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Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from hartford

i just want u 2 fuck me hard with that big dick you have and you are fucking sexy

Fantasy about Rated R from Chicago

Rated R, you are the hottest guy on this site. Your face is beautiful and your body is incredible. When I watch you fucking someone, I fantasize and wish that it was me. I would love sucking your hot cock. You have it all, man. The only thing you might need is me to spoil you.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from chicago

i just want you to fuck the shit out of me hard .

Fantasy about Rico from NYC

Please bring Rico back, he has been gone for too long. Also update is bio as he is now a verse bottom and no longer a top! Rico, King and Jovonnie! I would to see rico ganged fucked by 2 other dudes and rico would be the bottom

Fantasy about Python from Harrisburg, PA

I would enjoy just kicking it with Python because his sense of humor on videos is very attractive to me. He appears to be someone you could enjoy their company without sex. Sexually, I would let him take the lead and do what ever turns him on!

Fantasy about June from Albany, GA

I wanna see June get annihilated by Castro... I know i'd never get to do him so why fantasize. :)

Fantasy about Marcus from Bronx

After seeing Marcus in his very hot and passionate debut on Papithugz I can honestly say I dreamed of him often. He is tall, sexy, and just the type of guy I'd love to be with. I am not be able to have him for myself but I can honestly say after months of imagine what it would be like to be with him my dream became a reality and I met him in person. The way he touch and kiss me was just as passionate as his video. If the opportunity presented itself I'd love to see him again.

Fantasy about King Dingo from lancaster pa

one night i am crying on a bench and you come around the corner and you ask me what is wrong and i say nothing and you say it is not nothing something happened and you put your hand out and i take it and we start to walk to your place and you have your arm around me and i fell so warm and comfortable and we go to your apartment and when we get in we go upstairs and you say i can crash here for tonight and i am so happy and then i repay you with kiss and you look at me and you come in again and you steal another kiss and start to kiss and then you start to take your pants off and i start to take mine off to and i take your shirt off and we start to fell each other and then you place me on your bed and then you open up my long legs and penetrate me and i start to moan with pleasure and scream yes yes and when you reach your climax you take it out out of me and the you release all your cum onto my face

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Nassau Bahamas

I was siting outside of the mall waiting for my ride when another younger guy comes along and stares me down. This guy was light skinned brown eyes clean cut slim and fresh as ever,His cakes were bursting through his basketball pants and his muscles nice and thick his black robin hugs his curves around his waist. He then said to me "yo, do you work here in the mall?" i replied "No bro" he said "can you do me a favor then?" getting aroused i said "whats that?" he said "can you change some movie tickets for me from the movie both" disappointed i said "sure let me see them" so he says "come follow me into the bathroom". so we both go into the bathroom one after the other. when we got into the bathroom the guy locks the door and asked me "so what are you working with bro?" i replied "why don't you dig in there and see" the guy rubs on my dick with his hand as we both get aroused. The guy pulls down my pants and begins to slurp deep throat and gag on my dick as my eyes rolls in the back of my head. after getting so aroused and couldnt believe that i was having this fine ass nigga in a public restroom i grabbed him and began sucking his nice smooth dick. spiting on it and deep throating it he began to beg me to penetrate him. so i bent him over the toilet and pulled down his pants, spat between his ass crack and again on my dick head and stroke it a little. I slowly put my dick into his tight gripping asshole as he began stroking his dick i began pounding his tight sweet ass "fuck yea, harder he said" thats when i began ramming his ass like it was my last. here i am fucking this dudes brains out while he screamed moaned and groaned begging me for more.loving how he was reacting i spanked him on his ass a few times and began to ruff him up a bit. as he was jerking his dick geting ready to cum i went deeper and harder for his pleasure and so i can also bust my nutt. "SHIT NIGGA,IM CUMING!" he yelled i then took my dick out and started bursting all over his huge tight ass we both moaning and out of breathe was disturbed by a knock at the door. since im the one who had less cleaning up to do i quickly washed up and opened the door geting ready to leave but he stopped me and we axchanged name and numbers and went our seperate ways.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from stockton

man phat daddy i would give you a massage also and just look in your sexy eyes you inspire me to be a porn star i wanna join the show and have you fuck the shit out me and i want to massage your dick with my tongue and eat all ur sperm and just make you feel happy i would love to meet you i look up to you phat daddy and that names says it all you are my phat daddy dick and i would love to meet you in person and chill with you and talk to you about alot of stuff love mario your black7 rican bro

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Detroit

City bwoy didnt suck dick, hes a sexy top who ate some nice looking ass...I dont like seeing him get fucked. Glad You back City Bwoy...Can't wait to see more...Let's Go TeamCityBwoy.. I love You

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from detroit

to have one night with and we fuck all night you are so sex ijust wont to lick your whole body up and down around and around all night and day

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from ny

get fuck and swallow his cum

Fantasy about Miguel Lee from savannah

Mr.Miguel my fantasy would be for us to go on a boat ride and fuck in public !

Fantasy about Citybwoy from Washington, DC

Yo, i'm a top but I will def let you fuck me good and hard. I want you to break me in, never been fucked before. So I def want you to dick me down big time.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from bronx

to be fucked by all the models

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from pittsbrugh

I would love for ace rockwood dick to be all i my ass

Fantasy about Rated R from brooklyn

omfggg i love himmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm so sexyyyyyyy i will worship him if he let me..

Fantasy about Kannon from chicago

doin that vers thang thas wassup check it this how a man takes the dick

Fantasy about Kannon from Brooklyn

It takes a man to really please a man, and you all that my brutha. when your legs was gapped open, playing with that hole I almost nutted in my pants that shit looked so good. giving or taking dick you a sexy mutha fucka. pretty mouth, suckable toes, big dick, swwet ass. dam man, where you at

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from cheyenne

to have the longest and nasty sex that i have ever had in my life.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Irmo

Every time I view one of Phat Daddy's scenes, I immediately bust a nut quickly. He has one of the biggest dicks I have every seen. I have had many dreams of him fucking the hell out of me and me sucking the hell out of that big dick until he explodes in my mouth. I Love me some Phat Daddy!

Fantasy about Kris from Harlem

Yo I want u straight off the court after I watch u hoop wit sum other dudes from round da way. No shower I want it hot n hard!! U pin me down & feed me dat big snake til my jaws ache. Flip me n tonge fuck my tight chocolate hole till I beg u to pipe me down. Go HARD spank it grab me flip me over on top of u & bite my nipples while I ride u till ya toes curl. Then I wanna eat dat sweet sweaty hole tonge kiss it n bite those caramel bunz. I want u to suck my joint get it so hard I think its gonna blow ya head off, then I want u on ya back legs spellin "V" for victory as I slide up in that tight b'ball booty. I'ma stroke ya dick n ya hole at the same time so I can feel u cum while I'm up in u, then we can bust off together!! Game ova!!

Fantasy about X Vega from Harlem

Since I'm a limo driver I would love to get u in the back of my car & stretch u out on that long couch seat. Open the sunroof so u could see the moon while make u see stars as I lick, suck, kiss & nibble on you from those juicy pink lips to those tastee nipples. I wanna pour some Rose' slowly down ya abs & chase it to the end of ya pretty ass pinga with my tongue then swallow u hole chulo. Deep throatin u while I play in ya tight culo. Then flip u over & spread ya legs open accross both couches on ya knees so I could taste the rest of the wine as I pour it over 1 of the finest asses I've ever seen. Ima eat dat sweet man hole n lick n slurp from that ass To those juevos n back. Then I wanna slide my 9 all the way in dat ass on the 1st stroke Ima suck on ya neck n ears while I ride u from behind. Jus b4 I nut I'll stop n let u do me any way u want papito just make sure we bust together. Fo sho ma dude that b wuzzup!!

Fantasy about Rico from NYC

BRING RICO BACK ASAP IN A HOT way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Kris from houston

i would like to do a video on here with him....ummmm idk i imagine him sleeping next to me holding me and while im sleeping he feels on my legs and body and kissing me my neck and as im sleeping he slides his head into my tight.....and as i awake he says baby come on i need this and then i tell him to lay on his back and i ride his dick like a porn star and make my ass clap on his dick while bounce up and down all the way until he cumes

Fantasy about Kris from maracaibo

quiero un hombre bello acuerpado q me quira y me de sexo todos los dias

Fantasy about June from new york

I would love to fuck June for days. He is the hottest thing out in porn as a bottom.

Fantasy about Power T

Fuck that juicy ass

Fantasy about X Vega from Philly

Gotta luv a chulo that can take it as good as he gives it. Would love to spoil him for a day. Jus hang out on sum chill shit, then get it in all crazy all night long. I gotta deep throat that pinga till his toes curl, and that pretty culo OMG!! The only thing going deeper than my tongue would b my dick. He the type of papito I gotta find all his spots head to toe. And let him do the same to me.

Fantasy about Rated R from SAN DIEGO


Fantasy about Matthew Rush from New York

I would do ANYthing this God wanted me to. lick his feet.. worship those tatts.. suck that cock

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Trinidad

OMG, Everytime i see this sweet fucker i just wet myself. Just the taught of that massive dick got me sd fucking horny, i wanna hold on to him and give him the baddest trini wine and i want to eat that dick like a sugar cane. CASTRO u need to come to Trinidad and forfill my fantasy..…

Fantasy about Kris from Chicago

I just want to fuck me until i can't take no more

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from buffalo

Yo wats up bro im rican 25 damn u look fine as hell id love for u to meet up wit me and u can do anything with me ontop of that ur latino like me damn those lips im feelin the tattoos i got some as well id like for u to fuck me softly and harder as we go id deep throat and swallow ur cum and i dont do that but just for u cause damn u is fine as fuck and u are just the right size and same structure as me damn i cant stop sayin damn lol you should get at me…

Fantasy about Kannon from los angeles

i would love for this guy to just let me lick him all over n then fuck me real slow oohhh

Fantasy about Citybwoy from new york

I see Citybwoy is eating ass and sucking dick now why not let him get fuck

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from new york

i love his look and the way he take's the azz but it's time to really show how far he can go. i would love to see phat daddy take a dick just as big and long as his. im just saying dont be scared. we will love you just the same. in 2011 being vers is what it is. so phat daddy im calling you out give up the azz for papithuzs. you already gave it to tiger tyson whome i feel has nutting on you. give it up to a real nigah on papithuz....was up.the bottoms already seem what they want give up top's and vers what we want. give it up phat daddy. in the end you still will be my fav porn nigah.

Fantasy about EZZY from midland

love to watch papithugz everything cause I really into a latino guy all my life that reason i love to watch them...

Fantasy about Rated R from manila city

i want to have a sexy body like him

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Detroit

Im on Vacation in Mami at the Palms hotel we pass eye contact to one another but don't speak. Yet you slowly lick your lips. In the back of my mind I imagine me riding your dick because I know I have a thing for liteskin dudes especially mixed races. Later after me going to my room taking a shower (of course I caressed my body and played with myself)I come to the lobby and sign up to recieve a massage. So I relocate into the private room where I will recieve my massage. The assistant offers me a towel and points me in the direction to unrobe. So I enter the room slowly begin to unrobe. I slowly remove my shirt. I then begin to place my hand in my underwear caressing my body I begin to moan, I try to keep my voice down but the feeling is to good me thinking of the gentlemen I saw in the lobby. I slowly grab my dick and attempt to jack off yet I get a feeling Im being watch yet I dont care. I then notice the cum I have made a mess with so I wash myself off. Then I remember I brought a sex toy with me so I rush to my changing back grab the toy and sloowly force it into my ass more and more I begin to moan louder. Then I hear a voice say do you need some assistance. I then robe myself with the towel and rush to the massage table. I then wait to recieve my massage so I lay on the table in shock because I was caught in a sexual act. I hear the person giving the massage enter the room and say are you ready for your massage as he slowly rub his hand up my thigh I turn around and I notice its the gentlemen from the lobby. The one who I thought about in the shower and in the changing room. You slowly drip oil on my back caress me with your hands, my ass cheeks quickly tighten. You then respond don't be nervous I will give you pleasure. I then let you rub my body for two hours. Then you slowly remove my towel and say now its time for the ass cheeks. You spread my cheeks and gracefully stick your two fingers in my asshole I then begin to moan.Next I notice you eatting me out I then begin to to force me ass in the air. You soon reply oh you like that I lie and shout out no but I enjoy it. You then ask was the show in the changing room for me. I shout out yes Papi. Then you come over to my face and say that I make you dick hard would I like to see it I reply hell yesh. you the npull your dick out and I slowly suck it like it was the only thing in the world that could keep me alive. You then bust a nut and it shoots to the back of my throat I enjoy it. Then you replymay I fuck you I reply with pleasureso you walk to the back of the table hop on then plung your dick inside me. I then raise my ass in the air again and ask you to go faster. I then turn around lay you on your back as I quickly ride your dick. We fuck for hours and you became my first to bust inside of me. I reach down for a kiss as I'm still riding the dick and your soon response was can I meet you in your room in ten minutes. I reply I will give you my spear key.....To Be Continued......

Fantasy about King Dingo from LOS ANGELES


Fantasy about X Vega from san antonio

Hey.... you are so hot.... I have been wondering what can I do to make this a reality.... I want your cock inside me so deep... and I want to sux and lick your balls and ass.…

Fantasy about King Dingo from san antonioio

I am so hot 4 u.... I hope that oneday I can be powered fukd in the mouth.... i want to gag on your cock

Fantasy about Matthew Rush from london

a flip flop or sorts in leather in a dungeon with a red lite and a sling, shower, and a huge bed of pillows to create a fuck den. fire around it he and in the middle. HOT AS HELL.

Fantasy about King Dingo from las vegas

hi king dingo im tiger_504 and im a D.L mane how hane a fantasy im a big fan and i wood like to meet you some day i also wood like to be in the baz so how wood i get in i just thank your kool ass hell and sexy but i wood like to meet you and just have fun and be come yor friend so get ger at me asap so we can hace some fun ya know get at tiger_504 one

Fantasy about Drake from New York

i want drake to show his feet. maybe even have someone suck on his toes.

Fantasy about Drake from Chicago

I think you are perfect, Drake. Great body, beautiful face, incredible cock, tremendoous style. I would give you whatever you wanted, no matter what it was!

Fantasy about Rated R from SAN FRANCISCO


Fantasy about Moyea

i want him so bad in 1 year iam comeing for him damen i dream about him everynight damen i bust nuts just by looking @ his pics

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