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Fantasy about Paolo from New york, new york

Would like to see him again

Fantasy about Vince Ditonno from Brooklyn

The Bath House wasn't workin for me that night. It was almost 3:00am. I spent most of my time watching porn on the monitors. Before leaving, I took a last walk around the rooms and saw an open door at the end of the hall. The moans from the room seeped into my stomach and my dick swelled beneath my towel. Inside, you were spread out on your stomach, your legs wide, half on and half off the bed. A man's giant hand was guiding your head onto his fat long dick. In and out, deeper and deeper. I thought you'd start to gag and have to come up for air, but you took it. All of it. And the man moaned even louder. All the while, that big, fresh-fucked, bubble ass of yours was making my mouth water. I couldn't help it. It looked so damn good. Next thing I knew, my tongue was digging deeper and deeper in your hole.

Fantasy about Vince Ditonno from Dallas

Damn, man, you got a pretty ass. You take dick like the best pussy I ever seen. If you get to Dallas, you know I'm gonna fuck you, right?

Fantasy about Kris from H town

I would see chris in my bed asleep his cock hanging out his boxers. I would go over and start rubbing his dick start licking it and sucking. Deep throuting it as he awakes I would pull his boxers down continue sucking and licking his balls. Jerking and sucking till he blows his morning glory all in my mouth. Anyways thats what I did to my brother-in-law when I noticed he would sleep with his door open only after my wife would leave in the early morning. Kind of reminds me of kris, he is 6'4 hot latin thug out of the penitantury. With a 8inch uncut thick cock. love my bro.

Fantasy about Iraq from queens

waooo cute sexy guy fucking hot he new awards too

Fantasy about Matthew Rush

I'd like to see him in a threesome with Castro and Python. It's oh so satisfying to see a man of muscle, with such a perfect, muscular ass, take a big cock, let alone two. No plot necessary; just jump into it and do the damn thing.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from chicago

I want to lick him from head to toe and let him piss in my ass while fucking me...

Fantasy about 69 from Manning sc

I love sucking dick get my boy pussy eat out get my boy pussy fuck hard til i cum out my tight pussy good all nite @ day

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME

i wanna get fuck by castro

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from brooklyn

For him To Bust A Nut In My Mouth

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood

For Ace To Come Fuck The Shit Out Of Me In The Shower

Fantasy about Rated R from queens

he is soo sexyyy does he have anymore videos? id love to see another vid of him fucking some1 hard and staring with those sexy eyes into the camera...

Fantasy about Drake from nyc manh

love to have him and @serviuce him like a pro good ass here dick fat thick suck and all, love ro eqat a good ass also pa

Fantasy about Moyea from Macon

ih moyea you are so fuckin hot i wanna u to fuck me so good and let it be so damn juicy man oh man i wanna suck your dick so good than i dont wanna stop your are the hottest man i did see like for real im not gonna lie oh man i love u so much fuck me moyea fuck me please

Fantasy about X Vega

Meet up with his sexy ass. Get him in a room & strip him nude. Begin to lick him down from his sexy ass lips to them sexy ass feet. Get his dick really wet and then I flip over & he fucks my ass raw until he bust inside of me.

Fantasy about Python from louisville

Wakeing up on christmas looking under the tree and there he is with nothing but a red bow to unwrap

Fantasy about Kannon from houston tx

I would love to see Kannon and Jovonnie flip-flop and ignitiate a major tag-team on me:~) and both stuff their bigg long dicks at the same time into my extremely tight/wet chulo.

Fantasy about Drake

I will pay WHATEVER just to get a better view of Drake

Fantasy about King Dingo from columbus

ommmmgggg i would LOVE to meet u your soooo fine and i love yo big dick i love the way u look an your swaggggggg!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxo

Fantasy about Rico from durban

his muscles, makes me weak in the kness

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from durban

everything but his juicy dick is even more tempting

Fantasy about Yeyo from Newark

i would just love to spend the whole 24 hours with Yeyo. He would be a changed man. And I will be his bitch. my tongue would be all over him. and I would end by slurping his big huge load.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from GA

Oooh Phat Daddy, I want you to be my first. Didnt know I was into guys until I start watching your videos among others. After coming from the show we chill at the hotel your room or mine. We do small talk(very small talk). I start to give you a massage. You loving my massage(I give great massages), you give my massage. I start sucking your dick. Taking every inch of it in my mouth. And then I let you do anything you want me to do

Fantasy about Kris from New Orleans

Dick me down

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Kingston

Ace i would love to lick ur body from head to toe kiss ur tender lips gently work my way down to ur cock suck ur cock right down to the balls deep throat it lick and goggle dem balls open ur legs and lick ur ass clean...and when am done u fuck the shit out of me and cum in my mouth and let me eat it...hmmmmmmm

Fantasy about Drake from Newark

Drakes the sexest new top i seen on this website i wanna see him in a 3 man orgy

Fantasy about Miguel Lee from new york

I would love to strip Miguel butt naked, smack that ass. He is sexy i would lick his body head too toe. I would then eat his hole out, just plow his booty every which way possible. Do this sexy dude live in new york? cause damn he is hot.

Fantasy about Python from baltimore

My fantasy is plain and simple! instead of waking up to see Python on ma wallpaper, I'd like to wake up to his pipe in ma face to eat up, then he drills me fo points!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Washington DC

Hola papi, puedo decir con mucho orgullo que te conoci en persona, eres el tipo mas buena gente y eres un gran ser humano. eres el mejor y como tu no hay otro. I am your number one latin fan. Tengo todos tus movies y siempre estoy pensando en ti. Tu sabes quien soy. Te re quiero y te deseo mucha suerte. Dont forget you are the best of the best. Chau papi.

Fantasy about Yeyo from Newark

I would love to have Yeyo in my bed. All he would have to do is lie back and I would do the rest. I would start by licking his crack, working my way to his dick and back to his asshole. I would drive him completely and excitingly insane. And This is no fantasy.

Fantasy about Drake

Drake is so sexy, i just want to see him fuck again!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Atlanta

you want ever need to work again,just cum hang wit me!

Fantasy about King Dingo from bronx ny

i luv him hes so cute my fantasy is to have him on my bed wit boxer sleeping. i come in take his dick out the boxer whole and start deep throating dis dick, and wen he wakes up hes like "yea suck dat dick" and he face fucks me 4 a gud 10 min den i want to ride his dick and play wit his nipples and do my vibrating move on him. den i want him to flip me to the missionary position and let him work me out and have him talking mad shit to my face while we make out. then i wanna have him bend me ova with my hand on the floor and ass on the bed and pound my ass out like that, then i wanna be flip out side down let him jam his dick in like that, then i wanna be in doogy style while he pounds my ass out and pulls my hair showing me no mercy while i scream his name out den i want him 2 leave his whole dick in their while he holds my hands down then i wanna have his dick down my throat and he cums in my mouth, den go 4 round 2

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from New York

Phat Daddy is Tiger Tyson's bitch, everyone knows Tiger fucked the Ass of Phat Daddy. Phatt Daddy needs to bottom or flip on Papithugz.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from hempstead ny 11550

omg you have a big dick that i just want 2 suck and fuck all nite yu look so good and yu are so good at what yu do im so happy 2 tell yu this bt keep up the great work no matter what yu doin ether is fucking pussy or fucking booty i still love yu baby!!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Orlando

To get fucked by Phat, his brother and Castro- while roll'n all night! Fuck with me- if you want me, come find me.....

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Elizabeth,N.J.

my fantasy with Phatt Daddy is to have him break into my room and 2 compel me to swallow his cock as he sticks his long slim fingers in my ass,1 by 1, 2 by 2, meanwhile fucking my mouth .as he releases my throat from his long cock,he begins 2 get frustrated with my mouth and makes me lick his balls and lick all the way down his legs.phat daddy realizes now that he is in control,he makes e bow and kiss his feet and then sticks his big toe in my mouth..He know knows i shall beg and do as he desires.tossing me on the bed,on my back,my legs over his shoulders,as hehis hands are around my jaw ,he tells me to scream his name"MR.PHATT DADDY,MR.PHATT DADDY thank you!i can't describe fully of his forcefulness upon me, but this is just my fantasy with him. he has complete control in my fantasy. King dingo and phat daddy together,can Fuck,ravage,and abuse the hell out of me together,,,but THA'TS ANOTHER FANTASY OF MINE ALTOGETHER!!!! P.S. anytime u want Mr.Phatt Daddy

Fantasy about Kris from Indpls

I want to take pix of my white boyfriend suckin on Kris's fat cock and lookin like a fish on a hook. Kris agrees to visit us every night for a month. After my boyfriend sucks him awhile, Kris will throw him down and climb on top of him and stuff his fat meat up my bf's asshole fucking him HARD NO MERCY every night until by the end of the month, my bf's O-ring is busted whack, permanently so loose and sloppy that I got to buy my bf diapers at the dollar store for the rest of his life.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Indpls

I want Phat Daddy to breed me, pumping me full of his goo till it drools out of my fuck swollen cunthole when I stand up. Phat Daddy will keep me barefoot and pregnant all the time and I won't ask him for one cent in support money. Instead, I'll sell all the babies I birth out to childless gay couples for $50,000 each and I will turn all that money over to Phat Daddy so he'll keep on pumping his baby seed into me day and night so I can keep making that 50K every 9 months for his magnificent ass.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Wilmington

mmmmmm Ace can F**k me any time of the day ! and he do it so well ! i wanna just Suck his dick til hecant nut no mre. and i want him 2 fuck me like a SAVAGE!

Fantasy about Drake from memphis

that shit was hot with drake and june now i want to see drake and Kris ps i no he the new cummer but he need a award may 2011 ill fight for drake

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from ohio

love to see drake fuck this dick dick guy down

Fantasy about Drake from Atl

i want to see drake with someother top fucking the shit out of then like he did june that will be hot

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from orlando, florida

you could do whatever you want to me mhmmm

Fantasy about Kris from GdaDsk

love your face!

Fantasy about 69 from Los Angeles

I want to suck out your asshole after you've been fucked. Then have you cum in my mouth and wash it down with some warm piss!

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from brandon

OMG! I Want to do so many thingz wit yo dick. I wanna suck it, fuck it, and love it. U fine as hell.

Fantasy about June from cleveland

Man I love him damn june

Fantasy about Power T from rochester

Fucking. Fat juciy. Thugs ass

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