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Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from houston


Fantasy about Python from waterbury ct.

Suck his cock and after its hugh put it up in me

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from chicago

i want him to lay me down massage me and suck my dick and then we will ease into 69 and finger each other then he drills my ass and takes off the condom and he busts his nut all over my chest and face and then i start jacking in his mouth a little and he licks my throbbing dick clean then we kiss/cum swap

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Los Angeles

I want to go on a date with Ace Rockwood. I want to be fucked by his big dick. I want to meet Ace on the video shoot. I want him to hit me up anytime.

Fantasy about Matthew Rush from San Francisco,Ca.

I've already met Matthew several times when he was younger in first starting porn....I have a picture of him and I....and he knows who I am"D.L.B.'S Mens Lingerie" men's underwear & swimwear for men only....hello G.G.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Brooklyn

I saw Ace on the J train one day before I saw him on papithugz. I was standing 2 inches from him and said to myself, damn this muthafukka is phine!! I read his chest tattoo and instantly got on brick. When I got to my stop at Broadway Junction, I brushed myself against him lightly and sniffed his scent. Less than 2 weeks later, I saw him on Ur site!!! I lit up a blunt & jerked my dick all nite watching him Fuck while replaying the train moment in my head. My fantasy is that he got off at my stop at Halsey St. and followed me home. As I was unlocking the door to my house, he rushed up behind me & pushed us both inside. We both stripped down to our Tims & fucked right there on the stairs in my house! I bent him over & hiked his legs up on the stairs & chewed the hell out of his hole for 20minutes straight. He put me on my back & ate me hole forever too! We flip-flopped fuckedright there on the stairs. If I ever see Ace on the train again ... I'm straight up Inviting him to my spot! On & popping is all I'm saying!! Bout to bust another one just thinking about it!!!

Fantasy about King Dingo from cleveland

would suck that dick now

Fantasy about Gusto from Harlem

Awww sexy homie I need your lips everywhere on me. Kissin u would b enuff to get my 8 n half joint jumpin out my pants. We could 69 wit u on top so I could take turns suckn that pinga n lickin that pretty culo. And that would jus b round 1 Cause I want u to ride my chocolate stick till I can't feel my legs I want u to cum while I'm up in that sweet hole n cream on my chest that'll make me unload again. Then I'll wanna kiss those sweet lips all over again.

Fantasy about Marcus from Brooklyn

Quiero sex contigo

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from Long Beach MS

Just to suck your dick dry

Fantasy about King Dingo from Long Beach MS

Walking in on my Birthday to find you ass naked in my bed waiting for you to put that dick down my throat than fuck the hell out of me back me beg for you to stop

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Long Beach MS

My Fantasy is to be on a Beach with you getting to know you and Suck your dick like it was not tomorrow than let you fuck the hell out of me until you get tired than after all that is said and done let you nut where ever you want to nut at your choice. Than suck that dick all over again

Fantasy about June from Detroit

I fantasize about coming down to south beach for vacation, Im searching for a fine ass masculine dude but no one is living up to the hype until the last day, im at Ft.Lauderdale international and I see this fine ass dude at the gate next to mines and he boarding my flight. I ask him for directions to the bathroom and he decides to show me and we meet up in there and I wet his shit up in front of the mirrors while he takes big dick on the counter before busting a beautiful nut all over his chest. We hop on our planes fuck around and end up in the same baggage claim and he shoots me a wink and I see his number tied to my bag.

Fantasy about Big Slim from San Francisco

I want to suck your huge dick. Then fuck me so hard that I scream your name all the way. Then i fucking swallow your tasty cum and clean your dick with my tongue.

Fantasy about Rico from New Orleans

Alwayshad mad love for you way back in the day. Always will. check out your facebook for a friend request!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Philadelphia

How Can I Be In One Of The Videos????????? I'm A Hott Rican Dude 2!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from london

would love to suck his dick until he cream down my throat and eat his arse

Fantasy about Matthew Rush from new york

to be sucked all all

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from detroit

roll playing he cud be my attacker and he tie me up and take me to his house and beats my shit up and the whole time we are having sex my hands r tied my eyes are cover and all i can feel of phat daddy it hit finger run over my mouth and the sweat that drips off his body then feel his hot nut roll dwn my ass ummmm

Fantasy about Python from new rochelle,ny

want to meet the hot dude, service him real good, worship him on my knees...this guy is hot

Fantasy about Matthew Rush from Indianapolis

I would love to have Matthew as a Pharoh of Egypt and Me and Trey Turner are his servant boys. Matthew calls Trey and I in to his chambers and tells us to kneel at his feet. From there he disrobes and Trey and I immediately start servicing his fat dick. Then I'd love for Trey to rim me while I continue to service that fat dick of Matthew's. Then I'd love for Matthew to pick me up and slam that thick dick into me on his throne while I suck Trey's dick. Then Trey and I swith places and then I fuck Trey while sucking Matthew's dick. The scene would climax with Matthew cumming on my face and me cumming on Trey's.

Fantasy about Jovonnie from Clarksville, Tn

Hello Jovonnie!!!!! When I first saw you do your thing on Tube 8, I was amazed!!!!!! You certainly know how to put your "Slugger" to work. You know what you doing, keep up the good work!!!!! I hope you have many more pleasurable videos, and I'm going to tell you the truth, I WISH IT WAS ME!!!!!! (I'M JUST SPEAKING TRUTH)!!! Kepp doing what you are doing and I hope you have a very successful career and life!!!!!!

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from montgomery

i just want to lick him all over and let him fuck me constantly

Fantasy about Python from Mississippi

Big dicks

Fantasy about Kris from MADISON FLORIDA


Fantasy about Gusto from Boston

i'm a gay black guy with a tiny penis who would to be on my knees for Gusto big latin cock- I want him to give me a facial.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from MARIETTA GA


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Holt

I want him to come here and fuck me over and over again... He can take me to a hotel and do whatever he wantsÂ…

Fantasy about Power T from bronx ,new york

i would love to have some of that power t

Fantasy about King Dingo

Papichulo,I will be delighted if I could ever have you ,you'll be the first plate on the top of my menu. I love you papi!!!!. Chachully

Fantasy about Kannon

I would love for you to flip-flop with Rico and Phoenix, and be a total bottom for Phat Daddy!!!

Fantasy about Matthew Rush from Los Angeles

I would love to let him give me a good fuck! I woulld also give him the best Blow Job ever!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from bronx

as me being dl phat daddy makes me want to jump all over him but i bet if he saw me walking in the city he would stop me i would go and make him bust a nut more than once hes the cutest nikka he makes this dominican go crazzzzzy

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from dallas

I would like him to rub that big fat dick all over my face. Let me smell his big dick right through his underwear. I would like him to ram that big dick down my throat and fuck it like a pussy. Long hard rough strokes. I love to gag on big dicks like it his. I would be very generous with my money if you would squat on my face and let me tongue fuck your tasty asshole. After I've sucked his asshole a couple of hours, I would like him to jack off in my mouth. I would be his total cum pig.

Fantasy about EZZY from los angeles

my fantasy is get this sexi gay in my bed one nigth

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from philadelphia

I wanna lick him from head to toe i will suck that dick till i can suck it nomore.

Fantasy about CASTRO SUPREME from memphis

me sucking ur long hard dick n u cumn down mu throat n in my ass. then u cud ride me as long as u lke and we do 69

Fantasy about Kris from columbus

just want to be fuck by a big dick

Fantasy about Citybwoy from NYC

YOOOOO!! City Boi is back...WeRD...nigguh you one of my favorite porn stars, you and that nigguh jovonni yall are so raw, i wanna see yall back together tag teaming somebody, i love to be the one in between the two of sucking one while one fucking me...CITY BOI YOU THE SHIT!!!

Fantasy about Miguel Lee from Buffalo

My fantasy is to fuck miguel

Fantasy about Rated R from Augusta, GA

Well i must admit i have a thing for light skinned niggas and even more crazy about latin men. This dude right here is the ultimate sex smybol from da tatts up to the sexy ass lips! My fantasy is dat i would fly out 2 cali 2 c him n Phat Daddy. Then they show my country ass around da city. Lunch will follow where we wild out n i get 2 know them a lil better. Then we hit up the club where they show me how they do it in cali when the sun goes down. As the sexual tention builds from dancing we leave the club and go back to my hotel room. As soon as we enter all of us knew what time it was as we kissed each other. Pulling off our clothes, licking each other down as i am in da middle. We finally get to the bed after we've all tasted each other. Then Phat Daddy mounts me as i enjoy just the thought of him sliding in me slow and steady. We fuck as I suck Rated R dick then its his turn to ride. I think i enjoyed Phat fucking Rated more then he did. I sat on Rated while Phat sat on me and rode. We all nut and roll over sleep in our own nut. GOODNite HUBBIES!!!

Fantasy about June from Jackson Ms

eat june out for a full hour

Fantasy about Rico Gunz from mexico

I'd like to see Rico Gunz in the center of a gangbanging. Among 10 or 15 skinny atletic beautiful cholos latinos. Being penetrated and enjoying all of them with their long, hard and uncut vergas.

Fantasy about King Dingo from Atlanta Ga

King Dingo Do You Ever Get To Atlanta

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Southern pines

Would love to suck his dick

Fantasy about King Dingo from Newark , NJ :]

omggg ! your soo fuckingg sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !! :]

Fantasy about Marco Cruise from BEIJING


Fantasy about Phat Daddy from spencer,tn.

OMG.your amazing. One very Handsome man. Just Awesome. I would love for you to be my lover all night long.Be good or be good at it, keep it up,keep it hard, stroke it well or cum see me, and i'll do it for you. Later Gator.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Carson

Walking into a building, finding my way to a door that closed but smelling a scent of berries and lavender excreting from the openings of the doorway. I slowly begin to open to find the door is covered in dim lights and shadow as the scent swirls towards me. Looking around as I enter the room to find crystal drinking glasses filled with almond champagne, chilled to perfection. As I walk to examine the room slowly taking it all in I see a figure dressed in satin burgundy shirt, loosely worn silk black tie, black slacks that all this in noticed by a gentle flicker of light. This figure is captivating my whole essence with his stance. Masculine, towering, and strong. As I come close to seeing the who the silhouette is of this dashing figure, I am brought to see the smooth and yet innocent smile of Phat Daddy, as only he could smile. Phat Daddy being a man of beauty and masculinity, he is a sense of perfection and imperfection tied into one. He is my deals of yin and yang come to life. I am at a loss to see this man before my eyes. And now I am being beckoned by eyes and and a light hit of Hermes cologne pulling my every desire to him, I am over come with fear and excitement. Fear of what will be and excitement of what will happen. As I began to stretch my hand to touch this chest he steps away causing me to follow him, I began to move to a pause, then he reaches for my hand and I meet his hand with my own. He guides me to the center of the room and pulls me in close. I begin to inhale the scent of his cologne and his natural fragrance. I am not intoxicated by his being and start to caress his chest, his core, his back, and his waist. Knowing this time is limited, Push to make this moment last. I grab his tie and pull him towards me to a chair, guiding him to seat, so I can caress and massage his body. Working his shoulders back, to his neck and chest. Deciding that his tie has gotten in my way along with his shirt. Slowing removing his top and and regaining my desire to familiarize my fingers with every muscle and every line of his tattoos. His scent is bringing me in, I began to taste his flesh from his chin to his neck, following the creves down to his waste. I can sense his excitement, and he has decide that we both need to flavor our tongues. Reaching for the glasses of champagne we slowly drink it in, to my excitement I finish mine first and decide I want to feel all of him. I gather him up and lead him to the plush bed, he couples my body asking, "whats next?" With a gentle to firm kiss, I lay him down to completely undress him. He is now laying face down, ready for a full body massage. Pouring all of my talent and know how to smooth out and bring his body to a stimulating relaxing point. Hearing the sounds of his delight, I turn him over and commence to do the same on this side. Working from head to toe with desire and longing. I see he has decided to bring his excitement to my attention and I have brought my self to meet that excitement with a gentle kiss to the head, followed by a greeting with my tongue. It is now time for my other talents to be introduced. I open my mouth and pour my lips to meet the base of his shaft, using my tongue to moisturize his manhood as my lips release him slowly. The taste of his flesh is overwhelming, but I cannot bring myself to stop. As he grows, my desire to grows along with it, moving my mouth up and down his shaft, massaging his head with my tongue has brought a feeling of pure eroticism to Phat Daddy. He pulls me up and flips me to the bed, saying" are you ready for me?" Before I can say a word I my clothing has disappeared and I can feel his breath on my neck, my hands on his back. He is now getting to know me. Gentle kisses and hand thrusting of aggression, his natural instincts of a beast has awaken. I return myself to pleasure him more, as his hands guides my mouth to the rhythm of his desire. As I taste him with delight I began to include his nut sac. Pushing him on the bed. Moving back down to his manhood. Covering him with the moisture of my mouth, massaging his sac with excitement. I have to desire to put those in my mouth as well, so I commence to do that as well while I stoke his shaft, with alternating speeds. His sounds of satisfactions and words pushing me to a point of intoxication. He is now at his peak of hardness, with a lusting aggression he flips me to the bed again this time I am face down. I am fearful of his giant manhood opening up my small opening. But My body is yearning to feel him within me, so I turn my fears to excitement. Preparing himself to enter me. My body has to desire to meet him. By back begins to arch, my ass begins to quiver and rise up to meet his manhood. I grip the blanket under in anticipation of the pain. Phat Daddy leans to my ears and steadies my fears. While he speaks words that I cannot understand due to the fact his voice has corrupted my train of thoughts, I feel him enter me. I am not use to something of this magnitude. I am in pain, he senses that, and moves in slowly. My cheeks are now compressed by his pelvis. My insides are wrapped around him tight, my core in pain, my body radiating from the pleasure it is giving me. His hands moving from my back to my waist, gripping me tight. I can feel him..... I can feel him moving in and out of me. With every stroke my body wants him to stop, he is over powering me. But my desire for him makes me moan in excitement and tells him to do with me as he will. He now decides it is time to change our position. In amazement he has turned me to my back without my release of his shaft. My legs begin to float to his shoulders, his hands on my thighs, pounding his lust into my bliss. I am a state of euphoria, my head is curling under my back has come to an arch. I feel I am loosing control. I have cum, without any assistance from anything, other than the thrusting of his being. I can feel my legs opening up and he is now getting closer, I am feeling ecstasy, pure ecstasy. Breathing rapidly his name comes from my mouth in a a whisper of moans. I feel his hands is arms closing in streaming under my back. His body leaning in closer. He has gripped my shoulders, my legs have gripped his waisted in desire for more. His face curled into my neck his breath still intoxicating, still driving me insane. Our breathing has become in-sinc. My hands are pulling him in more and more. His movements have gotten more frequent, more powerful and more intense. I have now taken my soul from my body, I am no longer mine. He has become the master of what he hold the king. Thrusting, pounding, slamming his rod, his royal rod of compliance in to me. He pops up leaving behind drips of his water essence dripping from his body to mine. His thrust has now become dangerous, he stretches my legs to the sides, I am open again and begins to educate me why I feared his power. His face taking form of warrior his hands gripping me as if I was an enemy, his power feeling as if I am to be ripped into two. I feel him go deeper and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster. I am now screaming in delighted agony. His hand now on my throat, putting pressure on me, I am in a state of enchantment. I feel as I cannot do anything but take his charges I am now his, he has tamed my body, this has never happened. I feel as if I loosing all control again, I begin to release all my juices over myself from excitement, my internal muscles engaging his, he looses control himself and now i can feel his warmth all over me. His hot liquid squirting over me. Out of breath he falls to me, we are now in a embrace caressing each other. As the light in the room fade into complete darkness, we fade into each others dreams. Next fantasy, we must get ourselves clean as we step into the next room to bathe in orchids and lilies. We caress one another with a desire to repeat the events that has taken place a few moments ago. With desire and grin Phat Daddy...........

Fantasy about Phat Daddy from New York City

I want to suck phat daddy phat dick.

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