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Fantasy about Angelito from Glendale

Give him a Full body massage then have sex with him

Fantasy about M Donn from New York

We would chill and then I would become the fantasy.

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from deteiot

suck ur dick

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME

I would love to get fucked by Castro and to feel his big cock in me and to also to swallow his cum would make me happy

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from new york

would love to see him bottom again

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from London

I want Phat Daddy to fuck Race Cooper and Derek Reynolds in the same scene.both of them on the floor jiggling there phat assess for him and then suck his toes and dick and balls.then he would stack them and fuck them both.Nut on their assess.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Mcalester, OK

My fantisies of castro so to get fucked so hard I cry I want his giant cock in my tight ass hole, I've never had a really cock in side me just toys and I want his very badly!

Fantasy about MAXIMO from Greenville S.C.

I love Latino thug Maximo video r HOT make me jerkoff keep it comin with more video ola!!!

Fantasy about Cristobol from austin

Getting sum of that Cristobal and he can do whatever he likes I'd even give him My untouched cheery ;-) to make it an ultimate time bring Vice wit cha damn two of da finest papis I've seen in sum Time.... just luv to bite dem lips & taste that ass of yours e

Fantasy about Vince Ditonno from Barcelona

I would like to see a scence with Vince looking to camera while sucking two very big black cocks, double penetratio and then a cum swallowing. Thanks.

Fantasy about Angelito from tampa

I wanna see angelito havin sex in public with a strong muscular man that would be risky and fun hot sexy

Fantasy about Angelito from chicago

My fantasy with him is to be force untill I submit with pleasure to him as he enters me in every which way possoble !

Fantasy about Angelito from Bronx

What's good? We chilled together a few months ago in my car you played with my dick and i was suppose to eat your ass and fuck you but we didn't have a place to go at the moment cuz your brother was in your house. I would love to get that chance with you again. Get my tounge in your asshole. Hit me up sometime, you have me as a friend on kik. I hope we can see each other again soon.

Fantasy about Mike Mann from UK

we 69'in... then we eating each other... then we fuckin each other... then I be bussin my nutt down his throat

Fantasy about Angelito from NEW YORK

I saw this lil shorty on BIR site and he did his thing with REDD topping him. His look is a mix of hawaiian, philipino and latin. He has a sexy lil body and sweet assss. My fantasy entails him being the delivery boy at the spanish supermarket around the way and i have him delivery my bags cuz i already have too much to carry home. When he gets to my place 30 minutes later im in my work out gear tank and b ball shorts showin my print. When i left him in i offer him a drink and tell him have a seat while i finish some sets. I ask him does he lift, and he replies yeah. So i tell him to do some bench presses while i spot him. And that when hes eyein my dick right in his face. I wait to see if he gets hard, and when i see his erection i pull up my bbal shorts and let my HUNG BLACK cock hang right in his face for the taking. From there he jumps for it and i right then i know i got that ass hooked and ready for regular grocery delivery fuckings! #SCORE

Fantasy about Kris from Tanzania

Ilike to see all photos about Kris

Fantasy about Python from apartado ant colombia


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from San Bernardino

I'm sitting in a chair with my legs spread wide open & knees pulled up to my chest & slouched down a little. I'm wearing my really sexy,white lace,crotchless panties & there's a guy down there just eating my hole out,rimming me but not even touching my cock. Just lubing me up for later. Another guy is standing over me with his huge,rock hard dick. He doesn't give it to me just yet. He's looking down at me,kind of stroking,lightly pulling my hair,asking me if I want it & how bad do I want it. I'm looking at his big dick,licking my lips then looking up at him as if to tell him I want it in my mouth now. I can't wait any longer. He begins feeding me his cock,holding my head in place as he slides it in & out. I start drooling all over the place. It's running down my chin & all over my chest. Meanwhile the other guy is going to town fingering me,eating me out & I'm moaning so fucking hard & begin bucking my hips,fucking his fingers. When he sees that I'm ready,he begins fucking my ass while the other guy is having his way with my throat. This usually makes me cum pretty fast but I try to hold it off to keep the fantasy going with him making a cumwhore out of me & finishing on my face (although I've never had cum on my face). The other guy pulls out & cums all over my cock & balls. When they're done with me,they tell me I can go ahead & cum now. I use the jizz from the guy that was fucking me as lube & I stroke myself off in front of them. By the time I cum & open my eyes,I'm so into it that I really did drool all over my chest & end up with two fingers buried inside me & my cum all over my stomach

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from San Berrnardino,CA


Fantasy about Flamez from nyc

i wanna fun him damn!!

Fantasy about Arquez from paterson

I want a big ass dick boricua i am a hot bottom but very tight ass hell

Fantasy about Mike Mann from richmond ,va

Mike Mann is 1 of the sexiest men in porn id love to have the chance to be with him id be his slave boy any thing he wanted id do for him

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Harlingen

My FANTASY is for phat daddy to fuck a barely legal curious virgin ass guy! So hmu phat daddy! ;)

Fantasy about Samson from Bronx NY

First we would make out a lot.. Then I slowy go down and kiss his chest And make my way to his dick, and start sucking it deep throating it. Until he tells me to stop, then will slowly get on top of him and ride his dick, and tell him to turn me on my stomach and pound on this nice tight ass!!!!

Fantasy about Moyea from Franklin

I agree is indeed. All I want him to do is get naked and stay naked. I will take good care of him at all times.

Fantasy about Cristobol from Franklin

This guy Cristobol is one hot hot dude. I would make him the happiest oman on the planet. i would give him a place to stay and all he would have to do is stay hot and naked.

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Philadelphia

When you cummin to Philly? I wanna taste your ass soo bad. It makes me blow a load just thinkin bout you. I would love bust with you. Imma white boi but a freak.

Fantasy about Angotti from willimantic

I just want to fuck him, over all he is a really good dude inside. damn I want to feel him all over my dick

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Mumbai

Wish to get fucked by him and then again by him and another big guy similar to him. Two big dicks inside me WOW. Wish I could meet him...slurrrrrp

Fantasy about Red from New York City

Red's got an amazing dick and I love to watch him fuck. My fantasy is to see Red give a big straight top man a nice slow blowjob, then to watch Red fuck that guy's ass real good.

Fantasy about Rated R from New York City

Of course I'd love to suck Rated R's beautiful cock, but my ultimate fantasy is to see Rated R suck Phat Daddy's cock and then get fucked by him.

Fantasy about Python from grand turk, tci bwi

Pasionate intense kissing...heavy nipple play..worshiping your entire i must eat your perfect ass....then you take total control....I want to fell just the head enter & exit numerous times...til it drives me crazy & I SLAM my ass to the end of your perfect cock....riding it til I have no more energy..flip me on my back...thrust into me deep and continue til you want to shoot your white creamy load all over me....I let you recover then work your amazing cock back to full strength and let it all long as you want my wet love canal...use it how you want

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Goldsboro,N.C.

You are the finest of all pornstars baby you are fuckin me tonight, You are my ABSOLUTE FANTASY HUSBAND. Would love to meet you someday but for now, keep doing it the way you're doing it.

Fantasy about Python from TCI

I would want to worship you head to toe...kiss and suck every inch...feel those muscles...rim you till you gasp for you slide every inch deep inside my tight wet ass...feel you pound in and out of me in every position....till you explode all over my face....then do it all over again...sounds like pure heaven

Fantasy about Chris Rozay from north las vegas

alright I want to see Chris f*** something so bad all I have a dream about him f******yeah I like to see Chris get f*** I want to see him f****** somebody else

Fantasy about Ricardo Vaughn from Atlanta

I just wanna kick it with this dude, smoke a couple of blunts laugh a little bit, and let whatever happens happens. He not leavin' before I kiss them sexy ass lips though

Fantasy about Envy from Houma

Love to be with you.

Fantasy about Arquez from Miami Gardens

I fell in love when I saw Arquez and his body is so AMAZING !! I would love for him to walk into a room while I'm just in my zone and shaking my ass ! He looks and be like Oh yea and then he gets naked and come take control and just bend me over let me get a feel of that big dick on my ass and then turn me around so that I could start sucking it then he dick me down and I would enjoy every minute of it

Fantasy about King Dingo from Miami Gardens, FL

King Dingo know he FINE and his dick is so PRETTY and BIG ! I would love for him to dick me down so good and pound the hell out my ass ! I think I would love to get naked while he in the shower and have my ass poked up in the air so that his dick could instantly get hard, then I suck it and he fuck me hard nonstop.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Miami Gardens, FL

Phat Daddy know he FINE !!! Especially with that new Serenity tattoo that he got on his chest and his hair ! ^__^ I would love for him to walk into a room while I was stretching showing my lil flexibility doing a leg lift or playing with myself and he be like can he play too, I would like hell yea and he just dick me down real good with that pretty ass dick of his ! Yessssss !

Fantasy about Favian Gotti from Springfield

Hi Favi, First of all I'm black and love, love, love PR dick, the first time I saw you since then I've been google-ing yahoo-ing and trying all how to find out moor about you! I love you and wish I can be your care taker. I'll work for free. You need someone to take care of you and to protect you from bitches! I really wish you well. I wish, dream of spending the rest of my life with you. But if I can have one evening out with you, I will go from there! Baby you handsome, good looking, cute, sexy, hot. Love ur lips, love ur ass, love you dick and most of all love how you fuck. Man that's what i'm talking about! Love you, maxi

Fantasy about Izzy from Decatur

its raining. its lightning. candles light the room and cast shadows as if staged. the raindrops leave the clouds and beat against the roof in a r&b rhythm that provokes us to get naked. I blow smoke from a blunt from my nose just as your tongue violates my recently shaven hole (puff). your massive hands grip butt cheeks and squeeze as a slobbery moan is released. the rhythm of the rain switches gears and we switch positions. u lay on your back sipping ciroc as I wind my slender/muscular body above you as if I was listening to a retarded reggae track (puff again). you're pleased. your massive member jerks and bangs against my leg...leaking love juice as u anticipate how it must feel inside the walls where your tongue recently played....(lighting strikes again and mysteriously only 1 candle's left burning). my gyrating shadow bounces off the adjacent wall (legs gapped, feet on both sides of u), I lower myself to meet your anxious manhood! thunder roars! lighting fills the sky! with your hands affixed to my waist you effortlessly & repeatedly introduce me to the reason u became a porn star!

Fantasy about Lindo

I want to fuck you and I want you to suck this fat ass then I want to cum all over you

Fantasy about King Dingo from Augusta Ga

My Fantasy Is Me Getting Fucked Real Real Hard By You Nd U Just Keep Fucking Me With No Mercy.

Fantasy about Mike Mann from atlanta

i just want him to fuck me

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from san antonio tx

I just wanna say ill do whatever it takes for castro. To fuck me;)

Fantasy about Nuvo from new orleans

licking on that soccer ball you got while riding me like the bottom you are.…

Fantasy about Red from Brooklyn

Love to have that Red Fantasy diged out the red in me all night long..

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from colombo

i like u

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