. Can I be your sugar daddy?

Fantasy about Drake from Key West, FL

In my fantasy, me and Drake are leaving the gym from working out. On the way home we share sex stories about the best sex we ever had. We reach Drake's apartment to just sit back, relax and chill. I grab some water from da kitchen and sit back to watch some TV as Drake tells me he's about to take a shower. Me and Drake argue about who is going to take their shower first only for it to end with him saying "Nigga..this my place.." Drake goes into the room and I can hear bathwater runnning. I begin to slowly move toward Drake's room to peek into his bathroom and watch him. With only the bathroom light showing in his room, I stand in the darkness by the bathroom door watching thru the slightly open door. As he gets undressed taking off his b-ball shorts and shirt, I begin to grab my dick and slowly jacking rubbing all my pre-cum all over my hard throbbing dick. Drake begins to play with his dick in the bathroom till he becomes erect. I pull down my pants and begin to play with my ass. I lick my fingers, my ass is pulsating for some of Drakes big dick, fingering myself moaing softly trying not to make so much noise so he wont hear me. Drake then begins to get into the shower. I can see straight thru the curtain, Drake rubbing and touching all over his wet soapy body. As the steam from the shower fills the bathroom I slowly begin to creep inside to get a closer look. Before i know it, Drake pulls the curtain back. He see's me naked standing there with my ass showing and him naked and wet, water dripping from the head of his dick. He continues stroking and playing with his dick and says to me, "I knewwanted this dick!" He pulls me into the shower with him kissing all over me and play with each others dicks. I can feel his hands all over me grabbing and touching all over me. Drake pulls me out the shower arms wrapped around me and kissing me walking towards the bed, bodies still wet and rubbed against each other. He lays me on my back on the bed. I flip him over kissing from his neck, to his chest, lick and sucking on his nipples, moving my way down to his stomach, slowly kissing his inner thigh then before he can look up, his dick is all down my throat. Drake is moaning and pushing my head further down, dick all down my throat tasting all his pre-cum. He pulls me up closer to him, kissing me touching me, making my body get chills all over. He flips me over lays me on my back and puts my legs back eatting my ass, sticking his toungue all in my tight hole. Drake has me moaning in pleasure. He stands up and I can feel his throbbing dick going deep inside me. Holding my legs back, eyes rolling in the back of my head. Feeling every inch going deeper and deeper inside me. Stroking slowly in and out, faster and faster. Hearing the sound of bodies smacking together I turn over to doggy-style and Drake pulls my ass back onto dick...Drake begins stroking me so good I'm grabbing the sheets and moaning Drakes name. I can feel his dick pulsating inside me. He's moaning and fuckin me faster and faster so I know he's about to nut. He almost forgets to pull out and as the last stroke goes in and out Drake pulls out and say's, "Come catch it!" I hurry to my knees just in time for Drake to bust his load all on my mouth. As Drake continues to jerk the remaining cum from his dick i wrap my lips around it, not to miss a drop. I lay on the bed jacking my hard pulsating dick as Drake is fingering me. Moaning from Drake finering me, before I know it I'm busting my load all on my stomach and chest. Catching my breath from that good fuck down I just got, Drake leans over and says, "Your turn to use the shower!"

Fantasy about Drake from Orlando

D' OFFICIAL PORN ST*R ______[JAYDEN]______ CUBANO Y DOMINICANO THE NEXT PAPiiTHUG LEGAL ENOUGH TO FUCK. This nikka look better then the orginal [DRAKE] Once I hit up [PAPIITHUGZ] ima let em know that [JAYDEN] cuming through. Drake will be the first to fuck. Ima make this nikka bust before the cameras even turn on! Hold him back while i give him that good fuck. Let papi do the work while i stroke on his dick. Ima make this ass bounce while you stuff me up and bust all ova my soft lips. Mmmmmm.....que rico baby. Everybody stay posted DRAKE&JAYDEN video of the month coming sooonnn.

Fantasy about Drake from New York

i want drake to show his feet. maybe even have someone suck on his toes.

Fantasy about Drake from Chicago

I think you are perfect, Drake. Great body, beautiful face, incredible cock, tremendoous style. I would give you whatever you wanted, no matter what it was!

Fantasy about Drake

i want drake to fuck suspect's brains out!

Fantasy about Drake from Bronx

omg I want Drake so bad...pound this ass out papi!!

Fantasy about Drake from nyc manh

love to have him and @serviuce him like a pro good ass here dick fat thick suck and all, love ro eqat a good ass also pa

Fantasy about Drake

I will pay WHATEVER just to get a better view of Drake

Fantasy about Drake from Newark

Drakes the sexest new top i seen on this website i wanna see him in a 3 man orgy

Fantasy about Drake

Drake is so sexy, i just want to see him fuck again!

Fantasy about Drake from memphis

that shit was hot with drake and june now i want to see drake and Kris ps i no he the new cummer but he need a award may 2011 ill fight for drake

Fantasy about Drake from Atl

i want to see drake with someother top fucking the shit out of then like he did june that will be hot

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