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There's no time to waste, tropical surroundings, a warm breeze, an inviting pool, an eager, sexy, bubble-booty-bottom-boy and, PYTHON, MR. DICK himself, ready to get into something good. PAPITHUGZ welcomes EDDIE KORDOVA in his PT debut. Working some serious tatts, EDDIE showed-off his equally serious dick-loving skillz. He better. Ya'll know Python don't play, and from the way EDDIE was moaning, "Oh my God! Oh my God!," the bone must've been banging that sweet spot from the jump. Yo, ain't no running from MR. DICK, especially when you got a big, ol' juicy booty. Hell, you supposed to get fucked. EDDIE found out. There's no mercy for the booty-hole. It's PAPITHUGZ.
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